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Dolphins and Cardinals are scoreless going to second quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Ryan Tannehill is on target today. Davone Bess is on fire with multiple outstanding catches, including a 22 yard gain on a slant.

And the Dolphins are moving the football.

But the score is still 0-0 after one quarter here in the desert.

The Cardinals offense moved the ball their initial drive but was shut down on consecutive three-and-outs the next two possessions.

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Sherman trusts T-Hill

Sherman doesn't trust the wr's!

Thomas has to be stronger than that
He's disappointing

If we continue to dominate the time of possession they are going to make mistakes.

So much for Lane, Thomas is just not a good back.

Why are they still acting like D. Thomas can run the ball? Lamar or Reggie, or even the full back, but forget D. Thomas. He's a dud.


Last week Tanne had only 1 very bad decision. He should have just thrown the ball away on that pick 6. Hartline was not open. Tanne seems to learn from his mistakes. I like that.

Umm did they forget about Lane....

Come on........gotta get a 3rd and 1..........those can be momentum shifters

Yeah sure.. Thomas against 3 by himself, but he has to be stronger right?

Not sure we can run on these guys unless we confuse them.

This draft may turn out to be the best in decades but Ireland needs to be fired. Outside of Pouncey the 2011 draft is proving to be extremely disappointing.

It's also unacceptable to not have 3 or 4 WR's to throw to. Anything happens to Bess & Hartline & Tannehill's development is on ice for the season.

And then there are the CB's!!! Uggghhhh....

Exactly why I say we cant continue with Smith being the team's topr corner.

Kevin Burnett is playing well, I must say.

Wow these refs, not calling the holds on our pass rush, but calling EVERYTHING for the cards. Must have put their pensionsto work in vegas.

Wake # 3!!!!!!!

Wake again!!!!

Cardinals offense may be worse than ours...

Wake is destroying Massie today. Killing him. Just what Dolphins need.


I watch every game and that was a poor decision by T-Hill on that pass last week. But I understand your point.

Yes, Burnett.
Sherman must get Lane in there on 3rd and 1.


You need to write what a lousy game Wake had today. Then maybe he'll have 10 sacks next week! LOL



Mental mistake Thigpen

One more sack like I said Wake will get 4 sacks! Now I'm predicting 6 if he continues wow !!!

I'll take 3 runs and a punt, no melt down!

Again the pats have no line!

Wake has woken up! Is that #3

Cameron Wake is straight BEASTIN' today!!!!!!

Armando @ 5:03pm,

Can you repeat that please for the benefit of ray. ray, take note.


Guess what? I would nurse this drive again. Run the ball. Don't lose.

Their punter is killing us, and that should have been picked up


Im not sure that was a coverage sack by Wake. Looked more like a blow by to me. LOL

The ball was down?


Why is wake showing up so much more today than previous games?

We Have RB's,

How do you like Ireland's defense. I have been critical of him also but we have to give him credit for the defense. They are pitching a shut out so far.

The team is also deep at RB and the OL looks like is set. His biggest mistake was the QB position (which of course is the most important). He still needs to find a #1 receiver and another TE.

Take away Fitgerald and the Cards are the JINTS

Finally real refs make a difference. how many sacks would Wake have if he hadn't been held every game til now?

Mando, why wouldn't you have him throw?
We aren't running well, and we must regain some filed position.


Maybe I'll see you next week at the Bengals game. I'm traveling 500 miles to see my PHINS.

That is good nursing right there. 21 yard gain on a run. Like that nursing.

Doesn't look to me like we can run on the Cardinals. Tells me that playing conservatively and running the ball is not going to get it done. Stay agressive and the running game may in fact open up.

I LOVE BUSH!!! Reggie too!!


Cant win for losing with some dolfans. Getting conservative here some dolfans will taunt Sherman's playcalling. LOL

Nice Bush Maam.

sounds like there are a few Fins fans in there.

THAT's how you run!!!

Oh that kind of NURSING. I'm use to Sporano NURSING.


HJow was that for nursing baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Can't handle our Bush. That's one slippery Bush, LOL

Armando hi brother.....Armstrong was supposed to block 4 Bush and was watching the show

Yea mando let's keep nursing this


Hey doubters....How about that f#cking throw!!!

Reggie is running hard on this drive so far. Looks like he's just fine

Lane has not blocked well today

Awesome. Hartline !!!!


Tannehill is looking better every game. It looks like the Dolphins hit on a QB.

We need 7 points, guys.


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