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Dolphins and Cardinals are scoreless going to second quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Ryan Tannehill is on target today. Davone Bess is on fire with multiple outstanding catches, including a 22 yard gain on a slant.

And the Dolphins are moving the football.

But the score is still 0-0 after one quarter here in the desert.

The Cardinals offense moved the ball their initial drive but was shut down on consecutive three-and-outs the next two possessions.

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That's TOO easy for the Cardinals.

Miller, then Bush. Thomas is not explosive.

Cards just had the right play called for that rollout. Plain and simple.

backdoor screen blown up!

Schofield was untouched!

wow that was a great play by schofield

Daniel Thomas is a stiff

Play calling sucks

Great throw and a great move by hartline. He might befor us what Jordie Nelson was for the packers.

U right Miami D20, we'll be rotating 560, 640 & 790 all morning. Lol

Hartline seems to have his legs under him!


Go for it

Best in the slot for the first down; Sherman please no post plays that have only a 30% chance of hitting.

Go for it!!!!

Go for it!

Again, the same crap. We take too long in the Red Zone. Where is the hurry up?
Of all places, this would be the place. Why let the cardinals set up their D?
Looks like we don't have Red one packages, like other teams.
Of course, with the Patsies, their TE's ARE the Red Zone package.

Go for it on the road baby, J Lane right up the gut!!!!

Tannehill a Marinoesque 13-18 193yds passing thus far.

Go for it !!!

Does Hartline have any other gears than slow?

Dolphins players implored coaches to go for it. And Philbin seemed to change his mind and is doing that after calling on FG team.

COme'on Lane, deliver the furniture. Right into their front door.

Go 4 it!

We gotta go for it.
Worse case, they have it on the 1, and Kolb ain't Brady.
I've been begging for the QB draw.

T-Hill is on his Game Today!!!

His Accuracy was one of his STRONG POINTS!! Remember T-Hill throws better on the Run than Sanchez throws from the Pocket!

Good news--I think we FINALLY found ourselves a legitimate QB.

Bad news--I think Ireland missed on Thomas & Clay.

This is a good defensive game but we need TD's. I would go for it, worse case scenario is AZ starts at the 1 yard line.

Tannehills first 300 yard game, coming up!

If they go for it, play action pass, tanne tries to run it in. He young and dumb like that.

I say go for it. Use the J-train baby!!!!

Haters, doubters, and terrible Miami writers....

Suk a nut

jack - hartline has great hands, at least he is reliable. after two great catches you are complaining?

I am not sure when Hartline will be a free agent but we better resign him now before the Patriots get him. He is a very good receiver. If we land another big time play maker next year we will be in business.

Gutsy call


Now we are talking


Lane at HB is a no brainer. Don't like the scared attitude... nothing to lose at this point really



Who would have guessed Tannehill would be right at 200yds passing for 1 half with this recieving corps. T-hill certainly looks like a franchise qb today.

Oh btw, who would have thought the d would be pitching a shutout so late into the half. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


I still say Fire Ireland.

It amazes me how quickly people are changing there minds about T-Hill a week or 2 ago he was a bust now a number of you are calling him the saviour! funny as hell how quick fans change their minds ;-)
IMO there is no doubt that this team is improving week by week and making adjustments

Ballsy call, go Lane!!!


Lane is a monster. Most dominant short-yarder runner I've seen in a Dolphins uniform in a long time.

Nobody is standing up Lane! The guy is a wrecking ball.

just like i said it yea baby fins up!

Is it me or does Philbin remind anyone of Shula?

95 yards!! running through the Lane!

I've continue to defend Thomas BUT Lane is CLEARLY the better option in short yardage.



Now that's how you urse a lead. Add to it baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If we still had Sporano he'd be fist pumping instead

sweet steamroll run by lane...

We just "NURSED" a 95yd td drive. LOL


this guy should be used at HB in short yardage all day no one has been able to stop him so far.

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