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Dolphins and Jets tied 20-20 going to overtime

The Dolphins played not to lose until the Jets forced them to drive for a game-tying field goal.

Having done that, the Jets decided overtime is fine with them.

It had better be fine with you, too because this game is headed to the extra period.

The live blog goes into overtime and we pay time and a half. See you in the comments section.


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Sherman, sherman lost this game. How does one get outcoached from Tony Sparano? Horrible

guess they didnt learn from the conservative soprano era you cant play for FGs and expect to win with a mediocre team

they get a big play and then do what? run the ball on third down what a joke

Cut Carpenter. There are plenty of kickers out there that can hit short field goals. This team played their hearts out and he blew it. If he can't hit from 47 yards twice why is he here. Someone on that team should let him have it after the game. Once a kicker starts missing kicks it starts getting on his head. Cut him now!

Now these are the Dolphins we're all used to. A bunch of losers. Its good to welcome them back.

Philbin is no different than Morano. Play conservative and you lose. What freaken losers!

Just not in the cards! Everything went their way!

Philbin may not be ready to be a head coach yet....just like irefiend was never ready to be a GM his whole life!!!

Good Game.

Carpenter should've made his kicks.

T-hill did better than expected by anyone's standard!!

We will only get better. The Jets got Lucky. Good game. But we lost it they didn't win it!!!!!!

T-hill is already better than sancheZ!!!


Jets are going nowhere. If you jets fans are happy with that win that show how bad you guys suck

I'm sorry but two misses within his range for carpenter. He lost us this game. When your only job is to kick field goals and can't get it done how do you remain on the roster. What a wasted performance by the defense. Another thing. Why isn't philbin running it three times to get closer for the field goal. However this one is on carpenter and him only.

Charge the loss to three guys: Carpenter (two misses), Richard Marshall (very poor coverage and defense penalties and Philbin (rookie HC mistake of icing the kicker).
Phins should have won this one, for sure.



Sheesh Tannehill didn't lose the game by himself. This board is so full of people who over-react and want to blame one person for the lose. I think everyone had a hand in blowing this one.

The lose today is not on play calling its on trading vontae and Brandon

Way to kick carpenter

I used to love are kicker Carpenter, but he has to go.

hey YG, spare us, giving up entirely on your running game in the second half has NOTHING to do with execution.

Kris, did you see a FG attempt for the win? That's called putting your team in a position to win the game. It's not all on one player. I saw a drop or two (one of them Anthony Armstrong for a first down), so it's not as easy as saying it's all Tannehill's fault. It's his third NFL game, I'm not expecting him to carry the team on his shoulders yet, sorry. Veterans should be able to carry the load, and Coaches need to strategize to give their young team the advantage. If they called a run or shorter pass (Bess was making them all day), got closer for third down, then run, maybe get a first, it would have made for a much easier FG. So I'm not saying Tannehill was Aaron Rodgers today, I'm saying he did his job, fought through adversity, and in the end gave his kicker a chance to win it.


Who was the Jet player that put the helmet hit on Bush's knee and later started applauding when he wouldn't get up?

The league should fine the SOB!

Dont care what anyone says. We still need playmakers on defense. A compliment to Wake, 1 more corner(move Marshall to nickel; dump Carroll), and a safety(Clemons inconsistent).

Then we need a real #1 wr. Thats how far we're still away.

Stop talking about rebuilding and the future . Don't u understand that with a GM that knew we needed Wrs and that knew we have no pass rush and that has blown more picks that any other team, and with an OC that calls a pass to the end zone on 2 nd and 8 from the thirtysomenthing line, asking too mucho from a rookie qb that had been missing open receivers all game, and that also knew his kicker had missed from a similar distance there is no rebuilding???

Carpenter lost the game, lets make that clear..
Joe showed that he is a rookie HC by calling them long passes when all miami need it was a few more yard to make the FG eassier for Carpenter...

Tanne played a good game? After the ugly pick six, the coaching staff could not trust him anymore. He cannot read a defense right now. He was actually inaccurate for most of the tame and I think that he was lucky to have 196 yards passing with some of the inaccuarate passes he made. Remember the circus catch by Hartline; if he had thrown that in stride the game would have been over. The jury is still out on him.

And Carpenter SUCKS!

Dan Carpenter can die in a gutter for all I care.

We lost a game Mark Sanchez tried to gift wrap for us. This defense never makes a play when we absolutely need it most.

Playcalling's never perfect in any game for any team. The difference is some teams have players that make plays when they need them most. Just saying bad play calling doesnt scratch the surface to what the real problem is.

The real problem's this team's still void of clutch playmakers on both sides of the ball.


Why didn't we see more of L. Miller?

I believe we should have seem more of him and less of Thomas.

D Thomas = USELESS

Sloppy play by RT not on the money game.... corners are horrible.... no qb pressure at all, Sanchez had plenty of time most of the game.... still a lot work to do, but think about it, they should have won this game vs a much much talented team, without Reggie most of time, but Carpenter spoiled it... painful lost but they are showing some improvmet...

Wow you lot having a go at the team like that disgusts me!!! Be emotional by all means but ffs there is no way the team deserve some of the comments being made. You moan last year the team settled fir fg's at the end of games, now we take shots to win and you moan wtf??? Give the team a break

The team is who we thought they were. TRASH

Not taking up for Tannehill, but almost any rookie qb would struggle against the complexities of a Rex Ryan designed defense. Big Ben only put up 20 points in a win vs the Jets last week.

Thier defense just made stops when they needed them most. See the difference?

Matt Barkley, come on down!

Big Ben only put up 20pts against the Jets last week with much better recievers. We put up 20pts this week and many here are ready to declare Tannehill bust. ROTFLMAO!

Tannehill < Henne

Philbin made some very bad decisions today. He had Reggie make a meaningless run at the end of the half that got him injured, and they needed to get closer for the FG, and he cost his team a blocked FG

Tom Brady at times struggles with Rex Ryan defenses. LOL

Can we PLEASE fire Ireland now?

Miami is going to get pounded by arizona!

i wonder if reggie bush can kick field goals

didn't thomas gain over 60 yds in the 2nd Half?

We ran the ball over 40 times.

We lost because of Dashi's key to the game!!!!!!


Plain and Simple!!!!

That and the Missed FG's!!!!

we lost by 3 points in OT!!!!

Not a bad game

Several things contributed to this loss. But what clearly lost the game was the defense's inability to get a stop when we absolutely needed it most.

Point blank!

Philbin = Cameron 2.0

The Dolphins SUCK!!!! I'm so angry right now I could go and kick Carpenter's ass! How could they have let this game get away?????? Now its down hill from now. Thats OK we'll get the first pick in next years draft and even better- Ireland hopefully will be gone.

I don't know how many times I have to say it. Upright runners fumble & are always hurt(head/leg). End the D. Thomas expirement. He stinks.

Miller looks better & seems more explosive. Thomas buries his head & runs into the line too fast. Miller waits for a hole. Is patient like Bush.

Don't cut Carpenter but, bring guys in for workouts. He stunk today.

A. Armstrong is a BUM. It's sad that this guy even sees the field. Says alot about the state of the WR corp.

Defense played very well. Can't tell if Miami is better than we thought or if the Jets are just that bad. Sanchez is absolutely terrible but, he made big throws late.

Tanny looked ok but, Hartline didn't show up until too late.

For GOD SAKES, get Tanny some weapons.


You're right.

They should have take kneel downs to end the half.

Who hit him on the knee and was clapping afterwards when he wouldn't get up?

Have fun losing your s%$t tonight ya bunch of Marys. Hahahaha. Try to calm down a bit, it's just a game.

Lots of things to work on. First is getting some receivers, second is cb/db. Need a nickle cb and upgrade over Clemons. Losing Bush was the first game killer second was the Carpenter misses.

I liked that they didn't baby Tannehill too much after the interception. He still didn't get rattled but the rain and wet ball effected both qbs on accuracy today.

But there was nothing surprising today really. We all knew we lacked playmakers at TE, WR, and DB and that's hard to overcome when you're grooming a rookie QB. Sorry people but we knew what we were, stop acting shocked.

Philbin is doomed with Irescum as a GM.

We will only get better from here. Probably should have had this one though.

Easy to second guess but I was hoping for runs and short passes to get in field goal range after the Hartine catch.

The long pass down the sideline seemed like a wasted play.


Glad you and I both see that. Seems no one else here does. This defense still cant make a crucial stop when its absolutely needed most. Thats when it seems we cant get pressure on any qb, no matter who he is. Nor can we seem to cover a wr no matter who he is.

Thats been the defensive pattern the last 4yrs. Thats why during live blog I posted I dont trust this defense.

Dolphins - laughingstock of the league

Wec all know the offense is a work in progress. The defense is what's more disappointing. Thier supposed to be the strength of this team.

Time after time, under real fire, they always fold the tents. Thats what disturbs me. We need better playmakers at the pass defense area.

Well, we've assumed our perrenial position in the cellar. What's new?

its hard being a fan these days...How many ways to see your team lose. In the end they just don't have the heart of a winning team.

Odrick isnt a speed rusher. But time after time I see him take the wide lane to qb, opening up the passing lane for easy completions by Mark Sanchez.

Will someone please send Odrick the memo he isnt a speed rusher.

Tannehill runs the "prevent" offense. lol

wow!!!... some of you guys have to take a pill...the team committed some costly mistakes, but they are a work in progress... what worries me is how much they can improved. I mean, we dont have Revis, Cromartie, Landry, Holmes, etc... Playmakers!!!... the only one we had, got injured at half time... Costly and painfull loss

Im out. The uneducated bashing's started. Terrible thing about some fans, they watch the games and still dont know what it is thier seeing.

So to play nice Im leaving.

Glad I didnt spend a dime on this garbage team.

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