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Dolphins cut safety Tyrone Culver

It's is a new day at Dolphins camp and that's often bad news for yesterday's players. Such is the situation for Tyrone Culver, who has been cut by the Dolphins.

The Herald's Adam Beasley reports Culver has been let go today as the Dolphins trim players to make room for the (minimum) four players they have added.

Culver, a stalwart of the Miami dime package and special teams for four years, apparently was made expendable by the addition of Houston free safety Troy Nolan.

Culver was a good player for the Dolphins the past four seasons. But his time in Miami is over.

[Update: Linebackers Jonathan Freeny and Josh Kaddu have also been cut. No surprise here.]

For the day the Dolphins have cut Culver, Freeny Kaddu, and Steve Slaton so far.


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Four years is plenty of time to prove he belongs obviously he doesn't

If Nolan is better than Culver, he should be able to replace Clemons pretty quickly.

What has Clemons ever done? Seriously?

He's just a placeholder because we lack-ed anything better!

Nolan could turn out to be an upgrade. Here's to Hoping for the best!

The last few blogs were humming fine. Now VIO has arrived, expect the blog to head straight down the toilet with his antics.

Nolan's 6'-2" 207. Ran a 4.6 at the combine.

In Pac 10 play he had 5 pick sixes and a fumble returned for a TD.

Culver's horrible. Our safties nfl average on the best of days. For what, about 2-3yrs Culver cant challenge this garbage for a starting spot. Was time for him to go. He's plateau'd, not peaking.
Maybe a career s-teamer at best.

Philbin's cleaning house! Go Philbin!

Who cares!!! I'm so down on this team I can barely pay attention.

We're not getting true upgrades. Just what we had was so horribly awful it seems like and upgrade.
Still nice to see Philbin taking out some of the garbage that should have been taken out a few years ago.

Question of the day...........................

Will we ever beat the Houston Texans?


No ff'nnn chance playa!!!


Can you tell us if any cut players have been picked up yet!!

I want Chris Hogan to hang around, but I don't see that happening.

If a player's been the primary backup to substandard starters for 2-3yrs or more and cant wrestle away a starting job. Thats a "CLEAR SIGN" that player has plataue'd and reached his ceiling.

"Cricket" Clemmons might be a 3rd team backup safety on some nfl rosters.

"Who cares!!! I'm so down on this team I can barely pay attention."

Yet you not only read the article but came in here to comment on it.


At this point all we as fans is a respectable team that gets better as the season goes on, and that we see a growth in Tanny.

Hey your dumb, f*ck yourself!!

They're probably hoping Nolan can take Clemmon's starting spot. If not, he wonjt last long in Miami either.

Like someone posted earlier, it might not be such a bad idea to move Wilson back to backup corner now.

The Dolphins are plain garbage. Pathetic franchise.

Chris Hogan signed by NE. Welker released.

If that is what you are expecting to read, then you let Hard Knocks knock too hard on your head.

they need to get rid of Fatsano and get a TE who can catch the ball..

"AdamHBeasley The Miami Herald has learned that the Dolphins have waived Jonathan Freeny."

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Thought the kid earned a shot this year. Still another cut to be named. It must be Marlon Moore.

Our HC and OC have over 60 years cumulative experience coaching and evaluating players. Dumb shitt fans watch a 1 hour Hard Knocks episode and all of a sudden they know better.

Tannehill's wife = PWILF.

Player's wives I'd love to Fu[(<.

Right now I would overjoyed to hear announced we've signed Chris Cooley. He's an upgrade to Fasano no matter how you try and stack it.

Johnathan Freeney looked like garbage in the last preseasonj game. Seemed to arrive on most plays fairly late. Good riddance!

Our HC and OC have over 60 years cumulative experience coaching and evaluating players. Dumb shitt fans watch a 1 hour Hard Knocks episode and all of a sudden they know better.

LMFAO@Sargo. Ha!!!

he bottom of the roster "ugly ducklings" arte flyuing off the team. GHood work in this aspect so far coach Philin!

Cooley is spent. When a player with that much experience is getting less attention than 4th string players, that tells you everything.

Patriots signed Gates!!

Dolphins waive Johnathon Freeny

Patriots signed Gates!!
Posted by: jjm673 | September 01, 2012 at 04:48 PM

Wrong; Jests picked him up

Fins cut Cognito, bring back Berger.

Tannehill's wife = PWILF.
Player's wives I'd love to Fu[(<.
Posted by: Tim in Tampa | September 01, 2012 at 04:45 PM

Hartline's wife is 10x hotter....hands down. She has a face and curves, Mrs. Tannehill has neither


Our HC has never been a HC. And the OC has been fired 4 times There's twice the football knowledge on this blog then there is in the Dolphins morons FO.

Your are correct, I misread, Jets signed Gates!!! I thought the Dolphins had WR problems

The last few blogs were humming fine. Now VIO has arrived, expect the blog to head straight down the toilet with his antics.

Posted by: Oh Well | September 01, 2012 at 04:27 PM

And Monkey Boy checks in with the First Non-Football related post of the new blog.

He's pretty consistent when it comes to accusing others of doing what it is, HE always does.

Not today Monkey Boy, I'm to busy!

PS: Nolan looks like he'll offer some good depth and possibly displace Clemons.

mrs tannehill is a toothpick with lots of make up, only dumber. my rod would break her in two.

Will we ever beat the Houston Texans?

I dont think we could beat an egg.

So far we have gotten a big safety. MAYBE JUST Maybe he can cover a tight end of NEs. The steal is Sammy Brown. If he plays like he is capable of at Houston we have another pass rusher ala Wake. He is definitely a third down backer.

The question is Armstrong Healthy? Can he play like 2010 or is it 2011 all over again.

I hated to see him go last time. We still need a A1 Receiver and would not be suprised to see Nannee go,

The Pats wanted Gates but the Jests had first digs.

love this cleaning of the house, out with the garbage

Fin 77

Many fine coaches have gotten fired. It's part of the business. Belichek was fired, Coughlin too. I don't think you are smart enough to count how many SB rings they now have.

The collective knowledge of the bloggers here is less than bird poop.

Hartline's wife = PWILF.

Player's wives I'd love to Fu[(<.

Most bloggers form very strong opinions based on a mere few sentences from a mere few sports writers who have little to no real experience in coaching or scouting.

Compare that with coaches who have been at it many hours a week for decades, and there is no way us bloggers can know squat. We just like to think we know better.

Garbage time for a garbage team. Superbowl contending teams are NOT digging through other teams garbage for help. Its so bad here that they are looking for potential starters from castoffs. What a steaming pile!

Any thoughts on making Marino the next GM......cant be any worse that BallBoy Jeffy.

marino doesnt want to be a gm


Why in the world would Marino want to be the GM? He has a nice cush tv job that keeps him involved without the pressure or year round 60 hour work week that a GM has.

Thank God they cut Culver.. I was getting tired of him, not taking over the starting role at the safety position... thats a good sign.

Ireland's at work...

go canessssssssss

Well, nobody can really expect any different at this point. miami may add jones with a trade but other than that, it seems the only upgrade they'll do this year is by cutting their losses with failed pickups....pretty much the product on the field is what your gonna see..and that sucks...Celler of the AFC East is a two way race right now....

love it super, finally they get rid of garbage guys who dont produce. and we will get first pick in draft.

Seattle waives TE Kellen Winslow

Pick. Him. Up. PLEASE! Instant upgrade over Mastrud

....and Fasano. I don't think he's washed up yet. Problem is he'll expensive

First pick (2013). NICE!

unfortunatly bill, its looking more and more like you might be right...still would like James Jones here and Naanee cut..dont know why this castoff of a WR is recieving special treatment from this team when honestly an arguement can be made that wallace and pruit have been just as productive as this guy in preseason which of course is saying "Nothing"

James looks good, future Dolphin?

Seattle cut Kellen Winslow. Come on Jeff, either Winslow or Cooley.....pick one...


Ya Lebron James

Oh no...They cut Kaddu!!! LOL!!! The guy was invisible in the pre-season.

I'm surprised they didn't cut a WR but then again how do you cut studs like Naanee. Still carrying 4 QB's so there are obviously more moves to make.

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