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Cardinals beat Dolphins 24-21 in OT

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yes, it was disappointing because games are not played to come close or be entertaining.

And the Dolphins did lose this one, 24-21, on a 46-yard field goal by former Dolphin Jay Feely.

But ...





Promising if you think that better things can happen down the road?

No doubt.

Yes, the Dolphins lose today. But the fans that saw this fine game won. And the future won because this team showed something today -- at times, anyway.


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JackSparrow, I am not as frustrated because in the past there was no hope. A rookie is going to make mistakes. He has improved a lot. The Defense was great today. We may be a receiver and a TE away on offense and the rookie getting 16 games under his belt away from being a contender. Tanne showed some great signs. They will not go 1-15 this year if Tannehill stays healthy. This team looked better than the Cards, the difference was the mistakes by a rookie QB at the end.

He will not make those mistakes in the future. This will probably be the last year we get an early draft pick; I hope that we make it count. Let's draft either a big time WR (to go with Hartline), a big time Pass rusher, or a shut down corner. We have 2 2nd rounders and 2 3rd rounders. Hopefully, the Colts will be awful this year so that we have two early second round picks.

On that tying TD we had the right coverage called with inside/outside BUT the outside man bit on the inside move.

That's why we have an inside guy to take away that move, him biting on the move gave them the TD. He stays home its a pick or at least a pass defensed. STOOOPID DB play also cost us this game!


Deadsoft and DCDolfag you are both wrong the defense sucks they gave up big plays when they needed big stops. On the other end of the spectrum the Cardinla's defense made big plays when the game was on the line, so your reasoning skills not unlike the Dolphins defense suck!!!!!!

Coaching was awful last week in OT. I don't blame this loss on coaching. T-hill was playing good today. Phins were moving the ball thru the air. The Cardinal defense made the plays down the stretch. Phins will learn from these two losses.

Watching RG3 do right now what I wish the Dolphins could do ... remember when Marino was our QB and we thought we could win ANY GAME? I mean, hell, we could be down by 4 touchdowns with 2 minutes to go and there was always the chance Marino would pull it off.

Mike Pratf, no one except morons goes to home games anymore. People are trying to use their money for something worth their while, fool.

How the hecht do you lose when your D intercepts 2 passes, records 8 sacks and your Rookie QB throws for over 400yds and to top things off the no-name Receivers have 2 guys go over 100yds; one of them eclipsing 200.


the last two touchdown passes were marshall's fault.

Lol, another Fail. Some things are too obvious

Usually, good Coaches win these kind of Games, don't you think?

what really hurts about all this is that if we play 2 or 3 plays better we are sitting at 3-1 and are in 1st place in the east. the 4th and 10 touchdown was embarrassing. you knew once they got that TD that the game was over. we don't have a winner's mentality yet to bounce back and take the game. as a fan it seems like the phins never have had it.

Nobody is blaming Tannehill. He played wonderfully, he got hit on that last INT, it happens.

Throwing the ball on 2nd and 8 with 2:45 left and the ability to pin them deep is completely indefensible.

The DC and Philbin can stay for now, but Mike Sherman is just another in a long line of useless Dolphins OCs.

Well I see all the fair weather Miami fans are out in force. But as soon as they win their next game you'll be back on the band wagon. Do you realize what a joke South Florida fans are Nationally. Starting with that embarrassing turn out for the canes yesterday. Man they were laughing about it on ESPN. What a joke. Its not everyone I know. There is a small core of great loyal fans but the rest are pathetic.

...Damn. What a game. First off. I'm going to keep reminding all of you that almost every poster here has said that they could care less about wins and losses this year. This is a developmental year..all about Tannehill first..Everything else is of little consequence, or icing on the cake for the positive.

Tannehill was great today..Plain and simple. The team played great. Don't start this pointless and sad blame game. We got better today. What Tannehill has done the last 3 weeks is remarkable..It really has been. He has 2 FREEKIN RECIEVERS he can throw to. He has made Fasano better. Think about this for a second. The combined receptions for reciever not named Bess, Hartline is 4 the last 3 weeks..Some of you act like it is a birthright to run an offense, like it is some freekin video game, or you have half a clue as to how difficult this is. 3 guys..That is who he is throwing to that is it.

I'm sure the blame game will continue. It will help some deal with this loss. Nobody(except for Kris 11-5) thought we would play a game like this a month ago. Nobody(Me included..probably the most) thought Tannehill would even be playing, let alone at this high of a level right now...You know who you are..Remember if it is true what you said about this seson. You have to feel good about today..even in a heartbreaker.

russell, don't discount tannehill's crucial turnovers, and the pick that was reversed deep in miami territory.

Tannehill has arrived. I believe he gets better and better from this point forward.
Yes this was a bitter pill to swallow. But some very good things happened today. At least now we dont seems miles away from being good. After today I feel we are only tweaks away.
I also believe this coaching staff gets better week to week too. Gotta be some good coaching. Eliminate some of the dumb little things and this was a great performance on both sides of the ball.


This team is 2 OT losses from being 3-1, with that one loss being to the supposed best team in the league. Lots to look forward to. No conselation for tonight, but the coaches will get this figured out.

Jlkella, you're not kidding. I was actually wondering why the Cardinals ever bothered to run the ball. Our run defense is as good as our pass defense is bad.

dc dolphin your comment at 7:40pm is spot on.
some highly charged and emotional comments are being made. whichever way you look at it this loss hurts pretty bad!
but as already said i think we are improving as a TEAM, and will get better throughout the season. playoffs??? i doubt it. enough good performances will be enough to give fans confidence that 'IF' we have a decent offseason next year we will be in a much better position to challenge for the division.

I'll I want to know is where is are PASS DEFENSE ???? there is none, we have let ever team thus far throw for more than 300 yards in all the games.

Not many men in here. You act like that after a loss and you're basically a woman. Nut up and stop the whining. Team is still rebuilding and showing progress every week. Once again, there is no super bowl for this team so you have to look at the positives.

Tannehill, Wake, Hartline, and Smith had huge games. The team is losing but if you have noticed they are actually improving every week. Need a #1 WR, a DB, and a LB. That won't come until next season. This team keeps playing like that and they are making a HUGE push for the playoffs next season in Tannehills second year. Tannehill broke Marinos rookie record for passing and also helped two wide receivers get over 100 yards for the first time in 11 years for the Dolphins. Pretty good, it will get better.

The first week people were on Tannehill about tipped passes, not a problem. Last week in a rain game people caled him a bust because he wasn't accurate. I guess you CAN'T know everything about a rookie qb after 3 games. This wasn't the Raiders, this was the Arizona D and he picked them apart. Still there is room for improvement, he will get there. Especially if Ireland is gone and we actually start trying to sign a tall fast wr who can get open in the end zone and bring down jump balls.

i do think at last this bunch is learning how to win good job

I mean, if there are 2 minutes to go, you're on their 45 with 2 downs to go, I guess most everybody in the Planet would run the ball. Don't you think?

Lotsa of trolls here.
As great as hartline and Bess played, the absence of a consistent deep threat hurts our run game, placing so much pressure on Tanny.

Not sure why, but our coaches seem to not understand certain game situations.
We run there l;ate in the 4th quarter, there's not enough time to mount an 8 play drive, especially with stuff up the middle.
Listening to philbin, he's again throwing his players under the bus, this time Tanny, if i heard correctly on my crappy iheart connection.

He has no right, after several bad coaching mistakes, including inserting a cold receiver (and I use that term loosely) Naanee in a crucial situation.

Even Bellicheat doesn't throw his guys under the bus. The one thing i admired about Sparano was defending his guys.

Aloco/Dashi/Kris/oscar canosa,
This is not the time to play bathtub periscopes.
We're having a very important discussion here.

Also, Jeff Irelend needs to go. Marshall and Nolan Carrol get burned week after week. Every QB lights up our secondary. Sean Smith is great but we have NO safeties of NFL caliber and miss Vontae Davis badly.

I'd bet my house that the Dolphins would be 3-1 with Vontae. Miami had a real chance to make the playoffs in a weak AFC against a weak schedule and they traded away half their secondary and now they can't get a stop when it matters.

People who need to go:

Naanee (should have been cut weeks ago)

Shushi wonder why Dashi alway talk Jets

Sushi think deep down he closet fan of ryann footy jets

Sushi wish Dashi stfu about jets when no one here is fan


Very frustrating. It prbably can be said for a lot of teams, but Fins are 2 missed field goals and a couple turnovers away from 3-1.

WTF??? armando, were reduced to uplifting losses in a span of over two decades of rebuilding??? CMON MAN!!!!

God Damn it.
Does Philbin look like a puppet with that long Easter Island head on his shoulders?
Clueless owner.
Clueless GM.
Clueless head coach.
3-13 is looking quite optimistic now.

Andy Dalton will murder our Secondary next week

Before today, who thought the Phins could win this game? I didn't. The fact that they played as well as they did is a bonus.

I still feel good about our HC, but it would be nice to keep his head in the game every situation. Sherman needs to be 2nd guessed, by the HC, not the fans.

Reg, I think your point is valid ... I simply don't know if I'm going to live long enough to see a good Phins team again.

Time to bench Tannehill and give Moore a try. Tannehill just isnt ready.

Lol at people who think Miami will make a run next year. Next year their schedule will be brutal. They had a real chance to do something this year but they pissed it away by trading two of their best players and play calls deep in games that are borderline psychotic.

There are no bright sides to losing. This is a team that doesn't understand how to win and that stink can last a long time, ask a Lions fan.

I have to admit I never saw Tannehill lighting it up like he did today. I love the way he played and am excited about the future. He clearly doesnt trust the other recievers minus Bess and Hartline. If I'm Ireland I cut Nanne and bring up Tannehill's WR from college Jeff Fuller from the PS. There are alot of positives coming from this game. Very excited to have Philbin and crew. Guys you have to have patience we arent going to the playoffs this year

Henne threw the ball to these same scrubs for 31 games and GOT EXACTLY THE SAME RESULT.

Well I see all the fair weather Miami fans are out in force. But as soon as they win their next game you'll be back on the band wagon. Do you realize what a joke South Florida fans are Nationally. Starting with that embarrassing turn out for the canes yesterday. Man they were laughing about it on ESPN. What a joke. Its not everyone I know. There is a small core of great loyal fans but the rest are pathetic.

Posted by: Roswell | September 30, 2012 at 07:49 PM

Well, rosewell I'll go on record right now if we beat the hapless lambs next week, I for one will not praise miami too much for potentially beating another mediocre franchise..and then pronouncing playoff tickets the following week...

Neil's GhosT, I think 3-13 is optimistic ... and that's with this easy schedule we've been handed this year. We'll have to REALLY improve next year if our schedule is even slightly more difficult.

Good game for Tannehill, he keeps improving every week. He still need speed from his receiving corp and he will really surprise us.

They found a way to lose again but I am betting that after they play all of them they will have losing record.In this game Tannehill showed signs that he is a better QB than the Dolphins have had since Marino.I am a realist they dont have the players to replace the ones they lost this year.The losing culture still haunts them.

Well, we don't care about your discussions and only about ours, CadillacDeVille. We say this Game was lost by the Coaches, again. What do you say?

Fact of the matter is Miami is probably the best of the worst football teams in the NFL

No consilation prize but, it is what it is. Heck, they're only 1 game out of 1st place & is light years better than the Jets.

Tanny played well. Neither int was really his fault. The one Wilson had that was overturned was but, it didn't even count.

Sherman throwing at the end was atrocious. Naanee is utter garbage. So is Clay. Cut Carpenter already. How many games is he gonna cost the team? MOVE ON!

Much work to be done but, at least Tanny FINALLY showed some big time ability!

bungles,,,escuse me....nevermind about winning that game...

good point. what exactly is the difference between tannehill and henne at this point. both can throw for a lot of yards, and both turn the ball over consistently. if passing for 400 yards and losing is progress, i'll take 200 yards, no turnovers, and a win.

Why the f*ck is Smith biting on that inside move when you have inside help!!!


Lordy Lordy Lordy | September 30, 2012 at 07:48 PM

Dolfag? What are you a 13 year old? The Cardinals defense had it a little easier don't you think? At home, going against a rookie QB, going against a new offnesive and defensive system. I could go on and on. The Cards are an established team with consistency in the front office. The Dolphins are rebuilding and are in desperate need of playmakers. Get some perspective moron.

Ok gentlemen, this was CLEARLY our best game on both sides of the ball. Think about it, look at the whole picture. The D played well so did the O, we just got beat in OT. Yes, Carpenter was a factor, but considering we have a rookie QB, HC and are handicapped by Ireland, we are a better team than we were last year at this point in time. An Alpha receiver would make a huge difference. Even if we added Plaxico, he's great in the Red Zone, it would make a great difference.

Vonnie Holiday recovered the Hennehill fumble...

CadillacDeVille won't show up again tonight. Bet ya.

Thanks Roswell and Dunphy,

I am glad to see some realists out here. I was expecting an absolutely dreadful season, but instead am seeing some growth and progress despite a rookie QB and obvious weaknesses at DB, WR and HC and OC. Yeah , it's disappointing that if Carpenter was his 2011 version we would be 3-1, but, that wouldn't mean we were playoff bound. There is still more growing to do by all, including Philbin and Sherman, but we seem to be headed in right direction. Thrilled with 8 sacks today and Hartline/Tannehill chemistry.
Keep on keepin on, Fins !

If you want to crown them then crown them. But they who we thought they were. we had them right where we wanted them and let it get away ...

I hate you Dan Carpenter. We would be 3-1 if you were a halfway decent NFL kicker.

Ne be needs to be cut. That was not a catch. New refs suck also.

Tannehill = Henne 2.0

Hey, Ireland, is there any way to fire a 1st year Coach?

I'll let the baby brigade take over from here. Have fun with your night of temper tantrums . Maybe if you had a life and didn't live vicariously through a sports teams accomplishments and failures you wouldn't act like such a little baby girl. Lol f&*%ing losers.

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