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Dolphins and Cardinals tied at 21-21 going to OT

GLENDALE, Ariz -- Crazy entertaining this one. So unlike last week's game against the New York Jets.

And yet?

This one also is going to overtime. It is the second OT game in a row for Miami.

The live blog continues in the comments section. By the way, Dan Carpenter time.



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Two words...No Heart!

Last decade in Miami...No Heart!

What was it...4th and 15 and Kolb throws a TD?

No Heart!

who blew the blitz pick-up on washington? the fact is, that lost the game.

Fins played well but not well enough to win.

The game's dramatic "script" was for Cards to tie it on 4th down with little time in 4th and eventually win it in OT.

Script wouldn't seem right for any team to tie it then lose it in OT.


Absolutely! Each loss this team has shown progress. Just little things, like Hartline slipping down(pick), D Tomas getti truck by a safety in pass protect, Nanee inexcusable fumble.

The play by the team's improving week to week, stupd little things, proving to be the margin of victory in win and losses. Im still getting the feeling this team's trying very hard to turn the corner.

This was the best production I've seen from Miami in YEARS. And they still lost?

What does that mean?

Someone said, "bad luck."

Jeez, if it wasn't for bad luck they wouldn't have any luck at all.

Tough loss. Team played hard but came up short again. Do not lose faith fans, we're a young team and as the season progresses we will learn to win these close games.

back luck is losing the coin toss in overtime two games in a row.

Ireland, Thomas and Naanee should get a one way ticket out of town

Tannehill lovers will look and see that he threw for over 400 yrds today and believe thats progress but in crucial situations...he continues to plummet and regress when called to make a play...not everything is his fualt but he sure doesnt help his cause with throws like that last INT to seal it for the other team...


what really hurts about all this is that if we play 2 or 3 plays better we are sitting at 3-1 and are in 1st place in the east. the 4th and 10 touchdown was embarrassing. you knew once they got that TD that the game was over. we don't have a winner's mentality yet to bounce back and take the game. as a fan it seems like the phins never have had it.

Tannehill has arrived. I believe he gets better and better from this point forward.

Yes this was a bitter pill to swallow. But some very good things happened today. At least now we dont seems miles away from being good. After today I feel we are only tweaks away.

I also believe this coaching staff gets better week to week too. Gotta be some good coaching. Eliminate some of the dumb little things and this was a great performance on both sides of the ball.

back luck is losing the coin toss in overtime two games in a row.

Posted by: austin | September 30, 2012 at 07:43 PM

You forget, miami has had a possesion each OT and done nothing but falter both times...coin flip has nothing to do with it..playcalling and inability to make plays when it counts cost miami victories(Coaches too)

RG3.....LOL. Hilarious! Tannehill throws for over 400 yards and somehow the answer is RGIII. The same RGIII that's well on hios way to his team being 1-3.

Bunch of mental midgets...

New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals were NOT good football teams...yet we lost to both of them in OT. Please Mr. Ross (because I can't see Jeff Ireland in the GM position after a 4-12 season...hey Jeff...are you feeling the heat yet?)...get us some play makers who can at least beat poor teams. HEy Joe...good luck getting your team up for next week after blowing it twice in a row!

so far in crunch time this year, I have yet to see tannehill play with any poise...its easy to do when you have a lead..and as much sh%t as kolb gets in ARZ...the man made a play when the cards needed him to

Tannehill will be the real deal

So superPHIN,

Just so I'm clear, are you blaming Tannehill for the loss? His fault that Naannee fumbled the ball?

I mean, come on man....what is it you expect from a rookie QB?

Fins need to bring in a kicker to compete or replace Carpenter.

Most games are decided by 3 points or less. Fins can't afford to lose any more close games.

Kid Rock misses again!

Fins had the better stats except one.

Fin turnovers 4.
Cards, 2.

Cards dodged a bullet.

I wonder if he cuts those golden locks does he regain his equilibrium?

Chad Henne threw for 400 yards with Miami once. I wouldn't get my hopes if I were you.

I wear Miami Dolphins adult diapers.

And Carpenter has not got his head right yet , he over compensated , instead of missing far left he went far right , he needs to practice , practice , practice

The officials ripped us off and cost us this game , how do you not call that pass interference on our first drive after the half , he was all over him and hand his hands in his face , my girl friend knows nothing about the game and was like ....that can t be legal is it ,it changed the whole momentum of the game, I turned the freakin game off , no way you can beat a good team and their officials , hate home cooking!!!!!!!!!!!

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