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Defense didn't exactly plug the leaks

HOUSTON -- One of the more intriguing things coming out of Sunday's 30-10 loss to Houston was that the home team really didn't play that well and still won by 20 points. Obviously the Dolphins turnovers had a huge part in that, but can you imagine if Houston had been firing on all the proverbial cylinders under its proverbial hood?

As I mentioned in my column in Monday's newspaper, some of the defensive players after the game were talking as if the unit had played fairly well. And yes, there were instances, particularly early on, when the defense was up to the challenge of stopping Houston.

But what I heard suggested good work throughout.

“It’s the same old same old for me. We got a lot of tough guys, a lot of guys that can make plays all over the field," Cameron Wake said of the unit. "We know what we can do day in, and day out. We go at it in practice. I’ve seen what these guys can do. You just gotta go out there and execute and do our best to get the ball."

Wake and his teammates had their chances to be heroes when they were put in crisis situations after four consecutive Miami series ended in turnovers before halftime.

"That’s football," Wake said. "That’s the way the cards are dealt and you’ve gotta play your hand. As a defense, we’ve gotta go out there, regardless of where the ball is. They throw the ball in, and it’s on the one that’s an opportunity for us to keep them out, that’s an opportunity for us to get a turnover, an opportunity for us to do a lot of different things. That’s the mindset you’ve gotta have. You can’t go out there, ‘Oh man, they’re on the one yard line, what are we gonna do?’ We’re gonna stop them. That’s the way we go into each game."

Um, except that didn't happen. The offense gave the ball up four times on turnovers and four times the Texans offense converted points against Miami's D. Three of those times the Texans got the ball at their 46, Miami's 27, and Miami's 31 ... and converted touchdowns each time.

So what's this about 'we're gonna stop them?"

Yes, the Miami offense put the defense in a terrible hole. But the defense didn't exactly dig itself out. Those are simply the facts.


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One game and the 'sky is falling' by most Fins Fan's posts here. So sad.

Every sports writer has published articles reinforcing the 'realities of a rookie QB.' Look at Luck, Wilson and Weeden this week. All of them struggled. Payton Manning's first game included 3 interceptions.

We played a strong team and we had a few really bad plays that lead to an 0-1 record. There are a lot of 0-1 teams today.

Lets be realistic, lets stop the panic and lets stop the whining. Go Fins!!

Oakland 27 Dolphins 6


This isnt about RG3, it's about Ireland's consistent incompetence. There were many against taking Tannehill 8th overall, not that Tanne wont evgentually be a good qb, but Ireland's Baylor alma matter and he couldnt spot the value. Shannahan certainly saw it and traded up accordingly.

Peyton wanted no parts of this now seeming decayed to the rusted bones organization. He dumped Marshall without a solid plan to replace him. Same with Vonte. Both replaced with lesser talent.

We have a gm with a poor draft and fa record for bringing in premium talent. He seems to be terrorfied of real talent, skipping over it for acorn level talent almost everytime. Every gripe you hear here can be traced back and have Ireland's terrible pasted all over it.

jpao, its not one game. Its 10 years!!!!! DUHHH!


I have bad news for you. Tannehill's more likely to be bust than RG#. Not saying either will bust. Just sayin.

RG3 looked liked a polished in his prime qb yesterday. That wasnt an anommolly. It was pure talent and skill. RG3 is the real deal muy man. Whether you wanna accept that or not doesnt change the facts.

Rookie QB in over his head; he should get better. Rookie headcoach in over his head with an anemic roster; he may get better. A neophyte owner being advised by the likes of Carl Petersen, the best to hope for is that he gets out of the way. A general manager and scouting staff that are limited by their Parcellian development, bad contracts, and lack of cap space. He has proven that he will not get better. He has had years to prove himself, and in the words of his mentor his record is what it says that it is - a bad NFL GM. Ireland earned a measure of respect from me through Hard Knocks, but the results are not in dispute. He's not a capable NFL GM. Time to move on from him. No point in waiting to do the obvious...

So I don't like Naannee either but why is he playing? Doesn't that fall on Coach Philbin? Me, I'd be playing Matthews over him. Kid showed me a lot more in the preseason thatn Naannee. Not quite sire why this guy is even on the team. But why doesn't Philbin just cut him? He had no problem cutting Chad Johnson and other guys. What's the attraction with this guy? Coach had no problem cutting other guys Ireland brought in. Why is this guy any different?

Post Of The Day:

One game and the 'sky is falling' by most Fins Fan's posts here. So sad.

Posted by: jpao | September 10, 2012 at 10:16 AM

jpao, its not one game. Its 10 years!!!!! DUHHH!

Posted by: Clue | September 10, 2012 at 10:18 AM

The meltdown at the end of the first half didn't help. Any defense that has to go out on the field 4 consecutive times and try to stop an offense that has momentum is going to find it tough to do so.
The defense only gave up 6 pts in the 2nd half and they made some adjustments on offense in 2nd half that took pressure off Tannehill and allowed him to make passes without the batted balls.
This was a big learning experience for Tannehill and he should grow from it. I don't think he's going to crumble from the experience. He showed a lot of maturity and leadership on the field and he played hard to the end. I said he wouldn't allow the team to quit even being down big late in the game. They continued to move the ball thru the air and he made some nice passes to Bess and Hartline and he set the screen to Lane perfectly.
There were three parts to this game. The first part was the part where they played Houston pretty even until the last few minutes of the first half. The second part was the meltdown that resulted in all of the scoring from Houston. The third part was the 2nd half, where Miami held Houston to just 6 pts. I know the 2nd part was significant and was part of the game but it's hard to imagine those types of mistakes being made consistently. Take them out of the game and Miami had a chance to win it. They were rookie quarterback mistakes which are to be expected.
I think Hartline is going to be more of a factor in the next game along with Armstrong, as Naanee will probably find his way to the bench.
I would expect the defense to stay stout against the run but the pass defense needs to step it up or else. Coverage on tight ends continues to be a problem, especially from Koa Misi.
That's the biggest problem. I can't imagine Philbin or Coyle being happy about any of that and judging by the way the have been handling things to this point I would expect they will be looking for improvement from these guys or Ireland is going to try and make a trade for some talent.

Philbin's playing the cards he's dealt by Ireland. Jeffy boy's the one going out collecting and bringing in this garbage.

YG your comment @10:17 is a RIDICULOUS comment! RGIII has a great game against a very weak NO defence and now we're hearing that Ireland couldn't see the value. One of your dumbest comments ever!

Where did Ireland ever say he didn't see the value in RGIII? Because he said 'he doesn't see any real difference in the top 3 QBs?' Ever heard of not showing your cards or keeping them close to your chest. I'm sure Ireland was very aware of RGIII's talent (even someone like you can see that). To trade up for RGIII would have made ZERO sense. It's AWFULLY early for guys to be giving up on RGIII and comparing him to RGIII after ONE game. Might be a better idea to wait about 3-4 years, no?

I just bought the new Nike Tannehill jersey which is sweet as hell. I go to the bar on my 30 minute lunch break to catch a glimpse of the game and got bum rushed by 15 Jet fans saying Tanny sucks. My issue is, he was a WR, why can't he move around in the pocket? Is it his inexperience? Or does the O line suck?

One good point Koa Misi showed he is not a bust. Arguably the best defensive player yesterday w/ Starks

This group is worse the Cam Moron's 1-15 team.

'giving up on Tannehill and comparing him to RGIII'.

Anyways, have a good day fellas. Not going to play in the sand today because what we saw yesterday shouldn't be a surprise to anyone and is exactly what you'd expect from a rookie QB going up against a top tier defence, with no weapons and a rookie HC. You guys asked for this in havig the kid play NOW, so deal with it!

What is f***ing hilarious to me is all of the outrage over the loss in here. Let me guess, those who are outraged are the same twits who deluded themselves into thinking we had a shot to beat the super bowl favorite Texans? With a new offense, new defense, new coach, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, and rookie quarterback throwing to the least talented receivers in the league? Sorry but if you're upset by the outcome today you're an idiot of gigantic proportions.

Tannehill had better learn the art of the pump fake really soon. Saw Peyton do it a few times yesterday and had not 1 pass batted down.

When the d-linemen learn once your arm goes to the throwing motion youre actually throwing the ball. They'll time thier jump and you see what happened to Tanny yesterday. He's gotta start pump faking.

He also needs to learn to use the pocket a little better. Even if at times it means getting outside the pocket. All of the top qb's do this.

barkley or thill, we have till april to decide

Tannehill played like a rookie QB. He started off solid and looked as comfortable as a rookie QB can look in his first regular season start, until the wheels came off in the second quarter. That being said, he needs to learn to disguise where he's going with the ball because from my couch I could telegraph who he was looking to throw to on almost every play, so imagine how easy it was for Houston to figure out. I know Philbin put the blame on the o-line for the tipped passes, but I don't agree. Yes, the O-line needs to play better, but Tannehill had 19 tipped passes last season at Texas A&M, whereas Luck and RGIII only had 2 apiece. To me, Tannehill needs to recognize passing lanes, step up in the pocket into those lanes if need be, or move outside the pocket to give himself more room to throw the ball. He's too easy to read. NFL defenses are gonna destroy this kid's confidence if he doesn't correct that.

all about the draft, we passed on hill to take martin in 2nd rd. hill looked pretty dang good

Oh and another thing, I'd be SHOCKED if Hartline isn't starting next week over Legedu Nanee. Legedu has been invisible in basically every game (preseason included) he's played as a Dolphin. He's a true 4 or 5 receiver, not a 1 or 2. Hartline didn't play in the preseason and he still looked better yesterday than Legedu. Thanks for signing him, Jeff "Clock's Ticking" Ireland.

Stop looking for someone on the field to blame. This is Jeff Ireland's fault and Jeff Ireland's fault alone. He has had plenty of time to put a competitive roster together and the team is getting worse. Not better, much worse, every year.

How you sit here and call Ryan Tannehill a bust after his first NFL game, a game he shouldn't have been playing in and only was because Garrard was hurt, is laughable. So you people too, are morons, except you're even dumber than the morons who thought the team would win.

The TEs suck, the WRs suck, the right side of the o-line sucks and 19 starts Ryan Tannehill was going to magically make all of those problems disappear? Wake up would ya.


The outrage for me isnt that we lost, it was how we lost. It only took 1/2 a qtr(2nd) to wrinkle like a cheap suit.

We played pretty decent football for 3 1/2qtrs. Just the last 7min of that 2nd qtr we completely fell asleep at the switch. Oh, and the offense stunk it up on 3 trips inside the 20 and failing to score even td. Same ole damn offense of the last 4yrs.

Tanny lost 6 games as a college senior. He'll lose 14, 15, or 16 this year if Cam Philbin doesnt yank him.


The 6 minutes was the turning point of the game. We lost, and that was the reason.

Now what Dashi says is it's crucial that T-Hill corrects his mistakes!!

We are going to lose games! We all know that as fact. What we are trying to say if for those 6 minutes if the fins would've switched the play calling? T-Hill stops side arming short throws? or martin cut blocks watt?

The outcome would be closer. Texans would've won 17-10 or 13-10.

Now if thill can play mistake free football for 45+ minutes. The fins will have a chance in almost every game.

Ire.... The Ball Baby has to go!!!


Minimizing Tanny's a rookie changes nothing. He's a rookie with a HUGE PROBLEM getting balls batted at the line of scrimmage. That's not a rookie qb issue. That's a very flawed mechanical issue.

It may be a little he needs to have a little higher release point, and needs to incorporate the fine art of the pump fake.

Batted balls at the line is not a "rookie qb" issue.

Philbin has to regret taking this job. HAHA

dashi use your brain. texans could of score a lot more points in second half if score was different. the score dictates how the team leading plays

Tannehill looks worse then Henne was . 0 TD's and 48 INT's at this rate. YIKES!

I read an interesting article about the play calling. The defensive linemen said they knew the play calling would have a lot of short slants so that the pass rush didn't get to Tannehill and were instructed to raise their hands any time they even sniffed a slant route.

Then I read after the game that our offensive players are saying they need to do a better job of engaging the defensive linemen in those situations. Two times the defensive linemen on Martins side didn't rush because he knew a short pass was coming and both times Martin just stood there like, "Oh he's not rushing so I guess this is a play off for me".

This is not a conversion from the left side problem. This shows that Martin just might be the dumbest player on the planet. And Ireland drafted him where?
2nd round?!

Guaranteed the play calling changes next week. These slants have to be run a little deeper. The coaches were so worried about Tannehill getting pressured that they handcuffed him in the play calls imo. Time to open it up a little more next week.

My question is to Kevin Coyle:

WEhy were Jimmy Wilson and Nolan Carroll in one on one coverage against Andre Johnson on those two big pass plays? Unbelievable!

If Irescum was a man he'd resign. If Ross had a clue he would've fired Irescum at the Dez Bryant incident. Or when he fired Sparano at the very latest.

I wonder how we're going to use that #1 pick in April of 2013? Can we draft a new GM and owner?


I have been a Fins fan for over 30 years. I understand the frustrations are generated by more than 10 years of poor play, poor coaching, poor player selection and poor win/loss record. I too am FRUSTRATED.

But...I am also REALISTIC.

We have a new HC, OC, DC, new 4-3 scheme, new West Coast Offense, new Rookie QB, etc, etc, etc.

So, how would anyone possibly think this was going to be a good year for the Fins? How could anyone think we were going to beat Houston who has owned the Fins and are predicted by many 'experts' to be a SB contender?

Why is the sky falling after week one?

Put your big girl panties on and get over it!

course thill looks worse than henne. if they would of started henne his first pro game ever it would of been hilarious also

jpao, the sky fell way before this game. GET A CLUE IDIOT!

Hopefully the focus of film study this week is why Tanny had so many balls batted. Then the focus in practice should be how to prevent it from happening again.

This is a habit Tanny has to have broken right away. Yesterday proved it could lead to teams scoring 24pts in nless than 7min.

all about rebuilding this year. play thill all year , then with first pick u will know if it should be barkley or keep thill and trade pick. let thomas and miller play a lot cause bush is gone as a free agent.release nanee and play the young wrs.

YG check all of the passes he had batted. The receivers were running short slants meaning they broke into the slant within 3 yards. One of them was started at the line, never ran straight before cutting just immediately into the slant. Sherman thought those lanes would be open because he figured the dlinemen would be charging the o-line. When they saw a slot receiver on their side they simply held the line and waited for Tannehill to throw so they could bat it.

He threw those balls on a 3 step drop, 1,2,3 out. That's way too quick for a pump fake to be effective. I agree with you about the pump fake, it's an awesome tool for a QB to use, but I don't think that was the main problem and the situation didn't allow for that. Sherman needs to stop babying Tannehill and open it up more. Get into more 5 step drops and shotgun plays when throwing the ball. They're too worried about him getting sacked for some reason. Manning was sacked 5 times a game in his first season it seemed. a sack is just a lost down, who cares, stop babying him, let him open it up.

If you want to baby the f***ing kid put him back on the bench where he probably should have started the season anyway!

Tannehill had the same problem with tipped passes in college. He needs to change his delivery to correct it and that cant be done during the season.


I have been a Fins fan for over 30 years. I understand the frustrations are generated by more than 10 years of poor play, poor coaching, poor player selection and poor win/loss record. I too am FRUSTRATED.

But...I am also REALISTIC.

We have a new HC, OC, DC, new 4-3 scheme, new West Coast Offense, new Rookie QB, etc, etc, etc.

Posted by: jpao | September 10, 2012 at 10:49 AM


This is the same ole damn argument we have been using for over 10yrs now. Every 3-4yrs this happens because no one gets it right. Cameron only lasted 1 season.

How many times have dolfans suffered thru "everything's new have patience" chant?Dolfan have discovered evrything's new usually means same ole bullshyte.

Clue...really you need to catch one...

You are living in fantasy land. One where the GM could easily land a starter with every draft and free agent selection. One where a starting QB plays error free. One where every problem an NFL team faces is easily resolved by idiots like yourself who have never played the game of football let alone know how to run a NFL team. One where your crying will lead to anything positive.

Really...the big girl panties...put'em on!

We cant start rebuilding while Ireland is still destructing.

jpao = village idiot


That's ridiculous. Reason being, every single wr wasnt running a slant, that crazy offensive design. Plus the qb gets to check off different plays at the line based on defensive alignment he sees.

Its more sensible to believ the prom lies in Tannehill's release point or needs to pump fake. I clearl saw Peyton Manning pump fake on a few passes because d-linemen jumped up to swat a pass.

Pump faking helps to stop that, not play calling.

Yesterday's Gone,

I have seen your posts for years here....I think you have a good strong understanding of this team. I really do.

WE both agree that this 'story' is an old one. But you and I know that it is REALITY. Nobody turns over coaches, systems, players this many times and wins immeidately.

Fans (like Clue and many others) cry for change after each loss. Ticket sales drop and the Owners (not just Ross) make drastic changes too quickly. This creates instability and a constant state of rebuilding.

It's extermely frustrating. It is for me, you and every other Fins fan. But it's the reality of this team (in the past and now).

So what do we do about it? Cry, whine, complain. Or do we put our passion into supporting the new coaching staff, and the new QB?

I vote for supporting the team versus crying.

That's all that I am saying here.


The same as last year -

A very good front 7 and suspect secondary.

A very good running game but suspect passing game.

The only way the Fins improve significantly this year is if Tanny improves significantly this year.

I believe he will, game after game. We'll see how fast that development comes. I'm rootin for him.

Make no mistake. This years D has regressed. Everything has regressed to the point of a franchise team.

We need divine intervention to get this team fixed.

We have a new HC, OC, DC, new 4-3 scheme, new West Coast Offense, new Rookie QB, etc, etc, etc.
Posted by: jpao | September 10, 2012 at 10:49 AM


This is the same ole damn argument we have been using for over 10yrs now. Every 3-4yrs this happens because no one gets it right. Cameron only lasted 1 season.

Exactly right YG and this is why all of our outrage should be directed at Ireland whop is now rebuilding the team for the second time in his 5 years here.

LMAO who has ever heard of that?! What GM on this planet helps build a team and then has to rebuild it one year after it was supposed to have already been built?! The only reason he still has his job is because he jedi mind tricked Ross into believing he could do it better without Tony and Bill in his ear. If this team keeps losing Ross is going to fire this guy quick, he had better.

And I have a feeling, a hunch, that Philbin is looking long term here. He probably realizes that it's 50/50 for him if Ireland gets fired right? Owner might not trust him enough to let him pick a GM that will work his system. And yet he STILL is cutting all of Ireland's players!lol Hell the 3rd and 4th round picks were inactive! And he's cut most of the people Jeff signed it seems. It feels like Philbin is saying to himself, "I know I may lose my job if Jeff gets fired but I would rather take that chance than to have to work with this putz for one more year"!

im all about giving philbin a chance, but lets be honest dont become attached because i think ross will finally fire ireland after season and new gm will want his own coach. so im guessing ireland and philbin will be gone


Like Bill connors said...

The score dictated the way the Texans played the 2nd half....

They knew with their D (or our O)...that we didn't have a prayer of comming back UNLESS they had some kind of melt down similiar to the one had...

So there was no reason to score....

They ran the ball...Ran the clock...and took shots when they wanted to...nothing risky....

jpao our team might stink but you nailed it with this clue kid. The crying is annoying.

That is worst case scenario in the most literal sense @11:07....



The greatest disappointing decision of all was making JJ hc. We all knew he could spot defensive talent. But he stuck around and hire an offensive guru, we would be in far better shape today. Perhaps even won at least 1 sb.

But JJ's primary mission seemed to be to knock Shula from the throne. It wasnt a secret the two never cared much for the other and Miami just wasnt big enough for the both of them. So after accomplishing his seemingly primary mission to dethrone Shula JJ scatted after only 3 season.

And the avalanche in which we have yet to recover. Begins under the watch of Wannstadt. After the ouster of Wannstadt, its been nothing but one terrible top of the franchise decision after the other. Hence we still have yet to recover from the ouster of Wannstadt and cowardly run away from it all decision by JJ.

Craig M and Dashi are dumb and dumber. Heisman winner RG3 will never be a bust! And Ireland did say there is no difference between him and Tannehill. Tanny has tunnel vision which is why all his balls are batted down. He had more batted passedin College than Russell Willson who is 5'9". Dashi should tell Dashi to shut up, he makes no sense.

Tannehill is worse then Henne!

Cam Philbin has no clue.

YG I'm not conceding to you as the truth probably falls somewhere in the middle. And every player wasn't running a slant but most of Tannehills batted balls came on the 3 step drop and quick release. These were plays designed to get the ball out quick based on the looks the defense was giving him. He saw heavy pass rush so he stuck with the play called and his hot reads were the guys running the short patterns. So if your play is about getting the ball out quick you don't have time to go through 5 reads after the ball is snapped. You make your reads at the line of scrimmage pre snap.

You say it's not the play calling at all yet Tannehill had the same coordinator, same offense, and same problems in college. Surely it's not as simple as a pump fake.

Bill use ur brain. 30+ carries 80 yds!!!

The Texans were going to run the football but it didn't work.

And we stopped them on 3rd Down.

Thill lost the game the last 6 minutes of the 1st half.


The Defense can't stop anybody on 3rd DOWN!!!

Keys to the f'n game!!

Oh and BallLover sucks and naanee should be cut!! Today!!


YG, Ur right on that Dan Marino better have a talk with him quick about the shoulder shake!! And how to be the most elusive man in the pocket. Dashi is telling u the man can do more on 1 foot than most can do with 2.

Marino was like a White Liger in the Pocket!!

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