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Cardinals beat Dolphins 24-21 in OT

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yes, it was disappointing because games are not played to come close or be entertaining.

And the Dolphins did lose this one, 24-21, on a 46-yard field goal by former Dolphin Jay Feely.

But ...





Promising if you think that better things can happen down the road?

No doubt.

Yes, the Dolphins lose today. But the fans that saw this fine game won. And the future won because this team showed something today -- at times, anyway.


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frank they arent going anywhere this year and thats ok. we dont want to be 8-8 . give me 4-12 , much better

The Fins lost the "takeaway/giveaway" game (4 to 2).

It's a shame they won at all the other stats.

Fins are 1-3 record puts them only one game out of 1st place in AFC East.


Moreover, acting like making Pro Bowls is the only measure of success is ridiculous. That's a strawman. The question is who will be better long term Davis or Marshall/Carroll/whatever CB we draft in 2013.

My money is on Davis.

dusty, everybody with half a brain knew Sparano was a tool...And Henne was a bust. Don't flatter yourself too much...

Dolphin fans are the worst. This team needs to move to LA

Guys, just enjoy watching this season for what it is: a rookie qb, the birth of a pretty good offense, the continued growth a the defense. This team is only a few pieces away...Jeff Ireland is not stupid. He knows he'd better pick the best receiver in the draft next year and a CB. This Philbin guy is brilliant.

Moral victories don't mean shite and this team learned nothing from last weeks ot loss. Tannehill is coming along great, Hartline is looking pretty incredible on an otherwise utalentless wr corp. Bess is always a solid option, but the stats tell another tale too. Outside of Bess and Hartline, combined 19 receptions, Tannehill only completed passes to 3 other guys. Fasano caught 5, Thomas caught 1, and Naanee caught 1 which might as well not have counted since he coughed it up. Two ot losses in games where you led a majority of the game is inexcusable. Accountability, Carpenter has to go, Naanee can join him. These guys need to start to learn about accountability. I agree the 2nd down pass play call inside of 3 minutes with the lead and Reggie running well did suck, however I like the aggressive nature. I blame the players not the coaches. You can't coach heart and you can't teach guys to step up. Ireland is a different story though, with Davis and Marshall you can't tell me we aren't 3-1 or better. Ireland can join the unemployment line with Naanee and Carpenter tomorrow morning.

actually last weeks loss looks horrible now, jets might be worst team in nfl and we lost to them at home

Phins78 -
Why would anyone need to explain their presence in this blog to you? are you the police for this blog? I doubt it, but I guess stranger things have happened. I come here every game day to check out the blog. I have been doing that for a number of years because it is a way to connect with fans, or feel part of the fan base when I am across on the other side of the country.

Most times I don't post anything because I didn't feel like writing anything. I am not a troll, not a jets fan, or whatever you are thinking.

If you have missed it, I have been backing up my opinions. I don't claim to speak for anyone else. I just wanted to speak my opinion about what I stated in my posts. Do you have a problem with that?

Doesn't vontae have more passes Completed on him Than Any DB in our Secondary!!

U know since Troll wants Completion Pct%

Vontae is Done and Good thing we got rid of him just in time!!

Vontae Doesn't Fit the Profile of these New Miami Dolphins!!

Actually, D, Jeff Ireland is stupid. His track record proves that. The odds of them having the opportunity to draft the best WR aren't great and this year's crop (Hunter, Keenan Allen and the Woods kid from USC) is meh.

A lot of the best defensive players like Dansby and Starks and Burnett are OLD. People keep pretending the Dolphins are young everywhere and they aren't.

Yeah, likely Vontae gets his 3 picks a year. But if he ever get his head out of butt, he has the talent to average 5-6 picks or more a year.

Guy gets traded and 1st thing he wants to do is call his grandmother? He wouldnt have been traded if he were half as loyal to the Dolphin football team.

Are you sure Vontae's 24-25yrs old? Sounds more like an 8yr old raised by granny caught stealing in Walmarts.

YG I don't think it's oscar. His writing style is different. Unless he changes names AND styles. If that's the case, oh boy.

But I am starting to believe coalition more every day. He seems to think someone posts just to get more hits. And I have to say after watching Tannehill today take another step forward and listening to the commentators gush over him, coming in here and reading a post that says simply" Tannehenne sucks" is proving him right. I can't imagine anyone could be that stupid and the person says the same thing every day under a different sign in name. Too weird.

I still can't believe we lost this game...It will take a while to get over this one...I hope the players feel the same and come out angry against the Bengals...

Really bill, well i guess you can' t comprehend because they are two in the same. Both poor decision making when it counts. Like i daid this team is going nowhere with him just like they went nowhete with his father. You can blame the coaching all you want.

This team resembles the 69 Dolphins in so many ways it is shocking. The foundation for a winner is in place. Good young QB. Solid defensive line that can shut down the run. Decent O line with a good core to build around . Now get a breakaway reciever and two more real defensive backs to shut down the opposition and add a game changing FG kicker that is not miss from 45 yards out and this turns from always lose to always win in a hurry.


Let me get this straight again, this week you came down on the Tannehill pick by indicating that all rookie QBs have played better than him and now you're saying he's our 'QB for the next 10 years'. Which is it bill,I'm confused?


This one hurts, just like the last one BUT we are starting to see something we haven't seen in a long time. Future looks brighter.

The team played their hearts out today. They made some mistakes but if they dont loose heart listening to these sorrow fans, they will rise. The coaching is not perfect(nobody is)but very solid. Time,experience, and a little more talent is all we need. I'm proud to be a Dolphin fan again. We're not there yet but we are on the way.

The team should move to LA if ROSS or any of his cronies bring up building a new stadium.

They should not take the Dolphins name with them to LA if they do move (think Browns/Ravens case).

Clueless Joey Philbin had the choice of Chad Johnson AND Brandon Marshall together...OR...Marlon Moore and Leganu Nannee. Now we see why Green Bay let us have Philbin without a fight.

craig i know ur smarter than this but i guess ill waste my time and explain. never came down on thill, go back week to week and ur see all i say each week is to see thill improve, which he has. long as he keeps doing this he will be our qb for years to come. and u never answered, have the other rookie qbs played better than thill through the first 3 weeks? again, yes or no?

Vontae seems far more likely to be totally out of the nfl within 3 seasons if he underachieves in Indy. After the current track record in Miami, then a failure in Indy, you can best count on that.

I rather have Marshall's solidly consistent play than a guy with a ton of upside buried underneath 2 tons of rubble.

Miami came out angry today. They came out angry against the Jets. It's the inability to hold leads that's the problem.

I'm sure Miami will play fine against Cincy. Miami is clearly not that bad a team this year at all. But, even if they get a lead, they will struggle to hold it because Sean Smith will have his hands full with AJ Green and our safeties don't have a prayer of dealing with Gresham.

They'll hold Green-Ellis down and they'll score some points against Cincy's porous D but ultimately, they'll probably lose 31-30 after coughing up another 4th quarter lead. It's who they are.

Ireland already scouting the best defensive and offensive linemen in the country for next year's draft...

If by solidly consistent YG, you mean he gets beat week after week, then sure.

Just want to point out, Chad Henne NEVER put together a needed drive in the clutch, Tannehill did it twice just against a good Jets defense (Revis out but still).

I don't believe in the Dolphins, Ireland, Ross, Philbin or Mike Sherman....but I don't know how anyone could watch Tannehill the last three weeks and not be encouraged by him at least.

I honestly think we need to cool the jets on the waive Carpenter vitriol. The guy is a proven kicker and is in a bit of a slump. He missed a couple long FG's. Lets cut him some slack for at least a few more games before we ask for his head. He has been one of the only bright spots for the dolphins in the last two years.


It's interesting to hear you and others say 'this one hurts'. I had ZERO expectations entering this season. I had this team down for 4-12. I'm not upset about losing these games at all. Of course I want them to win but I'm really loking for a decent effort every week. To be honest, outside of about 5-7 mins against Houston, I think this team has played really well this year.

The Jets are the worst NFL team and they beat the Dolphins. The Dolphins kicker missed 3 field goals and the QB threw a pick 6 against the lowly Jets. This week the kicker misses a field goal and the QB throws an INT in OT to lose the game. At least we are begging to see consistency week in and week out. The defense, well there is no defense for the defense, they are an indefensible bunch.

Hart line and Bess have better numbers than Chad and Marshall combined. Philbing is in control, not Ireland. He will have a receiver and cb picked early next year. This guy has a plan.

ill agree with craigh there. i could care less about wins and losses this year


This just goes to show the Dolphins are getting better as a team, and also shows thier an unfinished product. Some really really great decisions need to be made next year. If they are, we're an instant playoff contender in 2013.

Just not this year.


Phins78 U are Correct!!

Dashi hasn't even Spoken to Binky.

Yet, Don't call me a JEts Fan?

That is not even a Question for a REAL FIN FAN!!!

Dashi will slap the Taste out ur mouth If U call me a JETS FAN!! Dashi Bets Coalition, Phins78, YG and Others would to!!!

Or Phins78,

Dashi has another Theory!! The Papers for the Other AFC EAST TEAMS SUCK!!!! U know the NY POST!! The Boston Paper!!!

Hey admit it. This isn't just a Fin Blog. It's a AFC EAST BLOG!! They have no where else to go!!!

The post Shula failures continue.... under Shula losing was the exception and winning was the rule since then under all the following coaching clowns includuing Joe FAILbin losing is the rule and winning is the excpetion.... under shula his good teama found ways to win under these clowns bad teams find ways to lose.


It's also overrated how bad Miami was supposed to be this year. The 0-7 start last year was full of close games and the 6-3 finish showed there is talent there.

The problem is losing close games becomes habitual and Miami can't break the habit. That's why I'd rather see a coach be smart and safe with a 7 point lead late----whereas being aggressive on 4th and goal early was definitely the right call. Being NOT passive like Sparano was....is good but knowing when to back off a little is even better.

Andrew, no kidding. Our defense always seems to choke. Tired of it. Blame Carpenter all you want, reality is FG kickers miss some week in and week out. You got to get over that. 3rd and 24 at the end of the game and they convert??? Really??Inexcusable...Unpardonable...

Blog police, hmmmmm where have I heard that before? Oh that's right, in here, from you, under a host of different names. Dude whatever, who cares, go ahead and hide all you want. I didn't ask anyone to explain their prescence in this blog which proves to me you ARE the same person who CONSTANTLY misunderstands simple posts or changes their meaning in an effort to cover your tracks. Pathetic. Man up, grow a pair and stop hiding.

thats true montreal our defense has been pathetic when it matters


Wha happened to Matt Moore is the Starter?

Matt Barkley for QB(He's falling again this Week, GENO SMITH IS WAY BETTER THAN BARKLEY!! Barkley is a 6th rd Pick!)

Bill don't let Dashi Expose U! Yes, U are doing better Recently! But U were the 1st riding Dashi when Dashi said Devlin is better than Moore!

If this team continues to improve. Beginning with the 2nd half of the season, I like our chances no matter who we play.

You're not going to lose many games playing the way the Dolphins played on both sides of the ball today. This is one of those rare quirky losses when you play this well.

YG, if Ireland is making those personnel decisions, I have little hope he will do "great".

Philbin had to have had a hand in their 2012 draft which beyond Tannehill made ZERO sense. Ireland's track record at picking offensive skill players is appalling:

Daniel Thomas, Clyde Gates, Egnew, Pat White, Patrick Turner, Chad Henne. Only Tanny and Hartline look good.

And that's not even getting into the fact that he has spent 4 high draft picks on the o-line which makes ZERO sense in this era.


What I don't get is, if you're onside with Tannehill then why make the comment? You either believe in this guy or you don't. Why make a comment after THREE games if you actually believe in him.

And to honest your question, I'd take Tannehill over Wilson AND Weeden all day, every day. Go back and catch some of the action on Wilson from Monday's game against GB and today's game against St. Louis or Thursday's game of Weeden against Baltimore. Weeden't pick 6 against Baltimore was telegraphed a mile away. I like both the kids but I think Tannehill's been everything they have been and more so far.

matt moore,lol never once said that. i bashed moore all off season why fools in here wanted him to start. guy is a career backup nothing more. but good try man. far as barkley goes, hes a auto first rd pick

Phins78, I am not some other person hiding behind a new user name. But I also don't have to justify my being here anymore than you do.

I answered your q in a reasonable manner. I wish we would discuss the game or the phins or something worthwhile that someone's lame witchhunt.

Where are my Brian Flatline trolls at? Oh yeah they now use a different name cause they don't have the balls to face their own opinion :)

All you with the glass half full outlook, although admirable, is hardly reality. One and three in four games is not getting better, games have to be finished with a "W" anything else is offensive to the the fan base. It is all about winning there is nothing else there is no "we gave it a good ole try" nonsense, if you lose you suck.

So much $$$ tied to Dansby...When does he come up BIG in a game?? Could of used a big play at the end of the game...What a fu**** waste of money...Let him go...Him and everybody else...

i just read your last part dashi on devlin better than moore, lol. both suck but moore is def a better qb than devlin at this point.

The Fins are heading in the right direction except in the win column!!! I've been at diehard Fins fan for over 40 years! Good things are coming are direction!!! T-Hill reminds me of the great Dan Marino.......HE'S GOT THE IT FACTOR!!! He' s gonna be a winner......get ready to watch us taking back our division for many years!!!!

One of the reasons our defense stinks when it matters is Ireland completely ignores the secondary which makes it hard to deal with spread passing formations.

The other reason is Miami's offense puts too much pressure on them. Miami was up 13-7 FOREVER and had multiple chances to make a drive and put the game away. Just like they were up 10-0 on the Jets and went on a spree of three and outs until Miami's D finally broke.

It reminds me of the Fiedler Dolphins, Surtain and Thomas and Madison and Jason Taylor held up for 3 and a half quarters propping up a bad offense until they finally succumbed to the pressure.


craig stating facts doesnt mean im not on board or down on a guy. someone made a comment about rookie qbs. i simply agreed with them that thill had been out played so far by all of them and i also said they had better supporting cast. and i never once said i take old man weeden over thill or said id take wilson over him. never once.

Dashi I always think the same thing. There has to be some fans from other teams here. And then I get sad because I feel sorry for them. Can you imagine going to an opposing teams blog because it's FUN for you? You just have to feel for a person who is so lonely.

So pissed off...Can't believe we lost this game...We had them in the ropes...And we find a way to screw it up...Typical Miami Dolphins...

Fun fact I just saw: Tannehill was 1 yard shy of single game rookie passing record (cam newton)...we lost but that's still pretty cool


I asked you a direct question. You've done a good job avoiding an answer. I didn't ask you if Davis would make more Pro Bowls than Marshall, I asked how many Pro Bowls would Davis make in the next five years? Got it now?

Embarassing REMEMBER IT WAS 3rd and 18

I agree with Andrew about the secondary. I am honestly not sure if it is the guys we draft or our coaching though. We seem to have a pattern of not being able to hold onto leads for a few decades now. We have the run stoppers that we need for sure. But why can't we seem to get a stop on 4th and 10 or 3rd and 20? I wish I had the answer.

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