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Cardinals beat Dolphins 24-21 in OT

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yes, it was disappointing because games are not played to come close or be entertaining.

And the Dolphins did lose this one, 24-21, on a 46-yard field goal by former Dolphin Jay Feely.

But ...





Promising if you think that better things can happen down the road?

No doubt.

Yes, the Dolphins lose today. But the fans that saw this fine game won. And the future won because this team showed something today -- at times, anyway.


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Ultimately I blame Ireland for not having enough talented personnel on the field. Tannehill and Carpenter should still share the blame. Regardless if you are a rookie or not, as a so-called franchise high draft pick, you should never throw off your back foot, under pressure to someone that is not open. And what does Carpenter do at practice? Braid his hair? Cut him tomorrow!

dolfan 29, 1-3 is above expectations? Really? Wow how low our expectations are.

What were they thinking throwing on 2 and 8? Best punter in the league, could have put them back at their ten yard line after a couple of runs and with the D we had today would have been in field goal range immediately. Stupid play call.

Hey....it could be worse....our QB could be Mark Sanchez

It boils down to this:

Would you rather have a 2nd cornerback who is 24 and has started and played to, at least, an average level in all three of his seasons in the league?

Or would you rather have another 2nd round pick for Ireland to blow? (Seriously look at Miami's 2nd round track record----it's demoralizing).

I'd rather have the young CB because my brain functions.

I was at the game. Wild as everyone saw... Very encouraging in many ways. AZ fans around us really impressed with T-Hill. Just wish we had more than two receivers!

true miamid, i knew spranao would make that team horrible. how in the world did we lose to that garbage team at home

I cant believe what Im hearing about Vontae Davis. Davis was labeled an "UNDERACHIEVER" when coming out of college. Like CraigM said, he should some games other he showed up a few plays, while others he never showed up at all.

That doesnt sound like the "UNDERACHIEVER" label he had coming out of college to you guys? I guess coming to camp "OUT OF SHAPE" doesnt mean anything to you guys either.

Neither will coming to practice "DRUNK". Geesh! LOL

Great game for many players! Very exciting game with an unfortunate finish. This team played there hearts out but came up short. I agree that we need to get rid of Nanee and Carpenter. We are definitely the best 1-3 team in the Nfl and there's no doubt that we have a competetive football team. Phins up!


Because U haven't made one valid Point. Except U hate the Fins.

U Would rather win 11 games Now, than be GREAT FOR THE NEXT DECADE!!

OK Parcells!!!

We need to lose! The Fans don't want to lose, the Team doesn't want to lose! BUT WE NEED TO LOSE THIS YEAR!! Just keep developing the Players!!!

11-5 and Getting kicked out in the 1st Round is Actually Worst for this Team than 5-11 and a Top 5 Pick!!

We will get better!! But How Do U expect this Sub-Par team get better with Pick #25!!! 60 and 66!!!

Instead of Pick #5, #34, and #38!!! See the Difference Moron!!!

It's Like Saying the OC Sucks when the QB BREAKS A DAN MARINO RECORD!!!! And the TEAM IS TOP 5 IN RUSHING!!!

OH, Did Dashi Forget to mention we have NO WR'S!!

Well, Bill Connors, we lost because Mike Sherman had a team that was running the football effectively and decided to pass the ball 80% of the time from the 4th quarter on.

And Dan Carpenter.

Craig, don't bother. Andrew just said "this was the year (given the easy schedule) to make the Playoffs." SERIOUSLY DUDE? When everyone's reporting this is a rebuild year. Obviously the guy doesn't fully comprehend the situation, and doesn't want to listen to reason. So save your breath.

This is the happiest I've been with a Dolphins team since 1984. I'd say 2008, but I knew that team wouldn't last long. We're definitely going the right direction. Looks like we finally might have found the franchise QB we've been searching for all these years. That ALONE makes this Season a positive, just like Cam Newton did to Carolina last year.


They didn't replace Davis with Carrol, they replaced him with Marshall. Carrol is in the same role as last year.

And Davis may have made a play or two from time to time but he gave up far more than he made. If you watched Indy play this year you've already seen that.

So how many Pro Bowls do you see him making in the next 5 years?

Yea we traded the 24 year old cornerback who came to camp out of shape and is grading out worse than the ones we have hers

disagree andrew. the defense had them 4th and 10 to end game and gave it up. no excuse there

Yeah, everyone had the Giants in the super Bowl last year when they were 7-7 too right? Conventional wisdom in the NFL is for suckers. Excuses like 'but this is a rebuilding year" are for suckers.

And I'd take Vontae Davis drunk ON GAMEDAY over Nolan Carroll.

Dashi has a handle on your guys ridiculous attitude: 'We need to lose'.

Mission accomplished!


When i say above expectations i mean progress at the QB position and offense as a whole. I had this team pegged for 5-11 or 6-10. With above expectations i never expected tannehill to be where hes at after 4 games. Of course i want wins and 1-3 is clearly not acceptable or successful. With a kicker that can actually kick the ball like other kickers in the NFL we'd be 3-1 and the haters here would have nothing to say about our lack of playermakers on both sides of the ball and gaping holes at key positions. Look at the game within the game and expectations have been surpassed. When your rebuilding which we clearly are, its more than just wins and losses at the end of the day

Tannehill was lucky he didnt have that other INT.

Any way you slice it this sux. We let KEVIN FUKIN KOLB convert two, yes two 4th downs in last minute of the game!!!!!!!!! Davis would have been a huge help this week and last week in ot. Ireland u suck and you are as bad as Matt Millen when it comes to being a GM. Hope you rot with Carpenter, and Ray Finkle

Oh they replaced him with Marshall? The guy who got torched by Santonio Holmes last week all game? I feel better now.

I think Vontae has a much better chance of making a Pro Bowl than Marshall or Carroll or whoever Ireland takes next year with the Colts pick.

How the f*** did we lose today's game?? This could of been HUGE...Same old Dolphins...

Also If sherman had Better Players Name 1 RB he HAd better than Reggie? 1 WR better than Hartline?

Just Saying! For Sherman Being a Bad OC! Dashi bets the Fins will have a Top 5 Run Game and a Top 15 Passing Game by the end of the year!

And will Only be Getting better next Year!!

Posted by: Dashi | September 30, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Dashi, not BETTER than hartline, DIFFERENT than Hartline, as is a deep 4.3 deep threat is from hartline.
I love Hartline and Bess, but 230 yards is an aberration most likely.
Stats'. Top 5 this or that.
It's wins that matter.
The Hurricanes are 4-1 with statistically the wortst defense other than maybe Baylor's. 119th, at last look.
4-1, because they figured out how to win.
And, I TOTALLY agree that we will only get better, but in doing so, we have to win these games.

2;30 to go, we just made 2 first downs on the ground, and we throw on 2nd and 2?
C'mon man, you HAVE to at least question that, particularly with the amount of work both Bess and Hartline did that game.
Our RB's were fresh, relatively speaking.

andrew just go be a fair weather fan. hop on the texans band wagon for this year

Andrew, Davis is better than Marshall and Carroll COMBINED...

Connors, Miami being unable to get off the field on 3rd or 4th and long is nothing new. Their CB corps is weak now with Vontae gone and they've completely ignored the safety position for years so they can build depth on the lines (because it's 1985!).

I doubt Clemons or Reshad Jones could make the 53 man roster for most teams. It's not a coincidence tight ends eat us alive year after year. I'm happy Tannehill looks like the real deal....proves the adage about blind squirrels finding a nut sometimes.

was weak with davis also. wake up

Bottom line is at best this is a 6-10 to an 8-8 team. The truth be told, I like seeing us competitive and coming us just short. They should end up with at least three of the top forty picks in the 2013 draft. Replace Ireland with Polian and continue to build on what is already in place, and I think you have the makings of a very good team going forward.

The Ref's Did Blow It!!!

But that is Expected!!


Dashi has learned not to complain about the ReF's After the HEAT Title This YEAR!! The Heat would get Slaughtered and still No Call!!

But these old ref's were still better than that Smiling Fake Ref Last Week!!

Connors, why does complaining about the Dolphins make me a fair weather fan? I don't understand that logic. If I wanted to be a Texans fan, I wouldn't be here still dying about Miami blowing another close game.

I've been to over 100 Dolphins home games and I'll never root for anyone but Miami. That doesn't mean I have to pretend to be excited by another excruciating and preventable loss.

Reading some of the posts and I have one question. Who in the hell are Andrew and blink?

I mean they act like they know the blog and everyone in it yet their names have never appeared in here before.

Another question,
why are people in an anonymous blog acting like such wussies? You can't sign in under the same name because you might have to back up your opinions right? Or is it that you change your name so you can post a bunch of nonsense and then come back the next day under your regular name and no one knows the difference?

Either way it's very silly. Man up and back up your freakin opinions. In other words, grow a pair.

Vontae Lovers,

Thru 3 games(Indy idle today) Vontae has 15 tkles no picks.

Thru 3 games(not counting today) Richard Marshall has 13 tkles 1 pick.

Hmmm... I guess it was an awful decision to get rid of Vontae for Marshall. LOL

DC @ 9:14pm,

Well said. We said nothing would happen for this franshise UNTIL they get a franchise QB and it looks like they have one in Tannehill. With more help he's going to only improve. Can't wait until we can match up with other teams talent for talent.

didnt say u were a fair weather fan. i said go be one if u cant handle this

Anyone who measures a CB solely on tackles and picks doesn't have a clue YG.

Completions percentage against and yards per pass play against are much more telling and since Marshall spent most of Week 3 being Holmes beeyotch, I feel comfortable pining for Davis.

i think we already can craig


Come on man, youve been here long enough to realize everytime you see a new troll name its oscar. LOL

And as usual the comments on this blog are just so cheerful...

very true andrew on the stats, those mean nothing

This loss fu**** sucks...It hurts...8 freakin sacks... 2 interceptions...Over 400 yards of passing... Hartline over 200 yards receiving...Bess over 100...And this team still finds a way to lose...What a curse this is...Unreal...

Oh sorry Andrew and blink, welcome to the blog. You're obviously brand new and will be posting here more often. I look forward to debating both of you. Smh.


I've never posted here before. I decided to do so because I think Armando's attitude of 'this is progress' which is being echoed by lots of you is insanity.

Losing close game after close game after close game is not progress. Right now, it's the Dolphins baseline. Progress would be having a lead and actually keeping it. Progress is winning. Losses are not progress.

So far I've read 89 excuses why we lost.

Doesnt matter who your corners are when not getting qb pressure either. There isnt a corner in the league that can guard a reciever for 4 seconds or more.

We hadnt seemed to find a pass rush until today. They were just flat worn out at game's end.

andrew i disagree. these losses will turn into wins later in season. we arent going anywhere this year, we all know that. so actually losses help us more than wins do. 2013 should be the target. we are developing a solid team this year and be ready to actually win next year, kinda what the cards are doing this year and last

Naanee is a total joke, I think I saw him catch a pass once in preseason. A total joke.

The franchise needs big time playmakers to win games in OT on the road. Thanks to Jeff we don't have any.

So true Montreal, how the heck do you pass for 400+ yards and only score 21 points?

WOW! This was an amazing game with incredible insight into the future of this team. All you guys complaining are clueless and bitter losers. PLEAAAASE, I hope none of you ever are in a teaching/parenting position where you need to provide some positive reinforcement. You morons just witnessed career setting numbers and incredible growth before your eyes and you can do is complain. Imagine what this team will be like with a high 1st and 2nd round receiver and cornerback next year.....I LOVEWHAT I SAW AND GLAD THEY LOST SO WE MOVE UP THE DRAFT. Coach Philbi and Sherman, we love what your doing. Don't pay attention to these losers.

Connors, I wish I shared your optimism. I think losing becomes habitual. I don't think losses equal progress. Finding ways to win close games is progress. Losing games they should win is more of the same.

I mean Miami went 6-3 to end last season, just like Arizona went 7-2. Yet, they are 4-0 (even with a QB who is meh at best) and Miami is 1-3 even though Tannehill has wildly exceeded expectations.

Losing is contagious and the Dolphins have loser's ebola right now.


I think assuming Jeff Ireland will use a high pick on a WR and a CB is not a safe assumption. Every assumed he would draft some playmakers last draft and the best we got was a TE in the third round who sucks so bad he can't even make the active roster and a RB in the 4th round who looks alright but we didn't really need.

I'm expecting to watch Ireland take an OL, a DL, a pass rusher and a ILB.....and then fling my remote through my TV screen.

As dolfans,

Sometimes we're so overly caught up in assessing our own team's deficiencies, we forget to give the opposition credit for making fine plays too.

What, should all of our opponents just not make plays when facing us? Guys let make the exit from la-la and.

well we will find out in 2013 andrew, i expect big things. jets are horrible. pats getting old. change of the guard is coming

This one hurts boys


I must have missed it. How many Pro Bowls did you say Davis is going to make?

You come up with this statement that players get better beyond the age of 24 and I'm saying 'bunk'. Any guy who continually shows up out of shape, takes plays and games off and shows up late and drunk for practices, isn't a guy you want on your team. The guy doesn't get it. He's going to p*ss his career away. Stick around 'Andrew', let's see who's right.

I hope you're right Connors, I really do.

I don't buy this crap that we'll be so good in 2013. How is that garanteed?? What has Ireland done that garantees such a great year in 2013?? I love Joe Philbin and I love Ryan Tannehill, but I want to see some results NOW. Losing sucks, nothing positive about it. Please.

I said that Davis is far more likely to make a Pro Bowl than Marshall, Carroll (who is awful let's be serious he has no business on an NFL field) or whoever Ireland takes in the 2nd round (because his 2nd round track record is a nightmare).

I said to fire Carpenter after his huge misses in the NY Jets game and he costs us a game with a huge miss again! Would have been 16 - 0 , but instead ends up 13 - 7 and starts the cave in! He has lost his moxy! He can tackle on special teams but can't kick! Naanee also sucks, has 1 catch a fumble, cut him! Let Mathews play. Our defense and offense still lack playmakers and game closers or difference makers. Nobody steps up when in counts late in games, where have you gone Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas!! We were runnning the ball fine in OT and then call a 3 step drop back afer Tannehill just fumled the game into OT and then throws it away for good. Not really his fault, should have called a few more rollouts or boot legs?! Fire our Coach and GM while we are cleaning house as getting better doesn't cut it and I running out of walls to punch!

Andrew, Fool!!

Dashi has a handle on Nobody!!

We are just realistic!!! and Want what is best for the Team!!( Dashi has the fins going 9-7 Fool!!!, YEt Keep trolling As#Clown!!!!


Why has ANDREW Shown Up the Same Day The 49er's Trample the Jets with the Force of a Hurricane?

oh im always right. trust me for last few years ive been hammering this garbage, told fool after fool in here how dumb sparano was and how bad henne was. they finally agreed late last year. now we finally have our qb for next 10 years and a new coach who actually tries to win th egame instead of trying not to lose it. plus he wasnt afraid to get rid of the cancer guys

With Miami' upcoming schedule there is no question they can rebound and salvage this season as the last two losses could have easily gone the other way. Tannehill is improving and Hartline and Bess are winners....

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