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Cardinals beat Dolphins 24-21 in OT

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yes, it was disappointing because games are not played to come close or be entertaining.

And the Dolphins did lose this one, 24-21, on a 46-yard field goal by former Dolphin Jay Feely.

But ...





Promising if you think that better things can happen down the road?

No doubt.

Yes, the Dolphins lose today. But the fans that saw this fine game won. And the future won because this team showed something today -- at times, anyway.


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Its the same damn story EVERY SINGLE GAME.




Yeah, if the future includes Mike Sherman somewhere else, it's bright. Otherwise, it's not. Two weeks in a row his play calling brain farts cost Miami a win.

Oh and somebody please send Dan Carpenter away already. If you can't make a kick over 45 yards ever, you don't belong in the NFL.

No we have no future when Sherman and Philbin continue to MAKE STUPID CALLS

Mandy, you are a moron. All of that was for nothing. Stop sugar coating it.

Seriously, there is nothing uplifting about a team that finds creative ways to lose week after week. Losing is contagious and the Dolphins have loser's Ebola.

The only thing the Dolphins showed is that they are choke artists. They blow.

There's no future with that coaching. They don't like Lamar Miller, so he doesn't get playing time. They call the worst offensive game. No, the future looks bleak, because Philbin and Sherman are idiots.

Lol, what is this little league? Only thing that counts are Ws, Mando. This team blew it like it always does. Only positive may be that Carpenter is on his way out.

The Pats, Bills and Jets are all 2-2. We're 1-3. That's all that counts. We suck. Pure and simple.

4th and 1 or inches...

Another painful loss...to follow this team for 4 decades you just kind of expect it by now.

What is the deal with Carpenter? How can a guy who so consistent become so bad in just a few months? Did ol' fist pump do in our MVP?


That 3pt miss cost us the game. We wouldn't have gone into OT.

everyone blaming the coaching on this lose - what is your problem? I'm hoping its just emotion or alcohol as the Fins put up monster numbers on D and in the passing game. 2 bad turn overs cost us and a FG kicker that should be cut


Mind-boggling. How the hell did we lose today? We did almost everything you could ask. I guess the ghost of Joe Robbie really has it in for us.

philbin has no sack. Instead of trying to win the game he chose to try not to lose it. Only up by 6 with almost 10 min. I blame this loss on COACHING

And remember, the missed FG by carpenter resulted in a TD by the Cardinals.

CUT Carpenter if he makes one of two last week we win... he makes the one today we win... cut him

I gave him the benefit of the doubt last week, but this week our FG kicker lost the game for us, it is high he he gets replaced, I'm sure there has got to be a FG kicker out there somewhere in FA.

Wish we had feeley

Ok yes they blew it away. But they did gain 480 yards on what is supposed to be one of the best defenses. I'm pissed too. But if the turnovers stop we're 3-1 and capable of beating any team in the NFL. And they can stop.

Don't give a damn about sentimental wins, there is no such thing. We needed a W today to keep us in contention in the division, and as usual these chokers did their thing. There's no point in defending this worthless franchise. Just boycott their stupid games.

Can we permanently retire Number 19 to hell. If Naanee doesnt fumble we win... WTF!!!!!!!!

Holy crap, we have a rookie QB and Hartline as the 1 WR.. we have a rookie HC and DC... cut some slack, the kid just had a huge game and will learn from this loss- look how bad Kolb looked up til this season, Alex Smith.. these guys need time and experience.. unfair criticism..except the criticism of Carpenter, we should be 3-1 had he been doing this year what he had in years passed..

Absolutely wrong. The HC has the right philosophy. The OC had the right plan. The players played their hearts out, played well. Bad teams find ways to lose, good teams find ways to win. Fact of NFL life. We make the wrong mistakes at the wrong times. A couple of rookie QB mistakes (I think he atoned though), a slip for INT for Hartline (I think he atoned), a better secondary (in that they created more turnvoers), but still way too porous, and ONE WR who doesn't belong on an NFL field, fumbling without being touched is how we lost. DC called the right game. Front 7 did as much as you can ask them. MULTIPLE sacks/pressures. They needed that last one (when it counted) didn't get it. I can't blame them.

There's a lot to look forward to when we get the personnel to take this team to the next level.

The only way Feelers would have missed is if he was still playing for the Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree. This loss and Jets loss hurt, but future is promising. Cut Nanee (useless) and Carpenter (is pulling too much to the left).

This team is a steaming pile. It wouldn't have even been close if the refs hadn't given us that pick in the end zone.

JC, IF's don't matter. Its the record you have that shows what you are, and these guys stink.

People blaming Tannehill for that INT are joke fans, looking for a reason to hate? To no look hypocritical? He showed you everything you wanted out of a rookie QB. He got hit as he threw it cause he came in untouched. Tannehill's fault? Lol, get lost

Naanee and Carpenter should be cut immediately -- leave them in Arizona. FG kickers are a dime and dozen and with Hartline/Bess we have our WRs. I'd rather see them give one of the younger WRs get a shot then continue with Naanee - another loser Ireland pick up

I'm so angry with this lost, I'm gonna have mean, angry sex with the wife and score big time.

Thats the most stupidest thing you've ever posted Armando. How is this a win for the fans? Are you freaking kidding me? Not good enough! A heartbraker last week followed by an even larger heartbraker this week. You're an ass!

Anyone not blaming the coaches is the one on drugs. less than 3 minutes left, 2nd down, ball in their territory, just run it up the middle twice and pin them deep and make them go 90 yards. That's football 101.

Throwing the ball there is the height of stupidity and Mike Sherman did the same thing last week....abandoning the run game at the worst possible time.

I don't credit the coaches for Tannehill playing well. That credit goes to Tannehill. What the coaches can control is managing the game and they failed miserably AGAIN.

I really feel like I'm in some bad religion or cult. I want to leave the Dolphins but I just don't know how. I mean, I've been with them since 1972. I was 5-years-old ... I want to leave, but where do I go?

I bet Fields could have made that kick!

Is it a bra or a game?

Different kicker and we are 3-1 instead of 1-3, nuff said.

This one, also, is on the Dolphin's Coaches.

Tannehill played great IMO. I blame this loss on coaching. They need to play the best players available and play with a cutthroat attitude. Should have put that game away...again

Carpenter Is in a mental slump. However, 4th and 20 and 4th and 10 conversions in the last minute cost us the game. And we all knew it was going to happen. The guy was wide open
with two guys on him on the play that sent it to OT.

LOL, this is how far this franchise has fallen. Now we have sports columnists talking to us as if we're 12. My how the Mighty(for only 1972) have fallen.

Armando please stop with your positive vibe BS! This game should have been a win if it wasn't for dickhead Sherman calling a pass play with under 3 minutes to go and the lead and the ball at the 50!

Isn't it weird? Just one season ago, our FG kicker would be our hero. Now the same guy is our pariah.

DC Dolfan - you have it right!! Tannehill played a monster game and the D looked great - this lose was painful, but at least we moved past the 3 runs and punt of the 'stache era and the FG fist pumper

4 people to be fired by end of season:
1. Nanae (should be now)
2. Carpenter
3. Ireland
4. Sparano

Why do all of you idiots think that Tanne needs YOU to stick up for him?
Tanne doesn't need YOU for anything.
He's a millionaire.
He's a college graduate.
He's an NFL quarterback.
He has a wife that he is not ashamed to be photgraphed with.
There is nothing that YOU can do for him.

Another "Nail Biter" loss for the Fins!

Miami - feels good about things after a loss - NewEngland won by 30 or something and is concerned because of their defense. That tells it all.

lol @ zaphod, I think we all know that feel man.

give armando a break. he is facing a 5 hour flight with deadline looming. he had to think positively to get through the rest of the night.

Haters Don't try and take out ur JETS HATE ON US.



All U guys can hate. But Losing in Overtime by 3!!!!


Give it Up!!!

This team is Young and Well Coached!!!

U can't even tell this is the Same team from Training Camp!!!

Heck, It's not even the Same Team From WEEK 1!!!

This team is Growing and Getting Better while Ur JETS JUST KEEP GETTING WORST!!!!

Has Sanchez ever Thrown for 400YDS?

Heck, Chad Henne NEVER THREW FOR MORE THAN 420 YDS in A Game in 4 YEARS!!!

But it's OK the JET's Will get another USC Bust with the 1st Pick!!

We need these Early Lost!! Draft Position!!

Again, Dashi wants 9-7 but will be happy with 4-12 and a Competitive Team!!


That and Identifying the Problem on the Roster!!

There are only 3 guarantees in life. Taxes, Death and Miami blowing a 4th quarter lead.

Losers find ways to lose games.
4 turn overs and a missed field goal.
Will Jeffy be employed tomorrow?
I will pray that he isn't

Taxi for Ireland. Useless GM. Just look at the free agency duds.

What a horrible defensive backfield! 4 weeks 4 300 plus yard passers! Fireland!!!

If Naanee isn't cut tomorrow heads should roll. I'm a Jeff Ireland supporter but Naanee and Armstrong are the definition of progress stoppers. I'd prefer Chad Johnson. nuff said

If you don't attend home games then shut the hell up.

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