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Dolphins cut safety Tyrone Culver

It's is a new day at Dolphins camp and that's often bad news for yesterday's players. Such is the situation for Tyrone Culver, who has been cut by the Dolphins.

The Herald's Adam Beasley reports Culver has been let go today as the Dolphins trim players to make room for the (minimum) four players they have added.

Culver, a stalwart of the Miami dime package and special teams for four years, apparently was made expendable by the addition of Houston free safety Troy Nolan.

Culver was a good player for the Dolphins the past four seasons. But his time in Miami is over.

[Update: Linebackers Jonathan Freeny and Josh Kaddu have also been cut. No surprise here.]

For the day the Dolphins have cut Culver, Freeny Kaddu, and Steve Slaton so far.


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Nadda on Culver, Freeny Kaddu, and Steve Slaton being cut........not surprising.

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Today's acorns are being moved to the top of the depth chart into starting roles.

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Culver, a stalwart of the Miami dime package and special teams for four years, apparently was made expendable by the addition of Houston free safety Troy Nolan. -Armando Salguero

We did not sign Houston's free safety. We signed an unemployed football player that did not make the Houston team. That being said Troy Nolan is the best safety on our roster and deserves to be moved immediately into a starting position.

Has Tannehill accepted responsibility for the poor offense of this team yet?

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Seriously, guys are onto Kellen Winslow Jr now? Good God! We get rid of a few problem childs and people think that Philbin's going to invite another one onto the team. No chance!

This argument that Tannehill needs someone to throw to, while I agree with that, wouldn't Seattle have thought the same thing for Russell Wilson? No interest in Winslow. He's damaged goods and he's a cancer on the team. This is not the talented Kellen Winslow that came into the league. Does nothing for us this year.

Anybody know much about this guy Sam Brown we picked up? He was thought to have some talented the year he was drafted but slipped because of a questionable work ethic. I realize that the likelihood of the light bulb going off for this guy is slim....but what if?

Odin's says he had three rounds with the hottie. Yet he is up all night blogging one long post after the other? Is that what men do when they have a hottie in their bed? Between his claim of round 2 and round 3 was only a twenty minute span in which he posted more of his annoying drivel. Do the math and you'll find his idea of round two is drinking black jack from the bottle while taking a pee.

Some of you bloggers should be ASHAMED of yourselves for engaging this blog polluting derelict in football conversation. His 2% football posts are not worth his 98% pollution posts.

Picking up players on waivers basically says that you are so weak at that position that another teams trash is an upgrade. Not very encouraging. It's that one in a thousand player that really turns around on the new team. The other 999 get jettisoned for the same reason.

The more I sit back and think about it, the less I want Winslow on this team. Fasano, Clay, and Egnew are fine FOR NOW. Simply because this is a lost season and there's no need to spend more. You better make it up to us next season though Ireland or whoever the GM may be. You have a boatload of quality picks and a lot of cap space. Yes Jake Long may take a lot of that and hopefully not Sean Smjth, unless he finally achieves what he's capable of this year, then maybe....only because we can't solve 2 CB positions, an alpha WR, another OL, an MLB, and an FS with only 5 picks in the first 3 rounds (here's to hoping we can court some FAs)

Waiver......all true, and Miami has plenty of weaknesses, but basically every team picks up players off waivers.....every team.

and Waiver, by definition, the weakest players on the top teams are likely better than some of our players.....and the players of probably 20-25 other teams in the league--you all act like Miami is in this boat by themselves......outside of the top 5-7 teams, every team is in a similar position, trying to address weaknesses.

Kellen Winslow jr, SUCKS. No way this PUKE comes to Miami, he was lazy terrible in Tampa bay, also in Seattle.Also we now have the WORST owner in the NFL.

Barkley looked great last nite. He's an Andrew Luck clone.

Vegas now has the Fins ranked 32 on their Power Poll.

A lot of these rookie HC's do not know how to handle the vets on the team. They get the respect of the young players but not the vets so much. Saban, Cameron, Sparano, and Philbin have all struggled handling the vets on the team.

This is the worst Dolphin team ever IMHO.


Pretty much every player, coach and FO personnel is a weakness for the Fins. RB's are average but thats it.

Armando made the point yesterday that it's the sign of a poor team that they add a number of players off the waiver wire. While I don't disagree with that I, I found it interesting that the Giants, the team that won the Super Bowl last year, were involved in a number of attempted claims.

Fins have the worst:

Team Name
and Fans

in all of sports.

I forgot to mention...

the worst stadium, seats furthest from the field
quietest stadium
most empty seats
dumbest about football owner

Two worst team names in all of sports history dating back to 9800 b.c.

The Browns
The Dolphins

Ban Odin.....dont disagree but just saying that Miami, unfortunately, is in the same position as many teams, yet fans act like SO many other teams are doing it better than we are......only 7 teams have won SBs in the last 11 years.....and just look at the records last year......alot of teams were bunched around .500, give or take, so alot of teams were lousy/mediocre, ie. alot of teams have lousy talent/GMs/coaches, etc....yet fans here act like Miami is the only one, that we have the worst of everything--if you're firing Ireland and Philbin, then you're basically saying half the GMs/coaches should be fired too.

"Odin's says he had three rounds with the hottie. Yet he is up all night blogging one long post after"............ blah, blah, blah, blah blah

Posted by: Simple Math | September 02, 2012 at 09:24 AM

Seriously, guy, no one gives a flying fook about what you and Odin are arguing over. No one cares if Odin talks about girls, no one cares if you don't like him, no one cares about your little lovers quarrel period.

You two are the biggest morons in here taking up blog space to argue over nothing. Neither of you is winning, you're both losers and prove it on a daily basis by continuing to stroke each other off like two gays at a highway rest stop.

Wonder how Ross feels about the team going into the season. He's probably in a really foul mood after seeing Michigan was whooped last night.

Seriously, guy, no one gives a flying fook about what you and Odin are arguing over. Blah blah blah

Posted by: The Blog | September 02, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Please, if you have nothing to contribute, stay away and stop feeding the bs.

These bloggers come around to say they don't care yet respond and post about it. I guess they care. What fools.

What you see here is the general mentality of 95% of bonehead immature football fans. That leaves only 5% which are the mature, critically thinking adults.

That stadium wreaks of urine. And the Health Dept has cited the food vendors a thousand times for violations. Even the Sun Life Company is pulling out.

every team makes waiver claims.....yes, Miami is not a good team but the fact that they made a few waiver is sort of irrelevant......good teams, bad teams, they all make waiver claims.

It's time to move the team and change the name. Miami needs to boost it's image, not drag it down further.

Nat.....seriously, wreaks of urine?--have you been to no other big stadium in your life?--I've been to many......pro, college, different sports......they all wreak of urine.....thats, uh, sort of what happens when 40,000 dudes, half sacked, and kids, are pissing in the mens room--I have 2 boys and our bathroom smells like urine sometimes......hhmm, wonder why?

Yeah, but the Dolphins team is built from the waiver wire lol

This is the worst Dolphin team ever IMHO.

Posted by: Ban Odin |

They haven't even played a game yet. But you have posted thousands of time and it's safe to say, you are the worst poster ever imho.

Ban Odin,

Thats because the waived players are better then Irescum's draft picks!

Please, if you have nothing to contribute,

How did your post contribute? I'm trying to stop these two idiots from taking their personal squabbles to the entire blog. You're trying to stop me from stopping them why? Oh that's right, you're one of the two idiots in question. Continue on idiot.

Ireland drafts Kaddu in the 5th, dumps him for an undrafted guy Brown,who has work ethic issues and 1 tackle in the preseason. Just another genius move

@The Blog, Everyone is giving football opinions and predictions and no team has played a regular season game. Why single my opinion out as too early? Just because you dont share it? Grow up.

Sounds like Nolan may be a good pick up though. Texan fans didn't want to see him go.If Armstrong was good we would have kept him 3 years ago.

The Patriots made a trade to get a WR but we haven't??? Does this make sense to anyone??? Instead we keep 4 QB's & sign Anthony Armstrong??? I'm sorry but Anthony Armstrong is not the answer to our needs at the position & I'm very uncomfortable with the lack of talent that Tannehill has to work with. Doesn't everyone including Ireland, Philbin, & Sherman realize that his current crop of WR's & TE's will only impede his development??? We're going to find out soon enough if Tannehill is mentally strong enough to endure the losing.

Look for the us, the Rams, the Browns, the Vikings, & most likely the Jaguars to be battling for next year's Number 1 pick. Assuming Tannehill is not a bust we're going to need three more seasons where we hit on a top ten pick to be able to compete. Can't do it w/o a top WR & a top CB & eventually we're going to need a top ILB & a top Dlineman.

The best example of a team that was rebuilt was the Lions. They hit on Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Suh, & some other guys. But b/c they continued to stay consistently bad eventually they hired someone who drafted the right players. Oddly enough this has been a problem with this franchise--we've won too many game in each of the last four years. If we REALLY drafted as high as we should have we wouldn't have taken Vontae or Odrick. I can't criticize us taking Jake Long (unfortunately he's banged up) or Pouncey at this point.

Jake Long was a botched pick. The team would've beeen ions better with Matt Ryan plus all the subsequent draft picks they've wasted on QB's.

--I have 2 boys and our bathroom smells like urine sometimes......hhmm, wonder why?

Posted by: BPA | September 02, 2012 at 11:25 AM

I don't wonder why at all. It is because you are not diligent about keeping a clean home and allow your bathroom to become a disgusting, foul smelling PIG STY.

Guess what? Some people actually CLEAN UP urine from the floor/toilet so that their bathrooms do NOT smell like a back alley in Calcutta.

You are simply lazy.

Couldn't agree more. If somebody's house smells like pee then clean the damn place! Sounds like typical white trash.

Nat Moore,

The fact that Sunlife is pulling out of the stadium has nothing to do with the team or the organization. It has everything to do with the fact that they have pulled their operation from doing business in the States. They made a business decision to stop spending money where it won't help them. Maybe guys should check their stories before just making stuff up.

We Have RBs,

I think you answered your own question. Why would we trade for a WR, as you're suggesting, when that would only take us from bottom five to let's see bottom 10. Why give up a pick, if it's going to cost us the chance of drafting the next Megatron or Fitgerald. Tired of these giving up picks to put a bandaid on a problem. Maybe, just maybe this is Ireland plan. Guys want to criticize him for not adding a top WR but who is he and what are we giving up to get him. We'd give up a decent pick for a guy like Jones and what would that get us? 6-10? 7-9? And then what? Let's be bottom five wth the guys we've got and do things properly.

Craig, Sun Life is pulling out....nothing made up about it.

oh geez, thanks for the suggestion and directions on how to clean up, Jim.....never thought of that--however humorous and stupid your comment is, doesnt change the fact that every good size stadium wreaks of urine, dopey.....every one.

Nat Moore,

It is made up. I live in Canada and I'm very familiar with Sun Life. Go to their website and do some digging and you'll find out why they are pulling out. Why would they continue to pump money into a market they're not doing business in. Use your head.

Amazing to look at all the 4th round picks or higher from around the league the last couple of years that were cut this week. Must be an awful lot of GMs who don't know what they are doing, as there are many on here that want to convince us that those guys are busts. Looks like it doesn't just happen to Jeff Ireland and guys like Gates. Must be great to sit on the sidelines and criticize others, when in reality our fellow bloggers don't know squat (Ricki Stanzi ring a bell?).

With ticket sales at a 44 yr low, few primetime games, no playoffs, plus the Marlins moving, Sun Life is not getting near the exposure they were expecting. They've determined advertising with the Dolphins is a waste of money.

ownership, #1 problem. please someone offer to buy
the dolphins save oue fans.

Canada? No wonder you know nothing about football. Stick with bowling and ice fishing.

Burger 305,

Again you are DEAD wrong. It has nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with the downturn in world markets and specifically with the US economy. I work in financial services and I'm very familiar with Sun Life (they are one of my competitors). They've been hit hard by the downturn in markets since '08 and have they actually cut back in some of their product offerings to reduce costs.

Also, check your facts. Ticket sales are actually UP this year and not done. Do a little research on both topics and you'll find this out.

Have the dolphins signed any real talent yet? Go Canes!

Cut Fasano get Kellen Winslow at least he can catch a bullet ball!


That's the typical ignorant comment I would expect from an American. Fortunately, I don't run into too many Americans who are like that, however you are accentuating the stereotype that the world has of your Country.

By the way, we also know a little bit about ice hockey, which shows up in the number of times we've kicked your country's ass in big games. Do I need to bring up the gold medal game again from Vancouver as a reminder?

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