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Dolphins dismantle Raiders 35-13 to even record

The Dolphins needed this. A franchise that has taken more gut punches than Rocky needed to land a couple of shots of its own and today was the time.

The Dolphins knocked out the Raiders, 35-13.

It really wasn't that close.

Miami dominated in every phase in the second half. Yes, the home field advantage may have had something to do with it because Oakland players seemed a step slower, some even fatigued. Notice the three defensive backs chasing Reggie Bush on his 65-yard TD didn't gain any ground.

But the humidity was not the reason Miami won. They were just the better team today. They got a great performance from the running game, first with Bush shredding the Raiders and even rookie Lamar Miller doing damage, including his first career TD run.

Ryan Tannehill outplayed veteran Carson Palmer.

And the line of scrimmage belonged to the Dolphins -- particularly in the second half.

It was also a good job by the coaching staff that addressed the ills of last week's batted passes. There were none by the Raiders today.

It was a total butt-whipping, folks.



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surprised it took Tanny so long to get Fassano involved. need other guys to produce besides hartline.

Love it when we play the raiders. should schedule them for the season opeaner every year.


NY G, all true, ya gotta figure.
I'm hoping Armstrong gets back soon, and we keep the running game in high gear.
Against many teams, a ruining clock is to our advantage...at least until we develop a deep passing threat, and our Defense can get more in the face of opponents earlier and more often, sacks included.

Noname Leggo needs to be put on the practice squad bring back ankle weights or Ocho Cinco

Good win. Did what we needed to do. Run game opened things up for Tannehill. Tannehill didn't lose the game, and that's the first step to becoming an elite QB. He still has a long way to go, BUT WE'RE TIED WITH THE PATRIOTS!!!

going to watch the Jests lose.
Have a great one everybody.

speaking of welker, what happened to him. is he mad about not getting a contract? brady never looks for him anymore

no doubt dc, trailing 10-7 in 3rd quarter u could see the homefield adv take over for us with them wearing down big time. take note ross

I think it's huge that Tannehill bounced back from last week with today's performance. He was an NFL caliber QB and a team leader. Reggie Bush and Brian Hartline were elite today. I hope this trend continues...

Some guys on here are brutal. A win is a win is a win for goodness sake. Only 16 games. Every game is HUGE regarless of the competition. How many teams stumble on games they're supposed to win only to cost them a playoff spot. Let's enjoy an early season win lol. We're still in it after two weeks (other than 2008 but I digress)as opposed to the usual 0-2 three out of the last five years. Is that last stat right or worse?

Where are all you "Neg(ative)-Heads" now, huh?

I told y'all not to panic!

The way I look at it is one game's an anomoly, two games are a pattern and three games are a trend.

Crickets when we win. Page after page when we lose. Makes me wonder.

Hartline's game wasn't a fluke. Yes, we need more production from the position but he was solid. Hartline is underrated....And no, none of the passes to him would have been pick 6's against better teams. Fear Bush1

Anyone else notice every audible snap was on 48 Go Go? Almost 99% of the time.

DC, as a currency trader that quote is right on. I am only a homer tying to enjoy a rare early season win. of course you are right. Hoping for a trend.

agree if they did this vs jets next week then u have something.

Congrats Fins. I did not see this coming and hopefully we will see more of this to come. Bush was the Man today. We need to extend him a couple more years.

Don't give the Jets any credit. Fins will beat them twice. No way they run the ball on us. Sanchez will not beat us!

A good.win...a very good win. Progress is being made. I fully expect Armstrong to replace naanee. He is not showing up

We saw Tannehill improve...no tipped passes. No bad decisions. Athleticism. His ability to throw on the move accurately. He has a canon arm and a tight spiral. I'd like to see more touch and less comeback routes but it's only the 2nd game of the season so we can't nitpick. He improved. The team improved. This was the game to do it and they didn't falter.

Hey Fire Ireland Now guy,
How'd your Pats do today? Had refs helping on 2 bad spots at the end of the game but still couldn't pull it off. Cardinals are over .500 and Pats don't be teams with a winning record. Anybody else notice how average Brady looks with replacement officials? Hmm...

Armando, Please do a story on how Fields is the best punter in the NFL and how he gave us the field position to win this game. So important today and he is so underrated.

The second half was so beautiful, I nearly cried in joy. Then the Pats lost afterwards. OK, now I'm in tears. Somebody hold me.

Jake in PA. He just got a 4 year 13 million dollar extension. I wish I was an NFL punter....but I agree he is underrated

The team looked effective. The playing time to all the young players is showing up.

How much better will Jerry be if soprano would've forced him in the starting lineup as a rookie. The real O-line guru got the line fixed his first preseason here.

Our biggest weakness the Wr's. Have improved from the preseason til now. If u don't play Philbin benches u. Or cuts U. The secret weapon has been a pleasant surprise. Hopefully Philbin keeps this up. And naanee sees the bench for the rest of the season. Let him play special teams. But Bess and hartline . Mixed in with a little Armstrong when he gets better. Or bring Matthews up the depth chart. The kid has nice size and can catch way better than no no.

The run game was on point today. Line and rb working in unity is a thing of beauty. Reggie and his protege were slashing that Oakland run d. Love how Sherman ended the game. 3 hand off's to Mr. Lane. Everybody got a couple carries. Miller got his 1st Td. U could tell the kid can smell the end zone. That Ricky thing Dashi was talking about. Now Lamar will never holds Ricky's blunt. But he's a rb, he can smell the end zone and he knows when the defense is done. That's worth more than any 40 time or bench press.

bellicheat was a morn, had plenty of time to get closer and just let clock run down. they play at balt next week, i see they are starting edelman over welker now also. must not want him to get much of a contract

I believe Sherman needs to continue to have Tannehill roll out of the pocket for passing planes with ai dominant running games it will open up the passing game even more. Nice adjustment this week from Sherman adding rollouts to the game plan.

rg3 tearing it up again, the kid is amazing. lets hope pitt comesback and beats jets

See what the Dolphins do when they play in all white for the first time this season?
Excellent result,well done everyone.

Where's patswinagain and Patriot Games?

He deserves it MiamiD20. He was awesome today. Did you see him make a couple tackles as well? Man, he earned alot of respect today

Starks is by far our best defensive player. I hope Ireland locks him up soon. he was in Palmer's face all day

to those saying tannehill just managed the game - did you even watch the same game? he made alot of great throws today we haven't seen in awhile. Also, when we were up late in the game, he converted 1st downs, never happened in previous years. He stepped up today and looked good - far from a "game manager".

lets not forget Nanne is one of his receivers and this is Thill's 2nd game.

I agree Jake, Carpenter and Fields (Fields more than Carpenter) are extremely underrated. Fields is a top notch punter. Only reason he doesn't make the pro bowl is because people vote others in by their name (similar to Jake Long last season)

Clemons is the worst safety in the league.
Please Gibril come back!!!!!

Wonder how average twinkle toe's looks with a replacement o-line!!!

Again, Brady is garbage. He became good, had 1 elite season and is done now that at his twilight of his career he has no O-Line!! Don't matter who u throw to if u have no line. At least a LT for ur qb's back.

Again the pat's have drafted twice as many players than the fins and have twice the less talent to show for it. Yeah they got gronk and Hernandez but who else have they drafted the last 4 years. This is not an endorsement on Ireland just stating the facts.

Look it up the part's have drafted more O-line and DB's than the fins and have nothing to show for it. The last 4 years.

T-Hill was the man today. Did u see Barkley last night? No thanks to him. T- Hill has more poise. He wasn't rattled at all even in the 2nd quarter when the Raiders were all over him. He still made good decisions. Impressive!

Great Win Miami, But Jake Long Needs to be traded. No thanks to him Tannehill was able to complete the game. He stunk today.

Dashi, REALLY, Brady is garbage? You're kidding right?

Listen up Phin Fans, we did it the right way today with solid D, awesome run attack that set up the play action very well and excellent special teams. No gimmicks, or wildcat. I have not felt this excited after a win in a long time. There is a future with this team, just believe!

Tannehill got hit too many times today, he took a beating. He needs more protection or he'll get hurt. He can take a hit!

Felt very good!! congrats fins!!! a win is a win no matter how it comes.... but i thought they were gonna stop playing that stupid buffet tune when we score that just ruins it everytime that stupid song plays


Smith and Carrol played very well today. Hopefully Nolan can replace Clemons and we will be ok there. Clemons angle on that td pass was awful. He was definately the biggest weakness. I didn't see any pressure on T- Hill from martin's side today

If the Dolphins go 9-7 and they get a wild card birth, would the fans still want Irelan fired? Will we be content with that outcome and are we good with Ireland building this team for the future?

Congratulations Miami Dolphins!

Enjoy the big win! And, I hope we go on a winning streak!

Now....stomp the Jets next week! PLEASE!!!

Then, all you haters and trolls will have to go away and slink back into the holes you came out of!

Houston...we have a Quarterback...

2nd qtr.again was a nightmare, cudda lost the game there again! Need to pick it up right after two nice opening drives.
Started thinking this was the worst team in history!
Lets see next week

Oh how ONE game changes all of the posts! Excellent game by the Phins today. Tanny "managed" the game just like he needed to. When you run for over 200 yards in a game, you don't need to throw for 300. It was a nice win over a team that we needed, and should've beat. Stop all the hate! We aren't going to win more than 6 games this year, but we'll be a contender next year. The o-line needs to pass protect much better, and we need a freaking pass rush! Great game boys!

Sanchez SACKED!!!! YESSS!!!!

Tanne played good game and he deserves all of the credit in the world!

It's so great to watch Sanchez get sacked. So much for Sparano's offense being the answer for the Jets....LOL!!!

This win was great because it will make for a great week leading into the Jets game next week. Instead of all the doom and gloom we will be talking about beating our biggest rival. What a difference a win makes. I can't wait until next week.

Let's go Steelers.

Solia and Starks push up the middle all day was awesome. Funny how super back McFadden didn't do crap. Bush is the true back in the NFL. His prediction will be true. He will lead the NFL in rushing if he stays healthy. Reggie is underrated!Sign him and Starks to extensions soon!

TD steelers
2 feet ate in

Man...would Mike Wallace look great in a Dolphin uniform or what???

2 feet ARE in


For Dashi, Tom Brady will always be garbage. They compare him to Joe Montana, because he is as oVer rated as Montana. Brady was the definition of game manager his first 7 yrs in the league, then he became good, reached his prime in that 1 great season, and it's been downhill ever since. Brady wasn't the best player on his team when he won those 3 super bowls. Maybe not even top 5 on those Superbowl winning teams.

Brady is no manning. Brady just plays it safe 95% of the time. No turnovers that is what makes Brady good, not that he is dynamic.

The pats have just become an offensive juggernaut since that 1 great season. But how many times has Tom bardy led a Top 5 passing attack? The last 3-4 years?

What about manning? Or brees?

Dashi's point is Brady is not the best qb ever as some proclaim him to be. If we are talking about individual talent as a qb not his team's performance, Brady isn't even top 20 all time as a passer.

Now are those pat teams top 10 all time? Hell yes!

What was it like 9 starters in the pro bowls back then on D alone, and the whole oline.those teams were stacked!

Jets need to put Tebow in before it's too late.

The Sanchez luck is over. Tebow wins games. It's a crime what the Broncos have done to Tebow this year. Won a playoff game. 8-2. Tebow wins.

Sanchez is a little girl.

Yes I'm a huge Fins fan but also a Tebow fan.

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