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Cardinals beat Dolphins 24-21 in OT

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yes, it was disappointing because games are not played to come close or be entertaining.

And the Dolphins did lose this one, 24-21, on a 46-yard field goal by former Dolphin Jay Feely.

But ...





Promising if you think that better things can happen down the road?

No doubt.

Yes, the Dolphins lose today. But the fans that saw this fine game won. And the future won because this team showed something today -- at times, anyway.


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Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 30, 2012 at 11:26 PM
+1 to this. Absolutely.
Add to that, the first game...against the best team in the league? (at least in the AFC)
Right now, Tanny's a bit of a gunslinger without the targets Favre had, no offense to our super guys Hartline and Bess. Add a TE like Whitten, and a #1 WR (speed +) and it could be a really wild ride, and a bunch of wins.
I'd love to see more of our D when we're playing 2-3 TD's ahead, and Wake and Company can go carte blanche!!

Oh yeah, and the way Tannehill stays calm and stands tall in the pocket?

Reminded me a bit of Brady. Yeah I said it, and I am making the comparison. But only as far as how calm he stays and keeps his eyes downfield while in the pocket.

The Kid played like a seasoned vet in his 4th NFL start!

If we see as much improvement as we've seen in the first 4 our weeks, the next 4 weeks? Ahem.........I almost afraid to say it. I don't want to jinx anything-lol. But....DAMN....this Guy could get real Good, real Quick!

I remember the golden DAYS OF YORE when the amber sun shone upon our franchise the DOLPHINS OF MIAMI, yes, the ORANGE BOWL DAYS of howling madness/excitement/domination/parade of GLORY and to ONE AND ALL I PROCLAIM this will return again THAT I HAVE SEEN THE SPARK OF GLORY upon RYAN TANNEHILL that He is FINALLY to lead us back to HALCYON DAYS OF PARADISE!

But alas it will NOT be this year even if all is to come to pass IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE even NEXT YEAR I FORESEE DRAMATIC GAINS!

Once in those days as I sat upon the orange seat in SECTION 32 of our glorious stadium of yesterday could I never foresee these YEARS OF TOIL AND FUTILITY that would beset us like old peasants walking in the ruins of Europe after the Great War but the GLORY OF THE OLD AQUA AND ORANGE even lo the handkerchiefs that once waved in TRIUMPH sall returb once again to there place upon the THRONE OF THE NFL.


T-Sizzle wouldn't have lasted past the Seahawks in the 1st! Or the Eagles!!

People Forget. T-Hill is the ProtoType!

The Man was taken as a 18 year old by a Top 5 NFL OC!! Molded little by little. To learn the Whole USA offense(We run all the Coast this is the 1st week T-hill started throwing from under Center)! Even how to run the Routes! Tell Luck's Autistic As* to run routes! He would look like Tebow! Even RG3 can't go out wide.

U can tell T-Sizzle has been warned Not to Scramble Not Yet!!

He's still learning from the Pocket! Once, Marino gets a hold of him this offseason and gives him a lesson on Footwork!! Watchout!!! T-Sizzle will be Dancing With the Stars!!


T-Hill threw for 430 on the Cardinals With Wilson and Peterson Playing!!! And Hartline as his #1 WR!

What did Tom Brady Do? Why Didn't Tom Have Time? Haven't the Patriots Wasted Multiple Picks on O-Line High!!

How About Secondary? The patriots have wasted More!!

I'm looking forward to KING JAMES ABD THE HEAT!

I freely admit I was NOT on the draft Tanny list. IU wanted Nick Foles in the 2nd round, and was hyping him the past year and a half.
He had horrible coaching in college.
I also hyped Golden (shove 'em when they're not looking) Richards before that. That's bias on my part, cause he's a local kid from the Nashville area, where I live.
He was a GREAT high school baller.
His brother is next.

Whew, I'm JUST starting to calm down.
I hope the locals overlook their hatred of Ireland and can fill some of the empty seats at the former J Robbie.
Not easy these days with the economy and all.

I'd love to see more of our D when we're playing 2-3 TD's ahead, and Wake and Company can go carte blanche!!
Posted by: IMAWriter | September 30, 2012 at 11:48 PM



Hartline is coming on like gangbusters and like I predicted, I think Bess will have his best year ever in this type of offense.

Hartline though is a GIGANTIC surprise to me. Without much camp(almost none)and no pre season tune up games? He and Tannehill got something going.

So to me, this means we have decent 2nd and 3rd receivers and a good 2nd TE. Like you said, get a No. 1 WR and Seam Threat TE.........and get out of the way-LOL!

It hurts to know that I'm already(Kind of/sort of)looking past this season. Looking forward to next years draft and free agency.

We won't need to spend any high picks on either line or running backs. So that helps narrow it down. But overall, I'm optimistic. It just hurts deep down inside having to wait!

I went to the home opener and I'll go again later in the season when missing the playoffs is clinched and even the good seats are cheap. Although looking at the secondary market for the Rams game, I'm not sure how much cheaper they can get.

Wow, it's amazing how badly the Dolphins have squandered their place in South FL sports in 15 years. Normally, I'd take issue with someone coming in here and posting about the Heat but thinking about how good the Heat are gave me my first smile since the Dolphins and the US Ryder Cup team both decided to choke like dogs.

Dashi, I'm not disagreeing with you regarding Tanny. In fact, I've been on the bandwagon after watching the interaction between him and "Chuckie."
I knew he was smart, but didn't know how FOOTBALL smart he was, cause quite frankly, Sherman has (IMO) never been a top flight HC.

I am really stoked by his play, and more than that his courage in the pocket and up attitude, something missing from Henne.
The attitude thing is, as you know something you don't teach, it just has to BE there.

Not making this a team Comparison. And Definitely not quite ready to Give in to Ireland!!

But we Had No Players in 08!!!! NONE!!! Ricky and Ronnie!! Fields and Soliai were Nobody back then!




The Next 2 Ireland Did a Little better by Himself!! He Couldn't bounce ideas off of Sporano and his Coaching Staff!!

Yes, He Reached on some Players in these Years(LB's, DE's, WR's)! But they were Major Needs and he made sure they can play multiple Schemes!

Pouncey wasn't meant to run Sporano's Scheme! Neither Was Odrick! Odrick is Really a DT in a 4-3.

Misi is the Nice Surprise! The Guy was DE in College and we have made him into a 4-3 OLB.

This Year he did a better job With Philbin and the OC who use to be a GM IN THE NFL ALSO! NOT JUST RUN A TOP 5 OFFENSE!!




Marsha was just a Diva!!

Keep HArtline!! The BEST WHITE WR IN THE NFL (Definitely better than Welker)!!

We have 2 Legit WR's!!! CUT NAANEE!! BRING MATTHEWS UP!!

Come on Coach! Enough is enough! Dashi understands Playing D.Thomas. U know raise his Value, plus he was a draft pick.

But NAANEE!!! The Guy is Garbage! He's a Never Was!

At Least Chad was a Has Been! Chad messed it up playing FIFA!

But bring somebody up!!


He's Missing his Hands!!

Great how many positive post game posts in a LOSS.
Just shows that deep down we know the direction is up.
g'night to those still around.

He's Missing his Hands!!

Posted by: Dashi | October 01, 2012 at 12:10 AM

I'm usually not one to say this, but Naanee's also missing his HEART.


Dashi has been riding for T-Sizzle since the Start.

Dashi wanted him or the MLB Carolina Got.

But Dashi knew T-Hill was the Pick. The NFL Knew THILL was The PICK!


The OC was his Coach! It was Fixed!

Dashi will never Say Sherman is a Good HC. Never Have, Never Will. What Dashi Says is M-Shizzle has run Multiple Top 5 Offenses in the NFL! Now his Defenses! Different Story!

The Man has over 700 Offensive Plays! Do U Honestly think he or anyone else has the Mental Capacity to learn Defense AFTER U MASTER THE WCO!

Sherman needed to get a better DC! Also, He was GM/Coach/OC in green Bay! Other than that Sherman has Always been an OC!

Sort of like Mike Martz but of the WCO.

Yep. A&M couldn't hold hold a lead, as I remember.
Respectfully here, I still believe that there were some odd calls today.
lets please throw out that pitch to Bush, at least on OUR side of the field.
Hello, I must be going...really.

Enjoyed the repartee.

Losers find ways to lose games, Winners find ways to win games. Dolphins are LOSERS!

One MORE useless Prediction.

I predict Naanee will be let go this week.

I know it's easy to consider it a knee jerk reaction and just scream Cut Naanee! But in all seriousness, I think these guys will look back over his body of work here and decide enough is enough.

They Naanee tears it up in practice and it's probably true. But he's done nothing at all. I don't like to ever point to one guy and say he costs us a game. But Naanee's ridiculous comes as close as you can. He just plays scared and it's shown in the games. Where it counts. He alligator arms it all the time. Even his stumble/fumble. It alnost look like he got scared of falling down, so he lets go of the ball. It was almost like a scared reflex.

It was enough for me. If it was my call, that would be thwe straw that breaks his back. I'd send him packing and let one of the youngsters get a shot.

Just for the record, I seriously expect Naanee will be let go this week. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

We still have a few things to fix on offense that are very fixable, and need to go hard at trying to find help in the secondary next off season .. Over all we are a good team in all fazes except in the secondary. we aren't going to be able to substain one or two touchdown leads if teams can pass on us all day.. Our great pass rush helps our secondary look better than what they are... there's no way we should be 1-3.. we got beat be a great Texan team and should of won the last 2 games. If only we could get better at C/B and safety we could go deep in the playoffs!

All of the posts on this page prior to mine are being posted by the same person.
They all say the same thing.
Over and Over.
Day after day, week after week, year after year.

This game re defines the phrase "Stats are for losers."

we had this game, we deserved to win, but for some reason with the cards blitzing we put our rookie qb in a bad situation and that was the last big mistake of regulation,just run,make them use their timeouts,instead we fumble and they get great field position. I figured we could have taken like 1 min 40 seconds off the clock then punted and maybe backed them up where they did not play well when up against the goal line. The nanae fumble was comical,it was just rediculous. The carpenter fg miss was sad, thinking no way he is going to miss this week,but yeah he did.Hard to believe how easy we could have won the last 2 games,even if its a rebuilding or preperation year. GO MIAMI!

OK, Dashi's Last Post

Yes, this season is hard to take as a Fan. Specially the losses!!!

But U have to love what U see out there!

Yes, we might end up 9-7 or 6-10!

But either way the light is there at the END of the Tunnel! Shining Brighter Day by Day!

We have a Good Solid O-line and D-Line! No picks going there for the Next Couple Years High in the Draft!

We Have RB's! We Have 2 Legit Wr's and a good #2 TE! We have a FB!!!!

WE HAVE A QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, WE HAVE A QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! This game was good but he will get better! He has shown that since Day 1!!

Remember The Speed of the Game in training Camp.

Remember Game 1. Those INFAMOUS 6 MINUTES OF HELL!!

T-hill is not a Fluke!! He has consistently been throwing for 200 yds the First 3 Weeks. Not going to say he will Duplicate it again this Season.

Like Henne's 3rd Game in his 2nd year in the League! Henne's best game Ever!

Sort of like the 1 game Vontae had as a Rookie against NE! 1 Game!!

T-hill needs to keep growing! And he will.

But Positive Signs!

We Still need LB's, a FS, and 1 Starting CB!

The Lb's have been playing better! Maybe Philbin has them Playing good by week 5, Not week 10! U know since that Question since before Marino retired has been Answered? (The O-line!!)

Heck, since Shula Retired the Fins Haven't had a O-Line!! At least not a Respectable One!



A Patrick Willis Type! Jerod Mayo!


We Will probably get a WR in the 2nd! We need to Go Defense with the 1st 2 picks!

That is why we can't get overly excited and start winning a bunch of games.

Forget trying to be happy for 1 season and being Ecstatic for the NExt Decade!

This is just a Start!!

Let's say Tanne is the next Marino, ok fine. Marino went to the super bowl in his rookie year and lost and never went back for the next 15 years.
Let's say Tanne is the next Rogers: 1 SB
Brees: 1 SB
Peyton: 1 SB
Ryan: 0 SB
Rivers: 0 SB
Romo: 0 SB

Yeah, it hurts bad knowing how easily we could be/should be 3-1 atop the AFC East!

Staying optimistic, you have to take it in stride and know how improved we are already. Even the Texans game. Take away the rookie implosion and who knows. Even a team as good as their supposed to be didn't put a beating on us.

The great Tanne has 2 TDs + 6 picks and we are 1-3 and tied with J'ville for the laughingstock of the league.


*Forget trying to be happy for 1 season and think about being Ecstatic for the NEXT DECADE!!

We beat cincy next week and we will be all knotted up at 2-3
Denver will beat the pats
San Fran will beat the Bills
Houston will beat the Jets

This franchise is going nowhere.
Tanne is married to Sherman
Sherman is married to Philbin
Philbin is married to Ireland
Ireland is married to Ross

How is a new GM going to come here and not be able to choose his own coach and QB?
It'll never happen.

I know you are having a lot of fun writing all of this stuff about how great Tanne is.
Maybe he will have a great career.
He read this blog and he accepted my challenge to put up a Henne-like performance.
And the team let him down, again.
Just like they did with Henne and just like they will keep doing.

Hey Caddy what happen No more QBR! He doesn't have the Worst QBR! THE QB WITH THE DIVA AND NO O=LINE HAS THE WORST IN THE NFL!!

T-Hill is also 14th in Pass Yards!! and only 40Yds away from being TOP 10!!!!

He will get better!!

I never posted he great. Never......EVER........Not even close.

For all the posting you do, one would think you would be more careful and concise.

Tannehill has shown solid, steady improvement. Today, against one of the better NFL defenses, he PLAYED very good. He still has a long way to go. But he has also shown every indication that he'll get there.

I particularly like and agree with what one of the commentators said today:

For a Veteran he played a very good game. For a Rookie, in his 4th start, He PLAYED GREAT!

There is hope for the future after so many years of no direction

The near and long term future is brighter for the dolphins than the Jets
Bank on that

This season isnt over but I can see either Jarvis jones or Keenan Allen fitting in real nice next year!

Dashi, do you like stats?

Hartline is Leading the League in Receiving Yards(455)! He's on pace for 100 for 1820 yds-LOL!

Who woulda Think It?

Hartline has 25 catches. The league leader(Cruz)has 32. Hartlines is tied with Welker in catches to BTW.

Hartline also has 15 first down catches(12th).

It still feels a little wierd saying it, but Brandon Marshall who?

Of all people, Brian Hartline is leading the league in reception yards..........with a ROOKIE QB throwing him the ball.


I think this team is gonna get better as the year goes by. They are in the right direction we see improvements They are playing better and they look a little different. Lets see as the season progresses!!!

Brandon Marshall has 16 catches for 214 yards and 1 TD.

Brian Hartline has 25 catches for 455 yards and 1 TD.

WHAT? Is that a typo? I think I'm going to double check that!

PSYCHE! Not really, I already did ;)

ok,we have promise

Not happy but starting to think we may be on the right track.

Bush dropped down to 6th overall with 67 carries for 369 yards. He's on pace for 1476 yards!

He's 54 yards out of first!

To bad he had to miss the second half of the WETS game.

Tannehill passed up Cutler and Weeden and got his QBR up to 66.4.

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI! LOL!

He's 14th in yards with 1046. Thats on pace for a 4000 yard season!

Odinseye, you are comparing three games for Hartline to two games for Marshall. Talk big after the Monday night game when Chicago plays Dallas.

Nice try, though.

How much did Naanee make on his bet. You can't tell tell me you drop that pass for free.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh where is don shula??????

bum phillips once said of shula: he can take yourn against hisn n win....orrr he can take hisn against yourn n win........

i wonder if that would apply to the dolphin team since his departure.......they are in a losing funk without an end regardless of the talent.....like the raiders.....year in and year out the losing legacy maintains its grip.......how can you explain it???? cant.....its just a fact of life....

I cannot believe the Bi**es that are complaining out there. Yes, I am mad, and frustrated that we lost...any TRUE fan would be. But I also, being somewhat intelligent, can see things that I have not seen from this team in about a decade. We have a passing game folks!...Hello!!! Not a great one, but we have one. We have a running game...Hello!!! Pretty good one at that. And it looks as if we have a damn good defense...could it be better, yes with a better corner opposite Sean Smith...Rashad Jones is growing up before our eyes folks...so is Misi. Cam Wake...well, he is just being Cameron Wake. It took Dallas, under JJ, three years to get things right...Does ANYONE remember Aikmon's first full year...I think they won 2 games that year.

Nannee needs to go bye bye...if we are going to be playing this type of fast paced precision football, we may want to look towards Canada where they pass more often...just a thought. Or definitely look at spread option WR, but with size in college...someone who is used to running quick routes.

Ireland has done a pretty good job...not great, but good. We need to resign Bush...do not be fooled that Lamar Miller is the second coming of Reggie...Reggie is special, we just need to keep using him and make Lamar part of the 1 - 2 punch...the fullback is very good, say goodbye to Thomas. He is just not worth the space he is taking up...IMO.

Lastly, for those folks complaining about Philbon and Shermon...just shut up. If we were being blown out of these games and not making intelligent adjustments from week to week, then I could see saying something. We have, and for those of us who have been paying attention, finally a pretty good coaching staff...

Nuff Said!

Don't know if I really feel uplifted by this performance any more than I did all those years ago when Dave Weinsteidt was the coach and the team was just as creative in it's ways of grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory, as it continues to do now. Only the names of the players and coaches and owners have changed, but this is the same results we've been accustomed to for as long as I can recall, a team that was terrible for a bit, but now one that is just competitive enough to keep you interested and buying tickets, yet completely dedicated to "mediocrity" both in performance and results.....
I'd like to hope that we're on the road to better fortunes, but that's what I thought years ago, when I read this same article talking about "moral victories" and blah blah blah..... We still weren't good enough then, and we're not good enough now. We continue to not be able to put teams away when we have them down, somehow we always let them back up, and they knock us out.
We should be 3-1, because we gave away games in 2 consecutive weeks to the Jets & Cards..... We can't continue to do this.

Carpenter has us in the situation we are in, hands down. We could EASILY be 3-1 right now, sitting nice and pretty in 1st place in the AFC east. This is a young team with a rookie QB, games are going to be close. Field goals are a must for a team of this nature. Time to replace Mr. Carpenter

two names to remember after reading this post... oagletree and roberts.
last sunday i all but threw in the towel on being a fan of the dolphins for FOURTY years. jolted by what was looking to be the second coming of john beck and another ticket for a QB carousel ride that i could NOT stomach, i was totally disinterested in my team in a way i have never been before. i watched the cardinal game out of boredom and left re-energised, as long as the fins play hard and at the level they are capable of as they did against the cards, it don't matter if they win or loose. but to get back to oagletree and roberts... you said miami is ONE alpha reciever away from being very good, well, i think you need to re-think, sure a stud would be great but it won't happen this year, maybe not even next year, but look at it this way, you just watched the cards game, ROBERTS was the straw that broke the fins back, as was OAGLETREE in the cowboy's first game, these guys are probably third on the depth chart, what miami needs is a very good and physical third wide-out... and rishard mathews comes to mind in a big way... the unexpected tough guy reciever..yep, sure a great tight end would be nice, maybe if egnew or clay could turn the corner, but mathews is looking like the answer to me, remember what roberts did for the cards, and watch the cowboys first game(oagletree) and then think rishard mathews.

Mr. Ross,
if your looking for a mental yardstick to gauge your fans interest, start here... a fan of fourty years, after last weeks ugly, uninspiring performance and loss to the jets promising to be yet another bad draft decision(tannehill over a top reciever)i was thrust into an all time low, i was so disinterested in my beloved dolphins to the point that i have never, never been before, that i bacame the low low point of fan interest to measure all others by, but today, after watching the cardinals game, i am re-energised, and if i feel that way, i'm sure the rest of your fan base is feeling it too, it's ok if they loose, as long as they play the game like they did agaimst the cards. that was a GREAT game.

you know, before this season started, i had blogged on the herald that miami would have a top 5 defense, other bloggers laughed, but just imagine if miami would have added and not replaced... you would have our front seven(on defense) with the likes of sean smith, reshad jones AND yerimiah bell AND vontage davis... why does miami seem to dismantle something their building, bell and jones at safety, would have been really nice.

Nenee finally get a reception and then promptly fumbles the ball away. Let's see what Marlon Moore can do at receiver and use Legedu exclusively on special teams where he actually has made a few good plays.

Most of the comments are pitiful---WHINERS! Open your eyes and see that RT is blooming, and the team is blooming with him. Losses suck don't they? But sit back in a day or two and rewind that game---the one the fins were not supposed to even BE in---and tell me this team looks anything like last year's.
Yes Nanae needs to disappear, the defensive BF needs upgrading, Carpenter needs blah blah blah we all know this already.
This is a developmental year so for cryin' out loud get used to it. Jeez Louise...

And Dashi you got it right!

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