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Dolphins cut safety Tyrone Culver

It's is a new day at Dolphins camp and that's often bad news for yesterday's players. Such is the situation for Tyrone Culver, who has been cut by the Dolphins.

The Herald's Adam Beasley reports Culver has been let go today as the Dolphins trim players to make room for the (minimum) four players they have added.

Culver, a stalwart of the Miami dime package and special teams for four years, apparently was made expendable by the addition of Houston free safety Troy Nolan.

Culver was a good player for the Dolphins the past four seasons. But his time in Miami is over.

[Update: Linebackers Jonathan Freeny and Josh Kaddu have also been cut. No surprise here.]

For the day the Dolphins have cut Culver, Freeny Kaddu, and Steve Slaton so far.


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VD got cut?

Wow, all this time I thought we traded him for a nice pick?

We could have had Matt Ryan and they took Jake Long. Imagine where we'd be right now?

We traded Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall for Eggnew and another Ireland bust to be named later.

Hopefully Philbin and Sherman will steer Ireland straight. We'll see.

Maybe so kris, but its tough to tell when joke posters are meant to be sarcastic funny or serious depending on who's writing them..If IRA was joking then i'll laugh at it, if he wasnt.....then thats extremely funny as well but more in the sad sense of reality...just sayin

Good defense changes everything. A good defense can keep you in games. Then anything can happen.

We all know the questions and problems we have on offense. Namely the right side of the line and receivers. The biggest and most important Question is STILL Quarterback. Tannehill the inexperienced rookie. Moore who seems lost in space and Garrard trying to fight off father time.

Despite all these problems, good solid defensive play can change everything.

To me that means our season is riding on the play of a few really young guys. I think the front 7 is solid, save for Misi. Coyle will have to figure out how not to get Misi exploited.

To me that means alot of nickle and dime defenses. Which brings up the Few young guys our season will be riding on. I'm not COMPLETELY sold on Marshal and Smith, but their undoubtedly the best we have back there. Jones seems to be coming on strong, or fitting this ssytem better. Hopefully it's a combination of both.

That leaves the Few question marks in Wilson, Carroll and Clemons(possibly Nolan too). No confidence builder in the fact these guys will get matched up on tight ends alot, much like Misi will(yikes).

Great defensive play can cover up alot of problems. It can keep us in games and make anything possible. So for me, the key to this season will be the play of these guys mentioned above.

Disclaimer: I'm not overlooking Tannehill's importance. Matter of fact, everything else is secondary to him and his development. If Tannehill isn't getting it done, Great Defensive play or not, all is lost.

I still think we can pull off 8 or 9 wins. But I'm certainly not as confident as I was as the start of training camp.

-Odin- ;)

Haha, now odin is repeating what YG has said 900 times and acting like its his own comment.

It took less than 8 minutes for me to be imopostored?

A ridiculous impostoring at that.

I'll explain Matt Ryan for you one more time!

Matt Ryan = Jay Fiedler.

Nothing more, nothing less. Solid smart play, but not quite good enough to get you where you need to be.

I take Jake Long over the average Matt "The Fiedler" Ryan 6 days a week and twice on Sunday.

Tannehill will most likely surpass Ryan by Mid-Season.

To bad we couldn't surround Tannehill with the Level of talent Ryan has had to work with. Then it's not even close.

I would put the Dolphins practice squad up against any other team's practice squad! And that includes the New England Patriots! Great work, Jeff Ireland!

Haha, now odin is repeating what YG has said 900 times and acting like its his own comment.

Posted by: Ban Odin #2 | September 02, 2012 at 09:39 PM

I would much rather talk football tonight as it's not even challenging nor entertaining completely embarrassing and exposing you for the fraud you are.

In regards to your reply: Wrong again as usual.

Anybody that knows anything about football has stated the above 900 times. All the Greats, Coaches and Players alike. All the Pundits and talking heads. And all of us **KNOWLEDGABLE" fans that like to parrot our heroes.

While I may be guilty of stating the obvious, I'll state it 900 more times if I so choose. And none of your ignorant comments will affect anything one way or the other. After all, FACTS are FACTS.

Now run along Scooter, Daddy wants to talk football with the Grown ups.

-Odin- ;)



So who thinks Ireland and Philbin are ready to stand pat?

Who thinks Ireland has kept 4 QB's because he's trying to package a player with pick(s) for another Block Buster type of trade for a legite WR?

Being this fresh off of the Marshall fiasco, I suspect they are thinking more along the lines of standing pat.

i think everyone is calling it wrong. i think our offense will do better than expected and our defense worse than expected. too many of you can't think beyond media hype because you have tiny brains.

After this latest rounds of cuts and signings, I'n losing track.

Alledgedly Burnett and Misi are our starting OLB's. Who is our 3rd and 4th OLB's?


Who else?

moore is dead man walking. ireland will take a 4th or 5th for him. We will be loaded in next years draft. good job here by the fo.

we will suffer this year but next year we are on our way.

When ireland traded 3 picks for D Thomas the draft room broke out in hilarious laughter.

That's a pretty interesting comment Verdad.

Would you care to expound on your **THEORY**.

I mean even a sentance or two would go a long way in making your case.

Otherwise, your statement is no more titilating than one stating: "I think the Earth is flat".

Tannehill will most likely surpass Ryan by Mid-Season.

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 02, 2012 at 09:45 PM


somebody's been hitting the bootle pretty hard.....


moore is dead man walking. ireland will take a 4th or 5th for him. We will be loaded in next years draft. good job here by the fo.
we will suffer this year but next year we are on our way.
Posted by: verdad | September 02, 2012 at 10:06 PM

There you GO!

That's what I'm talking Bout!

I prefered Moore as the back up over Garrard prior to the pre season. But to be totally honest, Moore had a lot of reps(due to Garrards injury)and simply Laid an Egg!

In laymans terms: He stunk De Joint Up!

If not for Devlin's inexperience, I would give him the nod over Moore!

too many fans don't realize having a flaw means you are dead meat. super bowl teams have flaws. didn't the afc champion ne have a seriously flawed defense?

so with that in mind. fk preseason. our oline is almost stellar. we have the best rb corp in the division. they all can catch well too. yes, the rb's will open it up for the wr's who will do better than expected. hartline, if healthy, is underrated. philbin will use what he has to the best advantage. tanne will be erratic, but overall this team will move the ball. it's the defense that will not close out 3rd down and let us down more often than the offense.

wait and see.

somebody's been hitting the bootle pretty hard.....

Posted by: Kris | September 02, 2012 at 10:08 PM


How could you tell?

Nonetheless, a Man has to have his DREAMS!

-Odin- ;)

above meant to write 'having a flaw DOESN'T mean you are dead meat.

Tannehill may set new records for 3 n outs. He's just horrible. The Texans will be up 21-0 in the 1st quarter.

Dear Mr. Verdad,

Indeed........Fvck the Pre Season!

Nice post and I hope you are right.

I do envision Tannehill being the cure all for our past two years of Red Zone deficiencies! One thing I noticed about him, he has that killer instinct that has been lacking here in Miami. He has the **It** that none of the past QB's since Marino had.

It could just be the Homer Fan in me. But I don't think so. I see a competitive fire in this Kid.



Typos and all.....

if we picked tanne at 28 not as many would be whining. but i say, if the guy works out to be the best qb here since marino (which ain't exactly the biggest challenge), then who cares where we picked him??? look at what was paid for rg3. you know what, most often you just have to overpay for qb's.

supply and demand.

I'm guilty of whinning about where we picked Tannehill.

I was also very harsh on his inexperience. Which is actually the REASON I questioned where he was drafted.

The bottom line though, the reason I never questioned his talent: In 19 starts the Kid threw 42 TD's vs. 21 ints.

Too many people are ignorant and view our lack of WR and CB talent as 1-15. That's what happens when you're spoiled or selfish. Let's see how this WCO works and when we have our DL going 100% at the QB. Anyone who thought out DL was trying in the preseason is missing the fact that they were only trying not to get injured. 7-9 or 8-8 seems likely but some of you are just too emotional and way out of line


I admit to talking up Tannehill.

But I was dead serious about Matt Rayan being another Jay Fiedler.

Seriously, Ryan has had NOTHING BUT TALENT all over the field and has yet to win a playoff game.

In all honesty, Mark Sanchez had MORE with Less!

As Armando likes to say: Let that sink in for a minute!

At the end of the season Tannehill can easily be the second-best QB in the division.

Sanchez did MORE with Less...........Doh!

here is my crystal ball reading...

ne...golden years...brady doesn't have much more time

ny..free falling. tebow = desperation move, sparano = wtf?

buf..on the rise, but can gailey's smarts deliver player performance finally? maybe, but fitz is just a tad better than moore, not enough.

mia...it's hard to stay at the top, nobody stays there. its hard to stay at the bottom this long too. this season will be philbin's chance to see what he has to work with, and next draft should be enough to fill in all the missing pieces.

I say we are in the process of turning the corner right now, in the bend, ready to come out of the blue.

i offer no predictions for 2012. i say 2013 we are back to being frequent playoff team.

Any reason why we're not going after Deion Branch?

For mine, Moore stays...cut Garrard.
If Tannehill doesnt quite pick up the pace of the game initially we can always revert to Moore who we KNOW can step up in games.Forget practice form, Moore is a poor practice guy.He is good insurance.I like Devlin a lot as well and see upside there.
Garrard however talented is getting injury prone.Durability is a necessity.I think he is expendable.
The FO MUST be looking very closely at Nannee, so far underwhelming.Hartline Bess and say Moore with Bush also in the backfield can get it done, but theres not much room for error.That means NO DROPS...
Im not convinced about Smith at CB either....not convinced at all.I think he plays scared a lot....
I guess none of us know what this team will do....may be quite good or completely terrible....but at this late stage to be trying to fill holes is a MAJOR CONCERN....

labor day weekend reminds me i was born 100 years too late. back then the mrs. would have cleaned up after the bbq. now....i gots to do it, and no doubt another chore to end the night. maybe going to work is more like a holiday than a holiday. evil trick. i better start so i can finish.


Nice to see you posting.

Good post too, I couldn't agree more. None of us really know how this.......this........how things will come together. Or IF they'll come together.

Smith seems to have improved or benefitted from the system. But still bites hard on the double moves. Hoping for the best, but definitely not convinced.

Filling holes at this point? Ain't happening. Upgrading depth is more like it.

What can you do? Philbin obviously has a vision and a plan. Taking out the trash is painful, but it needs to be done.

I think it's ironic. Ross and Ireland both deny were rebuilding. All the while, Philbin proves that we're doing just that.

Hopefully this "One Step Back" equals "Two Steps Forward".

-Odin- ;)

labor day weekend reminds me i was born 100 years too late. back then the mrs. would have cleaned up after the bbq. now....

Posted by: verdad | September 02, 2012 at 11:02 PM

Yep! And the Men Folk would be out back checking the Still, Smoking Down and **Communing with Nature**

Happy Labor Day!!!!

..BigAlfy..Whats up!!

I agree with you on Moore and Garrard..I know this is big boy football, and that Philbin has absolutley no ties to Moore. But for a few reasons I think we should keep him. And a few why we keep Garrard
1..He has the respect of his teamates...This team needs unity and leadership..Moore provides both. Especially with some of the player being vocal about some of the player moves..I think cutting Moore would further fracture the locker room..
2..We don't know if Garrard can stay healthy..Big question mark here..You really have to pick your poison. Keep the better player who may not be able to stay on the field. Or keep the guy who in all honesty was always best served to be a backup anyway.

On Garrard..Since he hasn't been released we have to pay him reguardless..I know it isn't much in the big scheme..His salary is already accounted for..But another player released that is getting paid is just more bad buisness.
2...Garrard(if healthy) is probably the better option should Tannehill struggle and the team decide to sit him mid season..Or he gets hurt. Really unlikely he makes it through the season without a knick where he losses some time. Garrard is a capaple stop gap in interim.

I thought he would have been released for the first reason. Since he hasn't it looks like the team has the idea to keep him around, or try to package on of the vets in a trade. Maybe Devlin is released then signed back to the practice squad. We don't even know if any teams are interested in either of our vets. So perhaps we are stuck with all of them.

Cant get why some here are saying keep Moore and cut GHarrard. I mean, Garrard was wiping the floor with Moore for the starting qb position. Will someone please explain why keep the clear loser? Arent we a roster in need of every upgrade we can get regardless of position?

Guess I must be a super dumbass because last I checked in the "sensible world", you always kept the winner over the loser in any competition. When did this all change?

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 02, 2012 at 11:27 PM

That is YGDB's writing but notice his name is missing the space!

It doesn't take a genius to deduce he has been changing his name!

Oh lordy, lordy!

Well.....there's only one thing for certain in that regard Darryl. We're definitely NOT keeping 4 QB's on the roster.

Jeffy's most likely trying to work something out. But like you said, who knows if anybody is interested.

PS: We don't have to pay Garrard unless he's on the roster opening day. No injury settlement either as it was a non football injury. His up front money counts against the cap(if there was any), but that's it for this year.

Uh DD,

Hate to bust your bubble, but its going to be pretty difficult for Garrard to get hurt holding a clipboard.

Anyway, why are you guys labeling Garrard as if he were injury prone. This back injury was the first he was hurt seriously enough to miss games in his career. Jax only cut him because of the back surgery, they drafted a qb 1st rd, and the size of Garrard's contract at the tiome. Geesh, the guy getys his knee scoped and now dolfans automatically label him as a huge injury risk.

I dont understand. You guys may as well 'fess up and say you just dont want to keep the "black qb". If he were white, Im beginning to believe some of the same dolfans would be sayiong keep Garrard and dump Moore. Boy it's getting scary coming around here. Beginning to sound like back to slavery 101.

Hll, after watching the preeason, I sure as hell rather David Garrard than Matt Moore if annehill went down.

May as well even gop with Tom Devlin. If Moore takes over the season's more than a complete wash anyway.
More hs a history of doing averagely well his 1st seaso with a team. Then lay a total stink bomb his 2nd season. Ask the Carolin Panthers.

This would be Moore's 2nd season here. The preseason has already suggested he's due to lay another stinker the same way he did yr 2 at Carolina(1-15).

..Odin... I thought if any veteran player was kept on the roster as of midnight today..They were owed their salary..Could be 100 percent incorrect.

Vet contracts are guaranteed as of 12:01 AM Sept 9th. Or the beginning of the season.

Guess I must be a super dumbass because last I checked in the "sensible world", you always kept the winner over the loser in any competition. When did this all change?

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 02, 2012 at 11:27 PM

Personally I feel it all changed when Garrard couldn't manage to get on the field for any REAL Game Time Showings.

I mean, after missing an entire year due to injury and then following that up by missing the entire pre season?

Regardles of who might be better than who, Matt Moore has a leg up because he can actually take a snap.

Garrard.......not so much.

I like Garrard too, but Philbin is rebuilding. The Youth movement is ON! Watch and see if Philbin doesn't call for Garrards release.

You guys forget Moore id averagely well his 1st season in Carolina. Then the 2nd season the wheels completely fell off. Just as the preseason performance from Matt Moore has began to show.

Peope Matt Moore totlly sucks in his 2nd yr with a team. He did zero in presason to show thats going to change.

..Odin... I thought if any veteran player was kept on the roster as of midnight today..They were owed their salary..Could be 100 percent incorrect.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | September 02, 2012 at 11:38 PM

I could be wrong as well Darryl. You can bet I'll find out though-LOL. This internet crap is OFF THE HOOK!

I don't know if you can remember being a fan in the old days. But compared to that, we "Got Err Made"!

Regardless, Devlin's being groomed to be the backup. He's just not quite ready now. Beit Moore or Garrard, I doubt either will remain in Miami longer than the 2013 season.

I pretty much guarantee the coaching staff expects Devlin to be able to take the #2 qb position in 2013. No later than the 2014 season. Neither Moore nor Garrard are expected to be longerterm #2 qb options.

Vet contracts are guaranteed as of 12:01 AM Sept 9th. Or the beginning of the season.

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 02, 2012 at 11:40 PM

Thanks YG. That's what I thought too.

You don't happen to have a link off the top of your head for that do you?

If not, no biggie.


I just posted the deadline for vets to contracts to be guaranteed is midnight Sept 9th. I heard it on espn yesterday, Im not guessing.

UM is looking real good. Thank God this city has the Miami Heat and Miami Hurricanes.

..YG Suggesting that this is a blck or white issue to me is ludicrous.. I could care less if a guy was green. If he can play..Put him in.

As far as the teams choice. I don't think it is unreasonable to have an opinion that the team would be weighing his health issues. Sure in his career he had been durable..But most players hit some sort of mark where staying healty becomes a challenge..Garrard himself refered to perhaps this lates injury was just father time. If the team feels that he will be ok should his name be called great..But wouldn't it make sense to take pause should the team have doubts? I would rather go with the guy I was certain could play.

BTW thanks for the clarification on the rules..I was mistaken that the deadline was tonight.

I just posted the deadline for vets to contracts to be guaranteed is midnight Sept 9th. I heard it on espn yesterday, Im not guessing.

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 02, 2012 at 11:50 PM

Kool! New Blog Up!


Actually the Herald has it posted in "Dolphins Trim 22 Players" article:

"David Garrard has been throwing and made progress this week in his recovery from knee surgery and hopes to be available for the first or second game. Pat Devlin also was retained, at least for now.

The contracts of Garrard ($2.25 million this season) and Moore ($2.75 million) won’t be guaranteed until Sept. 9, giving the Dolphins time to make a decision".

Right under your nose. LOL


Garrard doesnt have an injury history. Even the back wasnt a problem this preseason. Probably had stuff floating in the knee that didnt rear its ugly head until the rigors of camp made it surface.

Getting a knee scoped has never been a big deal. Why are you guys looking at it as one right now? Dwayne Wade his knee scoped during the championship run. Just was no need to rush Garrard to play.

Heck, they got a chance to see if Moore could hold off Tannehill and he couldnt.

Hi folks......just read all 6 pages...interesting to say the least..

...I have nothing to add ....just saying hey...


jones bill, greenbay reciever. probably to expensive unless we can work in a rb trade with a 3rd or forth pick.

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