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Defense didn't exactly plug the leaks

HOUSTON -- One of the more intriguing things coming out of Sunday's 30-10 loss to Houston was that the home team really didn't play that well and still won by 20 points. Obviously the Dolphins turnovers had a huge part in that, but can you imagine if Houston had been firing on all the proverbial cylinders under its proverbial hood?

As I mentioned in my column in Monday's newspaper, some of the defensive players after the game were talking as if the unit had played fairly well. And yes, there were instances, particularly early on, when the defense was up to the challenge of stopping Houston.

But what I heard suggested good work throughout.

“It’s the same old same old for me. We got a lot of tough guys, a lot of guys that can make plays all over the field," Cameron Wake said of the unit. "We know what we can do day in, and day out. We go at it in practice. I’ve seen what these guys can do. You just gotta go out there and execute and do our best to get the ball."

Wake and his teammates had their chances to be heroes when they were put in crisis situations after four consecutive Miami series ended in turnovers before halftime.

"That’s football," Wake said. "That’s the way the cards are dealt and you’ve gotta play your hand. As a defense, we’ve gotta go out there, regardless of where the ball is. They throw the ball in, and it’s on the one that’s an opportunity for us to keep them out, that’s an opportunity for us to get a turnover, an opportunity for us to do a lot of different things. That’s the mindset you’ve gotta have. You can’t go out there, ‘Oh man, they’re on the one yard line, what are we gonna do?’ We’re gonna stop them. That’s the way we go into each game."

Um, except that didn't happen. The offense gave the ball up four times on turnovers and four times the Texans offense converted points against Miami's D. Three of those times the Texans got the ball at their 46, Miami's 27, and Miami's 31 ... and converted touchdowns each time.

So what's this about 'we're gonna stop them?"

Yes, the Miami offense put the defense in a terrible hole. But the defense didn't exactly dig itself out. Those are simply the facts.


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Poizen Really, Next 5 games are winnable?
What game did you watch yesterday?, I love the fins but come on man.
I said 5 and 11 is what I expected, Now I'am lowering it to 3 and 13.

Meant Matt Moore had a 39% preseason rating against virtually scrub players.

Had Matt Moore been in the game we lose 50-0!

YG, not letting Tannehill off the hook by any stretch. He should have realized what was happening at leat after the 2nd batted ball. But Sherman could have helped him. They tell me the QBs have a speaker in their hemet these days.

Next 5 games are winnable? Are we assuming thier are 5 nfl gm's more horrible than Ireland at putting together a roster?

Please dont bet your house mortgage on it. LOL

no YG you dumbascdcses. picks off of bombs don't result in pick 6s.. the D back falls down when making the INT and no return.

pick 6s happen on short slants, actually.

learn football child

Should read, at least and helmet

And BTW, I dont blame the loose on Coach Philbin, I put it squarely where it belongs., Jeff (Idiot)Ireland, He created this group of players(80% wont even make any other teams rooster) I dont blame the players, they are what they are, I wont even blame the clueless owner, This is all IRELANDS fault.

If the next 5 games are winnable, we'll be lucky to have a 2-4 record by game 6. Like I said, "dont bet the house mortgage" on it!

he meant 2 say the next 5 r laughable.

Odins Blotted Liver,

You should probably drop your Jack Sparrow persona.

It's not generating any blog hits and sounding ridiculously redundant.

"Some How" everyone is "On To" you-AGAIN ;)

Cheers! Tally Ho!

Buh Bye Now!

Yesterdays Gone says:


The primary point of this blog isnt that the defense is in itself highly problematice. Just seems, identically to the past, the defense seems to implode exactly during the same stretch the offense implodes.

Just like the offense yesterday, both units played thier worst ball during the 7min 2nd qtr collapse. That's all it took for the Texans to score 24 unanswered points. The game was lost by both units during this terrible stretch.
Yesterdays Gone,

I'm sure imploding at the same time was well planned.
(sarcasm) This team has more problems than any of us thought. New offense and coordinatior, new defense and coordinator which may just be an issue of time for players to adapt or perhaps they implode together because both sides of the ball are still learning. Go to the root of the problem. Tannehill getting passes knocked down because he is telegraphing or looking where he will throw to early. Adjustments should be made by the coaches for a further drop back, tactics in blocking when a DL leaps etc....

Odin, I am not Mr.Sparrow(Way to nagative for me) But thanks for stopping by...:)

doc holiday,

What do consider a bomb? If its at least 50yds downfield and your reciever doesnt immediately make the tackle. Then the next guy that has an opportunity to make that tackle's at least 15yds away. If he doesnt have a direct angle he isnt going to make the tackle either.

So now the db has a full ahead of steam and is picking up some blocking. Deep bomb interceptions almost always end in the db picking up at least 3oyds. Its like a punt alright, a 20yd punt. But on your planet Im sure it doesnt work like that, so I'll give you a pass on stupid. OK? LOL

YG, when you throw it 50 yards down the field, here are the probabilities:

70% incompletion
8% completion for 50 yard gain
8% pass interference call for 50 yard gain
12% interception with no return...like a 50 yard punt with no return
2% INT with small return...like a punt
0% pick 6

YG do you watch football?

Pick 6s happen on short slant passes out wide that get jumped.

INTs on 50 yard throws down the field don't result in pick 6s since Prime Time Sanders retired and usually the intercepting DB falls down making the INT...no return.

doc holiday,

Your numbers assume its a good wr and he isnt playing against our db's. Or the completion percentage goes "WAY UP". Your number suggests a very good wr playing against a very good defense.

PS... There isnt a db in the nfl that needs to commit pass interfernce against our wr's. They never get that open. LOL

Throwing 50 yard passes when there is no one close to catch it doesn't make sense to me. Getting off in the weeds about non sense doesn't make sense either. How about block, how about throw, how about catch, how about run like a successful football team in the NFL. The blue print the Dolphins use hasn't worked yet.

Doc hopliday,

You gotta be CraigM with a troll name. Just like him you read what you wanna read and take the rest to twist the facts. My point never focused on pick 6's dork. Is the 30yds the db returns the ball back downfield. You gotta be Craigm, Same old dorky dufus comprehension and twisting of comments.

Goodbye CraigM dorky. LOL

In your brilliant football minds you guys forgot all about "SIMPLE MATHEMATICS". That is important you know.
Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 10, 2012 at 02:26 PM

Ah Nope Eistein, WRONG AGAIN!

YOU introduced a very favorable variable "A 30 yard return", and proceeded along with a fantasy.

How hard is it to set up a straw man argument and knock it down? You ARE the Tough Guy aren't you?

So ah, lets say he catches it and goes to the ground?

Ah, what then? My surmised variable blows your surmised variable right out of the water, now doesn't it.

We're not saying as a steadfast rule. I mean you talk as if the play is designed to supplement a punt! God Dammit stay with me. The play is designed to get a TD or draw a pass interference.

Now, CAN it BE intercepted and returned for TD? Of course. And Monkey's Might Fly Out Of My But TOO!

Just Kidding YG........Just Kidding..........

PS: Quit screwing up my.........stories.......with.........stuff........LOL!

Rome wasn't built in a day. Let's give Jeff Ireland another five years to straighten out this mess. Stability is what this team needs. If the Detroit Lions had been a little more patient with Matt Millen, they would be winning Super Bowls today. Anyhow, Jeff Ireland should be absolved of all the roster moves made when Bill Parcells was here, so any roster errors he has made in the last two years are just due to rookie inexperience. We need to look at Jeff Ireland as an acorn, who given time and fertilizer, will grow into a mighty oak, just like our Dolphins.

Just chuck a long bomb. Recievers struggling to catch short passes, struggle to get open short, you aint got a snowball's chance in hell of getting a pass interference call from a ref when he knows your wr cant cant get open and cant consistently catch either.

Good luck with that assinine fairytale theory. LOL


Just get hold of nfl tape of picks 40yds or more downfield. Its just like when the punter outkicks the coverage. Almost always leads to a great return.

Just how many times lately have you seen the dolphin wr make a tackle right after the pick? Seems its our recievers who are almost always first to fall to the ground. LOL

And BTW, I dont blame the loose on Coach Philbin, I put it squarely where it belongs., Jeff (Idiot)Ireland, He created this group of players(80% wont even make any other teams rooster) I dont blame the players, they are what they are, I wont even blame the clueless owner, This is all IRELANDS fault.

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver. | September 10, 2012 at 02:40 PM

LOL, Sad but a true statement, Though semi-incorrect, The real blame go's back to Huizinga, He was the true mastermind of this mess, I put him above all the true culprit of this mess.

Where is the news with this team today???

How bad is Daniel Thomas concussion & did he need to go to a hospital last night???

And secondly--how about signing an upgrade at WR??? I've got to believe that there's someone out there who is better than Naanee.

Just how many times lately have you seen the dolphin wr make a tackle right after the pick? Seems its our recievers who are almost always first to fall to the ground. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 10, 2012 at 03:04 PM

YG, Ted Ginn and family have been gone for 3 seasons now,Your statement is untrue.LOL

Old News Linc.

LOL, Sad but a true statement, Though semi-incorrect, The real blame go's back to Huizinga, He was the true mastermind of this mess, I put him above all the true culprit of this mess.


Actually not correct. There's no doubt in my mind that Ireland needs to be fired but there are MANY people to blame here. It goes all the way back to Huzienga buying the team & hiring JJ & then Wannstadt & then Saban & then Cameron & then Parcells with Sparano & Henning & our entire scouting & personnel department. And Ross needs to keep his decisions & searches under the radar better than he has.

It's time to flush everyone except the new coaching staff in place & the players who are going to be a part of the rebuilding. Ross paid a lot of money for this team & I think he should rebuild this franchise with people he hand picks & not with people he inherited.

The front office people need to go as well. Ross needs to clear the entire building & get all of the stink out. They haven't been a part of the solution so they must be a part of the problem. Out!!!

RB, Did you read my post??
If not read it again.

this is the wco?

New Post up

The receivers don't get open where is the seperation?
Egnew is a 3rd round pick and he's inactive is he that far behind on knowing the offense. Daniel Thomas was a 2nd round pick last year in fact they traded up to get him. These picks are players that have no business being on the roster or the coaching staff can't not develope them into being good players. Sparano had the same problem.

Mando wasn't scooped. He's not a real reporter . He just writes about what we all watched in the game. He doesn't "find" the real stories. Look at the other idiot that writes sports for this paper( Cote) he just puts up stupid polls. Did you like the game-- yes or no. Kinda like grade school stuff. But some idiot's actually paying them-- probably Ross.

Take al least a day before you post. Watching the game agian today and taking 90% of my emotion out of it (because I knew the score) I did see alot of good things. On Pouncey drillig d lineman through the whistle and to the GROUND... the AJ td catch on Smith was a vet wr use classic push off at the perfect moment and not get flagged for it. Yes there were even some good D moments and our young qb did better then given credit for take away the stats... Nothing good though on our wr's and yes I REALLY looked

The Dolphins have a decent defense but not a dominant one by any stretch. The defensive backfield is iffy, particularly the safeties who seem to be lost out there. They look confused a good part of the time and TEs have DESTROYED us FOR YEARS.
When the corners have decent coverage on receivers, they fail to turn around and play the ball and yesterday it happened over and over and over again... They have some very good players; Wake, Starks,Dansby but NOT dominant. They will beat someone but not the mid to high eschelon talent. They don't have enough talen on their team.

A lot of folks giving too much credit to the defense. Did they pay respectfully? Yes, at times? Were they exposed in the secondary and with the TE running freely over the middle? Without question.

Of course, the played like worldbeaters next to the offense, which is, yet again, offensive.

Unless things change quickly, this team is destined for the cellar.

I actually like Tannehill. I think he'll be fine but will have to take his lumps early; like he did yeaterday. Problem is, and I hate to see anyone's job in jeopardy, but the front office KNEW we didn't have a # 1 WR and did next to nothing to try and address this. The kid needs some talent around him and there is little faith in the front office here to get it done. We're stockpiling picks but the whiffing thats taken place on past drafts with the picks we've had, how can we trust the current regime? They also have GAPING HOLES at safety

Poizen is by far the most homerish homer of all time.

Clue... get one...

The next few games are "winable" However if we play like we did last night we will not win any.

Clue is the "homer" police. What he says is gospel.

Here's the problem and it's the same thing every year. The secondary is terrible. There are ALWAYS gaping holes for WR's on the other team to migrate into and catch the ball uncontested. Our WR's cannot get open. Our QB never has a clean shot on a one to one match up. Fix those two things and we compete with most teams.

Our defense did pretty good, stopping an elite team, when its first and 10 on our 30, against an ELITE team what are you going to do. When your defense has to go on the field 4x at that position for 4 turnovers what are you going to do.

I disagree with this column Texans looked demoralized 20 minutes into the game. After four turnovers it was the Dolphins that looked demoralized. However, the Defense did pretty good under that kind of assault.

Turnovers or not, this teams continue to be a field goal machine on offense like in sparano's time. Salguero, you can say whatever you want about Houston, if they were as bad as you claim they are, they should've never scored TD but FG. The Dolphins have never beaten them !
You should start commenting grass hockey or something like that pal. You suck as football reporter..

Really, Mondo? Dolphin defense didnt play good, the real reason is lack of talent. Dolphins are about 4 million under the cap and have the worse talent base in the NFL. Now theres the problem, Mondo.

The Owner of this tean is looking to change the DOLPHIN
LOGO, great idea remove and replace with a garbage can sticking out Jef Ireland.

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