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Dolphins and Jets tied 20-20 going to overtime

The Dolphins played not to lose until the Jets forced them to drive for a game-tying field goal.

Having done that, the Jets decided overtime is fine with them.

It had better be fine with you, too because this game is headed to the extra period.

The live blog goes into overtime and we pay time and a half. See you in the comments section.


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No Way


Go Dolphins-beat Jets!!!

Thanks for surving through this ugly game, fellas.

Tannehill stunk up by the joint with those throws on the last drive.

Jets get the ball first. Let's get a 3 and out D!!!!!

Best play Sanchez made all day calling heads

ugly is an understatement armando...

Oh crap, Jets win the toss.
Our D has had to play the majority of the 2nd half, and must be tired.

Come on Dolphins. A win for all of us. Come on FINS!!!!!!

Can't believe we're blowing this one. Should have had it locked up in the 4th.

As painful as it is, its better than being blown out.

"Thanks for surving through this ugly game, fellas."

That's the way it looks when you have a rookie starting in his 3rd game.

Armando, everybody knew this wouldn't be pretty. Both teams are built with strong defenses...What did you expect?

Jets win toss. Game ovah.

Thank you Armando. Always a good time.

Tanne has looked BAD....

but the D has looked great....we should come out of this with GREAT field position....

regardless of what happens...very safe to say neither miami nor the wets will do anything special this year....

we need a real quarterback. this game shoulda been won

Vikings 24 SF 13. Niners had already been annointed sb champs! LOL

Obama 2012. Say no to rightwing lunacy.

Can D get a turnover?

One of the causes for this ugly game are the Refs and you don't want to belive

surprised jets didnt defer to miami on offense....done very little in the passing game....

Don't tell me our run D will let us down in a critical time again...

The D has looked great? Lay down the crack pipe. Did you miss the Jets TD drive at the end?

Tanne 14-33 149yds 1 pick 6

come onnnn DDD

Stop em on this drive and kick an FG we win, let's see what we can do here

Ok, play for the tie people, now youre getting your wish.

Sanchez VERY lucky there...Triple coverage...Good God what are you thinking??

wakeup wakeeeeeeee

why do our DB's just stand around each other and wait on plays

Im never confident of this defense getting stops when needed most.

sanchize might just be miamis luck shot...

Tight End coverage...Once again...Same old same old...

you just knew it !!!!!! receiver on backer ? are you kidding?

why was burnett on a WR?

Fins need a sack and fumble by Sanchez.

OPdrick takes to much of an outside rush and opens the throwing lane for Sanchez.

sanchize mr clutch....OH MY!!!

The D will collapse. They always do.

Was that a WR Burnett was covering? Thought it was a TE...My bad...

the D is tired because of the crappy play calling in the 4th......

were OK....

it sure looks like the Jets O Line is holding the hell out of Wake and others...

"why was burnett on a WR?"


That's a head scratcher.

Odrick is not a speedrusher. Why does he takes such wide routes to the qb? He just opens a clear lane for Sanchez to throw ball. Because he isnt getting pressure.

Phishy joke. J E T S





Sanchez is so full of s**** Unreal...

That could have huge.

Waiting for the othjer shoe to fall.


Man you are depressing...

Ohhhhhhh boo hoo hoo. Does the little fishy wishy DBAG want a holding call. WAAAAAAAAAA.


well, that certianly wasnt good!!!

Sanchez fuimbles and still cant get a sack.

Watching replays of other team's high-lights, big plays by their #1 receivers.
We MUST draft one.

See what rookie is made of

The D has looked great? Lay down the crack pipe. Did you miss the Jets TD drive at the end?
Posted by: Realist | September 23, 2012 at 04:42 PM

Yes. Cause when your team let's up 10 points (not off turnovers) we must be high to say they're playing well...are you watching the game?


This team play is depressing me.

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