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Cardinals beat Dolphins 24-21 in OT

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Yes, it was disappointing because games are not played to come close or be entertaining.

And the Dolphins did lose this one, 24-21, on a 46-yard field goal by former Dolphin Jay Feely.

But ...





Promising if you think that better things can happen down the road?

No doubt.

Yes, the Dolphins lose today. But the fans that saw this fine game won. And the future won because this team showed something today -- at times, anyway.


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Vontae is probably having a drink with andrew luck during the bye week. We shud of kept him he has darelle revis type ability. Last time i checked he could not cover himself on a cold day. Dolphins have money under the cap and lot of picks now all we need is someone capable of shopping for the groceries.

I think assuming we will just find a great WR or CB easily is crazy, D.

Also, we could use a great safety a lot more than a great CB. As frustrated as I am with Marshall, he is much better than Jones or Clemons who are basically useless.

We already had a good CB and a great WR. We traded them away. That's Ireland and Philbin's biggest mistake, WHEN YOU REBUILD YOU PLUG HOLES NOT CREATE NEW ONES!!!!!

Who cares about records...Winning is what fu***** matters...I wish he would of thrown for 100 yards and got a W...

Craig, I gave you an answer that matters. How many pro bowls Davis will make is irrelevant. How his performance is likely to be in comparison to his likely replacements is all that matters to me.

At times like these, when the Dolphins seem to be cursed, we must ask ourselves, "What would the Mayans do?" Well, they'd make a human sacrifice....I nominate Ireland for that honor!!

Everyone judging this season on wins is missing the fact that this season is/was always about Tannehill is growing as a QB. We all knew this the second he was named the starter (and arguably before that if Moore didn't suck in the preseason and blow the starting QB gig). Everyone shouted 0-16, 1-15 blah blah blah and now you're shouting that it's all about wins. No, it's not....yes we want to win but we're presently playing for the future

'One of the reasons our defense stinks when it matters is Ireland completely ignores the secondary which makes it hard to deal with spread passing formations.'


What is it you'd like Ireland to be doing about the secondary? He brought in Marshall to add to the secondary this year but you obviously don't like him. He had to spend draft picks on QB, RT, TE and RB. He had very little money to spend in FA. He hung onto your guy Davis which proved to be a complete waste of time.

Who is it you're looking for and what is it you want done. SPECIFICS, please....


Fair enough blink whomever you may be. I will only talk Dolphins but I made my point earlier so I don't have anything else to say. Great game, they lost, records set, growing pains for young players and a new coaching staff, need an influx of talent at DB/CB, DEFINITELY WR, and depth at LB.

Bess and Hartline are keepers but we need an alpha receiver like Fitzgerald. That was the difference imo. Nanee blew it for the phins. A good receiver holds that ball, we extend the drive and kick a field goal at worst.

You gotta love the Vontae talk from people who are utterly clueless that he has been AWFUL for the Colts thus far and is giving up one of the worst completion percentages in the NFL.

But why bother any of the idiots posting here with actual FACTS? It only makes their brains hurt.


Is there a reason you can't give me an answer on Davis? Afraid to back your predicitions up? You make him out to be this GREAT CB but you can't even tell me how many Pro Bowls he's going to make over the next five years.

Come on....TRY. After all, 'players get better after the age of 24'. So how many? ONE? TWO? MORE? How many?

MiamiD20 as usual you are the voice of reason. Thank God for rationale people and I'm making your post the last I read tonight for the sake of my own sanity, or what little I have left. :)

I only read the first 20 or so comments. I'll tell you who sucks, and that's you f-ing "fans". The guys played with gusto today and the numbers show it. There is more promise for the future right now than I've seen in years. What do you mean the play calling was gutless??? 4th and 1, go for it...TD. 2 point conversion, check. Yeah there were some mistakes but you guys have ridiculous standards. Even perfect and you would be talking crap. Guess you two year olds need simple black and white to know what is what. Your life must be perfect huh? I'm not happy with the loss but I loved how the team played, and their play is much more worthy than you crap cry baby fans

I want him to go back in time and spend all those high picks on a free safety, a CB, a WR, and a pass rusher to go opposite Cameron Wake instead of investing four high round picks on the offensive line or trading down from 12 to take Odrick and Misi to add depth to positions where we were already solid.

Why did we need a TE? Fasano is fine. Egnew can't even make the active roster. He'll be gone like Clyde Gates after a year. Why did we need Lamar Miller? We already had Bush and Thomas and Slaton.

I want him to take a WR near the top of the draft for once in his life. I want him to actually draft a safety near the top of the draft so opposing tight ends don't destroy us year after year.

Most of all I wish he actually had hung onto Davis. Vontae started for three years then got jettisoned for a 2nd rounder (even though we paid a first rounder.....just like we traded two 2nd rounders for Brandon Marshall and got back two third rounders.....NOTICE A PATTERN?)

If I had to give absolute specifics:

Draft TJ McDonald in round one. We have ignored the safety position forever and Jones and Clemons both suck balls.

Draft a WR in round two along with a CB or a OLB. The top WRs in this draft are not that exciting so I don't see a need in round one. Always good ones available in the second round with speed. CB is an obvious need because Marshall is ok at best and Nolan Carroll is a lost cause. Misi is marginal so replacing him is ideal.

Round three, draft an ILB to eventually take over from Dansby and Burnett who are both old. Use the other pick on the best available player CB or OLB---whichever you didn't take in the 2nd round.

That would be a real draft script.

Alright, time to chime in on this hot debate. Vontae Davis is a solid CB but his maturity and overall skill was definitely worth a 2nd (and 6th) round pick. We got 4 seasons out of him accomplishing much of nothing and then got a high 2nd round pick in return. No it's not about tackles or INTs it's about coverage, and he was simply solid at that. He made "some" plays and he blew others. Problem is I'll remember him for the games we lost with him rather than the games he helped us win.

By the way....why is Sean Smith biting on an inside move on 4th down...especially when he has inside help! Smith is another solid CB. I'd trade him for a 2nd too

How come every year we're talking about next year?

Vontae, Vontae, Vontae...Who gives a f*** about Vontae? I look at the ones we have on our roster, and bottom line is they suck. Carroll is garbage, so is Marshall...Smith has his moments but ALWAYS finds a way to give up a HUGE play in a game...I don't care how Vontae struggles in Indy, I care about my team...And fact is our corners really suck...Vontae struggling in Indy doesn't make me feel any better...Couldn't care less actually...

This was a far worse win for the Cards than loss for the Dolphins. Wins like this can begin long losing streaks. Losses like this can begin long winning streaks and new life into teams like the Dolphins.

Next week we'll have a far more confident passing attack. Next week we'll have a far more confident pass rush. Next week we'll have a far more confident Sean Smith and Koa Misi. Games like breath new life into teams.

Next week, Naanee probaly gets cut. LOL


I don't make Davis out to be great. I make him out to be a competent 2nd CB. Which is better than Marshall who is more suited to be a nickel guy......which would also push Carroll off the field where he belongs.

Bill now Barkley is a 1st Rd Pick!

What Happened to #1 Overall!!!

that 5'9" QB will be a 6th rounder at best come draft time. HE CAN'T THROW THE BALL OVER 20 YDS!!!

And Bill Why has all the "=" Stuff Stopped?

U know the T-Hill=Henne. Matt Moore=Starter

and the other 1001 Post U make!

Phins 78,

Yep it's sad. That is why Dashi has held back on sending the Letter!! Alot of people here are Undercover Fans.

If u were in the SS a few months back before the Troll destroyed it! (Sorry Mando but U weren't Posting and we needed our fin NEWS!!)

U will remember the same thing going on!! Dashi still put it in the As$Clowns Mouth Every time! But that was the OffSeason, it's regular season time!! Let's talk Football!

Hey, at least the Troll has calm down and Stopped with the Personal insults and just sticks to insulting the Fins!!

Anyone still think Miami should have signed Carson Palmer?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Same bunch of Neanderthals who were having seizures because the Dolphins didn't draft Brady Quinn.

How's he doing, anyway?

Remarkable how mute some of you get (or is it convenient amnesia?) when your total cluelessness is revealed.

And for the record, Miami has a LOT brighter future with Ryan Tannehill under center than they would have had wasting time and money with either of those stiffs.

But don;t worry, fellas. You'll never have to make those kind of decisions. The NFL won't be calling.


I definitely have to disagree. Jones get a little better each game. If you wanna say Clemmons sucks, you wont get much argument from there.

Lol, I really fail to see YG, how losing close games week after week puts us on the fast track to a win streak.

Good teams win games they should not, bad teams lose games they should.

Thank you Phins78, have a good one...although I'm sure, like me, we're still extremely PO'd about this game

And whoever just said that Vontae is playing horribly for the Colts so far this year nailed it. We all miss Vontae but Indy is kicking themselves for this trade songar cause he single-handedly blew the Jaguars game and is allowing (I'm almost certain) at least 1 day a game

I'm also still waiting to hear how "great" Vontae Davis is from these nitwits.

It's a FACT he's giving up one of the worst completion rates in the league.

Again, FACT.

So please elaborate.

Songar = so far* ... the one time auto-correct doesn't help me out :-/

YG, you've clearly never seen Jones try to cover someone. Again, it's not a coincidence that opposing tight ends have owned our soul back to the beginning of Ireland's tenure when they tried to make Eugene Wilson (obviously a strong safety) into a free safety.

Reshad is a big hitter, a good tackler and an effective blitzer but he would struggle to cover ME. And it's 2012 so that's the only skill that really matters imo.

I feel sorry for the knowledgeable Dolphin fan on this blog..

Craig M, Phins78, miamid20 etc..the rest are just clue-less 10 year olds...

good night all

Davis started multiple seasons for Miami and was consistently ranked above average by football outsiders who is the best at tracking such things. Perhaps he has struggled in a limited sample size this year but all that means is he has something in common with Marshall and Carroll who have both been TORCHED so far.

Very impressed with Tanny. Reminded me of Marino's first game. We finally have a QB!


Change what ever words you want. You made Davis out to be some special CB and he's not. He's never going to be. He's a waste, as your guy Marshall, who misses plays and games constantly. Don't miss either of those guys.

It's a new era and it's coach Philbin's team. Selfish, malcontents, who don't want to pay the price, need not apply.

I aksed you how Ireland constantly ignores the secondary and I've yet to get an answer. Didn't they spend a first on Davis and a second on Smith? They brought Marshall in through FA. He's had to spend other picks filling other holes that were created under Parcells and other regimes. Do we need to have this conversation?

I cant understand why so many here are disappointed with this loss. There are victories over the last few years Ive been less pleased with.

There many past victories that were little more then "fool's gold". This was the most plaesing loss I've experienced as a dolfan since the 72 season after the sb loss to the Cowboys(1971).

Unrepeated greatness was the end result of that 24-3 sb loss to Dallas. 17-0 forever baby!

*******************THE CELLAR BE FINS!!***************

I feel sorry for you FZB that you can't open your mind to dissenting opinions----I've never posted here before but I've seen some of your exchanges with Kazaam.

Anyone that invested in thinking Jeff Ireland has done a good job must be related to him. You can't blame everything on Parcells even though he did do a terrible job.

Your Football Knowledge Would Fit In A Thimble, Miami has one playoff win in the last DECADE...What the f*** have you been watching?? Who cares if some fans thought Carson Palmer was the answer? Who cares if some fans were upset about trading Davis?? Why would any fan trust Miami's front office??? They obviously made a few bad decisons if we have one bloody playoff win in over a decade...Duh...

yeah its great to lose lol

Andrew, it's not a matter of "perhaps." This is FACT. Vontae Davis has been ATROCIOUS with the Colts. One of the worst CB's in football (unless giving up easy reception after easy reception is your idea of good CB play).

That is the reality of the situation.

I say it was a good trade of a guy who was grotesquely overrated.


There are only 4-5 great safeties in the entire nfl. Just so happens, all of them are currently employed with other teams. Jones is getting a little better each game. He not great yet, but coming along just fine.

Lol @ FZB, someone is jealous that they aren't able to actually think, their/your opinion is based off of a game-by-game emotion. I feel sorry for bandwagon fans...actually, no I don't

Craig, yes Ireland "was there" when Parcells took two corners four years ago.

However, since then, we have had no high picks taken in the secondary even though everyone throws the ball 50 times per game now. We have tried to find safeties in the late rounds and gotten late round results. Marshall isn't any good, there's a reason Arizona let him walk.

However, you've made my ultimate point for me. He chose to fill other holes that were less essential than stopping the pass. Is there anything more important in 2012 than stopping the pass? Did we really need a TE in the third round who sucks? Did we need Lamar Miller? No we needed a safety and a WR and CB depth because Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson both stink on ice.

Taking two guys years ago and adding a retread in free agency while basically ignoring the safety position is my definition of "not paying attention" to something. Valuing offensive lineman over playmakers is stupid.

We could've used Vontae today.


Please man....give it a rest on Davis. He's not nearly what you think he is. Do you won a Davis shirt or something, cause seriously, he's not that good.

I have to agree with YG, I've been impressed with Jones so far. It's funny you think he 'sucks balls' Andrew because the Herald did a nice job explaining how Jones has done a nice job replacing Bell. You might want to check that one out.

I'd love to see this team spend a high pick on a FS but there are still some other needs to fill. Debatable whether that's the way they should go.

FZB says goodnight all cause now he changes his name to something else and continues to post. Lol trolls are funny, and they're ugly too. Just like the troll under the bridge theory. No one wants them around

We could've used Vontae today.
Posted by: Zonk | September 30, 2012 at 10:28 PM

For what, to serve the MD 20/20 before or after the game?

Guess I touched a nerve, Montreal.

Who said anything about any of that stuff? Do you think I'm unaware of how poor the franchise has been for the past decade? Did I say they have been making a series of good decisions?

Stop projecting nonsense onto my words in order to promote your own agenda. I said NONE of those things.

But damn right I will ALSO point out just how completely CLUELESS the fanbase very often is. And how they get convenient amnesia about all the moronic ideas and demands they made in the past that have proven to be dead wrong.

Sorry, but that IS fair game.

mrshall was brought in to be the nickel guys but then davis continued his backward spiral.he is the lowest rated starting cb in the league right now.and when i saw him try to call his grandmommy when he was being told of the trade i knew this guy is a moron.and we are still talking about b.marshall wtf the dude dropped 7 td passes last year and is one of the most overated wr in the league.he is where he belongs with the childish cutler.

YG, there are only so many great safeties, but there are plenty of competent safeties.

Again, no one is disputing that Miami can't stop the pass and can't cover tight ends AT ALL. It's a direct correlation.

Thimble, Vontae was consistently above average for multiple years here. Learning a new system on the fly and moving teams probably hasn't been easy. And since Miami let Mark effing Sanchez throw for 300 yards, I'm not sure how our current secondary could possibly be any worse.

The Dolphins have won 5 out of the last 18 games that Jake Long has started. Does he matter?

If the Herald thinks Reshad Jones has done a good job at anything related to pass coverage, then my opinion of the paper just went in the toilet.

He does do all the things Yeremiah Bell did well: tackle and blitz. Unfortunately, just like Yeremiah he can't COVER ANYBODY.

Safeties who are good against the run but not the pass are about as useful in 2012 as having four high draft picks invested in the o-line.

Vontae's a funny kid though, talks funny anyway. Someone still needs to let him know that on a nfl salary he no longer needs to come to practice wreaking of MD 20/20.

He could have shown wreaking of the good stuff. Boy is that kid dumb! LOL

Steve, I didn't even want to go there but since you brought it up why not be truthful.

Vontae Davis has the I.Q. of a cabbage. And now he's the lowest rated CB in football to go along with his dull brain.

Quite frankly, the Dolphins RIPPED OFF Indy in that trade.

Oh, and Dan Le Batard works for the Herald and has been beating the "we spend our draft picks in all the wrong places" drum for years.

Not that that matters because Le Batard is just another columnist. But since people who work for the Herald know everything, I thought I would throw that out there.

The "trolls" have a lot better handle on the team then the "homers" 1-3

The Dolphins can only rip off the Colts in that trade by actually turning the 2nd round pick into a starter. Given Miami's track record in the 2nd round, I'd say the odds of them making good use of that pick are about 1 in 10.

My money is on the pick being used for defensive line depth or maybe another guard.

So Andrew,

Who is it you wish they hadn't drafted over the last few years, so that they could have filled this ever present need you see at safety? I'm assuming you're OK with the Tannehill and Martin picks? OK with Pouncey? OK with Odrick?

I'm not getting it man. Jones seems to be doing a nice job and Bell was here previously. Where is the evidence that 'Ireland continually ignores the secondary'. You obviously like Davis. Should we be drafting CBs high every year?


Draft picks are pretty useless with Irescum as GM.

Football knowledge, I'm not promoting anything. But fans have every right to be upset. And who cares if some fans are clueless?? You think Miami is the only place you find clueless fans? Have you ever heard some NY fans? Or Philly fans?? Please...It's not about what some clueless fans think (like Palmer and Davis), it's what your front office does. And evidently, our front office is even MORE CLUELESS than some fans...That's unacceptable. FACT.

Andrew, I hate to sound like I'm picking on you (really) but I don't recall EVER seeing any statistical analysis that had Davis ranked anywhere above mediocre/middle of the pack with Miami, let alone 'above average.'

As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago when fans were in a lather over Sean Smith's supposed bad play, the statistical numbers actually showed he was giving up FAR less completions than Vontae and was ranked MUCH higher in the pecking order.

Where are you getting this from?

Hell, Indy will soon find out they were ripped off even
if Ireland wanted even a 5th rd'er for Vontae. Vontae ripped us off first by spending a 1st rd pick to draft him.

One of Ireland's greatest decisions may have been to get rid of Davis. Then to get a 2nd rd pick for him was nearly redemption for spend a 1st rd pick on the dumb kid.

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