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Dolphins cut safety Tyrone Culver

It's is a new day at Dolphins camp and that's often bad news for yesterday's players. Such is the situation for Tyrone Culver, who has been cut by the Dolphins.

The Herald's Adam Beasley reports Culver has been let go today as the Dolphins trim players to make room for the (minimum) four players they have added.

Culver, a stalwart of the Miami dime package and special teams for four years, apparently was made expendable by the addition of Houston free safety Troy Nolan.

Culver was a good player for the Dolphins the past four seasons. But his time in Miami is over.

[Update: Linebackers Jonathan Freeny and Josh Kaddu have also been cut. No surprise here.]

For the day the Dolphins have cut Culver, Freeny Kaddu, and Steve Slaton so far.


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doesnt change the fact that every good size stadium wreaks of urine, dopey.....every one.

Posted by: BPA | September 02, 2012 at 01:06 PM


Interesting that a guy who can't even spell a simple word like "reek" correctly is tossing around adjectives like 'dopey.'

Pot, meet kettle.

For future reference, Dr. Einstein, "wreak" refers a physical component associated with violence or mayhem, as in "wreaking havoc" while "reek" is associated with odors---such as the stench of your grammatical ineptitude.

Craig M is 100% correct about the Sun Life situation. The company is simply pulling out of the U.S. market. It has absolutely nothing to do with the stadium or the team.

Nat Moore, perhaps you should stick to subjects you actually know something about rather than fabricating stories to advance an agenda.

Thanks for setting the record straight, Craig.

From my perspective, with these signings, the Dolphins have successfully addressed all of their areas of need.

the truth matters,

Well said. I'm sure the guy will retreat to his hole now and fabricate some other story to suit his agenda.

Jake Long was a botched pick. The team would've beeen ions better with Matt Ryan plus all the subsequent draft picks they've wasted on QB's.

Posted by: Yikes | September 02, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Really? Because Matt Ryan has been such a success?
Last time I checked, Long is one of best OTs in the league. Has Matt Ryan won anything that I don't know about?
And it's not like he doesn't have talent around him.
And you think Ryan was worth the 2nd pick overall?


Any talk of who we added to the practice squad? I'd like to see a guy like Hogan brought back. I have to think Ireland is working on something as far as QBs go. I highly doubt he keeps 4 on the roster. My guess is he's trying to trade Moore and if he can't he'll cut Garrard.

Jake Long was a botched pick. The team would've beeen ions better with Matt Ryan plus all the subsequent draft picks they've wasted on QB's.
Posted by: Yikes | September 02, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Typical IGNORANT comment from a fan who probably plays fantasy football and finished top 3 and now thinks he knows it all. There's a LOT more about guys success than just plugging them in and I happen to believe Ryan would have struggled with Sparano and Henning calling the shots.

The Canes may be leaving too. They're talking to the Marlins about moving into that new stadium.

Getting my hair and nails done today!!


Fins will treat Texans like Alabama treated Michigan.


We need to find a Jarvis Williams and Luis Oliver to put the hurt on people. This ain't a tickling competition.

Slaton is sexy and don't agree but would love to butt plugg Tyrone Culver he always looks mad but those make for the best lovers

Today, 4PM. More rethreads. Where are the Pirellis?

Louis Oliver might be the most overrated player in the history of the team. The occasional big hit mixed in with countless missed tackles and blown assignments.

Take a look at the Dolphins pass defense rankings from that era sometime. They were awful, and Oliver was a big reason why.

But you're not alone. Many fans were under the same delusion that he was good.

You are right, jrs! Oliver sucked. The Dolphins pass defense only got better when Madison and Surtain got in there, long after Oliver was gone. Totally agreed Oliver is/was hugely overrated!

Fins will treat Texans like Alabama treated Michigan.


Posted by: Home | September 02, 2012 at 01:42 PM

I see the village crack-head has arrived.

As a season ticket holder I emailed Mr Ross and demanded Ireland be immediately fired. Lets see what happens.

Texans are a 11 point fav. Over miami. Texans will win by 3 tds.

As a season ticket holder I emailed Mr Ross and demanded Ireland be immediately fired. Lets see what happens.

Posted by: Mike in Pembroke | September 02, 2012 at 03:07 PM

Ross printed a copy of your email for Jeffey to use as toilet paper.

I just read about these signings. Looks like Jeff Ireland has addressed all of the areas of need. Bring on the season!

uh huh

Mike in Pembroke, you need to know the entire story concerning Jeff Ireland before you insist that he be fired. When Bill Parcells was hired to run the Dolphins, he insisted on total dictatorial control, but for some reason he did not want the title of General Manager. So to fill the position, he looked for someone who would mostly stay out of the way, and serve as a passive bystander, a person who would not challenge any decision that he made. Basically a person to put on the payroll but to keep his mouth shut. He found his man in a little-known scout for the Dallas Cowboys, Jeff Ireland.
Upon becoming GM, Jeff Ireland quickly realized that while he had the title of GM, that his duties consisted mostly of bringing hot and cold beverages, cleaning the offices, polishing the knobs, and agreeing with whatever Bill Parcells said.
"Yes, boss, Chad Henne will be an outstanding choice", "Yes, Pat White is a STEAL in the second round", "Yes, why draft Matt Ryan when we can get a left tackle with the first pick." But secretly, Jeff Ireland disagreed with all of these moves, and prayed for the day that he would be given something to do. The only draft pick made by Jeff Ireland in these years was Brian Hartline, and this happened only because Parcells had to take an extended bathroom break due to explosive diarrhea. And this was the best value pick of the entire draft!
Upon Parcells departure, Ireland explained to Mr. Ross the emotional torture he had been subjected to, and in exchange for a legal release not to sue, was given the powers of a GM, along with the title.
He has since turned the team around, with draft choices such as Koa Misi, Jared Odrick, and Michael Egnew.
So you see, none of the personnel problems are the fault of Jeff Ireland. Now, don't you feel terrible that you demanded his firing without knowing all of the facts?

Its very clear the Dolphins are in full rebuild mode. While rooting for the Dolphins this year find some other team to etertain you and bring victories on Sundays. Or invest heavily into 3 or 4 fantasy football teams. Following the Dolphins this year i think will be a tough go...But either way GO DOLPHINS!

11 pt underdogs against texans...get used to that kind of spread early and often this year...frankly, that might go up to 14 from the way the $$$'s coming in on houston..miami can only pray and hope for a competitive 10 pt respectable loss right now...

Ireland Rep Army,

Do you ever get tired of spouting useless opinions??, let me say that again OPINIONS on what you have on Jeff Irelands MISTAKES which to this day are still facts.maybe you want to believe that ireland is a good GM and since parcelss is gone, you wish to make him the scapegoat for miamis troubles the last four years but heres some real hard cold facts Irelands lacky boy, this team this year might actually be the worst assembled talent for a professional team in the history of this organization compared to any team in dolphins history(2007 included). Are you going to also blame parcells and company for that too when he's been disengaged from this team for almost two years.Get over yourself son and your love for Ireland. He's a disgrace and when he is fired, you can go follow him into retirement and convince yourself that this man is still a GM worth having!

Posted by: Craig M | September 02, 2012 at 01:34 PM

You happen to be an idiot.

The Dolphins would be better off with Matt Ryan. Period.

He has since turned the team around, with draft choices such as Koa Misi, Jared Odrick, and Michael Egnew.

Ireland's Republican Army

WOW, did you ever lose more credability with that statement right there buddy...*lol* EggpeeU(see preseason), Odrick who is still very much raw(still unproven), and koa misi(was there more of a dissapointment than this guy last year)...Cmon man*lmao*

Not to drink the cool aid. But sometimes a god awful team does something entertaining. I hope our Dolphins can make it interesting a couple times this year.

Maybe Philbin has pulled the greatest Ropa-Dope in history of sports. Seems system does not fit much of what we had. Why I thought going with Philbin was high risk.

Sort of like the man, but you cant really judge till about game 7. But no matter what happens we are pretty much vested in this man for the next three seasons. Unless Ross can get our new Chin to come out of retirement.

Go Dolphins Guess I have waited 30 years can wait a few more. Have to much vested in gear to switch now. My dad would roll over in his grave anyway.

Still hope the stadium is empty. We need better than Ireland. Can give Philbin and company time, but man Ireland seems to get a ton of things wrong.

superPHIN sorry you didn't like my post. I thought you would have found the references to knob polishing and explosive diarrhea to be of interest. Interesting, the personal stories behind the building of the Dolphins.

I can tell by Game 3 if these guys are going to be any good or not. I will tell you then.

I would like to be a lesbian financial planner.

superPHIN sorry you didn't like my post. I thought you would have found the references to knob polishing and explosive diarrhea to be of interest. Interesting, the personal stories behind the building of the Dolphins.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | September 02, 2012 at 04:46 PM

Come to think of it IRA, explosive diarrhea and knob polishing seem to suit you well my unlucky friend so i should'nt be at all surprised by your rebuttle response..... and to be quite honest, it might seem more entertaining than your defense of one of miamis worst GMS...

superPHIN, Interesting you single out my opinions as "useless", I'm not sure that any of the opinions on this blog are particularly useful, including my own. Suffering Dolphin fans presumably come here for some diversion and entertainment.
If you read my posts as a defense of Jeff Ireland, then you are not reading very carefully.

I never said they were useless IRA....on the contrary, i found some of what you post quite comical and entertaining..lets just say I dont agree with most of what you say which last time I checked is not stricken from an opinated blog and is just what it is..an opinion on a matter for which you can either agree nor disagree but to fall so low as to think your statement is more relevant than someone who does believe that ireland is as much to blame for miamis struggles as parcells was is certianly someone who can make up their own UNPROVEN facts supporting their statements in which you qualified your post @ 4:10 to try and do so...

I can't believe how stupid some people are. IRA is jerking your chain. It's called tongue in cheek.

BTW IRA, good job...pretty funny

But isn't that the official party line of the apologists? That, although Jeff Ireland is General Manager, and has been for several years, the horrible personnel decisions were not his fault?

Thank you, cocoajoe, things are taken quite literally here, it seems.....

seemed pretty serious to me and post all that nonsense then to make it all into practical jokes...I really dont care but it was funny in that it was worth a response regardless...becuase some people actually do believe that

I have such a magnificent penis. None of your uninspired and mottled penises can compare with mine.

I you didn't read IRA's posts as tongue-in-cheek irony that doesn't say much for your mental faculties, quite frankly.

Merry Go.
Merry Go.
Merry Go 'Round.

The Dolphins are ao bad they couldnt beat an egg.

Armando... I read this blog everyday...many of the old posters stay away from writing due to the nonsense on this site.PLEEEAAASE clean it up.

WE want to talk football...

The Dolphins are ao bad they couldnt beat an egg.

Posted by: Gregg | September 02, 2012 at 07:18 PM

Exactly how bad is ""ao"" bad?

The untalented can't find talent because it takes one to know one as the saying goes.This crew has no talent, no clue, of what needs to be done here.
They live in a small bubble of self delusion, as do many fans trying to put a positive spin on this Owner, GM and Head Coach combination.

This head coach has already lost the respect of the players and they haven't even lost the first game yet. He is lost on the sidelines with his deer in the headlights look that resembles a fish out of water, with the open mouth gulping air as his team slowly dies.

Some people have it and some don't. Let's face it, most don't. He's not a natural leader of men. He hasn't the strength to look them in the eye and say exactly what's on his mind. He always stammers and mumbles, softens and avoids clearly stating what needs to be said.

Body language is more important than the syllables that come out of his mouth, especially when he speaks of shoe laces and gum wrappers.

Meaningless crap doesn't register with the top talent, they never focus on such trivial stuff, witch is why week head coaches and week general managers can't deal with top talent for long. They have no common ground to build a relationship.

He can't handle problem payers that are highly talented. Only fire them. That attitude will feed his ego and make his life easier for him (temporarily) but loose a lot of football games.

Dumping the best cornerback on the Dolphins for a second round pick that will be sure to tie his shoes according to dress code is not a recipe for filling the stadium.

You can't rebuild a winning team with an idiot like Jeff Ireland in charge.
The Dolphins are so lame now and will be until they are sold to an owner that can pick a GM and Head coach that know how to attract winners with talent, and keep them, coach them, not trade for future picks.

Hi to all the LUCID bloggers...Rob in OC, CraigM, Beerphins, Kris, Mark in Toronto,Tracy, Shula, Yesterdays Gone etc....

I agree that we will struggle this year and Tannehill was the correct pick and could possibly be the Franchise QB we have searched for in many years.But my MAJOR concern is the fact that Ireland has been part of the last 5 years in some form or another, and here we are REBUILDING again....very concerning....his drafting has NOT been disasterous but also could have been a lot better.Plenty of poor choices, but I guess a 50% hit rate is reasonable.I think Philbin will be fine although they have been slow to recognise that we have few offensive weapons...I hope Sherman knows how to call plays...lets wait and see....

nonsense team = nonsense blog

How long has Koa Misi and Jared Odrick been here? Philibin should have cut them too. Even more so since they were high draft picks with no immediate impact up to now. Odrick was a 1st round pick. He began at DT and DE in the 3/4 alignment. No impact there. Now he is DE opposite Wake. Still no impact. He is not a pass rusher and is average at best against the run. Misi is even worse at his position. Plays out of position when he can't shed a blocker. Pitiful! GET RID OF IRELAND ASS. I WILL CONTINUE TO SING THIS SONG UNTIL HE IS GONE! SOMEONE ELSE SHOULD SEE THIS (THOSE WHO KNOW FOOTBALL)

YB was old and slow huh?

Tell that to Champ Bailey, Ed Reed and Charles Woodson.

dumb dumb dumb move replacing old and slow with young and garbage.

This team has gotten worse every day since Parcells quit.

Stay home on Sundays,just maybe they fire (Ireland).

Wow. Comparing bell to that class of athletes? Not even close. Bell in his prime couldnt touch their athleticism at their current ages .


IRA is one of the the best poster's on the blog.....his stuff is all sarcasm (i hope)...but either way...funny a heck....

He's kinda like the new Soiled Bottom....

Love IRA's stuff....

Who did we pick for the practice squad?

Look, REAL reporting........

Sun Sentinel

6:50 p.m. EDT, September 2, 2012

The Miami Dolphins signed eight players to the team's practice squad on Sunday, and seven of them participated in the team's training camp and preseason.

Offensive lineman Andrew McDonald and Chandler Burden, receivers Jeff Fuller and Chris Hogan, linebackers Josh Kaddu and Jonathan Freeny, and safety Anderson Russell were the players Miami re-signed.

McDonald and Burden were undrafted rookies who held their own as backup tackles and guards. Fuller, the former Texas A&M standout who served as Ryan Tannehill's leading receiver in college, is also an undrafted rookie.

Hogan was the receiver HBO's Hard Knocks' reality series featured and labeled 7-11 for his knack of getting open regularly. He and Russell spent time on Miami's practice squad last season.

Kaddu, the Dolphins' fifth-round pick, and Freeny initially made the team's 53-man roster but got released on Sunday to make room for the waiver wire additions.

The newcomer to the team is cornerback DeAndre Pressley, who outperformed a couple cornerbacks during a Sunday tryout.

Pressley, a rookie from Appalachian State, spent training camp with the San Diego Chargers. The 5-foot-10, 185-pounder contributed 11 tackles, one interception and one pass breakup in the three exhibition games he played with the Chargers.

The Tampa native is a former college quarterback who became just the fourth player in NCAA Football Championship Subdivision history to pass for 2,000 yards and run for 1,000.

The practice squad is a developmental unit designated for players who have fewer than three years of experience, or haven't played in eight NFL games.


Thanks for the shout.....Always good to see you pop your head in here every once in a while....

I think Philbin will make his way...even tho it seems like some of the vets are gonna give him a hard time...maybe next year they get their walking papers....as we continue to build Packers East....

As far as Ireland is concerned.....I think Philbin is steering him in the right direction....and Ireland seems to have no problem cutting the dead weight he either drafted or signed....

Matter of fact, who in the organization said VD was cut because he was immature? The only person I know to say that is Armando.

So as far we know....we don't know why VD was cut correct?

Just another dumb dumb dumb Jeff Ireland move if you ask me.

I wonder if Philbin cut VD because he doesn't like people who drink. Especially after his son drank himself to death.

Too late to play the "tough love" father figure, Joe.

VD and Joe's son were about the same age. Both immature apparently.


Good to her from you. Hope things are well down under.

Yeah the expectations have to be low for this year. Hoepfully they'll surprise us and do some good things. Let's see how it goes. Not quite sure of Philbin or Tannehill yet but they both deserve a chance. Hopefully better days are just around the corner.

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