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Defense didn't exactly plug the leaks

HOUSTON -- One of the more intriguing things coming out of Sunday's 30-10 loss to Houston was that the home team really didn't play that well and still won by 20 points. Obviously the Dolphins turnovers had a huge part in that, but can you imagine if Houston had been firing on all the proverbial cylinders under its proverbial hood?

As I mentioned in my column in Monday's newspaper, some of the defensive players after the game were talking as if the unit had played fairly well. And yes, there were instances, particularly early on, when the defense was up to the challenge of stopping Houston.

But what I heard suggested good work throughout.

“It’s the same old same old for me. We got a lot of tough guys, a lot of guys that can make plays all over the field," Cameron Wake said of the unit. "We know what we can do day in, and day out. We go at it in practice. I’ve seen what these guys can do. You just gotta go out there and execute and do our best to get the ball."

Wake and his teammates had their chances to be heroes when they were put in crisis situations after four consecutive Miami series ended in turnovers before halftime.

"That’s football," Wake said. "That’s the way the cards are dealt and you’ve gotta play your hand. As a defense, we’ve gotta go out there, regardless of where the ball is. They throw the ball in, and it’s on the one that’s an opportunity for us to keep them out, that’s an opportunity for us to get a turnover, an opportunity for us to do a lot of different things. That’s the mindset you’ve gotta have. You can’t go out there, ‘Oh man, they’re on the one yard line, what are we gonna do?’ We’re gonna stop them. That’s the way we go into each game."

Um, except that didn't happen. The offense gave the ball up four times on turnovers and four times the Texans offense converted points against Miami's D. Three of those times the Texans got the ball at their 46, Miami's 27, and Miami's 31 ... and converted touchdowns each time.

So what's this about 'we're gonna stop them?"

Yes, the Miami offense put the defense in a terrible hole. But the defense didn't exactly dig itself out. Those are simply the facts.


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The sky fell when Parcells left. The team gets worse almost daily.


Ive been posting, after watching Lamarr Miller's college highlights, he has speed but doesnt have "burst". You need burst to be a premium nfl rb. Gimme a rb with burst over speed and I'll take him 1st all day.

Ireland led us to believe Miller was a 3rd rd steal. If he really was he damn for sure would not have been on the inactive list yesterday. Philbin knows he has no burst too, and didnt feel comfortable he could make a meaningful contribution yesterday(inactive).


On a 3 step drop quick release pass, probably would help if the line chops his man. Makes a d'lineman think twice about jumping when the olineman goes for his knees. LOL

the RG3 talk is pure stupidity!!!! the skins gave up more than we ever could!! 3 1st a 2nd and a couple other picks. AND they picked 2 picks ahead of us!! just give it up!!!

sporano's team also got and int for TD and kick return. and plenty of bills turnovers!!! the jets also have an elite defense. i'm no where near ready to call tony's offense a success!!!

Mill I don't know about those guys being dumb, but I do know this. The MIAMI DOLPHINS DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH COMPENSATION TO TRADE FOR RG3.

Whether or not Ireland thought RG3 was better or worse than Tannehill is irrelevant. The guy is a moron, very few with a brain could argue that.

The bigger point is that even if we had Jesus Christ as a GM he wouldn't have been able to swing a trade for the second pick because ALL of the other teams that wanted to trade up had more to give than us. Do you think Washington was going to say no to better compensation just because they should have been nice about it?

This point has got to stop being made because it makes people look like ignorant fans. Just stop already with the RG3 stuff. The kid is a great player and it will be fun watching him play. Stop making things up in the meantime, we had no shot at him.

"The sky fell when Parcells left. The team gets worse almost daily."

He was still here for two years as the team got worse every year from 11-5. He was here while it was getting worse. BILL PARCELLS IS THE WORST OFFENDER of all in this mess. He is the guy that hired all of the guys who helped him ruin this team. He should be held responsible at the highest level. Parcells trusted these guys were good nfl people and he was dead wrong, even after working with the guys for years. Number one idiot so please stop with the "Parcells pass" you're embarrassing Dolphins fans.


My RG3 argument has never been that we didnt get RG3. Ireland never even "TRIED"!

Especiall with Baylor being his alma matter, Ireland should have at least showed he had great interest by at least entering the bidding for RG3's services.

I would have respected Ireland more today had even tried to move up for RG3 by at least making an offer. He did zilch.

just sit back and hope thill develops. we know with almost 100 percent that we will get first pick. so if thill sucks all year with no signs of improvement u take barkley. if he gets better and better u can deal the pick for a ransom. hopefully the new gm will be a lot brighter than ireland

The Defense was better than I expected. They kept them in the game till the INT's and the fumble basically gave the game away. The pass rush is not where it needs to be. The secondary still has open TE's running wild. They need better Safeties they need another pass rusher, they need a LB that can cover a TE.

YG AT 11:22 EXACTLY! I'm not saying none of this is Tannehills fault but it's definitely fixable. And there are a number of ways you can fix it. You just found another one. Maybe not chop blocks (lol) but definitely get in the guys face and don't let him jump. Or you could sit there and file your nails like Martin and just hope for the best.

Are we ever going to cut ties with Fasano or are they planning on retiring his number in the ring? At least can we go after an upgrade and make him the #2 he has always been?!

The freakin guy had a false start penalty in the redzone that killed a nice drive. Is this guy a rookie? He was the only one who moved! UNNACCEPTABLE! I'm so sick of Fasanos mental mistakes.


The thing about Tanny getting passes batted isnt just going away. Next week's opponent watches the film and will instruct thier dlimen to jump and gety thier hands in the air too. Dolphins better have this problem solved by next week. Because after watching the film Raiders dlinemen will be salivating at the opportunity to bat down passes for picks too.

Believe this!



It has finally come back to Ireland. Once NFL.com starts reporting it, you can figure the Sunday pundits will start talking about it and Ross will be forced to FINALLY act!

Should be no surprise how the game unfolded...the Dolphins have played this way for many years...new players, different coaches, different ownership hasn't changed much in Miami. Look at this note...not surprise concerning the interceptions either:

The most disturbing part was the recurrence of a problem Tannehill had at Texas A&M. According to Stats LLC, Tannehill was intercepted eight times last season on tipped/deflected passes. Two of Tannehill’s turnovers Sunday came in such fashion when defensive end J.J. Watt got a mitt on throws at the line of scrimmage.

The entire organization needs to go through some mental cleansing - get rid of the we can't win mentality...and believe!

Okay YG I see your point there. He didn't try and you have a right to be upset by that. Maybe he knew he didn't have a shot in hell or maybe he just didn't think RG3 was good. And knowing how stupid Jeff is it's probably the latter. At the end of the day we would have never been able to get him but I don't blame you for being mad that he didn't try.


I think the Dolphins are planning a "ring of dishonor" right after Fasano retires a fin. That's why thier keeping him around to become the first inductee.


Did you SEE Martin take the play off...or are you just speculating....

I'm curious....

Tipped passes ASIDE...

Tanne easily could have thrown 2-3 picks that were drops by the Texans...

Right before the 1st CLEAN INT....Tanne threw a dangerous pass on the left side line that made me comment...that he needed to be careful with the ball....

Lucky to win at all. Team should be disbanded. Move to LA and start over.

Watched the whole game. Watched parts again this morning. Martin never gets a real push on his guy when the slant is coming off the right. The dlinemen sits on it and Martin weakly pushes him back, when he got him back he let up on his hands allowing the guy to get up in the air.

Look, if you and I were standing nose to nose, with your job being to put your hands up and jump in the air and my job being to stop you from doing all of that who do you think wins? Switch it around, I have to jump and your stopping me, same thing. The guy jumping is off balance and can be pushed right to the ground, it's not a penalty, you're still blocking. The objective is to get the guy on the ground.

If that guy is able to jump in the air than yes, the offensive linemen is taking the play off in my opinion.


Here' the nfl.com story guys:

Report: Dolphins' Ireland Could Be In 'Serious Trouble'

Life is all about expectations. The outside football world doesn't expect much of the 2012 Miami Dolphins. We predicted they would go 3-13, and their opening day meltdown didn't change our minds.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is aiming higher. He said he expects to make the playoffs. If that doesn't happen, changes could be on the way.

A "friend" of Ross' told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that general manager Jeff Ireland will be in "serious trouble" if the Dolphins don't have a winning record this year. Ross reportedly doesn't have "blind faith" in Ireland. Another source said that Ireland would probably not survive the season if the Dolphins went 5-11. After all, Ireland's roster doesn't seem to be getting any better.

These are the same sort of friends of Ross who whispered to The Herald about Tony Sparano's job security last season. They were right, although they also helped poison the Miami season before it started. We've only played game, folks. These kind of articles in a local paper are a little ridiculous this early.

Ross might need new friends and a new general manager.

My deal is why the hell did it take so long for Ross to even come close to this solution? Maybe Philbin has told him the talent on this team is absolutely terrible.

Phins 78...

Did you fall of the earth...you were posting quite regularly there...for about 10-15 min...

Kris it was 7 minutes in between my posts give me a break! :) I'm trying to write up a proposal here while talking! Sheesh, gotta get SOME work done ;)

this is a bad, bad football team.lol

If Ross expects a winning record this season Jeff Ireland should be "GOD AS GONE"!

I'm so happy about that prospect I have tears in my eyes right now!!!!!!!!!

Phins 78...

saw your post....and I wasn't trying to nail you to a statement...

I really can't recall what the OL was doing....I hope NFLN puts us on REWIND so I can watch it with a more critical eye...

but I wasn't trying to play gotcha....

my apologies if you thought that's what it was....

Fool who Dashi will not Name.

Dashi has been explaining the reason the 6'4 guy is throwing like a Midget!!

T-Hill Is Side Arming his Short Passes(Football comes out Shoulder Height). All Short Passes have to have a high Release Point. Full-arm Extended above his Head Throwing the ball Down. T-hill will be releasing the ball close to 9 ft. A little Harder to block.

Look at the 2nd half, T-hill didn't throw a pick. He Picked his Hands Up on short passes!!

Yeah the Pump Fake and the Cut Blocks might Work, even changing his Drops will Help. But T-hill's Real problem at the end of the Day comes on Short Arming Short Throws!! Mechanics and Tricks of the Trade(Pump Fake, Dashi has noticed this to).

T-Hill and Marino need to have a Sit Down!!!

Mando and u boys on the Staff gas up one or the other to have a sit down. Teach him the Division, Teach him the Fake, Pocket Presence.


ireland will be gone in january. philbin a month later when new gm decides on him

YG I'm tellin yaaaaaaaa,,, hahaha I'm saying and thinking the same exact thing ! And have been since I saw Ross in an interview almost squirm out of his chair when asked about Irelands job security. And he said "I'm standing behind him,,,right now". That was the nail in the coffin. Win now or your gone, cut and dry.

I am so excited to read that news! And I do believe Philbin might have something to do with it. If he hasn't talked to Ross about it Ross can see it in his actions. He thinks very little of Jeffs players, VERY LITTLE.

Agree Dashi...

The ball was comming out @ the shoulder....instead of an over-the-top motion....

Seems like something Philbin and company would have been working on since draft day...

anyway...they got to fix it...to Henne like for me...

jets lite it up. wtf?

How about getting Lane more involved..pound it down and add in Bush..then a little Miller time....best way to keep the defense from jumping and deflecting passes is when they are creamed in the gut by a 260 pound boulder!

Phins 78...

Philbin is cutting Ireland's guys like a hot knife thru butter....

0-16 is lookin' clearer 2day than it did on sat.

A 3rd(Miller) and 4th rd(Egnew) rd pick on the inactive list. Thats unacceptable. Plus Philbin had to cut some previous Ireland picks.

Hopefully, Ross has sat down with Philbin and Philbin has told him how awful most of the talent Ireland has brought in is. If Ireland's fired, I can guarantee you guys this is his first and last nfl gm gigh.

Sorry Poizen @ 11:49...

Oh no biggy Kris. It's okay even if you were, I'm not above being called out. :)

Gotta go guys, thanks for the good conversation.

db, the other way around. 3 eggdrop and 4 miller.





The reason people talk about other players on here is because with a team that RARELY gets in the Playoffs, all you have as a fan (thank God) to feel good about is your fantasy team. And guess what, I have RG3. So I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

But, the others are right, we have Ryan Tannehill. And in REAL life, he's my guy, I have faith in him. I think he can be a good QB. I'm NOT surprised we lost to Houston. I AM encouraged by a lot that I saw out there. He's some that hasn't been mentioned:

- We scored a TD ON SPECIAL TEAMS!!! That's not something we saw in the past, except TO us.

- First quarter (maybe beginning of 2nd), we were called for a penalty or something, and got ourselves in 2nd and 20 (on our side of the field). Instead of running on 2nd, and getting minimal yardage (like previous OCs would have done), we ran 2 plays that COULD HAVE gotten the first (I think we did, but that's not my point). The first, Davone Bess got 9 yards, and I can't remember the 2nd play. Point is, WE'RE PLAYING TO WIN.

- On one of the plays in their redzone, it was 4th down. We were down 20 or 27-3 I think. Philbin WENT FOR IT. Sparano would have kicked a field goal for some sort of "feel good" moment. We didn't make it, but that was the right call.

- 6 mins left in the game, we're down lots of points, defense gets a stop. PHILBIN CALLS A TIMEOUT. PERFECT usage of a TO by the HC (and he had plenty to spare because he didn't waste them earlier).

- Our run defense is still stout. That's a good thing.

wow. u can c the tall midgets hand offs coming from a galaxy away. he's as bad as marino was.

Wasn't the case Phins 78...you know I would tell youi if it was :)

we have had enough man to man conversations....there is nothing personal between us....we just call it like we see it...

I honestly just wanted to know if that's what you saw....cause I value your opinion...and to be honest...I wasn't looking @ the OL on those plays...or the replays....

eggdrop = bm.

Ireland is the worst GM in football. The FA we could of had this past season.

Kelly Jennings
James Jones
Pieere Garcon
Reggie Wayne
Randy Moss
Braylon Edwards
Mario Williams

The team is void of talent at every position and on top of that dont want to spend money on any FA.

Again I say until Ireland is fired the Dolphins will be in the cellar.

kris u still saying 11-5,lol

Now I understand why Ireland wont admit to a rebuild. He cant, he would get fired. Well he doesnt have too. Close sources to Ross have leaked if the team doesnt have a winning record this year Ireland will be canned, possibly before the season even ends.

This is the greatest news in dolfan land in 5yrs!

LOL @ 11:56....

2 Watt is funny....

We bring in Anothny Armstrong in as a waiver wire pick up and hes active over Lamar Miller and Egnew. F Ireland!!

The laughingstock of the NFL. Thanks Ross.

Bill....until we lose the 6th game...it's 11-5 for me...

I know Craig left, but I wanted to agree with him on Legadu Nannee. While I believe that's another HORRIBLE move by Ireland, I also am stumped why Philbin isn't canning the guy. I mean, who CARES if he's a good character guy if that's ALL he is? If he's good on special teams, then make him that and start another WR. Nannee has ZERO talent that I've seen in camp and Pre-Season and Game 1 at the WR position. I believe Philbin needs to end this experiment right now.

Tannehill's incompetence keeps the D on the field all game. If Tanny was decent the D would get a rest.

wish that was true yg. but i honestly believe he will be fired in january. and new gm will have a ton of picks to work with, including the first pick in draft. like i said sad for philbin though cause new gm will def want his own coach

hey fruit cakes. at least the tall midget moves well enough in the pocket to be sexxxcessful.

Im out. Ireland's getting fired and you asssholes are talking dumbshyte.

If Ross expects a winning record he's TOTALLY INSANE!!!!!!

BTW my observations on Tannheill.

I understand it was his first game and he prob was nervous as heck. But right now hes a one read QB who locks in on his first read and throws to the guy. He doesnt let plays develop at all nor does he examine the field. He's a long way from being a good pro QB. LONG WAYS...

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