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Cardinals hurting in more ways than one

The Arizona Cardinals will be playing with a weakened roster Sunday and with one player carrying a heavy heart.

Earlier this week the Cardinals notably had 16 players on their injury report as they began preparations for Sunday's game against the Dolphins. Then things got worse:

Running back Beanie Wells, a vital part of what Arizona's running game, was placed on injured reserve. The Cardinals had been 7-3 in games Wells carried the football at least 17 times.

Friday's injury report showed fewer injuries but some of the players listed are significant. Defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is doubtful with a hamstring injury. Tight end Todd Heap is doubtful with a knee injury.

Strong safety Adrian Wilson (ankle/groin) leads a list of six players who are questionable. This team is hurting.

In more ways than one.

Last night running back Alfonso Smith left the team so that he could attend his mother's funeral in California today. Smith rejoined the team this week after Wells was placed on IR. He tweeted that he will fly to the funeral and return in time for Sunday's game.

Regardless is expected to appear in a backup role and on special teams. 


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I'm hoping Reggie Bush is playing that's my biggest concern. Dockett, wells, and Wilson missing for Arizona will help us out somewhat, even though our DL eliminates the run as it is. Time for Tannehill to avoid Patrick Peterson

Who is Regardless?

That guy(A.Smith) is going to be inspired. The Team will be inspired.

The Cards have a Couple guys on D banged up.

From the LAst Post. Yes we need to Double Fitz at all Times!

This should be a Close game. Sticking with my Prediction. 17-14 Fins!!!!

That is food for thought does that mean you are picking the Dolphins this week Armando Salguero

Dashi last week you picked the Dolphins over the Jets 24-3 I think your pick this week is a LOT MORE credible

It is very hot in Arizona but not humid. Advantage?

Is there a Dome there?

Dashi division games are close at least one of the two games you play against division opponents are close.This week they play out of conferece and the spread is 6.5.This is their first game of the year against the NFC.The teams dont know each others personal as well as intra division or intra conference so you can see it is logical that the spread is 6.5 in this game as opposed to 2.5 against the Jets.

My conviction is growing that we can also run on anybody. Hint. Hint.

See. We is getting some respect here already. Arizona by 5 per Las Vegas.

"The FINS will be the one hurting in more ways than one"...if they can't beat a team with 16 players on injury report.

It would mean:
1) Most likely a losing season
2) Fins need a major talent transfusion in next draft
3) Ireland's last season as GM

PHINS # 4 in rushing with 527 yards
PHINS #3 against the run with 199 yards
I Won't put the stats on the passing :(

Of course, it helps that the Arizona Cardinals are not in the same League as the Houston Texans.

Oscar yes, AZ has a dome and no humidity.

Until we hear that Larry Fitzgerald's out for this game, all of the rest is pretty meaningless. This is the game where Fitzgerald probably garners th bulk of his "ALL PRO" votes at season's end.

his is the game I fear a wr(Fitzgerald) will over 200yds recieving and couple td catches. Why you ask? No pass rush + league low db's = Absolute Fitzgerald explosion.

Oscar the bettors have brought the odds down to 5 from 6.5 wherever you got that quote if I had to guess it would be because of the injury situation that this blog is about.

I'm reminiscing. It's funny (strange) that the Fins seem to attract so many more out of town fans than SoFla fans. They have fans worldwide I became a Fins fan when I was a kid in NYC. I still follow the Giants and Yankees, but I love the Dolphins, been a fan since the team started. Somehow they didn't seem as bad then as they've been the last decade. The Fins started playing in 1966, I was 13 at the time, I remember the team owners were Joe Robbie and actor/comedian Danny Thomas. It took them 5 years to get to their 1st SB in 1971, I was 18, and it seemed like a lifetime. We lost to the Cowboys. But then in 72 we had the Perfect Season and we were right back in it in 73....then the Marino years, we were still contenders.... Since then, I've grown old waiting for us to regain our dominance....hopefully we can start tomorrow!!!

IMO, our run stop defense is a little decieving. The pass rush and db coverage is so poor, as an nfl oc ask yourselves, would you rather throw or pass facing the Dolphins defense? Now you're getting it. LOL


I responded to your little post on the previous blog, the one you mentioned I get upset when someone talks bad about Ireland?

would you care to give me a rebuttal?

if we had garrard wewould be 2-1 tannehills worst qb in nfl not ready yet dont think hell ever be good doesnt seem accurate


If you go back to the Dolphins first season it means you're an old fart like me..lol

Start Larry Fitzgerald on your Fantasy Team this week. A very huge explosion is coming this week against our Dolphins secondary. Fitzgerald will make the all pro team on tomorrow's numbers alone.

Andy is another one that fits this blog nicely, bashing Tannehill and the kid has only played a total of three NFL games...

hey Andy, did you know that it took the great John Elway 11 years in the NFL for his TD and INT's to be even, before that he had thrown more INT's than TD passes...

what's my point???..you figure it out genius.

I have in the pass dude you just don't remember because like you said you are a old fart, no offense to you FZB forgetful
Look just this year in F/A didn't hit on a decent player. Everyone knows it was Sherman and Philbin who strongly suggested to pick Tannehill mathews and Lane. I'm not going to debate you on this but he has hit on some players, I don't see players that blow your socks off that you see them play and say to yourself, WOW. that kid is going to be great player. That's a play maker I see players being average or above average,
FZB. that's my opinion, you are entitle to your opinion FZB, look at the end of all this JI will be shown the door because Ross is not going to continue to lose money, the odds are against JI. You see.

FZB we are 2 old farts then. Now which one is older? I gave my ages in my post so you can figure it out, hopefully there's some older on this blog.

5-11 record is my prediction for this season if FO doesn't focus more on the run and rely too much on Tannehill.

10-6 record if FO makes Tannehill a game manager and Fins win the time of possession game using an effective run game. Wins at Arizona, Bengals, Bills(1), Titans and Seahawks


W/L (5-11 scenario)
L - 9/30 at Arizona Cardinals
L - 10/7 at Cincinnati Bengals
W - 10/14 St. Louis Rams
W - 10/28 at New York Jets
W - 11/4 at Indianapolis Colts
L - 11/11 Tennessee Titans
L - 11/15 at Buffalo Bills
L - 11/25 Seattle Seahawks
L - 12/2 New England Patriots
L - 12/9 at San Francisco 49ers
W - 12/16 Jacksonville Jaguars
L - 12/23 Buffalo Bills Buffalo 1:00 pm
L - 12/30 at New England Patriots

Tannehill made a great decision for himself by switching from WR to QB.He gets drafted in the top ten with guaranteed money.He wouldnt of gotten close to what he is getting if he would of stayed a WR.

With the kind of money that Tannehill is getting he will be the Dolphins starter at least for the next two years.The only other option is that they draft another QB next year and I doubt that.He will play QB in this league but he hasnt convinced me he will be an all-pro deserving of his draft and contract.But like I said he made a great decision switching positions so he is very smart.

I think he switch because of Sherman
Told him to, but he always wanted to play QB though! Anyone seen that freshman QB of Texas a


DASHI HATES THE JETS. THAT GAME SHOULD'VE BEEN 24-3. OR AT Least 24-10. For Dashi, I would like to see us beat the JETS 56-3.


17-14 seems Reasonable. and Quick Fact Arizona hasn't allowed an opponent score over 20.

And If Our LB's and CB's Can Break Up Passes and STOP PEOPLE ON 3RD DOWN!!! And T-Hill not have a 6 Minute MeltDown. We can Keep the Cardinals in check under 20 also. Plus they can't Run!!

Ray I agree with that so Sherman probably also told him that there was a chance he would get another job at the NFL level and over a year later(I am guessing)welocome to the NFL.

I believe Dashi has a pointshi. Lol.


Dashi still Sees 9-7. It will feel good at the end of the season.

But I would prefer 5-11

Wins VS

Seahawks (Home Game at 1)
Bills (Again)

Yeah I read a article on Tannehill talking about the switch from QB to WR to QB. Look I like the kid I wish him the best and I wish the PHINS picked the QB of the future because if he turns out not to be, the PHINS will be set back again a couple of years.

Thanks ray. LOL

Docket, Heap and Wilson add up to a huge deficit.

All players that attack our specific weaknesses. You can't make excuses for injuries. They happen and theirs nothing you can do about it. Reggie Bush(I suspect very seriously)would have made the difference last week against the WETS!

It is what it is, and if it benefits us, so be it.

Docket being out goes without saying. He has become a force. Don't know how much difference it might make because the Cards have a great rotation across the front.

Heap is aging fast, but I still believe he could/could've exploited our "Achilles Heel". Unfortunately, we have been horendous for years at covering good athletic TE's. This is definitely good news.

Wilson being out would be H-H-H-HUGE! Anything to assist Tannehill in trying to get some rythim and continuity going with his receivers. Then again, playing against the best is what really helps you the most. I hope Wilson is out, but I still wouldn't mind Tannehill introducing himself by torching the veteran safety!

Beanie Wells? He hasn't had any success really this season. But he's an integral part of what they do. It can't help having him out. We shut down the run either way, so it might not really matter at all.

The good thing is the Cardinals lack of continuity and familarity this season. Their 3-0 and due to CRASH back down to earth! First it was Skelton, then back to Kolb. It was Wells, now it's back to Smith and thwe other guy.

I don't see their offense establishing anything against. Barring the POSSIBILTY that Fitzgerald "Gets Off" on us. That's why I say put permanent double coverage on him every single snap. Even on kick offs, punts, returns, have Marshall and Jones standing on the Cards sideline with him. Maybe, because you bracket him with two guys we could get away with putting Carroll or Wilson on him, with Jones PERMANENTLY over the top. Their offense is so listless, we could get away with assigning two guys to Fitzgerald for the entire game.

We can shut down their offense I believe. Fitzgerald included(as long as he's CONSTANTLY doubled). So that means the whole game will come down to whether or not Tannehill can get us into the endzone against their awesome defense. Long and Martin will have their work cut out for them.

BUT IT CAN BE DONE! Lets battle our way back to .500 and FIRST PLACE!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

Ray so when he got to A&M he was QB then switched to WR and then back to QB.Is that how it went?

One factor that shouldnt be overlooked that is not in their favor is traveling across two time zones.I think it helped the Dolphins when the Raiders traveled here.They arent so bad they beat the Steelers at home again the team traveling lost.Another reason the computers that set the odds made them 6.5 favorites they are also undefeated and have beaten good teams.

"The FINS will be the one hurting in more ways than one"...if they can't beat a team with 16 players on injury report.
It would mean:
1) Most likely a losing season
2) Fins need a major talent transfusion in next draft
3) Ireland's last season as GM

Posted by: Swamy | September 29, 2012 at 07:22 PM

Swamy I think all 3 of your points are ALREADY valid.

REGARDLESS of how this game turns out, at least the first two points will probably happen. I personally don't think we'll have a losing season. I am convinced we'll be at least .500 and I predicted 9-7. Despite this, most fans and pundits agree with you.

The 3rd point is "Iffy" in my opinion. I just don't see Tannehill and the rest of Ireland's **RECENT** adds playing bad enough for him to get the axe.

But again, just my own personal opinions. I think most of the fans and pumndits would agree with you.

I respectfully disagree as I'm a self-admitted HOMER!
I honestly believe we could get 10 with enough lucky bounces and some good development on the newbies.

SIDENOTE: Having said all that, Monkey Boy I have to leave you to your 24/7 "Blog Trolling". Have fun "Talking To Self" this FINE Saturday Night.

I myself have a REAL LIVE Hottie I have to attend to. She's anxiously awaiting "Odin's Arrival(Thats me, rubbing it in, in the 3rd person!)". ROTFLMFAO!

She's got LONG Blonde Hair about 5'-4". 120 pounds all in the right places. She's a little on the light side for me. But her enthusiasm and athleticism makes up for it. Funny thing..........she has these Smallish Type Breasts. But their shaped perfectly, not a hint of sag, and the Nippys? OMG! They point up and slighty outwards. They're just like "Little Hershey Kisses"

She's ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and all. But probably the best thing, she's half my age and keeps it shaved as clean as Muffin Pie can be.

I can't waste anymore time. I'm already "Getting There" just thinking about it!

Say hey to Mario for me and watch out for the "Stubble Burn-lol. You Two have fun now, Ya Hear!

Val-Fvcking-Halla...........Whoop WHOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

Today a QB took the field and acted like a man.
Geno Smith threw 8 TDs today.
That is what a man does.
A man sets passing records.

Odin, I think I dated her!

Hurry up and finish whacking off so you can re-join the conversation.

Cadillac, so 2 teams without defense played to a score of 70-63. And Geno Smith is declared Godlike. C'mon man! That's JV crap.

Yes that what happen as far as I'm concern! Who you got tomorrow games.
I got the following teams
Falcons over the panthers
Lions over the vikings
49ers over the stinking jets
Rams over the Seahawks
Bills over the Patriots
Titans over the Texans
Chiefs over the chargers
Dolphins over the ARZ
Bengals over the jags
Broncos over the raiders
Packers over the aints
Bucs over the skins
Giants over Philly
Cowgirls over the cubs
Your thoughts

ray said,


wow, so I ask you again JR, and exactly how do you know this??????...where you sitting in the draft meetings???

so since Philbin and Sherman suggested or told Ireland to pick Tannehill (this according to know it all ray) then Ireland gets zero credit for the pick but when Parcells passes on Matt Ryan Ireland gets the blame even though he was Parcells assistant and had no final say on the decision.

and again genius, you mention the fact that Ireland didn't sign any free agents this year but fail to mention the fact the Dolphins didn't have cap room at all and could only sign minimum salaried vets..

I may be an old fart JR but I have forgotten more about football than you know have learned in your entire life but at least I can think and have common sense and don't post stupid comments..

I'll be at the game in the 8th row on the Dolphins side at about the 15 yard line proudly wearing my vintage 80s Marino jersey. Even getting my wife to wear a Zack Thomas jersey, although she's a Bears fan. If anyone is going to be there let me know. Always like to meet Fins fans.

You told me within the last two years. Who is familiar with Tannehil and lane Mattews
Sherman Philbin. They are good friends they feed of each others evaluation Sherman was tannehill coach just in case you didnt know that but i know you do that makes it more obvious, JI HAD nothing to do with the picks that is obvious It was well publish that during the draft Ross wants a QB more than JI did, it was out on football magazines talk shows etc etc I read a lot and Listen to sports talk radio. What I read was he wanted a RT and he did get it, I'm not coming on here with out doing my home work! Lane was Sherman player in college Mattews also
By that beside the point this F/A players he didn't hit on no one that is decent. Enough
No play makers. The stadium is half empty
Fans are giving their opinion and Ross is noticing, if this year the PHINS go 3-13 2-14 1-15. Say bye bye JI It will happen no doubt
But if not than Ross keep burning that big money on crap! That's your problem than Ross. The fans have talk it's up to you!

FZB, Ray is a true Fin fan and no one should be insulted for their opinion. You and I agree on just about everything on Cote's blog. So let me ask you this, what do you consider an acceptable record for a GM? Meaning if a GM retains 60% of his picks is he successful? 75%, 50%, what's your cut off??


Freaking Nick Satan and Alabama, go Ole Miss, go anyone 'cept Bama!

Nice Refsky good question.
Read a lot JI wanted a RT RG. Because he want to solidify the OL first, I agree with that point I think a great OL gives you lots of options. But at the same time QB is the hardest position to fill. Look the other day my wife calls me, "honey" I have a new position so I ran only to find out the position is already filled, I tell you I get no respect! LOL!

Ray you're the Rodney Dangerfield of this blog,"You don't get no respect!"

Redsky! You right!
When I was a kid my parents bought a dog! I got jealous of the dog". So they got rid of me! I tell you I get no respect!

Ok Ray, my NFL picks follow...listed by winners. Arizona, (hope I'm wrong), Packers, even though Saints are due 4 a win, Redskins, Bengals, Falcons, Patriots, Vikings, Chargers, Seahawks, 49rs, Texans, Broncos, Giants, Bears, those are mi picks, we'll see!


Evertone knows that Tannehill was Ross's pick. It was well publicized.

FZB we are 2 old farts then. Now which one is older? I gave my ages in my post so you can figure it out, hopefully there's some older on this blog.

Posted by: redsky | September 29, 2012 at 08:01 PM

Most likely ME, you SOB! LOL UM alum, class of '69...do the math.
I had season tickets '66 through '69, when I moved to Dallas. I suffered in Big D watching my7 beloved canes lose to that bunch of drug abusers.
I have stories you won't believe, as I entertained in a club frequented by several 'Poke players. (NO, not a strip joint.)
A great one about john Niland. BTW, Landy had basically lost control of the team by 72, but they were wild men in the late 60's and 70's.

Pat White was Irescum's pick.

Whoops, sorry Im meant beloved FINS. They are still BOTH beloved.

That's why ross is a big eare, big nosed circus monkey!

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