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Defense didn't exactly plug the leaks

HOUSTON -- One of the more intriguing things coming out of Sunday's 30-10 loss to Houston was that the home team really didn't play that well and still won by 20 points. Obviously the Dolphins turnovers had a huge part in that, but can you imagine if Houston had been firing on all the proverbial cylinders under its proverbial hood?

As I mentioned in my column in Monday's newspaper, some of the defensive players after the game were talking as if the unit had played fairly well. And yes, there were instances, particularly early on, when the defense was up to the challenge of stopping Houston.

But what I heard suggested good work throughout.

“It’s the same old same old for me. We got a lot of tough guys, a lot of guys that can make plays all over the field," Cameron Wake said of the unit. "We know what we can do day in, and day out. We go at it in practice. I’ve seen what these guys can do. You just gotta go out there and execute and do our best to get the ball."

Wake and his teammates had their chances to be heroes when they were put in crisis situations after four consecutive Miami series ended in turnovers before halftime.

"That’s football," Wake said. "That’s the way the cards are dealt and you’ve gotta play your hand. As a defense, we’ve gotta go out there, regardless of where the ball is. They throw the ball in, and it’s on the one that’s an opportunity for us to keep them out, that’s an opportunity for us to get a turnover, an opportunity for us to do a lot of different things. That’s the mindset you’ve gotta have. You can’t go out there, ‘Oh man, they’re on the one yard line, what are we gonna do?’ We’re gonna stop them. That’s the way we go into each game."

Um, except that didn't happen. The offense gave the ball up four times on turnovers and four times the Texans offense converted points against Miami's D. Three of those times the Texans got the ball at their 46, Miami's 27, and Miami's 31 ... and converted touchdowns each time.

So what's this about 'we're gonna stop them?"

Yes, the Miami offense put the defense in a terrible hole. But the defense didn't exactly dig itself out. Those are simply the facts.


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Andrew Luck had about the same type of day. Maybe Indy will cut him and fire their coach. Maybe we can get them to trade Vonte Back for two threes.

Go Dolphins!!They sort of caught me off guard guys. I thought their was a ton to build off of. Philbin is smarter than the peanut gallery. They will look totally different by the end of the season and that is all we can really ask for. Use the draft picks and extra cash to fix some of the other things and build some more.

This is what you guys wanted to do four years ago. So lets get onboard.

Ireland Give Bush some money we can not afford to lose anyone with that type of work ethic.

straballa @ 8:17...


In this league make no mistake!!! ITs all about the owners. THEY decide if their team wins or loses. Not the GM and not the HC or players. Example: Bill Belicheck he was a nobody until he went to work for Kraft now hes a clear HOFmer. Why? because the owner wants to win!! and he equips his team with the tools (money) to do so. So we now clearly understand Ross after 5 yrs of ownership he either does not want to win or dont know how to win. Either one is a no win situation for fans. The only way fans can cast their vote is empty seats.

I heard a girl talking on video the other day. She was putting together a football fan package and mentioning several teams like Jets, Patriots Ect. She said she was picking popular teams to create interest. She said in a footnote that she didnt want to pick teams no one wants to watch like the Dolphins or the Jaguars. True story!! This is how far weve fell into insignificant territory.

We must ban together and ditch our team and make it as unprofitable as we can to oust this owner. He clearly understands the message of money and if we make his organization take money out of his pocket he will leave. then we can hope and pray he sells to a competent owner!!

Kris, I'm not annointing RG3 now, I DID IT WHEN HE WAS DRAFTED.

Mark my words, save this post for posterity, when all is said and done, when the dust settles, RG3 will be one of the greatest players of his time, and FAR OUTSHINE whatever Ryan Mallett does in this league. I'm not making that comparison as being disrespectful to you, or trying to get a dig in. I'm being completely unconfrontational.

I believe RG3 is the real deal. I knew it last year when I saw him at Baylor. I knew it going into the Draft. I knew it in practices. The guy just has all the talent to shine in today's NFL. What he has that Mallett doesn't, is speed. And speed is the great equalizer. It can make a non-football player like Ted Ginn a wanted commodity. It also is unteachable, and can be utilized immediately for a rookie.

The Skins might or might not be good this year (I never thought the Saints would be what they were last year). But RG3 WILL BE STUNNINGLY SUCCESSFUL. I'm just as sure of that as I am that we're not ready to compete. I'm unwavering in that belief. We'll see how right my gut is.

I'm feeling the urge to jump on the "Fire Ireland' bandwagon and here's why:

Fantasy Football.

We held our draft last week and I did a lot of research prior to it and IT paid off.

I have a kick ass team loaded with talent.

It's pretty clear that Ireland CANNOT pick out talent in a line up...REALLY.

Our team lacks playmakers at ever position except RB....yes Reggie Bush is a playmaker so shut up.

BUT...every other position lack one...well maybe Solia at NT is a solid player at his position.


There...we have three (3) playmakers on our roster of 53.

That's 5% of our roster for all you math geeks out there.

I'm willing to give Philbin a season to work out the kinks with his rookie QB, but next off-season will be CRITICAL to this teams development and I'm not sure I want Ireland "picking the groceries" anymore to coin a phrase from his mentor...Bill Parcels.


Agree....Bush is by far the hardest worker...and it shows on game day....

I hope we do lock him down for another 3-4 years...bnut Bush is a winner...and used to winning....I don't know if he will stick around this mess....

I am a huge THill and Philbin supporter and I don't see this game as anything other than a melt down in a 2-3 minute span of time. Without it I think the team played fairly well.

But the loss is on the Offense and the Defense. Both did some things well but both allowed this loss to happen. The turnovers were obviously on the Offense and that killed the team. But the D has to play better and not allow so many big plays and touchdowns.


1) THill played OK. He had some good decisions and passes. He improvised pretty well. He took a sack that he shouldn't have. He should have ran once or twice to gain yards. There were a couple of good passes dropped. But in the first quarter he fumbled the snap on 3rd down and lead to a punt. He had a bad pass to Nanee for the first interception (I also think Nanee has to fight for the ball).

2) Batted passes were really bad. This is due to THill locking in on receivers during 3 step drops and the line not fully engaging the defenders - blame goes to THill and OLine.

3) Liked to see passes to Bush and Lane. Wanted more of that.

4) Should through into the end zone when in the Red Zone. Too many underneath passes that prevents TD's.

5) Liked the running game overall. Clay missed his block and caused the collission/fumble on Thomas. He got SMACKED!


1) Starks and Solai are really solid!

2) Misi played pretty well. Good step forward.

3) Dansby and Burnett should have practiced more this offseason. There were getting blocked easily and their pass protection was not consistent. Too many TE catches.

4) Too many big passes. Our Secondary is REALLY POOR. I don't think V Davis would have made a huge impact but I think he would have shown better than Marshall and Wilson. Wilso is NOT a NFL level CB. Smith looked foolish on the TD pass in the corner. The secondary was really disappointing!!

0-2 after Oakland destroys us.

What happened to the new fast paced offense...it looked the same to me.

Irescum cant even pick his nose LMFAO!!

Tannehill definitely doesnt have it.

2watt, absolutely right. You can't be successful with an "ok" QB. You need an elite QB to be a SB contender in today's NFL. My view is Tannehill needs time to develop into that. Just like Peyton did, Eli, Brees, heck, look at Smith in SF, he's coming along. Only a once-in-a-lifetime talent (like Cam Newton, like RG3) will shine right off the bat. Tannehill will go the more traditional route.

But I still have faith in him. I like his poise. I think he has the skills. Great arm. Great size. Needs to learn more. And frankly, he has less talent around him than anyone else in the NFL (probably even Cleveland). So, it's hard to see his full potential with Legadu Nannee as his target.

LIFE IS SHORT..........

Posted by: ALoco | September 10, 2012 at 06:37 AM

That is poetry ALoco. There is not much more to add than that.

But remember, there is nothing wrong with the Miami Dolphins that an influx of more talented players could not solve.

What about the Jets? People still hating on Sparano and Sanchez?

I have to admit, I was very surprised. Didn't think they had it in them. It's a combo of they played very well, and Bills are as bad as we are (hopefully worse).

There is always next year.Us girls will all be there waving towels and screaming.

Only excuse I can give for Philbin to have whatever garbage we have play like garbage is the installation of new O and D Systems Period. btw, all the other mes above are fakes.


Time will tell if you are right about RG3.....I have myu doubts...

RG3 Is the next coming of Michael Vick. He will win games but not championships Sorry!!

Lets take a look at what Ireland's moves got us:
B.Marshall: 119yds, 1 TD
All of Miami WRs: 98yds, 0 TD
Irelands Grade: D

Could have traded up to get RG3. We know how well he did, but Tannehill Qb rating of 39. RG3 has better poise, mechanics, arm strength, and accuracy. We have another Jay Fiedler.
Irelands Grade: D

Ireland should have drafted a WR such as Hill or Jeffrey, who had great debut games, but we got A. Armstrong off the waiver wire. We got O.Vernon who has one tackle and an OT who gave up a sack and cannot score touchdowns.
Irelands Grade: F

And we can go on and on how many bad moves Ireland has made in his time here. Dolphins should have kept Marshall, drafted RG3, he would have had Marshall as a #1 receiver to throw to. That alone would have got the Dolphins some touchdowns but this year it will be many week until they see their first offensive touchdown. Until Ireland is fired I will never goto a game again.


Everyone knows the Texans have a great offense (one of the most balanced in the NFL) & you can't give them a short field to work with. It's not like anyone had career days for the Texans like Brady did to us last year on opening day.

Our entire team looked legit until six minutes left in the second quarter. If we can limit the turnovers we'll have opportunities to win games in this league. Thought Starks, Richard Marshall, Dansby, Misi, & Jones all played well.

BTW--Those tipped balls at the line of scrimmage that led to two INT's are not on Tannehill, that's the O-line not doing their jobs. JJ Watt more than any other Texan dominated this game. Mario who???

The Dolphins are PATHETIC, Thanks Ireland.

Listen, pal, we weren't born yesterday and are no rookie Football Fans either. Why do you bring Players here that so obviously suck, from Henne to Naanee, you think we are FUC-ING BLIND! We are getting our balls full with you and you better get some decent help for this Team, like, Today.

In 2004, the Dolphins finished their worst season since Shula took over at 4-12. They and the 49ers were the two worst teams in the league. 8 years later, the 49ers are quite possibly the best team in the NFC. They didn't improve overnight, but got there through years of good personnel decisions.

In 2007, the Dolphins finished their worst season ever at 1-15. They and the Falcons were the two worst teams in the league. 5 years later, the Falcons are also quite possibly the best team in the NFC. They improved quickly with good talent evaluation and drafting.

This franchise is spinning its wheels in the mud.

nfl.com is reporting Ireland may "already" be on the hot seat!!! can I get an AMEN!!!!!!! Bring it on baby!! Better days may be coming fellow fin fans!!!

We miss Mike Nolan, Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall.

Same old crap can't score in red zone, Can't pick players its like they said on nfl network at draft WHAT THE HELL IS MIAMI DOING????This Team is a circus run by clowns, with BOZO at the head!!!

Tannehill is not the answer.

rookie quarterback who actually looks like a rookie quarterback; when the game was over he looked like he was just happy to be on the field

if garrard gets/is healthy does it mean we can't bring him back? he was the starter before he went down so sitting tannehill wouldn't necessarily be a stretch

somebody please tell us the season isn't going to be a bust before we've even played 2 games

OMG...Enough with RG3 already!!! It's one f#cking game. Our QB is Ryan Tannehill & if we can keep him upright he's going to be a good one. If you want to be a Redskins fan be my guest!!! Why not complain that we didn't get Peyton too???

Cleveland offered the same deal as the Redskins & the Rams chose to deal with the Redskins so it's not like we COULD have gotten him.

BTW--Can you imagine if we gave up two future first round picks with the team we have??? That would have been BY FAR the worst decision Ireland ever made.

Before lauding Sparano and his "masterful" offensive display vs. the Bills; keep in mind that the Dolphins pretty much did whatever they wanted to offensively against the Bills last year. Sparano just exposes a bad Bills defense, which shouldn't be too hard for anyone to do.

FIN FANS can rationalize anything....

"IF only those 6 minutes didn't happen"....

guess what????

THEY DID HAPPEN....and thats how games are WON and LOST in the NFL....

Maybe ONE DAY we be on the RIGHT side of those turnovers...but for now...were now NOT....those 6 minutes happen all the time to BAD teams....

Had we won....would we be talking about those 6 min...or would we be talking about DOMINATION of the Texans....cause that's what ther're talking about this morning....not 6 min....

JJ Watt Is a Beast. Now Dashi knows why the Texans didn't care about losing Mario. Buffalo made a $100 million Dollar Mistake. Mario had no Influence in the Texans Defense Last Year.


Liked the D-Line Rotation. Starks and Wake on the Outside and Odrick and Soliai on the Inside on 1st & 2nd Down sometime.

The Problem is on 3rd down!! When we don't bring Pressure with Soliai on the Bench. OV and Shelby need to do a Better Job!! We can't afford bringing more than 4 on 3rd Down. We need Everyone back in Coverage. 3 Safety's, 2 LB's.

At least the Defense Didn't look Tired Compared to last year. What was it 70 points 700+ yds, ETc. ETc.

Houston didn't even gain 70yds more than the Fins.

Again, the Game was lost on the last 6 minutes of the 2nd Qtr. PERIOD!!!!!!!!

Dashi bets the next game the Dolphins aren't that big of an underdog.

If T-Hill has a Meltdown again with the Raiders. Then we need to start Checking his Daddy and Philbin. Also, T-Hill.

If T-Hill is Either still Short(Side) Arming his Short Passes. Or the Coaches don't start Mixing up the Play Calling(3-step,5-step,7-step, Option plays), Roll him Out, and letting him takeoff from time to time. A Qb Draw here or there.

Maybe Sherman wants to Develop him little by little. But the Point is to win games Old Man. Coach to win, T-hill should know all ur Plays. Let him at it.

.....yes, Oscar..and Wes Welker, and Yerimiah Bell...and Chad(85) Johnson....and let's continue to cut off our nose to spite our face...

Correction to the other me above: Tannehill is not the answer, without decent help around him.

Dashi...your on the "6 min too....WTH....

Stephen Ross has turned the Miami Dolphins into the laughing stock of the NFL. Philbin is going to have to march through hell and back before he can call this group of misfits winners.

Getting help for Tannehill is like getting help for Henne. IT WONT MATTER.


You do realize Shula coached for Huizenga for many years?

Philbin is doomed with Irescum as a GM.

NFL.com already has a headline "Ireland in the hot seat, in serious Trouble."

...oh..and I forgot Brandon Marshall....

....oh, and I forgot Brandon Marshall.....

Well, if Tannehill doesn't work out, get Pat Devlin in there. At least, he has moved the Team consistently.

Dashi is hearing Ireland will be fired by the end of the week.

To put it another way...how would this team look with Marshall...Welker..and Chad Johnson to throw to....

...and with Yerimiah and Vontae in the secondary...????..

....too many GM / HC wrong decisions on personnel....period !!...

...and Steve Ross is clueless when it comes to rcognizing it....

I tell you, if Tannehill doesn't work out, Ireland will be out of here faster than the speed of thought.

Looks like Sparano was not the problem. His O put up 48 pts.

We don't watch Football to see works in progress but to see our Team play well and if possible, win. It was agreed that our starting QB would be the one that would bring the Team just that. Find it.

Why are talking about RGIII this morning? Last I checked he doesn't lay for this team. Are guys still going on about the fact we didn't trade for him? Should I be surprised after he has a big day on the football field? Listen, it was NEVER going to happen. How many picks were going to give up? Seriosuly, how many? As many as it took? That's a great strategy! Washington was going to get him all day long. Better picks too offer and Synder wasn't going to be denied. And what if he didn't turn out? We'd be watching top 5 pick after top 5 pick go to Washington. You guys want to fire Ireland for picking up Naanee and trading three meaningless picks for Thomas but this trade would be OK? Bit of a double standard, no?

I don't get this fascination with other teams players. Aren't we able to talk about the guys on THIS team. Who cares about Marshall and RGIII and Dez Bryant and Mallett Jimmy Graham and whoever else we're looking to talk about. Can't we talk about the guys that play in aqua and orange? It's all very strange to me.

Some good performances yesterday from guys like Jones and Starks and Soliai. I even thought Thomas loked good before he got hurt. Hopefully he's not out to long and we can see what this kids got.

I really can't believe HOW DELUSIONAL some of you are about this team. The defense played well but they lost 30-10? Really?
THIS IS THE PROBLEM, WE keep giving them a pass, which gives IRELAND A PASS for the lack of ability to choose players for this team.



Plug the leaks? It looked more like the Defense was out taking a leak.

It's pretty hard to declare who has the worst fans, the fins of the canes? Can we please give Philbin a chance to put his coaching system in place? Quick note on Marshall - he would have destroyed any chance for Tannehill to improve. He is a selfish nut case who will implode at some point this year and we are lucky to have two number # picks for this cancer.

As far as the batted balls on three step drops....it's a simple solution...

...the O-Linemen KNOW it is a PASS PLAY ..so if the Defensive man doesn't engage YOU as rusher , then you bust him in the mouth and initiate the contact..

....that's the end of jumping, swatting, tipping etc...

....now of course a lazy OL just takes the play off...


AGAIN RG3 WILL BE A BUST. Get off his Jock. If the Redskins don't make the playoff's RG3 is A BUST!!!! The Skins have no Expectations for a QB!!!!! Who is the best Redskins Qb? Mark Rypien? HA.

Remember if T-hill is Worst than MArino he is a Bust in Miami!!!! We suck now, but we have expectations!!!!!!

He played against a 3rd String Coach and No Defensive Coordinator on the OTHER SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO MLB!!!!!!!!!! NO DE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe Dashi, RG3 won't pull that Crap on the Phins. Not even on the Rams next Week. Give it Time!! Let's see after the season. He has an Easy begininng look at the skins Schedule.

Way too many leaks to plug. Start a rebuild with a real GM.

In hindsight we should've traded up for RG3.

So are guys ACTUALLY blaming the defence for the loss yesterday because if you are then you watched a different game than me. Let's see, 3 picks, some dropped passes, a fumble and our only touchdown was a returned punt. Yeah, sounds like the recipe for victory to me.


Dude, I am being positive. I like the Dolphins. Unfortunately the turd that is doing the hiring doesn't know shite from shinola.
The team is one mental mistake from implosion in every game. This is no different than Sparano's team. Funny, he can go north and we get no improvement. We couldn't sign a player. Do you think the FA's don't know what is going on in Miami? We didn't sign anyone and even the coaches wouldn't touch the team with a 10 foot pole. Figure it out. Ireland is the common denominator here. So tieing him to a post in the endzone during the games would be a great start.

Blaming the defense????
Looks like the new regime dont like you neither.
Its gotta be them not you , right mando?

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