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Dolphins dismantle Raiders 35-13 to even record

The Dolphins needed this. A franchise that has taken more gut punches than Rocky needed to land a couple of shots of its own and today was the time.

The Dolphins knocked out the Raiders, 35-13.

It really wasn't that close.

Miami dominated in every phase in the second half. Yes, the home field advantage may have had something to do with it because Oakland players seemed a step slower, some even fatigued. Notice the three defensive backs chasing Reggie Bush on his 65-yard TD didn't gain any ground.

But the humidity was not the reason Miami won. They were just the better team today. They got a great performance from the running game, first with Bush shredding the Raiders and even rookie Lamar Miller doing damage, including his first career TD run.

Ryan Tannehill outplayed veteran Carson Palmer.

And the line of scrimmage belonged to the Dolphins -- particularly in the second half.

It was also a good job by the coaching staff that addressed the ills of last week's batted passes. There were none by the Raiders today.

It was a total butt-whipping, folks.



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Enjoy the win guys and girls! It feels good to be a Dolphan today! On any given Sunday in the NFL, anything can happen. Im a realist-Im not expecting playoffs or anything like that for our team. I just want to see our QB and other young players continue to grow. Yesterday was about potential- what the future might hold for this team and it looked bright. Bask in the glow of victory.

To: Fire Ireland Now !!!, and all the other habitual naysayers and numbnuts, et al

Come on down bubba's and say that in the Dolphin's team room. You are pathetic, warped, schwantz's devoid of any redeeming qualities. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Go Dolphins ! Massacre the jets !

Clue, if Luck had the ground game that we have he would not have thrown for as many yards. We ran for over 250 yards. That's great!


You are WRONG!!!!!

ONE batted pass at 3:44 of First Quarter.

Just nitpicking because it's fun to tease Armando!!!

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