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Bush works pregame, looks ready to go

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Reggie Bush will be active for today's game with the Cardinals.

That's the decision based on work during a 45-minute pregame workout, done under the vigilant eye of coach Joe Philbin, general manager Jeff Ireland and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

Bush looked a bit tentative early in the workout session but he got much better as the work continued and certainly good enough to earn a spot on the active roster today.

More to come including the live blog which will start in the comments section.

The Dolphins inactive is out and it confirms what I've reported. Bush is active. He will start.

The inactives are Pat Devlin, Marlon Moore, Austin Spitler, Will Yeatman, Tony McDaniel, and Rishard Matthews. Darnell Dockett is not active for Arizona, suggesting the Dolphins should be able to run the ball today.


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Cameron Wake collects his first sack of the season.

There he is. Welcome back Cameron

Great pressure, I love the aggressiveness of the call!!!


Wake waking up!

Now, let's drive on them, slowly.


I think Wake read your column this morning. He just got his 1st sack! LOL

Our defense should keep this game close. We have to take care of the football on offense. No fumbles or interceptions and we have a chance.

Nice job by the D. Wake is going to have a monster game today I feel it. Go PHINS

Charles Clay comes out with the starters instead of Jorvorskie Lane.

Offense needs to at a minimum pick up two first downs so Fields can flip field position.

Who will little Jeffy call an a $ $ hole this week?
Hopefully the clueless owner.


Lane is better than clay. Don't get it

Bad pass


Fins have scored 1st possession 2 straight games. Lets continue that instead of flipping the field.

For some reason that doesn't comfort me. Lane is much better than Clay, Armando.

Bad pass by Tannehill. He always seems to throw high.

shoot, bess was a wide open


With Sherman, the best practicers that week play Sunday.

bad start here, and filed position is going to suffer

What a throw

Bess has hands of glue!

There goes the hurry up

Bess is starting to remind me of OJ Mcduffie.

BTW, good afternoon everyone.
Agree that down there Lane would be my choice

anyone got a link?

Charles Clay went in motion when he shouldn't have. Has to learn the playbook. Still.

Mental mistakes killing us right now. If we don't clean it up we can't get a win on the road.

These short routes may give Tanny some confidence. Safer here too?

anyone have a link for the game?

Thomas has poor blocking.

Charles Clay. Is a bust. Put in lane!

nice pass by Tannehill

crowd noise may be a problem. Lots different than at the former J Robbie.

Balsy to throw into triple coverage like that.

Nice throw medium range is his specialty!
Let's throw deep!

Hey Long-do your job!

Tannehill brought the football into his body just in time or that would have been a strip sack.

Sack on T'hill, held ball too long.

Jake again gives up a sack!

shoot, y'all are ahead of my broadcast.

Long is either hurt or his body is just breaking down in general.

How bout them JETS?
Foot Sex Ryan
Tony blind man Sporano
And Tim Teblow.

Jake long gets beat. He is just not the same. At least we moved the football. Let's get a good punt and play D.


Links are always 1 play behind. Glad Im getting it on tv today.

Long playing like a rookie.
Nice play by Thomas.

that sack by Long killed that drive

That Az D looks mean as hell.

Great ST coverage by Wilson. Offense did its job, possesed the ball and set the Cardinals back on their own 20. Let's see if our D can set up our O.

anyone have a link to the game?

The Rams beat Seattle.

Held it to long?

Carolina stinks. They had the Falcons backed up to their own one yard line with a minute left and lost the game. LOL

You guys are nuts with the "Jake Long getting beat". Tannehill must have had the ball a good 4.5 to 5 seconds. Cant hold the ball that long in the nfl.

The sack was on T-hill holding the ball too long. If no one's open the qb has to throw it away.

First row.com It might be on!!

Is Marshall playing

L I N K ? ? ?

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