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Cardinals beat Dolphins 24-21 in OT

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yes, it was disappointing because games are not played to come close or be entertaining.

And the Dolphins did lose this one, 24-21, on a 46-yard field goal by former Dolphin Jay Feely.

But ...





Promising if you think that better things can happen down the road?

No doubt.

Yes, the Dolphins lose today. But the fans that saw this fine game won. And the future won because this team showed something today -- at times, anyway.


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well we arent the worst team in nfl, jets are. but wow how do u lose that game

Dont like the Dolphins away uniforms.Where is the aqua pants? That all white uniform look goes back to the 70's and 80's it ugly and outdated.

Andrew, you and everyone with eyes saw our defense was horrible in coverage. Then you saw the Cards get a majority of their points in critical 2-min offense-like situations, where they aired it out every play. What makes you think you give it back to them (running the clock maybe at the most generous to 2min warning) that we can stop them, no matter where they are on the field? Dude, that's faulty logic, I'm telling you. Too many teams have lost using that approach. WE'VE lost too many times in the past playing like that. You seriously blame that play on the CALL, when the pass was CAUGHT, for a FIRST DOWN, and the WR scumbag fumbles without being touched? How do you blame the call on that? That was about putting the game away with your OFFENSE. That's how a good team wins, they don't rely on the defense. This is the exact strategy we need to employ to be a winning team. We just need the right personnel to make it run right. And we don't have everything we need this year, by the way, did I mention it was the FIRST year for the HC/OC/DC/QB? And you're calling for one of them to be fired? As if this is '07. It isn't, that HC had an aging team, few stars, and lost the locker room so badly it was obvious no one would play for him, add to that new ownership, and the worst Season in the history of the team, and it was a perfect storm for Cam. This is totally different. People who don't see that lack the ability to pay attention to detail.

" lol keep it rolling. You guys who see a team that finds ways to lose as a positive are amazing."

ROFLMAO The positives have nothing to do with the losses and everything to do with the progress the young players on a rebuilding team are making each and every week.

"Teams that outplay opponents and lose over and over have one thing in common: bad coaching."

WAY to nail it down to one thing but you're wrong again. There are a number of reasons teams find ways to lose at the end. That was one, then you haver a young team that doesn't know how to close, that's a huge one. Then you have an entirely new coaaching staff with scemes that are still being worked on, there's another reason. Then you have a team that has very few playmakers compared to a team at home with more playmakers and experience. There's another reason. Oh the wisdom coming from you, please, teach us some more about football all knowing idiot.


Philbin is Cam Cameron part 2.

Bwaahahahahahaha if you think this coach is anything like Cam Cameron you haven't a clue. You are as new to football as anyone could possibly be. I would say quit while you're ahead but you are so utterly far behind we can't even see you.

----------------------------------------------------- and Sherman is a moron who outthinks himself and doesn't understand basic principles of protecting a lead.

Yes, I'm sure you are such a great coordinator you would have called a better game. The play doesn't work and it was a pass so you sit at home and scream they should have run. The play doesn't work and it was a run and you sit at home and scream they should have passed. That seems to be the limit of your great offensive ideas.


"Then you have Ireland, who traded away a 24 year old cornerback who has started and played well since he stepped foot in the league"

Wow you're batting .1000! WRONG AGAIN. Vontae was part of a team that went 0-7 to start the year last year. Vontae showed up to practice drunk. Vontae was a child. Vontae took plays off. Vontae still sucks in Indianapolis. At some point the talent needs to get better. You stick with the Vontaes and you never move forward.

---------------------------------------------------"and then it's no big deal that our secondary gets lit up week after week."

They were worse last year with Vontae so exactly what is your point? Keep Vontae so we can be worse and lose by 21?


They've been rebuilding for 15 years, it's time to start WINNING NOW.

You're the stooge, we're talking about the current coaching staff. They weren't rebuilding the Dolphins until this year. Stay on topic stupid.

Just for the record. I am really happy to see Thill play well. He has a lot of maturity for a rookie QB. It bodes well for the future. Also Hartline has great hands, and has came up big for us. We just need to learn how to win. Hopefully somewhere along the way this season we can do that.

But it still doesn't change the fact that we basically gave away the last two games. We have to get rid of the loosing mentality somehow if we are ever going to turn the corner for this team.

There are only 2 posters here and they both know....about the Dolphins.

jta you lost me there who was the car saleman that forced Shula to retire do you mean the garbageman ceo of Blockbuster.I never knew the Dolphins had a car saleman as an owner I think thats the saints.

We are going in th right direction and we will win

Go fins

MiamiD20 go f yourself. Anyone who thinks hennehill is the answer are brain dead. There will be a new qb next season.

Does anyone know WHO got beat in their blocking assignment which lead to T-hill's fumble (and susequent TD to tie) ??


Fins are for real...

These guys got talent and will figure out how to close

This kid hasnt shown that much in crunch time to be annointed anything but dissapointment thus far!
Posted by: Say What!!! | September 30, 2012 at 08:03 PM

Swamy it was bush

DC Dolfan, I'm talking about the play where TANNEHILL fumbled not Legadu. That's a terrible play call. 2:45 on the clock, you can make them use timeouts, and pin them deep. You have a rookie QB facing a great defense. You run the ball and you punt (assuming you don't run for a first down like they just DID TWICE IN A ROW!!!!!)

And thinking that going 90 yards in 2 minutes with one timeout is the same as going 50 yards with three timeouts is the definition of faulty logic.

Or one of the other backs...got bull rushed by safety

Positives today, VERY big games from Wake, Tannehill, Smith, Misi, Bess and Hartline. I'll take a game like this EVERY week until the end of the season and I couldn't care less who wins at the end of the day.

Things are looking up.

we had a rookie qb throw for 400 plus yards, a white wr go for 250 plus yards, we missed the franchise record for sacks by one. and we still lost, wow

we wont win many games this year, but 2013 is gonna be fun

Once again our kicker and DB's blew the game. This team should be 3 - 1. Daniel Thomas is still terrible....Nanaee remains beyond horrific. Still not getting Miller or Bush the ball in space. There were some positives, However.

1. Tannehill can play - looks like we might finally have a QB

2. Defensive front seven looks good - Tough against the run and pass

3. Hartline showed why he belongs in the starting lineup - Monster game

4. The Green Bay style of the West Coast offense works - Coach has them headed in the right direction...just needs a couple more impact players on both sides of the ball

Disappointing loss for sure....but at least the team's got a few players they can build for the future with.

Of course, you all are young Fuc-s here who wouldn't know what a good Football Coach is from your As-.

1-3 YAWN

disagree craig on smith, no excuse to give up the corner of the endzone on 4th and 10

Monday morning QBs are getting old.

We played a great game and lost...

These games are getting fun to watch, a lot better than as of late

The teams that win go to the playoffs, the teams that lose have their head coaches fired and are re-building again

This just proves how clueless you are. Teams don't fire their head coach every year because he can't win in his first season. On what planet does this practice take place because it doesn't happen on earth. Unless you are clueless like Cameron and have no control over your players you get a few years to build your program. And if you show progress each and every week you keep your job. There will be ups and downs but showing that you are moving forward is what shows you know what you're doing. The players have looked better every week and played one hell of a game today. You can cry all you want but you can't take that away from them. You need to learn a little abnout football before making ignorant comments like that. You actually think that the owner will keep firing coaches every year until one has a winning season? How stupid can you be?

Officially Tannehill has to be charged with 2 picks. However, neither were a result of bad decision making. Hartline slipped and he was hit while throwing on the 2nd one.

Tell me, how many top 5 qb's havent ever thrown a pick when hit while throwing? Sometimes those things happen, just like at times recievers slipping cause ints for even top 5 qb's.

As long as your qb isnt consistently throwing picks as a result of bad decision making. Youre in pretty good shape as an offense.

PS= I wouldnt be surprised if Naanee's cut tomorrow morning. If you can bring what youre doing in practice to the playing field. Its all null and void.

Coalition, I'm glad the Dolphins have a stooge to explain away all the things they do wrong.

It's a false belief that this team is so young. Tannehill is but the D-line isn't, the LBs aren't, the WRs aren't and Reggie bush isn't.

The Dolphins keep plugging in crap coaches and then everyone acts surprised when they blow games they should win. Sunrise, sunset.

bill connors,

Glad you showed up. Why don't you tell us all again how all the rookie QBs have looked better this year than Tannehill. Care to comment on Russel Wilson's 165 yard passing game today, with 3 picks, against a soft St. Louis defence? How about Weeden and his pick 6 on Thursday. Care to change your statement?

Legs of crap Nanae needs to be cut now, not one catch in 4 games. Promote Fuller from the practice squad. Carpenter...this is the 2nd game we lose because of him....His previous equity is running out quick.

agree yg on thill. guy is improving every game, have to love it. cant wait till next year gonna be fun

Believe it or not, this was one of the best games the Dolphins have played against a quality team on the road in years!

Only one question: Under three minutes, a seven point lead, second and six on the fifty. Why would you have a rookie QB throw the ball when your defense is dominating and you could pin them inside their twenty at the two minute warning if you don't make a first down on the ground. Hard to imagine the reason for this disastrous call.

Big time mistake by Sherman which let the team and the fans down.

Dolphin fan for over forty years.

Hilarious, the same people that crushed Sparano for getting into the opp 35 and run the ball 3 times for a field goal, is the same that crushed wanstted for running the ball and not getting a first down that would have frozed the game, now crushed Sherman for throwing the damm ball trying to secure the first down... I´m not saying all calls were perfect, but i prefer to "risk" a pass when i see 9 or 10 man in the box than crash into a wall!!! you just can´T run 10 yards with 10 opposite players at the box in front of you !!!... Sparano couldnt, wanny couldnt, no body can run at profesional level with 10 guys expecting the run in front of you!!!... nobody!! You want to win a game??, stick with your game plan!!... Throw and run, dont get predictable, dont get scare!!... And for those who never played footbal, Tanny had to adjust the protection or the wr´s routes, cause they brought too many guys at him, and HE DIDNT ADJUST ANYTHING!!!, so it was on Tanny, but again it´s the price to be paid for a rookie qb in the NFL.. he´s anything but overmatched.. he will learn... GOO PHINSS!!!

MiamiD20 go f yourself. Anyone who thinks hennehill is the answer are brain dead. There will be a new qb next season.
Posted by: Dolphin 77 | September 30, 2012 at 08:28 PM

Lol ok, you can hate now cause it's easy, but when Tannehill plays well I don't want to see you cheering for him. For if you do you will be a hypocrite in every sense of the word. Bet you didn't show your face after that 80 yard TD pass. Sorry dolphin 77, I never see you around here so your opinion means jack

Were it still the Shula era, Naanee's pink slip would be posted on his locker at gae's end.

by the way, those girls in the force factor ad on the side on my screen are crazy hot!

hey dashi so are you sticking to your 9-7 forecast or have you downgraded the status of the 2012 dolphins to 4-12 and a high draft pick

Bill connors right! If we had a black wr go for that many yards they would have won! Stupid white people! They have no business playing football!

I love the idea that if a run didn't work, I'd be screaming for a pass when I'm advocating running the ball even though I'm sure it won't work.

I may not have great offensive ideas but I know that you protect a 7 point lead on the road against a great defense especially when your own defense has held the other team to 14 points.

It's nice that the Dolphins have been SO pathetic for years that some fans will see any positives as progress. I've been patiently waiting since 1988 for a Super Bowl appearance and we are as far as we've ever been. And with our idiot GM and bi-polar coaches, we won't get any closer.

Great, great game by Hartline but is it only me or does he seem to sleep an AWFUL lot? What's the deal with that? Does he need different cleats or is this always going to be the deal with this guy?

Future is VERY bright with Tannehill. Only 4th game as QB, and putting up numbers we have not seen in years. Can't wait till next year when he has a full season under his belt (and we have additional receivers and a better defensive secondary)

By the clock on the wall I can see that it's time for the Fins to bring in another kicker.

That should have said 'does he SLIP a lot'.

Well, I sure am glad they got one win already lol

Last year 0-4. At this time and now 1-3. Now. There is some improvement. At QB. At RT. Better system. Better coaching. But rookies at their jobs they make mistakes. We could be 1-6. Mid way threw the year! Still the sane basic problems from last year. Still need a corner still need a WR. Still need a TE still need a safety still need a nickel back. Now we need a kicker. So improvement. Yes but some of the same problems still there
That's why JI has to go so thus team can go over the hump! Great game Dolphins and great effort. We played better we just need to improve at those areas to win close games.

Team lost this week but I believe Tannehill will get some considerationf for player of the week. He won't win but to get consideration at this point is VERY impressive!

No, Elliot, while everything you said makes sense, second guessing Mike Sherman is not OK.

---Dolphins apologists

Comparing this to Sparano's gutlessness is ridiculous....completely different situations. I love aggressive play calling but there is a time and place for being SMART instead of aggressive.

craig im not sure u understand the time concept. i said before this weeks games had happened that thill had looked the worse of the rookie starting qbs, agree? yes or no


Dashi is about to go back this Week. This Ignorance is just To Much For The Dashi! (Don't worry Dashi will still stop by from time to time, always respected Mando for his Un-Biased Opinion on the Fins, Plus some of the Regulars here are Great, Good Insight)

How can U like T-hill and His Progress and Not Give Credit to his DADDY? U know the guy who has been Molding him for the Last 5 Years!!

It's that Ireland Dilemma U have FZB!

(Oh to IcantWriter, When has Dashi Denied Ur Claim? Dashi loves Dashi!! What else is New? U sir need to Grow Up! Do u think Dashi Cares if U were to refer to Urself in which ever person u Would want? U know the Answer.)

Dolphins losses to the last two undefeated teams


Do you realize you say the SAME this EVERY single week? 'Still need a WR, still need a CB'. So you have one original thought?

Well at least we haven't heard from yet that 'Dansby and Burnett are the worst linebackers in the league for giving up yards' or that 'this team can't cover TE's'.

hilarious 2watt

One receiver and corner....

They will be good

Matt Barkley, come on down.

def need some better secondary guys. the front line is great. oline has played much better than anyone thought. thill getting better every week is all we can ask

MiamiD20 im always around, and im gonna continue to yell you how bad hennehill sucks till he is gone. Look over the past 5 years. I told everyone henne sr. Would not be a dolphin for long and im saying his son jr. Will not be either.

Words can't describe how much this one hurts. I'm so sad and angry. The Miami Dolphins are forever losers. I'm 42 years of age and I'm convinced I won't live long enough to see this team win it all. Convinced. I'd bet my mortgage on it. They're the Chicago Cubs of football. They ALWAYS find a way to lose. ALWAYS. How can a football team record 8 sacks, have a QB who throws for over 400 yards...Have a WR who catches for over 240 yards and STILL LOSE? Unfu**in real. Only the Miami Dolphins...

dolphin 77 u cant really be that dumb. hes a rookie who has improved every week. henne was horrible

How about that 4th and goal call? Do you think Sparano would have made that call. You have to like the aggressive approach of this staff. I have been a fan for fourty years and while i do not like some of the picks or free agents we have a young qb we can build around. I know there are some calls but damn if you do damn if you dont. I believe our front seven is stout but our corners are the weakness of this defense so there are positives to build on. If you dont like then root for the jets and there suoer bowl predictions or whoever is the flavor of the month down here.

@ Us "Turning Any Corners"....

How big is this fukkin corner?!?!?

How long is this street that this alleged "corner" ends on??

I've never driven down a block that was 13 years in timed length.

Yeah, definitely need some new guys in the secondary. Maybe we could find a 24 year old cornerback with three years of starts under his belt?

Oh wait, we traded that away.

Don't worry, we have five high draft picks next year, so we will use two on the o-line, two on the d-line and take an outside linebacker because Jeff Ireland thinks it is 1986.

montreal we arent there yet, be patient. 2013 will be fun

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