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Bush works pregame, looks ready to go

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Reggie Bush will be active for today's game with the Cardinals.

That's the decision based on work during a 45-minute pregame workout, done under the vigilant eye of coach Joe Philbin, general manager Jeff Ireland and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

Bush looked a bit tentative early in the workout session but he got much better as the work continued and certainly good enough to earn a spot on the active roster today.

More to come including the live blog which will start in the comments section.

The Dolphins inactive is out and it confirms what I've reported. Bush is active. He will start.

The inactives are Pat Devlin, Marlon Moore, Austin Spitler, Will Yeatman, Tony McDaniel, and Rishard Matthews. Darnell Dockett is not active for Arizona, suggesting the Dolphins should be able to run the ball today.


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Please YG, that sack was on Long missing the cut, not on THill.

No yesterdays gone.. it was the half ass attempt at a cut by long

Misi has looked good this year. He's much better in the 4-3

Glad some of you arent nfl qb's. You would hold the ball for 6 seconds then blame your olineman for getting sacked.

You would blame the police if you got caught robbing a bank.

Should have been a pick!


If fins win they'll be in a 4 way tie in division

Almost. Good pressure on Kolb!

LO YG the play wasnt 6 secs long.. he just got back into his drop back.. the DE came basically untouched.. 2ndry did a good job with coverages too

We never give Ireland any credit but he has done a pretty good job building our defense.

If Tannehill develops the offense will catch up and the Ireland bashing will probably stop.

T-hill had the ball at least 4 seconds before getting sacked. A olineman's job is to give the qb at least 3.5 seconds of protection. After that he's on his on. Do you guys really know how good nfl pass rushers are?

No matter who the olineman is, after 3.5 secs he'll lose many pass protect battles.

Long didn't even touch the defender
That's all on Long

Long has given up some sacks, since all those injuries. IMO Guys let's respect everyones opinion!

YG answer me this.. did he touch the defender? as soon as he came out of his stance did he fall to the ground trying to cut?

YG give some of those meds they must be good

Nice job Bess!

Tannehill is so far on target today.

Heck of a pass by Tanne

Pass is working better than the run so far.

Why is Tannehill changing every play?? I know that he has to read the D buy every play needs to be an audible?

RT really needs some playmaker receivers.

THill's time management skills need a lot of refinement. Doesn't seem like O-line is creating any holes for Bush.

I posted this morning that I look for this to be Tannehill's best game as a pro. Because even in losing the kid didnt look that far away. Just some things needed to be cleaned up. He was never horrible.

Had only 1 horrible decision, the pick6 that should have been thrown away.

Yeah AZ is concentrating on the run..

yeah Long over Ryan looks better every week. Hope you cringe every time you see that name Parcells.

Great throw. Great hit. Would be nice if Clay made that play, tho.

Wow, big hit, gotta hang onto that though!

Huge hit on Clay!

Tannehill looking good so far! If we don't give up the big play down field from our secondary and no int's by Tannehill we have a great chance! Clay got wacked!

That was a 3 step drop. The ball was suppose to have been out. If not throw it away!

Yes Jake should've took him out completely. But thill should've thrown it quicker.

Clay meet Mr.Wilson! The guy is the truth at safety!

The rookie is doing some nice things. Had the one bad first pass but he has been on target most of the game.

Im giving Clay a pass on that drop. That was a central nervous system jarring hit.


T-Hill changes the plays to exploit the defense's weakness. So he changes it alot!

Bush not running hard. He maybe still hurt!

I like it

Tanne looking really good and in control

Campbell is manhandling Long!

Dan Marino, oops, I mean Ryan Tannehill's looking fantastic today. Only 2 incompletes thus far.

looking good in the 1st qtr

That would have been an amazing catch if Clay held onto that one...

Miller needs some touches. Bush is tentative
On his cuts! Anyone notice!


PLEASE don't jinx T-Hill like that!

Tannehill 8-10 86yds thus far.

Anyone who still doubts the upside of Tannehill doesn't understand the QB position.

What happen to my boy T-sizzle alleged "Accuracy" issue?

It looks like more than fasano and Bess are starting to get in sync with T-Hill.


Long is in a contract year and he hasn't been that solid this year. Does his knee still bother him?

See what happens when your receivers dont drop their passes? Thill looking good, receivers doing a good job

With our defense, Reggie Bush, and if Tanne develops during the season we could surprise some people.

That Jets hurt last week. Every game is important in a 16 game NFL season. I hope that home loss does not come back to hunt us later in the season.


Nice pass to Hartline. That was a franchise qb throw.

Nice throw to that spot!

OL need to open some running lanes!

The," second quarter post has not shown up on my app yet." ??????

Accuracy on the long ball again. But we have to be patient on that development I guess!
Like I said med-range expert! Need to work on the long range passes. IMO!

The Cardinals are stuffing the run. This is a perfect opportunity to let Tannehill throw the ball. Love what I'm seeing from him BUT he needs more than two WR's.

Gotta get the TD on the road

So obvious that Tanny trusts Hartline, Bess, Fasano, and absolutely NOBODY else. Can't say I blame him.

Orlando, the fact your talking about later in the season is novel. the past few years later in the season was confined to talk of the upcoming draft.

WR , TE, and cornerback priorities for draft

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