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Dolphins and Cardinals are scoreless going to second quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Ryan Tannehill is on target today. Davone Bess is on fire with multiple outstanding catches, including a 22 yard gain on a slant.

And the Dolphins are moving the football.

But the score is still 0-0 after one quarter here in the desert.

The Cardinals offense moved the ball their initial drive but was shut down on consecutive three-and-outs the next two possessions.

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OK...the FINS came to play! All u haters just sit down and shut it. We all know one half doesn't mean a victory...especially with the Fins. But come on FinsFans...this team looks solid so far today.

Wake is alive!
Smith is alive!
Bush is Alive!
THill is alive!
JLane is alive!
Bess is alive!
Hartline is alive!

This rookie QB is the real deal. He will make mistakes all year but he is showing sooooo much more then Henne or any QB post Marino ever has. Yep, even Pennington....Loved Penny for one season but THill is more mobile and has a much stronger arm. How about that pass to Hartline. I posted earlier that if we got behind the defense the kid would make the play!

Go THILL!!!!

Marc, Tammy didn't leave TD's on the field, our OC did, and lack of a Plax type receiver that can win the jump ball.

Im not annointing Smith anything. I still think he's efficient as a starting #2 corner. But Im still uncomfortable with him as the team's best corner.

However, I still applaud him for a very timely pick.

Think the WETS would like THILL on their team? Tebow...Sanchez.....really?

2-2 and AFC will be knotted up!

Go Fins!!!

Yeah, Carpenter is still hooking. Thought he would have worked on it during the week. But kickers are kinda like pitchers, they do have slumps.

If we score on first drive then the Cardinals will be throwing all afternoon. Just hope our secondary can hold up. We have to keep blitzing to keep one-on-one matchup for Wake. He is a STUD!!!

It was good seeing Rex Ryan sooo pissed after the loss to the 49rs!!

Where are the Tannehill haters????

O-line needs to do better. Note to Philbin: Big contract coming up, Long under-performing. Pull the trigger


How inept are Clay and Nanaee? I give THill credit working with two receivers and a TE.

So, we had a melt down in Houston for 7 minutes....lead to loss.

We had a melt down with a 10 point lead against the Jets....lead to loss.

Will they hold up today....lead us to a win???

I will always blame Sparano and the OCs for the failure of past seasons. The next time u see the Jets, play a game of trying to figure Sparanos offensive call before the play andsee how many times u get it right. You would be surprised

Bush looking tentative
Play Miller

What a throw !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are these replacement refs?

tasker is a prick

THAT was a hand on the grill; cmon

Refs. Suck that was a pass interference!
Bess got held pushed

Carpenter sucks. Cut his a s s

We need another turn over.

Great drive and carpenter screws it up again, going from clutch to reliability

There's gotta be a kicker out there in middle America bagging groceries right now better than this guy!!

Carpenter should get a hair cut
His hair must be covering his eyes

OK...so really bad pass on 3rd down by THill....after a great one to Hartline!

BUT>>>>>why the h-e-l-l would you kick a 51 yard field goal after last week? Why not pin them inside the 10? Damn bad coaching call. I love Philbin but that was a bad coaching call. Plain and simple!

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