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Dolphins and Cardinals tied at 21-21 going to OT

GLENDALE, Ariz -- Crazy entertaining this one. So unlike last week's game against the New York Jets.

And yet?

This one also is going to overtime. It is the second OT game in a row for Miami.

The live blog continues in the comments section. By the way, Dan Carpenter time.



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Hero to zero in one play.


I said 4-12 this year. Very proud of the fact that this team goes out every week and gives it their very best and is in the game every week.

3rd Down Lets GO!

No heart. The D is giving up.

Thats game. Damn.

Unbelievable I can not believe this crap

Goodnight, Miami.

And that is your ball game. First down. They dont have
Carpenter as a FG kicker.

2 live crew stikes again tannehill and carpenter loses two straight for the dolphins

Can't run on Miami. That much I agree with.

Good lord. MAKE A STOP!!!!!!

we can't stop people on 3rd or 4th down...sad


Should have gave Tannehill a chance to win in regulation. A redhot qb and taking a knee, I just dont understand.

Wasted a career day by Tanny and Hartline because Mike Sherman forgot to pick up his brain from the wizard. How do the coaches cost this team wins week after week?

Anybody looking for a kicker?

At least the TO came before we can see the result of the play.

He could miss,guys?


Let's watch Feely kick a professional FG to win the game and then reflect on how our scrub kicker can't kick anything meaningful

Well they took a knee at the end of regulation because they like being conservative. Except when they have 7 point leads. Then, they decide to throw the ball. I assume Mike Sherman had a lot of money on Arizona or something.

YG with 22sec and 1 TO get real!



Should have gave Tannehill a chance to win in regulation. A redhot qb and taking a knee, I just dont understand.

there was 22 seconds moron

This one is also on the Coaches.

Yes but 20 secs and a redhot rookie... very tough situation and a very tough loss. wow

Bye bye carpenter

Thanks Dan Carpenter smh

another bad loss

Mistakes lose ballgames, period. The slip by Hartline (though he atoned) for an INT. The Legadu Naanee idiotic fumble without being touched, and a porous secondary, that's how we lost. Bad teams find ways to lose games. We worked together well, but not when it counted, and we lost to a better team.

Lots to look forward to. Sucks tonight though!

Another Sunday another hard fought loss decided by a stupid FG, Turnovers and only a couple of big plays given up for scores and timely conversions after dominating line of scrimmage for most. That said some positives to build on.

What a surprise. Cut carpenter, for the fan's sake get rid of him. He's done nothing for us. Once again Miami deserves to win and once again it's blown, f*ck you Sherman, f*ck you naanee you waste of a roster space and f*ck you carpenter you joke of an FG kicker

Sooo, is 1-3 a good record?

No dumping on you guys but....

How do you have career days on the offense and defense and lose to a team that had a horrible day on offense and defense?


With a hot qb you gotta take a chance. Who's to say the Cards dont blow a coverage assignment. Anything could have happened. If Tanne were having a crappy game I can understand taking the knee.

With a redhot qb you gotta at least give yourself a chance for something good to happen. What a waste of perhaps the greatest performance on both sides of the ball in years!

two series in a row tannehill makes a mistake, defend the kid all you want but this coaching and his play have looked horrible trying to close out games this year...This team plays to lose...theres no denying that

Goat #1: Sherman
Goat #2: Tannehill because of that interception.
Goat #3: Carpenter

At least we saw some good stuff from Tannehill, Hartline, and our defense. We are a team on the rise. We just have to clean up some of those rookie mistakes.

Let's face it, most of us thought that we would be in this game. EVen though today is grey, the future looks bright.

That 3pt miss really cost the game. We wouldn't have gone into OT.

Olindo might have to walk home.

Another kick in the gut! Well, if we are the new cardiac kids i'll take it. Maturation process.

Sooo, is 1-3 a good record?

No dumping on you guys but....

How do you have career days on the offense and defense and lose to a team that had a horrible day on offense and defense?

Its called bad luck if you didnt see the game...

the def giving up 24 points in the 2nd 1/2 and overtime was what killed us. Even with the turnovers, the D had two or three chances to end the game...pathetic.

Our last 2 loses can directly be attributed in some way to bad coaching decisions.
It's like Sherman goes brain dead, and Philbin rubber stamps it.
I really like what our coaches (other than ST) are doing here, but you can't keep putting our players in positions to LOSE.

I WILL be angry if Philbin and Sherman throw our players under the bus, like they did last week post game.

Sherman called a great game players have to execute.

absolutely gutted!!

but you know what, i think there is a lot to be proud of and there are definately more positives than negatives from the team IMO.
we still have some work to do but can anyone honestly say we are not progressing as a team?? (despite the losses) we have some pieces we need for sure but I think there are better times ahead!!

The last two weeks have been inexcusably painful. Carpenter is the new Ray Finkle. Die of gonorrhea and rot ......

nannee should recieve his pink slip immediatley and miami should at least entertain offers for FA kickers out there for next week....

The only way Feelers would have missed is if he was still playing for the Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In retrospect, Miami has lost a lot of these type of games over the last four years. Really think about it. Our 1-15 season, we had 5 or 6 games lost by a FB. 7 or 8 lost by a TD or less.

Doesn't this get old? why aren't you folks as frustrated as I am?

Taking the knee had NOTHING to do with it YG.

Let's over-analyze the game guys. Bottom line, it's a young team and they haven't quite figure out how to win yet. They've actually shown me a lot more than I thought they would this year. I wouldn't have imagined in a million years that Tannehill would play this good this early.

I had them 1t 4-12 this year. Far outdoing what I thought they would.

Tannesux blows another one yaaaaa


Wait wait wait you put Tannehill as goat #2? you've got to be kidding. That INT in OT wasn't on him, he got clobbered TRYING TO MAKE A PLAY! If it wasn't for his play this game would've been a spanking. Please show some perspective.

A pleasure as always guys.
Wish we had some happy talk here, but we ARE WAY better, but we MUST do better in FA and the draft, or we'll be the same next year.

Another year, and Tanny will be less the gunslinger, and run or throw it away.
We will win some games this year.

Smith, on the other hand seems to shrink when it matters most. That sghould have been no catch. Game right there.

I agree craig!

progress week by week is all we can ask this year

well until we learn to make plays when the game is on the line we are going to be a losing team. A lot of nfl games come down to the last 8 min or less. If we can't execute during that time on O or D, we aren't a good football team.

Yeah, they played better than the last game, but not good enough to win. You just can't keep screwing up in the last part of the game and expect to win.

Jack...everybodys frustrated by this team...but here's the hopleful silver lining...Irefiend should at the very least tender a resignation after this year instead of abrubtly getting fired..and hopefully lazy eye ross will finally be fed up with the product to make that MUCH needed change

Two double digit leads blown in last two weeks
10 against jests
13 against cards

Yet more proof that idiot Ireland should have gone for RG3. The entire organization should be disbanded. We are like the 1970's. saints

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