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Dolphins dismantle Raiders 35-13 to even record

The Dolphins needed this. A franchise that has taken more gut punches than Rocky needed to land a couple of shots of its own and today was the time.

The Dolphins knocked out the Raiders, 35-13.

It really wasn't that close.

Miami dominated in every phase in the second half. Yes, the home field advantage may have had something to do with it because Oakland players seemed a step slower, some even fatigued. Notice the three defensive backs chasing Reggie Bush on his 65-yard TD didn't gain any ground.

But the humidity was not the reason Miami won. They were just the better team today. They got a great performance from the running game, first with Bush shredding the Raiders and even rookie Lamar Miller doing damage, including his first career TD run.

Ryan Tannehill outplayed veteran Carson Palmer.

And the line of scrimmage belonged to the Dolphins -- particularly in the second half.

It was also a good job by the coaching staff that addressed the ills of last week's batted passes. There were none by the Raiders today.

It was a total butt-whipping, folks.



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* only the last 3-4 years?

i meant broncos and jets. tebow freaking beat the jets last year and he comes in as the star and they give horrible sanchez the job

Sanchez just signed a $48 mil extension, with 2 yrs left on his contract

Its great the dolphins won this game and for the guys saying fire ireland, give it a rest for a day an enjoy the win we had today, great win go fins!!!!


well whatdyaknow. tebow in, jets move ball

let tebow throw

mark sanchez is the worst qb in the league

to the extent little girl sanchez got a little better it's only because tebow pushed him.

Mando, you agree that Tebow should start, right?


You know, I was'nt gonna bash OdinStank the Old Coot but I just cant stop it while he continues to pollute this blog.
Odin, That post was at 9:57, and then you continued to post till 5 AM this morning(And I wont mention that You'ld be posting since 1 Pm that day.)(You'ld probably would have broke your record for non stop posting But Apperently you passed out from posting till 4 am Thursday morning till 1 Pm Yesterday.)
Come on dude, Kill yourself.

Posted by: Just passing by. | September 15, 2012 at 11:48 PM

Post of the week.

A smart move for the jets would've been to go after henne, but henne knows soprano didn't teach him anything. He's learned more in 4 month's w/ Murlarkey, than in 4 yrs w/sporano!

Dashi wishes the best for henne, he just wasn't a fan favorite and the scapegoat for everything sporano. But henne is better than Sanchez and tebow.

Through two games Starks has been our best player on defense & there's no doubt that our defense would look a heck of lot better with players like Lamar Woodley @ OLB & Timmons @ ILB instead of Wake & Burnett. I know Wake has had a lot of sacks over the last two years & we paid him a lot of money but his presence has not been felt this season. Burnett played well today but he's no Timmons. Got to give the Steelers GM credit--year in & year out they REALLY know how to draft.

Next game the sorry a s s jets. Way better defense than Raiders. Jets offense better than Raiders. Jets going to try to run the ball the wild crap! Have to stop the wild crap and stop mark and mindy, we have to protect Tannehill or he is going to get hurt, he won't survive this year if they don't protect him better, and you Gus know Ryan will come up with a good game plan against the rookie.

bill connors,

How did that Oakland front seven do against Bush today? Do you remember telling me how good they were and how Bush wouldn't be a factor? Looks like you missed on that one, Bill.

Sanchez is not a good QB but neither is Henne. Not only does Tannehill have a chance to be very good BUT he has the right coaches. Bear in mind that's if Long doesn't get him killed.

As crazy as this sounds I wonder if Philbin is tempted to move Martin to LT & Long to RT....Never going to happen BUT the way Long is playing reminds of the way V. Carey was playing in his contract year/Sparano's first season. Terrible decision to sign Carey & if Long doesn't shore up that left side we'd be extremely dumb to re-sign him.

Jets look their usual mediocre self again this week. Looks like they've crashed back to earth again. This team is VERY beatable next week. Will we beat them? Too early to tell but this game will go a long way to the team and Tannehill's confidence. Enjoy this one boys!

In his 4th season Sanchez still sucks. This is an example of a QB who can't make plays when he's under pressure & is just not accurate. If we expect to beat the Jets we MUST have a consistent pass rush.

Jets look their usual mediocre self again this week. Looks like they've crashed back to earth again. This team is VERY beatable next week. Will we beat them? Too early to tell but this game will go a long way to the team and Tannehill's confidence. Enjoy this one boys!


If we can generate a consistent pass rush they are very beatable.

Kyle Wilson is the biggest dope on the Jests. The guy thinks he's good cause he's on Rex Ryans team. He needs to perform before he talks. Love seeing the Jests eat their words

Guys it would be GREAT if Revis was out again next week. Love seeing Sanchez, Rex and Sparano fall on their faces today. I knew last week they were frauds. Bills weren't ready to play last week....no question.

Clemons needs to watch Ryan Clark to see what a true NFL S looks like.

Look at that Rookie Wilson whooping the Dallas cowgirls. Love it! But for real you guys think Tannehill will be great really?
Man I hope so but it's that me as a fan been hurt to many time to believe!

No worries against the crap ass Jets. Who cares about them. It's all about the Dolphins today boys!

Clemons needs to watch Ryan Clark to see what a true NFL S looks like.


Our whole organization from top to bottom needs to watch what a true NFL franchise looks like.

Sure the Jets look beatable & Sanchez looks pathetic when you have the Steelers defense but ours??? Not quite in the same ballpark.

nobodys talking about what stud jonathan martin has turned out to be our offencive line is in beast mode :)

And the JETS are getting a butt whoopin at the Ketchup bottle. A four way tie for first in the AFC East.

Good win for the fins, but keep in mind the Raiders are terrible.
just saying.

if this was a bust thats all we would be hearing plays like a beast get no press sad

martin that is :P

1st win out of the way. Nice job team. Gotta feel pretty good...

If we beat the Jets next week ppl will say how terrible the Jets are. FYI I love my iPad. Everyone should get one

I agree phinfan, Our line was awesome! It's bad that Long was the weak link today. Martin allowed no pressure...no pressure. Very happy with them.

Where's greg z and the other negative nellies that love to rip into this team? Sign of a TRUE fan when he doesn't even show his face to celebrate his team's big victory. Guy only shows up here to complain. Yeah I'm calling you out fella...

Big Weirdo did a geat job today wish I can say that about Long

Clue, The Jets Have Sanchez And Sporono.., They suc.

Craig M, crickets when we win pages when we lose.

The Biocentric,

Interesting that isn't it. Page after page, line after line, ripping into Ireland and Philbin and Tannehill and Parcells etc...

Team wins and these guys disappear. Are they sulking? Says a lot about who they are as fans and as people. Nary a comment after a big victory. Some guys like to drown in their own sorrows. 'F them!

Craig u have to call out a 1001 names, not just Greg. Long list of haters!

Great day today for fin nation. Good win to build off of.


If you're out there. You called it, bud! You said the team was going to win big today and they did. I didn't think it would be as big a margin of victory but it was. Our hope has to be that this helps the team and Tannehill going forward.

The Steelers are just good. They're absolutely manhandling the Jets.

the jets are stupid and get what they deserve starting 7/24 Sanchez. they are so stupid that they have 3 time heisman winner Tebow playing only on punt protection.

that's bad karma and they deserve the beatdowns they will get repeatedly until Tebow is named the starter

The Ireland haters will be drowning their sorrows tonight....Drink long and deep fellas!

man the jets look awful. great d but that offense is horrible. this is fun watching rg3 under 2 mins left driving

Progress is better than regress! I saw progress, also I liked what I saw out of Harline and Miller!

Craig, some people go outside and enjoy the outdoors on a weekend when the Fins game is over. only reason I'm here is I'm stuck with a total crap assignment at work (working from home computer).

go fins

wow griffin had them in fg range and wr throws ball at defender after play 15 yard penalty,lol

Martin showed big improvement from last week. Same can be said for Tannehill. And Miller is going to be very good. If Olivier can be that other pass rusher we need then Ireland & his staff hit it out of the park.

bill connors,

You showed your face. How did that Raider front seven do today against Bush. Remember how they were going to shut him down and he wasn't going to be a factor? How did it all work out? I didn't see the game today.

we do indeed have RBs. best in the biz

redskins 62 yard fg to tie is ........no gooooooooooodd better cut that guy shanny

jets a 3 pt fav next week. game might end 3-0

Fins 31
Jets 9

Aw yeah. I see it now.

Anybody saw the noodle arm on the 2nd rd pick yesterday? Last play of the game Barkley can't throw it over 30yds!!

U guys still want the 2nd rd pick as ur qb? He lost to a guy making his 2nd college start!!

Where's the 'Hartline is crap' camp? You know the 'he should be cut'? The 'guy's a complete bust' camp? I'm looking for those guys today.

Also looking for the 'Ireland always draft busts' camp. You know the guys. The 'Miller will be a bust. Tannehill's a major reach at 8. The Martin's not strong enough' camp.

Any of those guys around?

Dashi is correct about Barkley the 3rd rounder.

no dashi we never did, but we do want first pick so we can trade it to kc or zona for a ransom

Craig M, yea I'm late to the party but have been following ALL blogs for years. Much reapsect to you and all posters that are level headed whether the Fins are good or bad. I've had my moments but always look for the best. Tip of the cap to you and all like you. You all know who you are. :)

barkley third rounder,lol sounds like those guys in here last year on griffin

losing 10-7 into 3rd quarter the heat starting getting to them. u hear that ross, 1 pm games at home is what we want

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