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Dolphins and Cardinals are scoreless going to second quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Ryan Tannehill is on target today. Davone Bess is on fire with multiple outstanding catches, including a 22 yard gain on a slant.

And the Dolphins are moving the football.

But the score is still 0-0 after one quarter here in the desert.

The Cardinals offense moved the ball their initial drive but was shut down on consecutive three-and-outs the next two possessions.

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This is the best I've seen Tannehill throw the ball so far this season. Seriously.

Lot of passes to the WR's today. Looks great

That's the one throw in the WC you need!

With our defense, Reggie Bush, and if Tanne develops during the season we could surprise some people.

That Jets loss hurt last week. Every game is important in a 16 game NFL season. I hope that home loss does not come back to hunt us later in the season.

The kid looks good

hartline has great hands.

D Thomas puzzie footing to the hole

Nice little confidence reconstruction for Dan Carpenter. Thirty-two yards. Bang!

Oh look, Carpenter can make a FG! Sporano is doing a fist pump right now becaues he didn't get to do any during his game!

Tanne impressive today. But gotta turn the redzone trips into 7pts. Fistpumps arent enough to take down this card offense.

A field goal is OK. This Cardinal defense is good also. It is going to be a physical game today. If we stay away from turnovers, we are going to have a chance in this one.

THill looks comfortable and his throws are on target, now if we give him a little running game to help the playaction this could be a good afternoon.

Good drive, still need a wr badly. Tannehill will progress quicker with someone to rely on.

The D cant allow Kolb to find a comfort zone. If this happens he'll pass for 450yds today.


Can you ask Ireland why we only have two WR's on the roster who can make a play??? Where's the 3rd & 4th option???

BTW--Clay got HAMMERED on that hit.

Hey we scored more than the jets already!


OK now stop them and get that ball back.

I predict 2 picks from Kolb when they give up run in 3 rd quarter. Dolphins win today 24 to 16.

Funny the AFC East will have all teams 2-2 end of the day.

Kolb hasnt went Fitzgeralds way much.. i figured theyd be picking on whichever corner is covering him

Screw Carpenter and his confidence, he has one friggin job to do and he sucked it up twice last week. He owes us a game, then I'll forgive him.

I agree with having thomas as the 2nd back early on, pound the arizona d and when they tire later on the speed of miller should be able to get us some good yards. At the minute though we are leaning on tanny a tad, hopefully this will lead to more room for the backs to get some yards and keep the cardinals D off balance

Nice job by Burnett!

Agreed. It is so obvious that Tanny trusts Hartline, Bess, Fasano, and absoluetly NOBODY else. Can't say I blame him.

Bush's knee must still have some soreness. He doesnt seem to have the usual explosiveness into the hole.

Jests got crushed 34-0, gonna love listening to the radio tomorrow morning :)

Thank Armando for Wake-ing the defense up with his article on the lack of sacks. Wake 3 sacks today. Come on D- this team is way better coached than last year.

I was thinking before this game, O-line had to be sharp today....not so much and if Philbin is what we all hope he is, will trade Long ASAP.

Tannehill looks like a real pro today....keep it up

Carpenter is still hooking

Wake keeps getting held but no flags.

Wake #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake never gets a call

Cameron Wake!!!!! YES!

I told you guys Wake going to have a monster game I say 4 sacks today!

How did the Cardinals beat the Patriots in New England? I guess anything can happen in the NFL.

2 sacks for Wake.

Our 3rd down defense looking real good so far!

Let's keep it up!

For those without broadcast got to firstrow.
Get app Skyfire and you can watch on iphone.


The Jets showed again today they are frauds they always are. We let them off the hook last week. Too bad....they're not a good football team.

Damn holding on the return! Was a nice return.

If I'mthe Dolphins I nurse this series along because I do not want a pick six from the 11 yard line.

With 2 sacks already, Im sure Cards will adjust thier ppass protect, they would be foolish not too.

Hey Armando,
Why does it take so long for the app to update?

The patriots don't have a o-line or d-line. Buffalo is even worst and they spent 100 mil on Luigi!


Tell me again how a guy who was drafted in the SIXTH round in Clay can be considered a bust. Seriously bud, do you even know what the definition of one is?

Thigpen is another good pick up by Ireland folks.

It's official!
We are going to win this game.
Az cannot beat a good team like us.
Everyone that doubted us and bet on AZ is feeling stupid and worried right now.
Go Tanne!

Bess breaking ankles!

These special teams penaltys cost us last week and damn if these guys are not learning from those mistakes last week. I put that on the coach.


That pass was great trust in Tanne by Sherman.

Bess is playing great today.


I'm going to diagree with you. Tannehill's in a rythmn. Don't change a thing and go into a shell. That's what we did last week and it cost us.

It is starting to look like Tannehill may be the real deal. If Ireland can land a big play wide receiver and another TE to go with Bess and Hartline. Our offense will be dangerous next year. We already have a playoff caliber defense that with a little tweaking could be great.

Trust is great, YG. I guess I'm not there yet.

Good thing Armando is not the coach. Nurse the series along? Really?!

I have been a fan since 1976. I have watched team after team after team. I am telling you this team has something special I can't put my finger on. Not that this year will be their year; but for the first time I am believing the foundation for a real run over the next few years is a reality. They aren't brash, cocky and they still are proud. Being hungry comes with progression throughout the yea; mark my words I see a good year, not just building, but a respectable go. The D is stocked and I think the D-backs will get better as they learn to communicate and fill in the void left by Bell. Just my O.

Heck, what Im seeing in Tanne today was what I was hoping to see from Henne in year 3. LOL


That's it EXACTLY. That's the plan. Need some additional pass rush and another safety too.

I wouldn't get ahead of myself on the win, this looks a lot like the Houston game, lets avoid the meltdown.

It is Javorski Lane time.

dbmfins, if you had seen last week's game against the Jets, had they nursed a couple of series along, there wouldn't have been that interception return TD and no overtime and no Dolphins loss.


Its hard to "be there" with qb's in Miami post Marino. So I give you a HUGE pass in that department. LOL

Go 4 it

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