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Cardinals beat Dolphins 24-21 in OT

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yes, it was disappointing because games are not played to come close or be entertaining.

And the Dolphins did lose this one, 24-21, on a 46-yard field goal by former Dolphin Jay Feely.

But ...





Promising if you think that better things can happen down the road?

No doubt.

Yes, the Dolphins lose today. But the fans that saw this fine game won. And the future won because this team showed something today -- at times, anyway.


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For All U CLOWNS!!!



Dashi doesn't want that!! Anyone who saw the JETS Game Knows Sporano is not a OC!!


Name a OC We could've hired with Better Credentials?

The Guy has been TOP 5 IN Rushing, Passing, and Total Offense, Multiple Times in the NFL!! Name a Head Coach who was available with Those Credentials? Even Philbin has only been a OC for a Top 5 Passing and Total Yards!

We have a Top 5 Run game and Our Passing Game Keeps getting Better with NO WR'S!!! Plus, he is Developing T-Hill the Right Way! Making him a Pocket Passer!!

Different kicker, No Naanee and Vontae Davis still on the team and we are 3-1 atop the AFC East. Why did we trade him for a 2nd again? This franchise makes mistake after mistake it's beyond laughable. If Naanee and carpenter are still on this team by 2:00 tomorrow it's a joke. Fire Ireland now and appoint an interim GM

a real coaching staff would bring in a kicker or two for a try out this week, but, like i said, a real coaching staff would do that .

i'm happy the jets lost !!

hey bartender, i'll have another cold one !!

bk, look at their schedule. It's cake. They absolutely could have contended for a playoff spot this year. But they traded away two studs and Vontae's absense is obvious as Carroll and Marshall get roasted week after week. The play calling is a wreck. Tony Sparano may have been a gutless wimp but at least he wasn't braindead enough to try and throw up 7 late when pinning them deep was going to be easy. Mike Sherman is an idiot and Miami will never win games with an idiot calling the plays.

It's nice to see tannehill maturing, but we need a clutch kicker. Carpenter was great... Last season, he was the only point maker, wish he was reliable like last year.

At least the Jets looked brain dead today against the 9ers.

For a team with a "sub-par" wr´s corp and a roockis qb, protected by another rookie at RT, it has been a pretty fun season so far... We ´re 1-3 but except by 2nd half texan´s games, they havent seen overmatched at all by teams much more talented than ours... So we lost this one, but this team is making me want to see them week in and week out... please, keep it roling!! Goo phinss!

zaphod, based on todays game, we can, and should win 7-8 games.
Hopefully, Tanny will shake off those occasional odd calls by Sherman, and run the correct play for the situation.
Lamar has to get even better, carpenter has to be the old carpenter, and the D Line/pass rush has to continue playing at their high level.
8-8, and the future is bright.


Are you blind???, the last pick was a terrible decision by tannehill to try and throw while getting hit from behind, you take the sack at that point and punt the ball, and there were at least two more instances that tannehill had bad misreads and threw into Double coverage that shouldve been picked off easily.

This kid hasnt shown that much in crunch time to be annointed anything but dissapointment thus far!

once again dolphins defense plays well most of the game and offense doesn't put enough points on the board when they have multiple chances to do so

too many extended lapses on offense... same old story

blah blah blah blah blah blah

They did everything but win. Gotta stop the turnovers....

"good point. what exactly is the difference between tannehill and henne at this point."

Yeah, great point. What's the difference between a QB who had 3 years under his belt compared to a qb who has played in 4 games and has already broke a Marino record and helped hie receivers break another Dolphins record. Great point, no difference there. Idiot.

Excellent point DD

YG, flipping as usual. Earlier this week you were saying he didn't have it.

roswell - So we aren't allowed to speak our minds about the game because you say that it would be being 'fair weathered'? that is crazy. the fans have the right to say whatever they want...doesn't mean anyone listens to them, but it sure isn't being 'fairweather'.

Until the team starts winning games any 'progress' that we are making really doesn't mean crap. As others have said, Henne was able to play well at times and then would always reverse his good play with bad decisions, or poor throws...I will reserve judgement on Thill until we know if he has it in him to help us WIN games. We might not really find that out this 1st year.

Tannehill = Henne 2.0

Posted by: FED UP who is a complete imbicile.

lol keep it rolling. You guys who see a team that finds ways to lose as a positive are amazing.

Teams that outplay opponents and lose over and over have one thing in common: bad coaching. Philbin is Cam Cameron part 2 and Sherman is a moron who outthinks himself and doesn't understand basic principles of protecting a lead.

Then you have Ireland, who traded away a 24 year old cornerback who has started and played well since he stepped foot in the league.....and then it's no big deal that our secondary gets lit up week after week.

Bad GM, bad coaches, bad results. Simple formula. Anyone who says this is ok because they are rebuilding is a stooge. They've been rebuilding for 15 years, it's time to start WINNING NOW.

My last post for the week...I can't do this all over again after a mirror image loss from last week. Just too depressing.

I understand the THill Fumble and OT interception were bad....he has to protect the ball better but honestly he was crushed on both plays. I saw SOOOO many great things from him today and I am a real believer in this kid.

Things that need to be addressed:

Carpenter is not totally unreliable and that is a bad thing for an NFL kicker. He needs to go!

Coaches need to understand that they have to protect the ball to protect the lead. You can't kick 51 yard field goals when you have the lead. You have to run more than pass to prevent turnovers and to run the clock. You have to punt and put it on your defense to crush the QB...again. Time management is on Sherman and Philbin...they need to get better. The coaches have to be patient to develop a running game....they produced every week on the ground....why not pound it out with the lead??

The DC needs to see that the secondary is pathetic. Smith played well today and his picks were huge. But he and Marshall let a 4th and 10 play kill them on the last drive of the 4th QTR. Wilson allows to many plays to happen...the first down conversion in OT was pathetic. Marshall is horrible.

Nanee....really one play....the kid hits you in the hands for a huge play and you drop it....without anyone touching you? Cut this BUM! Forget Amrstrong too....just get Moore in the game....Please!

We had two 3rd and 1 yard plays and fell short on both....another drive killed. What is wrong with this short yardage unit?

Anything I have ever said negatively about Hartline I regret...he has proven to be a real NFL level WR....probably a #2 or #3 receiver but he is doing a great job for us. Same thing with Bess...probably a #2 or #3 WR but he is Stud on this poor unit.

The DLine has arrived...nobody runs on this team. The front four was dominant rushing Kold....I know their DLine was not great but they did a really great job today! I think they are set for the future with this unit.

Some what, I'm glad I don't get to see the Dolphins games in the Pandhandle. I KNOW YOUR PAIN FINS FANS!!!!

2watt, don't take my point out of context. i said, ``at this point". in three years, we can revisit the issue. but the fact is, some here have pronounced tannehill as having ``arrived".

I mean, Phins78, I don't know you, but at least We around here are Originals(50+ years Fans) and are not pleased by sub-par perfonmances, specially by Coaches. What you think?

Posted by: Dashi | September 30, 2012 at 08:01 PM

Sherman had better players at his former NFL gig (as co-ordinator.)
I don't care what he was in his past life, the consensus is that he has called some head scratchers, the past 2 games.
I certainly don't want Sparano, but Philbin has a habit of negative comments about his players.
He will learn.

BTW, only narcissists refer to themselves in the 3rd person.


I Drank the Kool-aid....again! Why do I keep doing that?

Tannehill is a stud. Defense played above its potential. When are we going to get a receiver other than Bess, Hartline and Fasano who can catch the damn ball. Secondly Carpenter needs to go as well as his pretty boy hair. Play call with 3 minutes left when you are running the ball down their throats and they know you are running so you decide to pass it. Crazy.

"Until the team starts winning games any 'progress' that we are making really doesn't mean crap"

Another mronic way to see things. Progress means everything to a rebuilding team. Before you walk you gotta crawl. Progress for a bunch of young players means EVERYTHING and if you don't see that you're living in a fantasy world.

Ahhhh yes to be a fan of this rotting cesspool!

It must be wonderful sitting there 1-3 knowing your QB is a turnover machine with a defence that hasn't made a play to win a game in about 4 decades. Once again when the chips were on the table the "D" couldn't get it done. JT & Zach would be proud.

Not to mention a kicker that kicks it with Heath Bell.

Three cheers for South Florida's douche bags!

jack sparrow, please define progress. if i recall, miami has been losing close games for years. what difference does it make if they do it in different ways and under difference regimes?

Phins78 won't be back here tonight, same as Cadillac. They know the Truth.

Throwing at the end was exactly what a team should do under 5 min up by 7 points. Only people who don't understand today's NFL think you play prevent with only a 7pt. lead. The only poor coaching decision there, I'll admit, is to get Legadu Naanee in the game. I know he looks the part, but he's nothing but a liability. He shouldn't even go back on the plane with the team. Cut him and let him find his own way home.

Actually, I'll put one other thing on the coaches. That call to let Carpenter kick that 50-something FG. Again, they didn't know their personnel. EVEN last year, actually, his whole career, Carpenter has been money within 45 yards, but the majority of his misses came beyond. THAT'S when they should have been conservative, and punted to try and pin them down in their end.

Other than that, DD and others are absolutely right, this is about development and fully adopting the new schemes. Four games in, team is about where I thought they'd be in the standings, but far ahead of where I believed the play would be. There's a core here to work with. The holes can't be blamed on the HC, if anyone, the GM is to blame. But with a rookie QB, he'll have one more year to prove he can finish building a competitive team.

Guys im upset about the loss as any other dolphins fan, however this year isnt about record. We all knew coming into this year it was about tannehill's progression from collage QB to rookie NFL starter. With his performance today we all have to be pleased with his progress. If given the weapons around him, i can see him lighting up the scoreboard for seasons to come. The coaching staff will clean up the mental errors and mistakes made. Just takes time. One thing though. Carpenter's gotta go. Kickers need to kick from 45 and beyond. Hes just not able to be consistant. He has to be sent packing. All in all a positive step in the right direction today for the progression of our quarterback

What is wrong w/ you, Armando. This is why your stinking radio show was cancelled. There is no virtue in losing! We're sick of it! Watching the Dolphins lose every weekend for a decade. It's not good enough. Stop apologizing for them! --Cap'n Bobby

The Dolphins are old on defense where they are best. They are not a rebuilding team. That's just an excuse from management to buy time.

Mike Sherman and Dan Carpenter need to be on thin ice. Naanee needs to go. Ireland needs to go.

However, I don't know how anyone couldn't be encouraged by Tannehill. Moved in the pocket, made great throws. He certainly did better against Arizona's D than Tom Brady. I'm a believer. His coaches and his kicker let him down again. He did enough to win for the third week in a row.

I dont blame the coaches the kicker or Ireland for this one.

Nanee and Carpenter should carpool back to Miami. Then go funk themselves. Buh-bye now, buh-bye!

Turnovers, missed FGs and a defense that can't stop anyone when the game is on the line are the reasons we lost again.

On a positive note I like what I've seen of Tannehill at this stage in his young career. However, it won't matter if the secondary keeps giving up game losing drives.

DC Dolfan, there were less than 3 minutes left. Big difference from 5. Throwing there when you can run time off the clock and pin them deep is begging for trouble.

dolfan 29, every year is about winning. Only losers care about progress or rebuilding. It's the NFL, fortunes change overnight. It's time for them to translate good play into wins but they can't because their GM traded away the 2nd best guy in the secondary and the OC is a moron.


If Tannehill/Hartline can keep clicking like this every week. All we need is a very reliable 3rd wr. Hartline was a true beast(12 catches 253yds) and Bess was the cookie monster(7 catches 123yds).

"Another painful loss...to follow this team for 4 decades you just kind of expect it by now."

I don't know what you mean. I been following this team since the 60s, so that would be 6 decades, It was not until Shula was forced out by the car saleman and the ungrateful fans did I start expecting this team to suck, so at most we would be in the 3rd decade.

After criticizing this team unmercifully for the past 6 years as they have descended deep into mediocrity and insignificance, today I fully agree with Armando, felt bad for the team in this loss, but what an effort, franchise records set by players on offense and defense.

Finally, saw the accuracy that was talked about Tannehill, definitely is sharp student in the vein of the Mannings and Brady, not saying he is as sharp but you can feel it, especially after what the Dolphins have had at QB.

dolfan 29, we may not get another year ... I mean, the world is melting down. We're not going to survive too many more Obama recovery years before we're all foraging for food in alleys.

BTW I'm only upset because I see *actual potential* on this team. If they totally sucked like some are saying, I would just let it go, but they don't. There is something there. They have some talent and I like the coaching staff for the most part. Just need to cut some dead weight.

andrew, great point. fortunes can change overnight in the nfl; e.g. the 2008 dolphins. ``progress" is a very deceptive term.

Gentlemen and clueless little children (and everyone knows who the gent's and the children are) I'm here to tell you that Tannehill is the real deal.

Yes I know that he probably lost the game for us but the kid has moxie and you can tell the game is slowing down for him already, he showed great poised (for most of the game) and has great instincts, this year is all about Tannehill and how he develops, wins and losses are secondary..

I like what I see from the kid, the experience he is getting this year will serve him well for next year, cheer up guys we have our franchise QB..

Sorry that I actually have an opinion that differs from yours Jack Sparrow. Since it isn't your opinion it must be 'moronic' give me a break. I am living in the real world. Teams are judged by wins and losses not some fantasy 'progress'. The teams that win go to the playoffs, the teams that lose have their head coaches fired and are re-building again. You are the one who doesn't understand reality. Once we start winning close games then I will say we have made progress. We are finding new and worse ways to lose year after year. Until we start WINNING, we aren't making PROGRESS. How can that even be debated?

Another mronic way to see things. Progress means everything to a rebuilding team. Before you walk you gotta crawl. Progress for a bunch of young players means EVERYTHING and if you don't see that you're living in a fantasy world.

Posted by: Jack Sparrow | September 30, 2012 at 08:09 PM

Talent yes, good coaching no. 2nd week in a row that shaky play calling and bad kicking cost Miami dearly.

If If If If If If.........Miami are 1-3 and can't finish a game off,that is bad...no ifs.

If I need a scapegoat of blame for this loss to fit in on this blog I think the old refs were RUSTY and need a fewgames under their belt to reach their peak penalty calling pinacle.

I love my Dolphins but this team only knows how to lose. Fireland has gotta go!!!

Agreed FZB, Tannehill played amazing against a top 5 defense. It's too bad he won't have any chance for translating good play into wins until Sherman is gone.

Love my fins...

Well, if Philbin doesn't learn soon enough, we will keep on losing these Games. You know what, I believe Great Coaches(great Anythings) are born and not made. Very few People will reply to this.

All of you guys ripping the play calling are hypocrits. Everybody wanted to run Sporano out of town with his antiquated offense. Now you want to run on every down. We were in this game because we converted some agressive plays. Sporano would have kicked field goal, punt, field goal, punt.

Better Players?

Ok. He Coached the Texans in 07. The Packers when they only had Favre.


Weren't we Down in the 4th Qtr? When T-Hill threw the Bomb!

Bad Playcalling and the Rookie threw for 430+!!!



Yet, U throw for Over 430!!!

Bad PlaycallinG?!

Look at Spo!! That's bad PlayCalling!! Predictable!!! Horrible Pace!!

We are on the Come UP!

Also If sherman had Better Players Name 1 RB he HAd better than Reggie? 1 WR better than Hartline?

Just Saying! For Sherman Being a Bad OC! Dashi bets the Fins will have a Top 5 Run Game and a Top 15 Passing Game by the end of the year!

And will Only be Getting better next Year!!

Our fans suck

I've been a Dolphin fan since 1975. I've seen everything but a Super Bowl win. See a lot of selfish idiot thoughts on this blog. Frustrating loss (yes the word is spelled loss) for sure but what did you think was going to happen. I saw your posts! Predicted blow outs all of you! Now you cry because you wanted a win...waaaaaaaa. Stop crying. We saw a much different game here. Your rookie...Yes rookie threw for how many yards against a supposedly awesome defense?! Yes there were tragic mistakes that created this loss as well as last weeks loss. We must see it for what it is though, Philbin has bought himself an extra year of continuity for us the Miami Dolphins. Yes you don't care you want your wins now....waaaaaaa! Got it.

Folks, we just outplayed an undefeated team in their house an would have won were it not for a few mistakes. Mark my words, we're winning 5 out of our next six games. Believe in this team, feel good about this team and go f-ing crazy at the next home game vs Rams. Wish I could be there.

Our fans and media suck

To the regulars, DD, DC, Phins78, YG,

All very good points. To think that Tannehill did what did today, what this team and OL was able to accomplish against a very tough Arizona defence, what Bess and Hartline were able to do, was VERY, VERY encouraging!

Better days are ahead.

I love what the fins are doing ...


See, nobody answers me, Cadillac, 78, where are you? You know...

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