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Dolphins and Cardinals tied at 21-21 going to OT

GLENDALE, Ariz -- Crazy entertaining this one. So unlike last week's game against the New York Jets.

And yet?

This one also is going to overtime. It is the second OT game in a row for Miami.

The live blog continues in the comments section. By the way, Dan Carpenter time.



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We really need a babalao.

Another OT coin toss loss! SUCKS

here we go again...

Carpenter wont have a chance.

The Cards will get a TD on this drive.

Please no dan carpenter time, he blew last weeks game and he probably blew this week's game. Let's put it in the hands of our rookie instead of our unreliable kicker

Please god, not Carpenter. Anybody but Carpenter.

S.SMith has 2 INT's but he has given up 2 TD's!!

One play away from the upset. They've gotta close these games out

Unfortunately we are finished, sigh for the 2nd straight week we had the game won and stupid decisions screw us

IF we lose (and I'm not saying we will), and I can lay the blame for the loss at one player's feet, it would be Legadu Naanee. The guy needs to be cut TONIGHT!!!

Wouldn't surprise me if the Cards end this thing on the first drive. This team has some serious bad luck. Gonna need us a leprechaun.

Thanks Carpenter he cost us 2 games now. How many more before we cut him?

Naanee gone, Carpenter gone, Sherman gone. That would be a nice start.

TD to Fitz first play

Carpenter with the game saver!!!!

Damn, st's cant be gassed. Almost a fg opportunity right off the bat.

Carpenter just may have saved his job.

Sherman, what are you talking about, he's called a great game.

I can't watch, but I watch.

Come on d, 3rd down stop here.

Andrew you are clueless apart from the nannee comment

3rd Down!!

3 score OT? FG, FG, FG

yikes, bad special teams...

IF we lose (and I'm not saying we will), and I can lay the blame for the loss at one player's feet, it would be Legadu Naanee. The guy needs to be cut TONIGHT!!!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 30, 2012 at 07:19 PM

actually DC i disagree this loss once again goes on the coaching staff for what was laughingly one of the worst decisions of the year in having tannehill drop back to throw instead of handing the ball off to reggie bush to run clock!!!

You really never know.

jus that quickly we almost lost it

Can we please cut carpenter and Legadu after this game, might as well try rishard and some other random kicker, they can do better than 3 crucial misses that carpenter has given us

3 and OUT! YEAH!

Nice d stand. Tannehill rallies troops. Need close fg or td here.

superPHIN, you can't sit on a tiny lead like that, not in this NFL. Did you not just see them score in 2min?

Yes, Lets march it down the field!!

Well, not now.

D held!!!! Good job boys!

Bad decisions bad plays bad coaching bad players equals a bad team. It's really not that hard to figure out people.

Carpenter could have saved it earlier!!!!

I don't have a problem with Tannehill dropping back it's CHARLES CLAY didn't miss his assignment there wouldn't be a fumble

On that play that Tannehill fumbled they either needed to run the ball to run the clock down or throw the ball under max protection. You cannot turn the ball over in that situation. That was awful! Sparano was too conservative but Sherman sometimes is too risky.

All that being said, I like what we saw in this game. I think that some of this mistakes will stop as Tannehill gets experience. I think we have a bright future.

nice 3 and out by our D. i still say go for the TD

I'm with Armando. Carpenter redeems himself with a kick in OT.

Tannehill is making good adjustments at the line.

Posted by: superPHIN | September 30, 2012 at 07:22 PM

Yes, and last week running reggie with 20 seconds left in the first half.



Why did he throw that?

All of this for nothing. Great. F'in great.

Lost my broadcast.
Depending on you guys!

Nobody knows yet.

IMA...you have to try to run the clock and force them on a long field.....

Big d stop. Gotta be careful but would be nice for carp.

there's the rookie mistake

Rookie QB mistake.

Fasano can't tackle-intercept

God help us.

On the d again. But Im running out of good feeling.

4 T'os on the road! Nope

Never mind.

You guys defending Sherman are adorable. Up 7, in their territory with a defense playing great, you do not throw the football under any circumstances. Just garbage.

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