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Defense didn't exactly plug the leaks

HOUSTON -- One of the more intriguing things coming out of Sunday's 30-10 loss to Houston was that the home team really didn't play that well and still won by 20 points. Obviously the Dolphins turnovers had a huge part in that, but can you imagine if Houston had been firing on all the proverbial cylinders under its proverbial hood?

As I mentioned in my column in Monday's newspaper, some of the defensive players after the game were talking as if the unit had played fairly well. And yes, there were instances, particularly early on, when the defense was up to the challenge of stopping Houston.

But what I heard suggested good work throughout.

“It’s the same old same old for me. We got a lot of tough guys, a lot of guys that can make plays all over the field," Cameron Wake said of the unit. "We know what we can do day in, and day out. We go at it in practice. I’ve seen what these guys can do. You just gotta go out there and execute and do our best to get the ball."

Wake and his teammates had their chances to be heroes when they were put in crisis situations after four consecutive Miami series ended in turnovers before halftime.

"That’s football," Wake said. "That’s the way the cards are dealt and you’ve gotta play your hand. As a defense, we’ve gotta go out there, regardless of where the ball is. They throw the ball in, and it’s on the one that’s an opportunity for us to keep them out, that’s an opportunity for us to get a turnover, an opportunity for us to do a lot of different things. That’s the mindset you’ve gotta have. You can’t go out there, ‘Oh man, they’re on the one yard line, what are we gonna do?’ We’re gonna stop them. That’s the way we go into each game."

Um, except that didn't happen. The offense gave the ball up four times on turnovers and four times the Texans offense converted points against Miami's D. Three of those times the Texans got the ball at their 46, Miami's 27, and Miami's 31 ... and converted touchdowns each time.

So what's this about 'we're gonna stop them?"

Yes, the Miami offense put the defense in a terrible hole. But the defense didn't exactly dig itself out. Those are simply the facts.


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If those turnovers in those locations had led to 3 field goals, I would have thought the defense did pretty well, if 2 field goals, excellent, if one field goal spectacular. But seeing as all three went in for touchdowns the defense did nothing, nada, zilch.


The primary point of this blog isnt that the defense is in itself highly problematice. Just seems, identically to the past, the defense seems to implode exactly during the same stretch the offense implodes.

Just like the offense yesterday, both units played thier worst ball during the 7min 2nd qtr collapse. That's all it took for the Texans to score 24 unanswered points. The game was lost by both units during this terrible stretch.

This organization is pure, unmitigated *GARBAGE*.


oscar. who is imo.?.

and yes the D sucks as always. turnovers were killer but D did not step up either. Where are our turnovers (our takeaways)? NONEXISTENT AS ALWAYS.


2 watt > jj watts.

Oscar is correct that it's on the coaching. Cam Philbin 1-15 is an unmitigated disaster. Watch.

Not only do we have to put up with a fuc-ing rookie QB in development but also with a fuc-ing rookie HC. WTH do you want of Us Fans!?

+/- on empty seats at the joe.?


Reall, Yesterday's Doofus, strength doesn't matter in the NFL, REALLY???

Fukk, you are dumber than shite.

When the o lineman has the bench press of a wide receiver, it is a problem, no matter how you cut it.

And FYI, the best counter to a bull rush is the o lineman's "punch" but to properly execute this, you need technique (as I think you tried to allude to in your retarded methods) AND POWER.

Now, go get your shine box or continue to suck cokk or whatever it is you do when you aren't posting here for 37 continuous hours because you obviously have nothing to add.


Armando loses a little more and little more football smarts every year.

It wasn't that the defense didn't dig us out.

It wasn't that the Texans started jittery and then got it together........Armando.

What it was, was all the 3 and outs from our offense and then the 4 turnovers. Take a look at TOP in the first half..........Duh! The defense got wore down.

Then the second half? Even worse. We had the ball for like a TOTAL of 3 minutes. That means our defense was on the field for basically 27!

Nice try Armando, now go back, regroup and mostly, PLEASE THINK before you write.

Sincerely Odin ;)

batted passes were 100% on the coaching. won't let him throw down the field vertically to keep D honest. 3 step drop slants on every play so D sits on it.

Tanne was fed to the lions.

you are stupid if you watched the game and don't understand this point.

Oronde Gadson was talking about it on the radio this morning. The D backs KNEW it was a 3 step drop quick slant.

YOu have to let him throw it down the field to keep the D honest. Even if WR doesn't come down with it, might be pass interference, even INT is like 45 yard punt.

throw 3 years then INT means other team gets it in your territory.

it's basic football.

the overhyped WCO as run by amateurs like Cam Philbin 1-15 is trash

We, are Nobody's fools down here. We know EXACTLY what you are trying to do, and Simply, we are not going to allow it.


Saying 70% of the loss is on coaching is a huge stretch of the imagination. 50% of every loss we suffer this season will be on lack of talent alone.

The other 40% is on Ireland for bringing and not adequately improving this scum. Then 10% can perhaps be blamed on coaching.

Yesterday I give that 10% blame to our dc for having Jimmy Wilson and Nolan Carroll in single coverage on Andre Johnson on those 2 big pass plays. One offense the coaches could only play what they had and any play called could have turned disaster at any moment with the talent thier working with.

I have punch.

more excuses.lmao.

where's dan henning?. sherman sux...

Personally i think Ryan did fine, im not excepting a winning season anyways, but i think Ryan looks very promising.

doc holiday,

Who the hell was Tannehill going to throw deep down field to these awful recievers cant separate. By the time they do get open the qb's being or in danger of being sacked.

a qb has 3.5 seconds to get rid of the ball. We have recievers that need 4 seconds to get open. Do the math.

Personally i think Ryan did fine, im not excepting a winning season anyways, but i think Ryan looks very promising.


How many times? Talent nowadays is pretty even among the Teams. The rest is Coaching.

Good point, YG @ 1:23. I don't think 70% of the blame falls on coaching either. But you do have to ask who brought in Jimmy Wilson and Nolan Carroll and who ultimately dumped Davis? Ireland. It still goes back to him. He may be working in tandem with Philbin on roster choices, but when you give Philbin with little to work with, coaching alone cannot solve this mess.

How the heck do we draft a OL that weighs 330 plus and can only bench 225 19 times. I gurantee you Reggie Bush can put up 225 more than 19 times and hes weighs less than that. Ireland strikes again. This kid will get bull rushed to death.

I went back this AM and looked at (TiVo) the game. Fast forward/stop/slo-mo every one of Tannehill's throws.

He does drop his (scouting report) elbow but it's more than that. His cocking motion starts out almost as a side arm but ball comes back toward head...pretty wierd if you look at it in slo-mo. As a result, ball comes out low.

But there's more to it. I noticed (3 step drop Phins78, you're right) that Tannehill was so close to the line, it wouldn't have made much difference anyway.

What I can't understand is why Sherman (once he saw what Hous. was doing) change to a 5 step or roll Tannehill out. On top of that, Tannehill did not try to move around in the pocket.

NFL QBs have all kinds of throwing motions, some are down right ugly and yet the ball gets there. Tannehill could use some coaching in the throwing motion department but that's off season stuff. Right now, Sherman could help him more with better play calls.

Ireland will be fired by the end of this week.


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 10, 2012 at 01:22 PM

Wow! Lol!

I'm just going to assume you're alot like me in that when the Phin lose, you get...........Upset........shall we say?



Tannehills throwing motion leads to lots of tipped passes. It did in college also. Surprised no one on the Dolphins saw this before the draft.


I dont know why you guys are harping on playcalling. Guess everyone just sort of got used to saying that during the Henning era and automically parrot back to it.

Guess what? Tannehill has the freedom to check off to any play in the playbook, dependant on what the defense is doing at the line of scrimmage. It aint play calling by the oc. If there's a problem with play calling its the plays "TANNEHILL" is checking into at the line.

As a variant, yes

Henne didnt have the luxury of checking out of plays at line under Henning. Tannehill has been given that latitude under this oc.

Will you guys please stop parroting the same old it's play calling by the oc bs. This qb has latitude to ckeck out of plays.

Yes clueless, you loft the ball down the field EVEN IF the WR is not wide open. Let him battle for it. Might get a pass interference call. Might actually catch it. Might get incomplete. INT is like a punt anyway. YOu have to TRY to stretch the field no matter what with whatever players you have.

You can't just say "our WRs suck" and throw 3 yard slants all game, because the D sits on that.

As a variant, yes

Posted by: moltmolt icons | September 10, 2012 at 01:49 PM

Variant my asss! Tannehill know Sherman's full playbook. It aint like he had to come in and learn it. Im sure Sherman knows Tannehill can dial into any play neccessary.

Now, all of the other players may not be fully 100% up to speed with everything in Sherman's playbook quite yet. That also effects exactly what can be called.

yesterdays gone, you mean the reskins have players that can catch, block, run, pass. I thought that was the idea of a nfl team, someone needs to tell the dullfins!

Some good and obviously some bad...that is what should be expected. Game was manageable until Thomas fumbled, starting to think he is a bum....

Tannehill made some great throws, throws only solid QB's make, even the announcers said they were impressed with him coming back hard in the 2nd half. Let's give him a little time to get his feet wet before we say what most are saying here

D was ok, but was put in terrible position the last 7 minutes of the half

Remember, Houston is supposed to be SB Team, and up until the 7minute disaster we pretty much controlled the game...

When you take all things into consideration, the defense didn't play well enough. But it had nothing to do with "Digging Anything or Anybody Out". The offense completely buried ITSELF just fine, Thank You.

What it amounted to on defense, is the same thing it's amounted to for years here. All the way back to the Wanny era. Time of possesion, 3 and outs and the turnovers aside, the defense coudn't get off the field on crucial 3rd down situation.

It's the same old, same old. They did decent on down and distances. Consistently forcing the Texans into 3rd down situations. And THATS where we got exposed on defense. Regardless of what the offense did, we got our a sses handed to us on 3rd downs.

No coincidence that those are our biggest question marks and area of need. A legit nickle corner, coverage linebacker and free safety play, to name a few.

So I beleieve the defense played decent. But just like the past 10 years, key breakdowns in key situations.

It is what it is. We have to find the right combination of players to correct it, or it only gets worse. Good OC's are going to see it and they will be trying to exploit it.

Better do something quick Mr. Coyle cause Oaklands coming up fast.

Its not just the 30-10 blowout. Should be 30-3 but that's another story.

ITS EVERYTHING THAT LED UP TO THAT BLOWOUT! Its not just one or two things. Its everything!

All the way back to picking a practice squad QB at #8.

Getting rid of bell,
getting rid of marshall,
getting rid of ocho before his day in court,
the cap fiasco,
getting rid of VD,
messing around with wakes contract,
flynn, manning, fischer, harbaugh,
absolutely horrible offseason with FA's
we are not rebuilding, (ireland)
we are a playoff team, (ross)
retiring Ryans jersey, (ross)
a young don shula. (ross)
I just didn't see a difference between RG3 and RT.



Talent in the nfl is even? Are you fvcking kidding yourself? Usain Bolt, fastest man on the planet, would probably be a complete dud as an nfl wr. Talent's a big part of it, but its far more than just talent alone.

In the nfl, real talent is defined as physical, mental, desire, heart, and true love for the game. This is true aptitude for the game and the foundation for the greats. Lacking the least of these, a player loses a certain edge of sharpness.

There're an awful lot of unemployed players, no matter the sport who just have physical talent alone.

Tannehill runs the 'Prevent Offense".

Doc Hooliday @ 1:53,


I wanted to just leave it at that, but I'm a blabber mouth, what can I say. Excellent post, point and everything else.

It amazes me how many people don't get the concept! I don't mean just us fans either. IT SEEMS there are all kinds of Coaches at the NFL level that are probably AWARE of this, but for whatever reasons, don't employ it. Fear Maybe?

Who knows. But you HAVE to do it occasionally or you're just making things tougher on your team and yourself.

Nice Post ;)


ABOUT 36,000 ....PER WEEK ...................

I asked a few days ago what the narrative will be if we get blown out.

Well behold, here is the new narrative.

Tannehill is the silver lining in the cloud.

LOL!!! TANNEHILL IS THE DAMN EYE OF THE STORM. He is no silver lining.

The Shame Is:

There are many players on the team that will tell you Bush is the hardest worker. He's always still on the field as "EVERYONE ELSE" is headed for the showers.

DUHH... Why arent these idiots staying out on the field for some extra "self-motivated" working out too?




The only silver lining Ryan brings to this team is his wife. That's damn it.

As Armando reported weeks ago, this team is among the bottom 5 teams in cap space. And this is what we have to show for all that expenditure? Ross: Ireland is bleeding you with a bunch of acorns. Stop defending him!

FYI homers...

If you been around the block like I have and left your momma's basement sometimes, you might realize this...


Sometimes its just a cat 5 hurricane named Hurricane Ireland. Until that hurricane passes, I wouldn't expect any silver linings.

trade ireland 4 plaxico

Always believed it was too high a gamble at 8th overall for a qb with only 25 starts. Not to mention he would have been a 2nd rd pick had Barkley and Jones come out.

St6ill I believe Tannehill has huge upside. But funny thing about upside and professional sports is, "on many occassions upside never pans out". That's why its more clever to draft guys that are already as close to the "REAL THING" as possible.

Upside is just another word for, "Its possible we can get really really lucky". On the flip side it also means, "potentially screwing up really really terribly". You draft ghuys with HUGE UPSIDE lower not higher.

Doc Holliday,

In regards to just Lofting the ball down the field.

I would do it on 2nd down and 5 or less to go. On 2nd and 5 or less DC's can't be sure if it's going to be run or pass. They can't just set back or insert a nickle corner, like they do on 3rd downs.

2nd and 5 or less forces them to guess. And I think thats the "Prefered" time to tryo out the concept-LOL!

Even if the intecept it, they HAVE TO RESPECT IT!

Again, Nice Post ;)

Aloco, Are you saying oscar is "FLIP-FLOPPING" Ala YG/DB ??


I beg to differ, we do have something to show for being a bottom 5 nfl cap space team. We have a bottom 5 nfl roster.

All of Ireland's hard work of making us a bottom 5 cap team wasnt for nothing. I take that back, exactly what we've gotten is virtually nothing.

muerto el perro se acabo la rabia

Tannehill deserves some patience. Both the Manning brothers sucked donkey balls in their rookie year. But coming into a season with no real WR and TE weapons and an OL still problematic after all these years are unforgivable - especially when the whole sales pitch this year has been about a faster, more dynamic offense. Obviously Ireland never read the memo.

Hey All, As expected, disasster against the Texans. Unbelievable a 6'4 QB cant throw over a D line. Tanny has a lot of work to do. Daniel Thomas got friggin popped. Incognito killed Cushing, I thought that was epic greatness!.

I like Thigpen returning the ball, Flatline showed heart and can get Hartline back for a week.

Bush looked good. But the 2nd quarter meltdown was terrible!

I defended and supported Philbin. But he did look lost on the sideline to me. He did not know what to do or make a play, Sporano esque he made the typical "Someone Make a Play" comment all game. I still think he will be a very good head coach, but this last game, he did look like a deer in headlights with Tanny.

Overall, I hated the game but expected the outcome. the next 5 games are at least winnable if we play well, so we will see.

Ok, lets loft the ball 50yds downfield, it gets picked, and the db returns it at least 30yds before brought dowm.

How's that like a punt? 50yds - 30yds = 20yds

Meaning it would be like Fields shanking a punt 20yd downfield. Not only are we risking pick six, but also risking 30yds of field position on each pick.

In your brilliant football minds you guys forgot all about "SIMPLE MATHEMATICS". That is important you know.

Dolphins to beat the Raiders next week huh? I guess if we tie every Oakland players ankles together on the field we might win 6-O.
How anyone can see any bright spots in that woeful performance on Sunday amazes me.

what's up with Egnew?
How can you draft a TE on a team so devoid of talent in the 3rd round and he's so awful that he's inactive. Where was Clay? - everyone thought he'd be the breakout player for us? Did he even get any snaps?

I get we don't have any WRs so Clay Bush, Miller have to be involved int he passing game.


If you were hc, you would have looked lost to, knowing all you had to replace Tannehill with was Matt Moore. Tanny had a 39 preseason qb rating against 2nd-3rd team "preseason defenses". Tanny had a 39 qb rating against the 3rd ranked 1st team defense in all of football last year.

Plus, pulling Tanny at that point only ensures him to fall more into the bust category because the kid may have totally lost all confidence in himself. Philbin did the right thing by showing confidence to fight thru it even though it for the worst.

Last thing on earth you want you 8th overall pick qb to do is lose total confidence in himself after only game one. Yanking him nearly guaranteed that.

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