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Dolphins and Jets tied 20-20 going to overtime

The Dolphins played not to lose until the Jets forced them to drive for a game-tying field goal.

Having done that, the Jets decided overtime is fine with them.

It had better be fine with you, too because this game is headed to the extra period.

The live blog goes into overtime and we pay time and a half. See you in the comments section.


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This CAN'T be!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Son of a motherless goat!!!

OH S#$T!

This is why conservative football doesnt work

Any decent kickers out there?

Carpenter is usually good, but this is unacceptable. Ya gotta make those kicks.

Damn it it could have been over!!! Damn it man.. it was long though.. it's tough to make two long FGs in a row, they are low percentage. To get them in a row the percentage drops low low low..!

Carpenter sucks. He has lost this game. The Jets will have great field position. A couple of first downs and it is over.

that was a bad throw to hartline. he made that play not tannehill. if that throw was put right to hartline this game is over

Tannehill made HUGE strides today...We'll lose, but Tannehill is the big picture...Too bad our kicker stank today...Good day all...I'm out...

thats game...and miami knew that carpenter was struggling...no playmakers..poor playcalling...and now you see the results of no talent...


Just surrender! It's OVER!

It's over


he used to be a clutch kicker

Game over.

If we lose whatever, carpenter screwing us over twice, thanks Dan you f**king joke

Nooooooooooo, You guys wanted to play for the tie. It was bad play calling with Sherman trying to take shots down the field to try and win the game in regulation.

Be careful what you wish for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and that's the ballgame

Hill has shown NOTHING...if he hits Hartline on the #'s its MOST LIEKLY A TD....

not HATE....

its called an OBSERVATION....

and not being a blind homer....

Tanne is 16 of 36 on the day.....

take of the homer glasses....

FU MArshall!!! if you are going to hold BRING him to the ground!!!!!!!

atleast we can blame it on Carpenter

he missed it from the same spot earlier. Blame this as much on the play calls.
You KNOW it's overt now.
Our D is whipped. Don't blame them if there's a bit of a problem in the locker room.
Too bad folks.
see y'all next week. Gotta take my son out.

I want Carpenter Cut,

The fat lady has sung

This team has no heart. No wonder nobody goes to these games.

Fack u Carpenter

Never kickers fault. Shouldn't be on their shoulders if you can catch an f'in ball

I never trust this defense. If there's a chance to win in regulation you gotta take it.

You guys call it bad play calling. When have we ever been able to trust this defense. Sparano wins with a "FISTPUMP"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

I appreciate your optimism but I don't see it yet. He was extremely inaccurate in this game. We'll see as the season goes on.

miami deserves to lose. pick six and two missed field goals. in any case, this was a 4 hour exhibition of bad football, and i'm not sure it really matters all that much that they lost.


too bad we had good position and we went conservative. He missed from 47 yards why would u think its safe to let him try the same again instead of being aggressive and getting the first down???????????

Dan. Dan Carpenter has no heart not the team. This team lost because of him!!

of course when we block the FG that's when we wanna ice the kicker smh

lol, Philbin, WTF?????

BONE F*ck*ng head call

Fvcking Rookies!

Sherman kind of sucks at Play Calling!


You have NOTbeen on your "A" game today....

Tannehill's a rookie. He put his team in a position to win. That's what a QB is asked to do. The play call on that 2nd down pass was faulty. Should have been a pass to Bess inside to make the FG easier.

Icing never works. Except for the Jets, lol.

Not meant to be I guess

Dan freaking Carpenter sucks

Morons, we didn't loose this because of Dan Carpenter.

Its because we're crap.

its fitting that sparano wins with a field goal.

Cam Philbin is garbage and here is why:

The Jets are horrible. Just terrible.

We are the home team. Crowd has been loud.

We should have won comfortably.

Thomas is garbage.

Everything I said came true.

Play Miller.

Thomas is a TE or cut him.

Good. I now have more free time on Sundays. I'm done watching the Fins this year.

Buh bye.

Freaking pathetic.

Fire Philbin now.

Bess gets the only game ball.

Philbin iced himself, thats funny!

Philbin you stupid MFer!

I'm starting to wonder what the philiosiphy is for this team bringing west coast offense here??/philbin and sherman obviously lack trust in Tannehill enought to for the most part be conservative throughout....Hey nobody forced you to NOTHING in the offseason when guys who were obviously upgrades out there were blanked by miamis front office...and This is what it comes down to...Irefiends failed inabilty to produce a team that can win with any consistancy...


Tanne did no such thing.....

he was 16 of 36....

sorry....but its true....

Play calling was horrible...and so was the QB play...



A LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what, I'm happier with the loss. That means we have that much of a better pick next year. We're rebuilding for the future here everyone, remember that. Tannehill made progress yet again today.

that's why you don't want to go to overtime, anything can happen.

Philbin outsmarted himself.

sad way to end a game.

This team is a national joke. Everything they could have done wrong, they did wrong.

dc, excellent point, they call that worthless pass to the endzone when they could have gotten five yards closer.

This loss is on Carpenter. He left 6 pts on the field

Philbin you blew it!! Jets didn't win- Fins lost by stupid people- themselves!!



Oh yeah, you have to want to win too.

Early in Morano's coaching tenure, against Texans, he demonstrated how bad a coach he was with playcalling.

We don't need any more games to see Dolphins once again are cowards and idiots.

Fire Failbin.

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