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Cardinals beat Dolphins 24-21 in OT

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yes, it was disappointing because games are not played to come close or be entertaining.

And the Dolphins did lose this one, 24-21, on a 46-yard field goal by former Dolphin Jay Feely.

But ...





Promising if you think that better things can happen down the road?

No doubt.

Yes, the Dolphins lose today. But the fans that saw this fine game won. And the future won because this team showed something today -- at times, anyway.


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Matt barkley got destroyed 2 weeks a go for a "brutal" (LOL) Stanford Deffense... Really matt barkley comon down??.. really??.... please people if you dont have anything wise to write, go play Madden!!!

The 4th and goal call was OBVIOUS. going from a 3 point lead to a 6 point lead means it's STILL a one score game.
I don't give coaches credit for doing things that are obviously correct.

I guess Miami has been so bad for so long that people will cling to anything. The only positive is Tannehill looks legit. Everything else is noise and false optimism.

bill connors,

Smith was very above average today. Marshall was about average. Carroll, again, was borderline awful at nickel. We still need a top starting corner and move Marshall to nickel. I think nickel maybe more of Marshall's calling.

A very corner next year would upgrade both the corner and nickel positions.

Dolphins need to establish continuity with leadership (coaching) first. Extremely difficult to win in first year of regime when your still getting to know your players. Those that expect we will don't know how leadership works. Not surprising in this society. Dolphins are on the right track to see major progress this year. Love what I saw from Tannehill, moving in pocket and zipping the ball where it needed to go! You can guarantee he will learn from bad turnovers. Did he throw a pick six under this pressure? I think not!


It should be clear to all Dolphin fans that with money to spend and many draft picks in 2013 the Dolphins will be able to improve, get the skill players needed; receivers and secondary. They are playing well with what they have. The receivers are doing OK but all any team has to do is start passing the ball. I'm not sure what happened to Carpenter's accuracy. This team is not as bad as the mass media thought. However the Dolphins really should cut Naanee before he hurts himself. He is a pathetic NFL football player.

Arixona slept threw the game and still won.


One thing that was clear is that Davis was not/is not the answer. Any guy who continually shows up out of shape, can't make it through practice without rest and underperforms is NOT the answer. But keep telling yourself that he'd make a difference. Then when he gets beat repeatedly in Indy we can have this same conversation. This team did well to get something for him when they could.

Yes, yes if only we had a cornerback to push Marshall to the nickel and get Carroll (who might be the worst CB in the NFL who gets regular playing time). If only, we had another young CB opposite Smith. If only.

Love the optimism about 2013 though even though the schedule will probably be 3x as hard. This was the year to make a run at the playoffs and it's already over.

Tannehill showed he has the it factor today. Great break out game. Craig m. Yes I know maybe the PHINS get it and do something about it! Great game even if lost! Go PHINS. Craig M. I was one of the few that said the PHINS was going to win 24 -21 almost got it right !!!

Well then, why aren't you a GM if you're so good at predicting things? Haven't seen you post anything and I've been posting on this blog for some time. Which name do you normally post under?

You can say what you want, it's your opinion, just like I have my opinion. But frankly, I think your opinion is worthless. Go f yourself as well buddy. If you want to have a conversation with me about a certain point than make your point with some kind of logic rather than an f you, saying he's hennehill or Henne 2.0 means nothing except for the fact that you act on the current emotion/aura of this team rather than actually, you know, thinking. You're a bandwagon fan and my lord do I hate crowded places

Now that we got a brilliant GM getting us very good talent, now we wind up with a mediocre Coach. Listen, We told you, we are not used to mediocrity around here!

yeah hated seeing horrible kolb beat us, that was pathetic.

You hear Miami has all these guys who will become free agents...I say: SO what? Let them go...This team is CURSED...The losing culture has to go, let them all walk...Jake Long, you were a mistake from day 1, go test the market PLEASE...Everybody get the f*** out... Dansby, pack your things and go! We've never won a thing with these guys...Start over from scratch...When was the last time our defense won a game for us?? This goes back all the way to Jimmy Johnson's years...Defense has always been good, puts up good numbers but always chokes at the end of games...ALWAYS...Arizona was facing 3rd and freakin 24 and they get a first down...Right there I knew we were going to lose...It's like a disease that ALWAYS comes back, you can never get rid of it...

Craig M,

Vontae played very well when it mattered his three season in Miami. You know, during actual games. Anyone who thinks having him around instead of having to give time to Nolan "the sieve" Carroll is kidding themselves.

Dolphins77 - you know absolutely NOTHING about football. Just do us all a favor and shut up.

well Andrew i agree wins and losses are what its all about but if anyone on this board is honest they would agree at the start of the year we wernt expected to contend this year with lack of weapons on offense and bigtime impact players on defense. Its great to see hartline and bess provide weapons for tannehill, but lack of a true downfield tight end and solid kicker have us lacking game finishing weapons. Also Andrew for Tannehill to look as good as he did today shows the haters and doubters that taking him 8th overall was a great job by the scouts. Yes he had a few critical turnovers but any rookie does this point in his growth. Hes making plays and growing as a player. I think we finally have our franchise QB. Lastly. I want wins and not losses, but you have to crawl before you can walk

Are you serious? Are you really serious? EVERY year coaches get fired because of their record. You are a comeplete buttknob. It happens on this planet you waste of space. I didn't say Coach P would get fired this year, but you obviously inferred that in your ultimate wisdom. Obviously Philbin gets a pass this year, where did I say that he doesn't!!!???!? Stop putting words into other people's mouths.

What I said is that in the NFL winning and losing matters. If you want to debate that why don't you talk with Tony Sparano and C. Cameron and all the other coaches who have been fired because they couldn't WIN enough games to save their jobs. Again, read what I was writing and stop just insulting people because you can't understand what they wrote.


This just proves how clueless you are. Teams don't fire their head coach every year because he can't win in his first season. On what planet does this practice take place because it doesn't happen on earth. Unless you are clueless like Cameron and have no control over your players you get a few years to build your program. And if you show progress each and every week you keep your job. There will be ups and downs but showing that you are moving forward is what shows you know what you're doing. The players have looked better every week and played one hell of a game today. You can cry all you want but you can't take that away from them. You need to learn a little abnout football before making ignorant comments like that. You actually think that the owner will keep firing coaches every year until one has a winning season? How stupid can you be?

Posted by: Jack Sparrow | September 30, 2012 at 08:31 PM


Tannehill is the present and the future. He is going to get better and better each week. Will there be hiccups, yup, but otherwise QB Mission accomplished. And whether you consider him a #3, 2 or whatever, I'd re-up Hartline asap. The guy can flat out ball and we can't let guys like him walk.

Yes and i agree Legadu Nanee has no business being here give Fuller or Mathews a shot. Clay has regressed if i have one thing to say about play calling get ball to your running backs on screens against lbs mainly bush and miller. Daniel thomas i have seen enough a physical runner who cant push the pile.

montreal they will franchise long, which i feel is wrong move, and glad smith is gone no biggie. but bush leaving means miller or thomas better step up. hartline will resign for too much but we have to

Actually, I believe this may have been our most exciting and enjoyable loss ever. I dont even have the balls to hold my head down in shame after this loss.

Even though it was a lost, I saw a whole lot of victories in this loss. Let's not even mention the obvious ones. I think Im more in shock and awe Sean Smith had a "multiple pick game", and Misi had 1.5 sacks.

Sometimes all it takes are games like these to suddenly ignite players like Smith and Misi's career. I'll be keeping very close eye on this.


I'm scared sh*tless about drafting a cornerback high next year. Too many of these guys don't work out (we've had some of them drafted by this team). I'd be mush more comfortable shelling the money out of a respectred vet, a James Joseph type. Yes I realize he's going to cost some money, but I'd rather a stud LBer/DE and WR and TE in the second. Make some of these moves and this team suddenly becomes pretty exciting.

I love Joe Philbin...Love him since day 1...Love Tannehill...But how the F*** can you lose today's game????? That's pathetic...

All the haters, just switch your alliance to another team. We don't want you here.

Our Dolphins are playing hard and giving great effort. Yes, some players need to go ASAP! You can't rebuild a team in a year or two. This is our team and if you don't like it, leave!!


Err, dolfan 29, it's Tannehill that it's making Hartline and Bess. You ain't going to answer me, either?

It would be nice to at least have a real kicker so maybe we could not have to go into overtime. Another week another game blown because our kicker forgot how to do his job. Say what you want about the below average secondary and the sub par receivers other than Hartline and Bess but when you have those issues you can't lose out on easy points.

dusty, the only way they franchise Long is if Jeffy is still around...

I see some posts on this blog that are so long that to me it seems they are paid bloggers.Dont you know this is all speculation and opinion and if you think you know more than the rest of us prove it.Make some bettable assumptions so we can take the money you use to pay your cable bill and then come on here like your the NEW MIAMI HAROLD.

Is it just Dashi or does Philbin remind you of Cameron?

Our Head Coach appears to care more about cussin, and litter on the practice field, than making reasonable, situational calls.

Let that melt into your frontal lobes, for a minute...

Dolfan 29,

Losing games you should win isn't progress. Bottom line. This team is not that young and the story is the same every year.

I agree, Tannehill looks great. That makes Jeff Ireland like 2 for 20. Not good. Gates was a bust, Pat White bust, Daniel Thomas bust, John Jerry bust. Not to mention that his philosophy generally is better suited to a bygone era. How the heck do you trade away B-Marsh and wait until round 6 to take a WR? How do you ignore the safety position year after year? How do you trade Vontae when your secondary depth is already razor thin? Watching teams pick on Nolan Carroll because Davis is gone makes me sick.

actually jerry has played really well

Why the hell is Naanee still on the roster?? The guy is complete garbage...

Hey, I am glad like everyone else that we are at least competitive this year, at least so far. We do need to walk before we run, but just like when THill looked less than great the 1st game, lets not jump to say he is the next marino. He played well today, better than we can expect for a rookie. But it is one game, and in the critical plays of the game, he and the REST of the team came up short. My whole point before was that the phins shouldn't be happy with just getting close. We need to start making these great efforts translate to W's.

YES Dashi still sticking to 9-7!! Won't Mind going 4-12!!!!(Draft Position)









If we Consistently Stop people on 3RD Down we would be 3-1!!!!

All them Long Drives against Us are Because Teams Convert on 3rd DOWN!! (We aren't getting Bombed As Often as Last Year) The last Drive in OT!!! STOP SOMEBODY ON 3RD DOWN!!!!!

We allow to many Completions on 3rd Down!! That's why Teams always have 4th & Short!!! If we stop them on 3rd Down Fitz Touchdown pass Would've been from the 10 not the 2 yd Line!!!

That and If Carpenter Makes his Kicks!!! Not only does he miss them, they are Momentum Changers!!!

BOTH GAMES SWITCHED WHEN CARPENTER MISSED!! If Carpenter Just Makes his FG's In REGULATION WE ARE 3-1 Even With Bad LB and CB Play!!

Calling someone a hater because they won't give a team a chance to rebuild for the 8th time in the last 15 years is ridiculous POPS.

How many times do I have to just go with the flow while Miami rebuilds before I am allowed to complain?

Agree - Naanee needs to be cut TONIGHT - bring up Fuller or Tymes and lets see what the kids can do. Can't blame the fumble or interception on Tanny, defender was untouched and on him. Lets focus on the positives coming out of this game (young QB, solid pass rush). Yes - we still need a corner and wr.

BTW Ireland will be resting more confortably after his top draft picks performance in this one and will go out and splurge on a NEW PAIR OF SUNGLASSES for the next home game.

Philbin reminds us of Larry Coker.


Ive never been a fan of my team making the playoffs while still having glaringly obvious holes. It only ends in a one done playoff rout. Then losing upto 8 draft positions to boot.

A team with glaring holes is better suited not making the playoffs and moving up 8 spots or more in the draft to better fill those holes.

Making the 2008 playoffs after 1-15. hurt us far more than it helped us. Not only did the Ravens hand us thorough one and done spanking. We lost extremely valuable and highly needed draft position too.

We would have been much better served had we won no more than 6 games in 2008.

I agree 100% with Dashi. The inability of our D to stop them in 3rd and 4th down in the 4th quarter basically decided the game today. Somehow we need to get over the hump to start making enough plays on both sides of the ball to get the win. It was really tough because for 3 1/4s today the D played lights out...

Seems like when we get into a situation where we need a play, we just can't do it. That is the most frustrating thing about this team for the last 3 years or so.

We cant win 6 games without Brandon Marshall.

OK Dashi the old refs blew some close calls face it they were rusty otherwise you had it in the bag

Yes we lost, yes it sucks, and yes we blew it. But you have to admit:

Our MAIN WRs arent as bad as we thought
Tannehill is clearly improving
Our coaching staff is aggressive (good and bad)
Our DLmen are all studs

with that said we also need to admit:

Our backend WRs are garbage
Our playcalling clearly needs to improve
Our secondary can't play a complete game


The offseason's still a long ways away. When the time comes we'll see what's available, beit draft or fa.

However, if Smith finally arrived and Marshall continues to be efficient but not overly exciting, I could also see just upgrading the nickel position.

There's still lots of football left. By season's end we'll know for sure which route to take. Its far too early to know for sure right now. One thing for sure right now, Carroll's play needs drastic improvement.

Andrew @ 8:49pm,

Time to take the blinders off, bud. 'Vontae played very well when it mattered his three season in Miami'. SERIOUSLY? Like when? Give me some examples, because what I saw was a guy who showed up SOME GAMES, showed up SOME plays and frequently got burned when we needed him to make a play. For my money, Smith is and always has been a far better cover corner than Davis. Davis is the kind of guy who likes to gamble and would often lose. Not having him on this team is DEFINITELY not the problem. I'd much rather have the extra picks. Don't remember this team winning much with him around. I'd rather get something for him before he bolts via FA.

just cant wait to get this season over. have a huge draft and get ready for a big 2013

Yesterday's gone,

We all knew 2008 was a schedule mirage. Picking 10th or 20th doesn't make that much of a difference especially when your GM is a moron. Having a surprising 2008 didn't "make" Ireland and Parcells make a bunch of stunningly bad draft picks. The two are completely unrelated.

Adding to that, Vontae is 24!!! Young CBs who can play are like GOLD in the NFL. You know what makes rebuilding harder? CREATING NEW EFFING HOLES to fill!

Good post Darryl Dunphy @ 07:49 PM! (I've come to expect it from you bro)

I for one will cop to being absolutely adamant about not drafting Tannehill. I screamed bloody murder when they drafted a kid 8th overall with 19 starts at QB. I will say that after 4 games, he is making me think I could have been wrong about him. Although just cause he threw for a lot of yards in a losing effort I won't anoint him either. He was very close to throwing a couple major pick 6 type ints but the Cards dropped them.

I hope he grows into a more accurate QB. His ball placement is scary at times but luckily it's still way early for him...like a year or two early. :)

He does have a nice arm and seems to have a leg up knowing the system. I absolutely see more pocket awareness and quick thinking ability from Tannehill then Henne EVER had. I will never get off my position with Henne. He has done nothing for the Jags in limited play either...career back-up type.PERIOD!

I especially like when he raced to the line to get off a quick snap and the ref said wait for us. Good thinking, just needed to have better execution.

Tannehill has already gotten done more with less that I ever thought he could. Hartline is actually winning FF for people that took a late stab at him...lol.

I still don't see much in RB Daniels. I still don't hate the pick and hope he gets traded for more draft firepower, Ireland's ego be damned. Keep Bush, Miller and Lane and look for a big back in next years draft.

The line had issues at times but I must say that handled AZ most of the day. That DEF has mopped the floor with some Offs this year. Hate tip to the patchwork n bailing wire. Jerry and Martin have done better than expected. Pouncey, Long and Cog are solid.

The toughest thing is, to keep the same perspective as we had before the season...i.e. not much expectation (save 11-5 bonkers Kris lol) The challenge is, that since they are in these winnable games, the competitor in all of us say why not just win the damn thing?

The L will hang on our record just the same at the end of the year but, I think this coaching staff has the needle pointed up. The players seem to be playing very hard and the Off n Def systems are working much of the time.

Another tough pill to swallow but let's see what the Cincy game brings? There is never a silver lining to losing for me but at least we get closer to being able to draft our choice of the next beast mode WR (Megatron), TE(Gronk), Safety(Reed) or Corner(Peterson).


It is true. We CAN agree. Vonte Davis will probably never live up to his potential. The key for the Fins is actually doing something productive with the extra picks. Not confident that can happen with Ireland still on board but I do see a future for this team if the keep adding playmakers.

This one was on Carpenter. He has cost the Fins a promising start to the season. Inexcusable

cincy game could get ugly, they actuyally have a legit qb with a stud wr.

Andrew. Ive never defended Ireland and im not now. He has made some very idiotic moves and should be held accountible for Pat white and poor free agent signings like ernest wilford. Gates was a 4th rounder and they are hit and miss. Hartline was also a 4th and hes finally coming of age. Yes this is a game they should have won, just like last week. If we had any sort of compedant kicker we would be 3-1 regardless of the secondary or coaching miscues. All im saying is that with a rookie HC, rookie QB and little to no weapons on offense, this team has performed as expected and even above after 4 games. To me the blame for both OT losses is Dan-call me Ray Finkle-Carpenter.

Is it basketball season yet?

One thing that isn't getting any mention is just how well our OL is playing. These are four good defences we've played the first four weeks and the OL has done an excellent job protecting Tannehill.

Seriously? Where is the talk of Martin being overmatched? Of Jerry struggling to hold his ground? Of anyone else? Things are coming together and it starts up front. VERY encouraging!

Craig M,

Specifics? I remember Vontae basically winning a game against New England all by himself at home with two picks, one in the end zone.

Generally? Football outsiders consistently ranked him as an above average CB. And guys who are 24 tend to keep improving.

Yes, Sean Smith has always been better, that doesn't mean Vontae was a bum. Marhsall had a mediocre day today after Santonio Holmes owned him last week and not even the rosiest Dolphins fan can find anything nice to say about Nolan Carroll.

Just another hole to fill this offseason along with free safety, strong safety, OLB, WR, and sadly, kicker.

Also Vontae was a solid player, but a headcase and malcontent. our record would be the same with or without him. Last time i looked he doesnt kick field goals

We have a rookie QB showing some good abilities, we have a lb/de getting 3 sacks in a game. We stayed right in there with one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now. Rather than get down and say that this season is over why not have a brighter outlook? yeah we didnt win but we lost (barely) to a good team!

considering we are playing one fo the best teams in the NFC. great game, hopeful future and F all these haters on MANDO's blog!!!

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