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Dolphins and Jets tied 20-20 going to overtime

The Dolphins played not to lose until the Jets forced them to drive for a game-tying field goal.

Having done that, the Jets decided overtime is fine with them.

It had better be fine with you, too because this game is headed to the extra period.

The live blog goes into overtime and we pay time and a half. See you in the comments section.


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They just seemed happy with Carpenter kicking a 48 yarder after missing from 47.

5 yards probably cost us this game. What a bummer. And it had to be the Jets...geez.

Oh well only place to go is up.

How happy is Tony Sparano?

That would be the saints. JAY

I am surprised by the details that all you supposedly educated fans miss.Right before halftime the dolphins were deep in their own end of the field with less than a minute to go 3rd down and Sherman calls a pass its incomplete and it stops the clock.If they run the ball they can burn the clock without even punting.What happens next could have an impact on the WHOLE season.The Dolphins punt and the punter is roughed up new set of downs thats where Bush their best player was hurt.That was dubious playcalling and most of you here didnt catch it.

What part of this do you guys not see, we are a team heading in the right direction. Need a few more playmakers and boom off we go.

Philben looked like Wanstadt today...prevent offense is the term that comes to mind...at some point you have to turn your offense loose...especially in OT...this game should have been won in regulation but they lost focus after Reggie went down...a good learning experience for the rookies...players and coaches

I think this will calm down the writers that had the audacity to mention playoffs and superbowl after they whipped the lowly Raiders.

This team sucks. Tanny looked like Ryan Leaf and Sherman is a dip#@*t. Philbin also looked like a dip@$it. Armstrong needs the CFL along with 80% of our players. Our owner is absolutely the most clueless pile of dogs#*t I have ever seen. Give me Jerry Jones or Snyder any over Ross. I hate them both, but I hate Ross 100x more. What a joke.

umma say this 1 more time. tannehill lacks what it takes to be a good qb in this league

You idiots know it all that's why all you dumbasses are sitting home watching football. You think you know everything!!! I'm not saying that we are good at all but to get on here and see some of these comments you idiots write it's amazing!!!!!

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