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Cardinals hurting in more ways than one

The Arizona Cardinals will be playing with a weakened roster Sunday and with one player carrying a heavy heart.

Earlier this week the Cardinals notably had 16 players on their injury report as they began preparations for Sunday's game against the Dolphins. Then things got worse:

Running back Beanie Wells, a vital part of what Arizona's running game, was placed on injured reserve. The Cardinals had been 7-3 in games Wells carried the football at least 17 times.

Friday's injury report showed fewer injuries but some of the players listed are significant. Defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is doubtful with a hamstring injury. Tight end Todd Heap is doubtful with a knee injury.

Strong safety Adrian Wilson (ankle/groin) leads a list of six players who are questionable. This team is hurting.

In more ways than one.

Last night running back Alfonso Smith left the team so that he could attend his mother's funeral in California today. Smith rejoined the team this week after Wells was placed on IR. He tweeted that he will fly to the funeral and return in time for Sunday's game.

Regardless is expected to appear in a backup role and on special teams. 


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Agree regarding the double on Fitzgerald as much as possible. Unfortunately, we don't play press, and Larry is one of the best at getting off the line.
We don't have THREE guys who could simultaneously cover him. He'd still catch it.

Our guys just don't seem aware of where the ball is while it's still in the air, then they react way too late.
Kind of the way Naanee plays WR. No ball awareness skills.


Other then Alabama the college D's look atrocious. Did anyone see all the points scored this week?

IMA Writer, that was great! LMAO! Glad you're the old fart! You graduated the U in 69! I graduated HS in 71! That still makes us DolFans before most of this blog was born. OUCH!!! Were you in Nam?

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Boy I'm glad you were here tonight man.

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The weather in arizona is a non factor due to the dome in place. If it is nice weather, it will be open.. if hot, closed. Cards dont have to worry about a passing game so Ray Horton can focus on stopping the run.. with a banged up Bush.. If you look at the last 3 games there has been really no running game from the cards. So bennie wells being out of the game really has no impact..Cards will actually benifit with Williams picking up his game the last week and william powell who impressed during the preseason. The game comes down to Kevin Kolb. If Kolb does what hes been doing with no or little turnovers the cards will win easy.. If Kolb reverts back to his old self and coughs up the ball too many times, dolphins have a chance. other than that, cards are probably the 2nd best defense thus far with an offensive that doesnt give turnovers, too much for a rebuilding dolphins to handle.

Thank you for stopping by.
Your physical presence frightened away junkie robbers!
It's nice to know that I'm not the only MAN out tonight.

I just took the time to read your 1:08am post. Thank you for taking the time to break everything down for me!
I mean you broke it down to the atomic level yo! Broke it baclk to the bacteriology for real yo!

If I did not have you to break it all down for real yo what would I do???

I just read 1:08am in it's entirety.
Towards the end it sounds like you give up for real.
Have you???
Given up for real???

Arizona 23 Dolphins 20 Fins cover the spread

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I don't see a big difference between Geno Smith and Ryan Tannehill. I just don't see it.

Well, except that he's black and that makes me uncomfortable.

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Lets go Cards! Torch that secondary Fritz!

Ray I dont have a TV so I am not making picks for all the games this year.If I was, you gotta to play with the spread, picking without almost guarantees a winning season because of the obvious winners,unless someone is a real bonehead.An example I look at the picks on this site and Cote picked the Ravens to cover the 12 point spread against the Browns Thursday night.Anyone would have picked the Ravens but they did not play hard or well enough to cover the 12 point spread.

Scotty the Dolphins are the underdog they are getting points so even if they dont win if they play a close game you could win the bet.

JMM has no tv but he has internet? unless your in a public library i would like to know why that is. is internet officially more important than tv?


You asked me the following question in reference to Ireland..


Well, I'm glad you asked and I'll respond to your question this way, Its not what I think but what history says.

the draft is not an exact science, when players are picked is based on potential and the average length for a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK to be WITH HIS ORIGINAL TEAM IS FOUR YEARS !!!after that in most cases they are out of the league or considered a bust, so the actual percentage is 44% of all first round draft picks stay with their original teams after 4 years.

From then on the percentages greatly fall from rounds two trough seven, for example when Clyde gates was cut this year everybody screamed that Ireland sucks but the percentages said that the chances for a fourth rounder to be with the team that drafted him after two years were less than 28%..

my point is this, you guys are too quick to call Ireland an idiot without any basis or facts when in reality he is doing a very creditable job on the draft, he's record is far from the worst he is actually in the top one third on the league after just two years of being in charge.

go back the past ten years and take a look at the Patriots draft history, it is one of the worst but since Beli-Cheat is considered a genius no one complains...


Here is the article that talks about the percentages of first rounders, when I post I state facts when this guys say they simply state total none sense like this guy ray..he states as a matter of fact that EVERYONE KNOWS THAT SHERMAN TOLD IRELAND TO PICK TANNEHILL, in the inmortal workds of Jimmy Johnson..

PLEEEAAASSSEEE people ,use your brains!!!!


sorry, the article is not posting..you guys can look it up.

The Fins have a real opportunity to win this game and get to a 2-2 record. This is a pretty big game because if they lose the many whinny fans on this board and around the world will start screaming for THill, Philbin and Ireland's head.

The fact is the team has built a very solid OLine and a DLine that is one pass rusher away from being dominant. Their Offensive running game and Defensive play against the rush is really quite strong. Those two elements will keep them in this game and in most games.

BUT the Defensive play against the pass is really one of the worst in the NFL. Our defensive secondary is horrible. They always seem to be seconds late and often found watching receivers catch the ball instead of breaking up passes. Fitzgerald and other top tier receivers will blow up our defense.

I think we have seen more cases of THill's ability to get the ball to open receivers. He has missed some open plays but he has made many others. The issue is can the WR's get open? I haven't seen many cases where our receivers are truly behind the defense. We need players to get open and I think THill will make those plays more times than not.

So, this game will come down to QB play. If THill has zero interceptions the Fins will be in this game. If Kolb is 'on' he will find many holes in the secondary and kill the Fins. But Kolb is not a consistent QB so it's critical that the Fins find ways to pressure him.

FZB, I'm kinda neutral when it comes to Ireland. My perception is he's done a so-so job as GM. I don't believe he will be fired after the Season, and I also DO believe he's not solely responsible for the Dolphins woes under his watch (I lay blame on the rest of the Trifecta too).

However, in your post, it seems you're only analyzing one thing, which is length of stay on the team, as your basis on grading Ireland. That is totally short-sighted IMHO. People bring up Belichick all the time as far as talent acquisition, and they leave out the most important thing; Belichick has the best player in the NFL in the most important position in all of sports. That's not inconsequential.

If you wanted to compare apples to apples, let's compare 2 teams almost in the same position at the end of 2007, the Miami Dolphins and the Atlanta Falcons. Both had horrible Seasons, lost their HC, had no QB, and on very shaky ground. What happened next is critical, the Dolphins (Trifecta) drafted with the #1 pick, a LT. Great player, ProBowler and was the pick with the least chance to be a failure. I understand the reasoning behind it. But if you look in life, especially in business, it's the ones who take the biggest chances who get the biggest reward. With the #2 pick, the Falcons took a QB, intending him to be their franchise QB. They then, over the course of the next few years, drafted and acquired via free agency skill position players, and have been a Playoff team ever since. Miami decided to form their team from the trenches out, and went on to have one winning Season in four years, and have regressed ever since the winning Season.

I have preached here for a very long time the Trifecta Draft strategy was faulty, intended to mold a team for a different era. In a league that was changing to pass-happy, this group was drafting big, burly guys and RBs for a run-first approach. We needed speed, and they wanted size. It's a mistake that cost us four years. Today, many of those acquisitions are no longer on the team, or have never developed into stars or playmakers. They are mainly role players.

I just say this to say that Ireland-supporters shouldn't be as high on the guy as they believe the detractors shouldn't be as low. Anyone with eyes would not say Ireland was one of the top GMs in the league. A new HC, a whole new approach to the team strategy and Ireland constantly being talked about having his job in jeopardy prove that he's on shaky ground, and if things don't change soon, he will be gone.

I can't say I have faith Ireland can create a winning team, but I do say I have faith Philbin's strategy, philosophy and outlook on the game can give Ireland the right direction to meet that goal. But, he doesn't have lots of time to give Philbin what he needs. Because we have a rookie QB, I think that's earned him another year. But if we don't have a winning record in 2013, my prediction is Ireland will be fired.

This should be a close game. Zona is banged up and taking the Fins very lightly.

Since this blog seems to be dominated by doom, I'll put in my two cents.
I do not want to have a 9-7 or 8-8 record against a weak schedule because we run the ball well. Screw that!!
Put in the young wide receivers, let Tannehill throw the ball and let's see what we got. That is what Philbin and Sherman did in pre-season and I hope we continue that strategy.
Come draft day, I would like to know what we need with those first 5 picks that we value so much.
Hopefully, we will not draft franchise linemen and running backs.
Love the game
love the team
love the coaches


I completely agree with you. Very balanced perspective on Ireland. Good for you!

I think the following assessment is accurate:

QB - Score "C" The 2nd round picks for Henne and (Can't even remember his name now - sad) are failures for Ireland. But he manned up and listened to his new coaches and went for it in the first round to pick THill. I like this kid and think he will prove to be a really good QB. His mobility and command of the offense are making me feel confident. This grade can improve to a "B" if THill proves himself this year.

OLine - Score "B+" It took a little long to get here but in the end the OLine was built under Ireland's watch and it's now the team's strength. Long, Pouncey, Incognito, Jerry and Martin were all added by Ireland and they are all helping to produce a strong running game and providing solid pass protection for a new rookie QB.

DLine - Score "B+" Starks, Solai, and Wake are three solid components of a strong DLine. Shelby is flashing potential as a rookie. Odrick is still unproven in my mind...he has to shine this year. If he does then I feel fans need to give Ireland credit for building/maintaining a strong front line. in a 4-3 scheme you have to build from that front line. That front line will make LB's, CB's and S's look good.

RB's - Score "B" Ireland added Bush and he is the team's top playmaker. The addition of Lane and Miller this year looks to be really positive. The one question mark is Thomas. I like the kid but his fumbles are scary. The trade up for him is the one negative on Ireland here. If Thomas rebounds this year then I think a "B+" or "A" is warranted.

WR" - Score "D" This unit doesn't scare anyone. The in/out saga with Marshall was a bust. The Nanee pick so far seems a bust. The use of Bess is good but he should be the team's 't #3 receiver. Hartline should also be a #3 so we can't be too excited about him. The inability to develop Moore and other receivers into a true #2 is also telling.

LB's - Score "C" The addition of Burnett, Dansby and Misi were all under Ireland. I am not a huge fan of this unit...too inconsistent. They do stop the run well. But their pass protection has not been good. Overall score would be a "C" from me on this unit.

TE's - Score "C-" Fasano is a decent player but nobody special. Charles Clay needs to step up. Egnew needs to develop and play strong next year. If these two don't make significant progress then the score has to be "D" or "F"

Secondary - Score "D" Reshad Jones and Sean Smith have to step up this year. If they do then my 'score' improves for Ireland. If not then this turns to a true "F" for sure. The Davis trade was concerning to me. I think he was our best CB even overweight in the offseason. Marshall looks to be real mess. I see him being scorched by top flight receivers. Clemons is a disaster at Safety. I don't care what the website scores are for Clemons, I see him out of position often and giving up too many big plays. He is always late to the ball. Wilson is a Safety at best. He had a good preseason last year but who really cares. His CB play this year has been a disaster.

This season will be very telling overall. Many players need to step up and prove themselves. If they do then the Ireland haters are just being haters. If these players don't step up then we have to begin looking for a new GM. The 2013 is stocked with picks and it's just to important for the future of this team.

Sorry for the long post.

This game wont be close.
Arizona 34, Miami 13

Watching other teams have success at wide receivers we weren't interested in sickens me. Right now it's Mario manningham being a huge portion of San frans offense and randy moss being a deep threat.

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