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Dolphins and Raiders tied to start second quarter

The Dolphins offense had a nice opening drive and Ryan Tannehill got his first NFL TD on a 2 yard run.


The bad?

The Raiders just pieced together a 64-yard screen pass TD in which Reshad Jones was held, Chris Clemons took a bad angle to the ballcarrier, Koa Misi got pancaked and Karlos Dansby could only trail helplessly as he watched the score.

The game is tied, 7-7.

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WE have RBS

and yet its only 10-7, they must be doing something right and you cant hope for turnovers from this defense enough to score points...

the offense has just been putrid for two weeks now and defenses are reading them too easily, they have to be accountable for something too....they take absolutely no pressure off in no huddle situations and I dont care what defense is out there...it will eventually take its toll on how you can contain the other team..

Put in matthews & Moore, enough of naanee!.....Clemons sucks and need another pass rusher with wake, Palmer has all day back there

Sorry but hennehill sucks. Everything this chump throws is out of bounds or behind receivers or tipped. Just lke his father henne sr.

team needs to step up AGAIN this half or it's not going to be pretty!
not sure how much of the performance is down to the players and how much is down to the tactics?????
s teams are the only part holding their own.
pass rush neds to improve or we will be in trouble.
on offence we need to get the recievers open and get some 1st downs

Half time stats. Rush 73. Pass 74. That equals. 1-15. Hopefully!! Jeff is a sorry a s s hole!! I watching red zone and I see so
Much young talented players. That Jeff didn't want!!

Apparently first down markers are hard to see.

U know what's so funny. You all want to lose so that we can get more draft picks but we have the worse drafter in the league.

Offense is pathetic!

Every bengals receiver is better than our best.

Can the defense make a play?

A big play, like something that might matter?

This has been painful so far. I want something to cheer about!

there we go again...OUR inabilty and futility at strecthing the field on a 3rd and managable situation....thats poorly schemed and coached and ultimatly a reflection of irefiends piss poor product as talent goes...

Dolphins77 he has nobody to throw to. Not one legitimate nfl receiver. What's so hard to get about that? They don't get open they have NEVER scored tds....he is pressing and every rookie would be.
Funny, nobody in Indy or Cleveland are abandoning their rookies. Miami fans are pathetic.


that should be no surprise coming into the game that this was one not worth watching unless your a fan of either which is at a less premium lately....

Special teams are ok- defense is ok, offense is terrible!

at least their in FG range right away...*lol*

get in there MIAMI TD!!!!!! now lets get a 3 and out and lets see if we can move the ball again. lets put them on the back foot.

Teggie bush. The only good player on the team.


U know Eric Winston was available in the offseason and more than willing to come FOR LESS here. That simple move could have boosted or line, instead the ginger midget brought us a player six years older -and less effective and oft injured in- in Artis Hicks.

This moron could have REALLY start rebuilding last year after 0-7 and traded Marshall, Davis, Fasano and even entertained the idea of trading Long, considering he will be impossible to resign. Now look at us...pathetic! Go away Ireland and Ross, too bad the latter won't!! We needed a fresh start GM included, if this season keeps going like this, even with a plain vanilla schedule Ireland will not survive, and although that would be a good thing it will probably mean that a new GM would like to bring this own HC. Another year to the garbage Ross, FUvery much.

BTW, 2nd rd #60 pick Kelechi Osemele is outplaying J. Martin so far at RT. So much for the "scout" Ireland's picks!

This is why you stick to running the football. Bush is the best player on the team and you have to get him the ball. There is no need to throw the ball all over the field when you don't have the personnel to do that, especially against a team like the Raiders. The Raiders are not prolific so you can control the football and play defense

Well said Orlando, well said

Gentlemen, please check out Gabbert's numbers against Houston. Ick.

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