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Dolphins and Jets tied 20-20 going to overtime

The Dolphins played not to lose until the Jets forced them to drive for a game-tying field goal.

Having done that, the Jets decided overtime is fine with them.

It had better be fine with you, too because this game is headed to the extra period.

The live blog goes into overtime and we pay time and a half. See you in the comments section.


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Slow and methodical....

Doesn't matter the decade. You can always count on the fish d to play like crud when it matters most. Jason Taylor / Zach Thomas - this one's for you baby!

Good effort from the team today regardless of the result!! Go Miami

Carpenter will come thru.

D did great.
But lousy field position. jets will benefit greatly if we don't get some first downs.
Miller has to somehow get loose.

U see there is no confidence in passing game


All we need is a Field Goal!

Lets put these Pretenders out of it!

Where is Lamar Miller??????

this is how you find out if tanny can cut it or not....

Refusing to seem less confused than the Dolphins, Jets match Miami's defensive time out with a defensive time out.

everytime we get the back its inside the freaking 10 yard line

To be fair to both parties, this game needs to end in a tie. LOL

"this is how you find out if tanny can cut it or not...."


Peyton Manning was 3-13 as a rookie so I think it comes down to more than this game.

miami has zero playmakers thus far..how can u expect any different...

D thomas has had success with screens!! Let's go

y so conservative? we're not in field goal range yet

A punt, and jets will get it at the 40.
Where is some imagination on offense. Yes, we don't have Bush, but we need something out of the ordinary here.

Fasano is playing well today.

Time to climb out of medicricrity. RIGHT NOW!

Tannehill on 3rd down has been excellent today...

Would like to see a couple of receivers get open and give tanny a Tammy to get a big play

Does a FG win it?

About time Brian

WE have RBS....Peyton showed glimpses of potential, Im still waiting on tannehill to show something in pressure type situations!!!


How about that sh#t??? Is the kid legit to all of you doubters yet???


Lol mando.
Nice wow.

great call, great move by harline, and great throw by tanne!!!!


Fasano seems to be catching whatever they toss him.

What a catch ny hartline!

Tennehill is growing up!

if that throw is right, thats touchdown for hartline. tannehill is garbage

Right on time, 1 more first down will hopefully be enough


I guess I'll take it.

Tannehill was good on that play. duckss pressure and delivers!


Gather up 8 over the middle

Tanne does show flashes. Great catch by Hartline. That is the hope for next year

OMG! Hartline.
That was set up by all those short ones against the Raiders last week.
We need to hit Bess down the middle. 10 yards. THEN up the middle runs 2 times.

Thats a confidence builder for Tannehill.

Bad spot

Not to the corners!

Another 47 yard FG.

Poetic Justice!!!!!!!

Will carpenter make it guys??

This is a really long FG...... yikes man

Play calling has been spotty @ best....

this KICK can make up for ALL of that....

I wish they would have got a little closer for the FG. This is not a gimme.

Crap, why run outside?
Some of these plays are head scratchers.

COME ON DC!!!!!!!

Get IT!!!!

I just want to see the face on sparano and ryan!

T-hill is showing Something for all u clowns!!!

Hate hate hate!!!

Carpenter loses it for the Dolphins...



I can't believe it....

F**k you carpenter, seriously, f**k you

he missed it again. that's y i hate settling for FGs

Bad spot for Dan

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