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Dolphins and Cardinals are scoreless going to second quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Ryan Tannehill is on target today. Davone Bess is on fire with multiple outstanding catches, including a 22 yard gain on a slant.

And the Dolphins are moving the football.

But the score is still 0-0 after one quarter here in the desert.

The Cardinals offense moved the ball their initial drive but was shut down on consecutive three-and-outs the next two possessions.

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Javorski Lane might be my new favorite player.

14 quarters - 1 passing TD.

Stop em

Not hearing from too many guys that we should have cut Hartline or he'd be a 3rd or 4th on any other team. Where did those guys go? Are those the Jet's fans? Good game today at home Jets!

So, why Thomas earlier in the quarter on 3rd and one?
If we do our job and Lane does his, he's pretty much unstoppable.

Right side of our line SO much better this year.
Against the run.

Turnover now!!!

armando are you kidding me???? you seem to forget polite.
isn't that what you said about him???


Posted by: nyfinfan | September 30, 2012 at 05:17 PM
LOVE that!

Would be great to go into the half 10-0 and getting the ball to start the third.

"I still say Fire Ireland."

I actually have to agree. If we had some more talent @ WR, CB, & TE we'd actually have a chance to go 3-1.

Now we'll see how Cards do in pass only. This is by far our weakest link - the pass coverage. Need to play zone.

No FG D now, please.


Jack Sparrow,

Glad you showed up, bud. How's our 6th round QB looking....CLOWN!


So far, impressive first half.

Except for the always disappointing D Thomas.

Mando big words. Polite was 16 for 16 from 3rd and 1.

Yeah thats all he did. But yeah LANE IS A BEAST!!!

What Smith with a PICK!!!

What's up with jake long? Thomas was hit practically as soon as he touched the ball. Then the right side lets a guy get immediate penetration. They are moving the ball so great until it counts!

Could be time to design a few plays for Lane on first or 2nd down, set up as you would for Thomas.

I think the pass rush should be unleashed. Force Kold to throw the pick.


I was saying at the end of preseason our wr corps would be upgraded with Hartline's return. It still doesnt excuse the need for a legit #1 wr.


I can't believe it!!! Sean Smith with a INT??? Christmas comes early people!!!!

SEAN SMITH finally shows up!

HOLY CRAP a S Smith sighting!

Need to take 1 shot at the endzone. If its not there just throw it away!

14 seconds and we need points to end the half!

Let's go sean smith!!!! way to hold on to the ball!!!

where r the smith haters now? gainst the best WR

This is the reason we play til the end of every HALF!!

Kolb is terrible.

Remember when we actually wanted to give Orton and Kolb a king's ransom to play here???

Sean Smith!! I think he was drafted by Ireland. We have to give guys time to develop in this league. His had some misses but he has had some very good finds also.


Totally agre about the need for a #1 receiver. We'll get one. Just glad it's not Marshall. Still gotta hand it to Hartline. He's a gamer!



You ready to cut Smith some slack yet?

Tannehill 15-21 219yds. He surpassed his best previous passing game all in 1 half. LOL

Tannehill with a monster game so far

Left 2 TDs on the field though. Not sure 13 will cut it

Philbin's gotta be proud for the tough, focused play. Very happy as a fan today. Not over but still even with this well played half its good showing.

So glad big tony is coaching the jets! If here were here it would be 6-0.
Tanned ill looking very sharp
So is the defense.

why didn't we take a quick shot @ the endzone?

great way to finish the half but why didnt they wait till 1 second to call the timeout??

No better half than this on Us than this one, I must say.


Bess & Hartline are playing great today. Last throw by Tannehill was beautiful.

And people were SERIOUSLY comparing him to Henne???

BTW--HUGE INT by Smith

One INT all year and you guys wanna crown Smith A GEM? relax


You ready to cut Smith some slack yet?


Come on...Great play by Smith BUT is it there week in & week out??? The answer is no.

The Unveiling of T-Sizzle!!!

The Kid is showing some growth!! Now lets make some half time Adjustments!

Is this team for REAL?!!

We just shutout a Team at Home in a Half. Now Let's do it Again!!!

This does look like A Good Sunday!!

So Far!

Minus turnovers and this team is 4-0 We are out playing teams.

Best thing about this game is it seems the fins have actually corrected everything they did wrong last week. That never seemed to happen in the Sparano era.

Pass rush...........check
Sacks, 3 by Wake... check
Coverage, pick by Smith... check
Qb, Tanne improves.....check
Fumble, 0..............check

Carpenter is scaring me. He is not correcting his kicks as everthing is left even in close. If these kicks are over 40 he is still going to hook them left. Time for a new kicker and I am from Montana 60 miles away from his home town and am also a Grizzlies fan. I don't care if he is from my own high school, I am Dolphins first.

Game is a LONG way from being over but great half by the Dolphins. We said the 'Phins would have to hold Fitzgerald intact. Check so far. We said Tannehill couldn't struggle against the Cards defence. Good so far.

Keep it going 'Phins.

One INT all year and you guys wanna crown Smith A GEM? relax

LOL@Mark!!! Exactly. That's his 4th INT in four seasons!!!

Should I ever sire an heir his name shall be Jorvorskie.

Smith is guarding one of the best WR he has been a starter since day 1 overshadowed by Davis hype. He has played substantially better than last years give the guy credit. Hard work pays off.

Douchey, I mean Dashi...what did you say about Hartline? Man up!


The way Tanne's playing is what we were looking for from Henne even upto his 4th year in Miami. This kid's doing and surpassing Henne performances in game 4. LOL

A near perfect first half. This is what a REAL QB can do, and only our lack of speed at receiver keeps us from going over the top more often, which would REALLY open up possibilities for our run game.

As far as Smith, not so fast my friend. 1 great play does not a game make. Yes it WAS a GREAT play, but we have toy hope he'll be more consistent for an entire game.
NO ONE can cover Fitzgerald an entire game

Time to get your Tannehill jersey folk's. I ordered mine the day after the draft! Took three months to get it, BUT I BELIEVE IN TANNEHILL!


Always good to see you being a 'glass is half-empty' kind of guy. 'Phins kick the shyte out of the Cards and all can say is 'they left 13 points out on the field. Yeah that makes sense, bud.

Tannehill has made some great strides. He seems to be the real deal. You can't win in this league without a franchise QB and it looks like we have one now. So many years of suffering after # 13 retired.

Once you have that franchise QB all the pieces seem to fall into place. We have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds next year. We need to find a #1 receiver, a TE, 1 more pass rusher, and another DB next year. We will be a contender next year.

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