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Dolphins dismantle Raiders 35-13 to even record

The Dolphins needed this. A franchise that has taken more gut punches than Rocky needed to land a couple of shots of its own and today was the time.

The Dolphins knocked out the Raiders, 35-13.

It really wasn't that close.

Miami dominated in every phase in the second half. Yes, the home field advantage may have had something to do with it because Oakland players seemed a step slower, some even fatigued. Notice the three defensive backs chasing Reggie Bush on his 65-yard TD didn't gain any ground.

But the humidity was not the reason Miami won. They were just the better team today. They got a great performance from the running game, first with Bush shredding the Raiders and even rookie Lamar Miller doing damage, including his first career TD run.

Ryan Tannehill outplayed veteran Carson Palmer.

And the line of scrimmage belonged to the Dolphins -- particularly in the second half.

It was also a good job by the coaching staff that addressed the ills of last week's batted passes. There were none by the Raiders today.

It was a total butt-whipping, folks.



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The Biocentric,

Come around a bit more please. WAY too many negative Nellies on here. No coincidence that they've all gone into hiding after a big Dolphin win today. Dolphins winning is bad for business.

Whatever guys, how about we hear it for the guy Ireland traded for (Reggie Bush....BIG game!), the guy he drafted (Brian Hartline) and the other two guys he drafted (Tannehill and Miller).
Stick that up your a** haters!

Posted by: Craig M | September 16, 2012 at 04:38 PM


I want see somebody try and argue with this post?

Nah, it'll probably just be a bgunch of stupid **Non-Points**.

Well said Craig M!

hernandez out for awhile and they play next at baltimore. early troubles for pats. and they are messing with welker not even starting him


You can't even comment on the fact you said the Raiders would shut Bush down? Come on man....something.

We got 1pm's all year Bill. Some say by choice some say not. Either way the FO has to be blind not to see this was and is the way!

eagles 2-0 and have turned ball over 9 times, unreal

4 players out of 30 give me a f u c k I n g break! Jeff Ireland is a donkey a s s hole! Worst talent evaluator in the NFL hands down, dont come on and point out a couple of players that are good players not great! He had drafted more bust players than impact players!

Let's not get a big head this week, after all it was the Raiders. Look how a well oiled machine like the Texans played us last week. We should beat the Wets next week though.

Oscar u never said that?

Dashi bets all the hype stops! No more post about Barkley. The 5'11" qb with a noodle arm! Dashi might be giving him to much credit. Ur right Timmy. Barkley is a 3rd round talent at best.

Now Dashi agrees with u winning is nice this season, but the evaluation of players is most important. Top pick would be nice, but going 9-7 is better. Something to build on. Plus we can still get a decent Wr from the middle of the 1st.

Now that would mean no fire Ireland. Still will have people wanting for his head but Dashi believes Philbin will help Ireland make the right decision. Coach has definitely earned his trust. Ireland knows Philbin knows more football than him. So he will value his opinion unlike coach shady

You know, I was'nt gonna bash OdinStank the Old Coot but I just cant stop it while he continues to pollute this blog.
Odin, That post was at 9:57, and then you continued to post till 5 AM this morning(And I wont mention that You'ld be posting since 1 Pm that day.)(You'ld probably would have broke your record for non stop posting But Apperently you passed out from posting till 4 am Thursday morning till 1 Pm Yesterday.)
Come on dude, Kill yourself.

Posted by: Just passing by. | September 15, 2012 at 11:48 PM

Ohhhh, Snap, He must have woken up from his drunken stuper.
Odincoot, What say you about post from passing by?
It's SOOOOOO true.

This is definetly a good win for this team. But we need better play at linebacker. Kevin Burnett and Koa Misi should not be starting in this league. Did you guys see the stiff arm on Kevin Burnett? No linebacker should get stiffed armed the way he did. You will never see this happen Ray Lewis.

Hey ray,

F8ck you, pal! Let's us have our day, OK. Plenty of time for you and the others to do your whining. Why don't you jump aboard the Pats or Jets blogs and cry in your beer. Some of us are going to have a little celebration tonight, if it's OK with you.

no doubt bio, its always been a huge adv and ross had taken it away lately. we were awful into 3rd qt losing 10-7 and avg 3 yards a carry. then we wore them down and game was over

though philbin was solid. loved the lineup for fg and punt the ball.idiot sparano would always try those low pct fgs and give other team great field pos

and how bout belicheat sitting on ball instead of getting closer to kick an easy fg to win

4 players out of 30 give me a f u c k I n g break! Jeff Ireland is a donkey a s s hole! Worst talent evaluator in the NFL hands down, dont come on and point out a couple of players that are good players not great! He had drafted more bust players than impact players!

Posted by: ray | September 16, 2012 at 07:41 PM

Well said.
Cant add anything to that post.

'Hartline shouldn't be starting'.....blah, blah, blah....

'shouldn't be on the team'. 'Another Ireland bust'.

Yeah Ok, fellas. Whatever you say...

winnow true but very solid game by dansby finally

Craig M, I'm in this year. I think winning will be actually GOOD for business as it will root out all the bad seeds and welcome all aboard the "band wagoneer's" which we can spot a mile away. And you know what? The the as band wagon gets full, it'll mean we're back to our consistently winning ways. Fins win, and as true fan's we can't lose.

Finally we have a coach who can fix his team at half time!!!... what Philbin said to the OFF LINE at half time was MONEY!!!... GOO PHILBIN... 28-3 in 2nd half!!! good job!!

This win is definitive and final proof that Jeff Ireland is a GREAT GM and should be retained for at least several years.

The Biocentric,

You don't understand the mentality of some of these clowns. It's not about the team winning, it's about them hating on Jeff Ireland and running him out of town. The team winning is secondary to some of these guys. Stick around, you'll be amazed the crap that comes out of their mouths.

Most fans would be happy about a win like this today. Watch how everyone plays it down. The victory lasts about two weeks with some of these guys, if that.

It looks like 24 teams will be 1 and 1 after tomorrows game. Parity and salary cap era. We won't finish with less than 8 wins.

Sorry that should have said 'two minutes'.

Most of these guys wouldn't have a clue how to be happy in life.

sagneui i wouldnt go that far, the heat destroyed them. good to have a honefield adv again. that place better be packed and loud next sunday

Watch for Jeff Ireland to be lauded as NFL executive of the year, based on the Dolphins winning this game.

Post of the week.
Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver. | September 16, 2012 at 06:20 PM

Whatsa matter patriot game? I shut you up all week and now Tannehill and the Phins shut you up today.

Thats all you got? Dude, don't even start. Just STFU. You're wrong about Philbin, Coyle and Sherman. You were wrong about the phins. You pretty much wrong about everything.

And how tyou talk about little biys pee-pees, you are seriously WRONG!

JUST STFU loser, NOBODY(not even your Momma)want s to here from you.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

What'd I tell you Bu-oy?

What'd I say?

If we want your Lip, we'll unzip our pants. Now STFU-ROTFLMAO!

Still see fins at 4 and 12.(Though I do see them beating the Jets next week.)


Dashi realized a couple weeks ago why fin blog's are so polluted with Jet fans. U can't comment on NO NY NEWSPAPER. A BLOG WITH NO COMMENTS SECTION. THE NY TIMES OR THE POST. HAHA!

They have to come on here to speak football. Talk about pitiful. So feel sympathy as a football fan that they can't talk football on their own paper. Some fans aren't afforded the freedoms we get as fin fans.

Why do u think the troll wants to eliminate the comment section of every fin blog? Hate!!!!!!

Craig M,

agree with you on your assessment of most of the blogger's here, most of them just rather see the Dolphins lose just so they can complain.

Ireland's Republican Army, you had me fooled a little bit before, now I see your just clue-less, just like most of the cat's on this blog.

Happy for the win, and happier that I don't see too many negative comments on Ireland, about time.

bill connors...
Last week dolphs outplayed texans in second half too.. they won 2nd half even failing to score in 2 drives in 4th qr....
Today the O-LINE was simply quite different since the BEGINING of the second half... yes the heat, but Oakalnd is not Minny isnt it??... Anyway.. good job!!!

Philbin is awesome!


Cheers, brother. Enjoy the win!


Your wrong on why there are so many Jet fans here, is because they don't know how to create a profile and pass word on those newspapers to be able to post comments.

what you think of T-Hill now?..the kid played good.

Trust in Philbin. He will help Ireland make the right personnel choices. Lets keep watching as Tanny gets better and better every week.

Go Fins!!!!

Craig m
F u c k y o u too a s s hole. I'm not dissing this win or what happen today. Great win I'm talking about sorry a s.s Jeff That he pick a couple good players. But he has done a crap job worst talent evaluator in the league. Great win Nothing to do with sorry piece of crap JI. I'm enjoying this win also. But I'm not going to give JI credit for it!!

No way we lose more than 8 this year guys. League is too equal. Teams cannot run against our front. Pass d will get better once Clemons is replaced. Philbin and Sherman know the key is to feed Bush and wear out the other teams, and to put T-Hill in position to win with early down passing and conservative calls. Gonna be a good year


U know t$izzle is dashi's boy.

Nah the post is not even like the Ss. No comment section. Dashi will check again but I'm pretty sure

Also, Fzb Dashi is back to 60/40 in favor of Ireland. It's starting to look like a team. Philbin is doing his job as a coach, maybe another season of them working together.

Dashi liked Ireland over sporano, but my confidence in him was starting to waiver. Still not all the way back on the Ireland bandwagon.

But dashi did have the fins 28-0 this morning and 24-13 all week. Great game.

Dashi thinks this isn't a fluke like sporano. Philbin has been coaching the bad out. 9-7 and a wild card birth!


I wouldn't expect to hear anything else from you bud. Hope you drown in your sorrows.....a**hole!

Craig M lol, I'm glad you corrected the two week thing to the two minute thing lol. I was going there anyway. All true have have to stay the course come what may. I def understand new fans, mid fans, and old fans. Got to stay the course. At a certain point as far as I'm concerned you just got to believe and enjoy the ride. I'm all up for critizing don't get me wrong, I can do it with the best of them but sometimes you jsut have to go with the flow.

No fights tonight guys. It's celebration time!

Look back at my posts I predicted MIAMI 30 OAKLAND 1O ANYWAY MY MANAGER OF OPERATIONS AMY MILLER WILL BE SHAVING HER HEAD TOMORROW LOL SHE WAS ONE OF THOSE SOLD THAT THE DOLPHINS WERE LIKE A DIVISION 2 college team according to local critics via ESPN radio in the Atlanta area quote "THE DOLPHINS ARE A HORRIBLE TEAM AND WILL NOT WIN A SINGLE GAME THIS SEASON" ............ In my opinion the dolphins are going to be trouble makers for all of their opponents and should be able to maintain a 500 record or better. They are a decent team and will only get better. FINAL RECORD- 9wins 7loses........

'Worst talent evaluator in the league'.....blah, blah, blah.

Seems to me that was his 4th round pick going over a 100 yards receivoing today. His 2nd round talent playing a nice RT. His 1st round QB, running for a TD and passing for one and running an efficient game, in only his SECOND start. His 4th round RB running for a TD and having a pretty tidy game.

Oh yeah....and the guy he traded a 5th for last year, Reggie Bush, running for 180 yards and a couple of TDs. Yeah that's definitely 'the worst talent evaluator in the NFL', ray. Good call!

And I didn't even mention what a nice job his second round centre does on a WEEKLY basis. But let's not let facts get in the way of your judgement, ray. Have another, drink!

Jake is the voice of reason. Come on guys, enjoy the win. WTF? Even if you're really lit, WTF?

'second year centre'.

Ok. 5 out of 30 players he drafted, big f u c k in deal! Still sucks always will!

what's up ray? Don't want to come out and play? You even a Dolphin fan ray? Why the sad face? What's up brother?

The Fins are headed in the right direction. In his first two drafts Ireland has made picks = to value which move the fins forward at a faster pace. Parcells was constantly reaching and spending on FAs like a drunken sailor. Henne set the team back a few yrs but to be honest Hartline was his pick.

Too bad the Fins couldn't filled the seats for this game.Maybe, when they move away one day they'll realize what they lost. Watch the games on NFL ticket it looked like everyone had a full house.To those who did attend the game you were treat to a much glorious victory.The Fins need you in the seats to cheer them on win or lose. And don't give me There is other things to like go to the beach.You only have to attend 8 Sundays.Get REAL!!! I have loved the Gins since 1970 and only wish I lived close enough to go see them.

Bush, Hartline, Fields, Smith and Starks all played like Pro Bowlers today. It may have only been 1 game but there is reason for optimism guys. It is very nice to see Dolphin players among the league leaders in categories

Fins not Gins.Typo

ESPN is reporting that Reggie Bush will be named the league's MVP on Tuesday. For the first time in history, the league has determined that there is no need to see the remaining 14 games to determine who the MVP is.


This win means everyone who has posted anything critical of Jeff Ireland should be ashamed.

Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa. Reggie Bush is a playa.


Guys like DD are classy enough to acknowledge when they were being too negative on the Fins or those employed by them....that is great!

Guys like Clue can never be happy....they always have to Whine......makes me sick.

Fins played one horrible quarter out of eight. They played two great quarters. Five mediocre quarters. Will we win the Super Bowl.....obviously not. But how can anyone call for firing Philbin or declare THill a bust?

Just nonsense.....Go Fins!!!


jpao , A long time ago someone told me there are people that you could give 1 mil tax free and they would still find something to complain about. These are the people he was talking about.

Big Paul and Randy Starks have been just awesome so far this season! On a purely aesthetic note: what the hell is with those horrible green collars on the white jerseys? Heading down from Canada next week with my wife to watch the fins stick it to the overrated Jets! It's our third time down - any good tailgating tips?

Great win by the Phins today....really encouraging.
Bush was fantastic as was Hartline.Tannehill was quite good but not yet enough to say he will be the man.

Opposition was very poor and we expect to win this one.If we cant win this then we are a 2-14 team which we are not.So congrats and mant things went well....

Next week tells the story and I am feeling pretty good about our chances....but lets NOT get over excited just yet.....enjoy the win..

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