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GM Jeff Ireland has 'regret' over unpleasant exchange

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and one Dolphins fan had an uncomfortable exchange at halftime of Sunday's game between the Dolphins and Raiders and the organization is trying to figure out what to do about the issue even as fans are calling a local radio station to report the matter.

According to multiple eyewitnesses who called local station The Ticket and a highly placed club source who confirmed the exchange to The Herald, the Dolphins general manager was walking through the Sun Life Stadium concourse at halftime when the incident occurred.

After visiting his wife and family in his suite, Ireland exchanged pleasantries with a couple of fans, signed autographs and took pictures with at least two other fans as he headed back to his seat where he watches the game. Before he got there another fan called him over and Ireland, believing he was about to exchange more pleasantries, found himself listening to the fan complaining about his work.

That fan complained to Ireland about what he said was his poor management of the team. And at one point that fan said to Ireland, "We need you to fire yourself."

According to everyone I've talked to including team officials, Ireland responded by using the term "a--hole" either directed at the fan or loud enough for the fan to hear as he walked away.

The Dolphins contend there was no argument between Ireland and the fan. The fan, going by the name Sean, called The Ticket and confirmed there wasn't an argument. But the fan did say,  "The sum and substance of what I suggested is that he should fire himself."

Sean told The Ticket's Eric Reid Show that Ireland patted him on the shoulder, said, "Good one," called him the epithet, and walked away.

"I don't begrude the guy for not appreciating what I had to say," Sean told the station. "I can't tell you I wouldn't respond any differently if someone said I should fire myself. By the same token, I'm not the general manager of a professional football team.

"I feel like I expressed an opinion he probably needed to hear."

A Dolphins source has a different version of the events. The team's version is that Ireland simply walked away and that as he was walking away he said "kind of out loud" the word "a--hole."

The Dolphins are expected to meet in the coming hours to decide what course of action or response the uncovering of this incident will get, the source said.

Update: Jeff Ireland just called me. The Dolphins did indeed discuss the matter internally. He told me he regrets the incident.

"It did happen at halftime and I was going back to my booth after seeing my wife and I did talk to several fans that were very nice. But as I'm walking back this guy introduces himself to me and says I should fire myself," Ireland said.

"It caught me off guard. I just turned and walked away but I did say the word. I regret I used the word I used. I thought I was using it under my breath. I guess I kind of said it loud enough that he could hear it. I literally said it under my breath. At the time I felt I handled the situation pretty good. Probably muttered it a little too loud. I regret that I said anything."

The Dolphins are planning to use Ireland's quote to me as their official statement on the matter.


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We Have RB's,

I seriously doubt Ross is mad at Ireland over this one. I think Ireland has missed terribly as the next guy with how Miami lacks the necessary fire power but when you don't have the QB in place none of that matters. Now IMO I think Tannehill is that guy so the next draft should tell us a lot.

I seriously doubt that WR or CB gets addressed in FA. Miami is going Green (Bay) and Steelers Method of building long term.

As much as I knocked Ireland after watching Miami last week. It's a good feeling to watch as a fan Miami kick the sh** out of an opponent with players he is largely responsible for.

If for only 1 week his plan saw the light of day with a young athletic O-line and a homerun RB expose an opponent who has a good front 7 vs the run. Give credit where it's due, move on to the next week and enjoy it.

Who cares? This story is much ado about nothing. Ireland did nothing wrong in this case. The media will blow this up as usual.

Doesn't the fact that NOT A SINGLE ONE of the NFL's other 31 teams has shown even the slightest interest in Kellen Winslow jump out at you? Just a bit??

This is one of those deals where fans think they have answers but are actually in a bubble FAR removed from actual knowledge.

The guys is done, folks. Could it be any more obvious?


This Blog is going on Fun(long time now). We are just waiting for the Other One, declarations.

"Smith reminds me of a young Namhdi... He's a baller that is going to keep improving with his work ethic. Smith IMO should be a top priority."

I don't see how. Nnamdi used to be one of the best CB's in football & Smith has been nothing but inconsistent since he was drafted.

Mando is the a hole for making an issue of the incident. The media wonders why they get the vanilla answers from players and management and why athletes and fans alike can't stand them.

We Have RB's,

LMAO! Who wrote that Smith is a young Nnamdi? That's crazy talk. Smith has gotten better and a tad tougher but he needs to show up in a contract year or that's all she wrote for his career as a Dolphin. He has been starting since a rookie and Nnamdi didn't start until year 2 but I see no comparison in their games. Nnamdi is physical, bum and run all day. Smith is 5 yard cushion, man coverage who always needs safety help, period.

Smith has been a starter since rookie season. He has made strides. Nobody thought much of Nahmdi til his fourth year either. Same size and has great ball skills. Just waiting for a breakout year. So far he has looked solid. A Johnson does what he did to 100% of the other DBs out there right now

Winslow is still young and I haven't forgot what he did in college yet I guess...

This is one of the few moves that Ireland has made that I actually like!

He let the guy voice his opinion - how many guys would have the class to stand there and take it. I suspect most would walk away in the middle of it.

I also like his response! If someone told me to fire myself I would call him the same thing!


Way to go, Jeff. The real fans support you, and not the @sshole "fans" that don't really root for this team, and prefer they lose so they can be the focal point.


If that fan is upset how Jeff is doing his job, don't go to the games then. But to tell him to fire himself is really dumb. Bet the guy was drinking or drunk, they can solve all the worlds problems. Keep Jeff and help support Miami in a productive way or get on some one else's band wagon.


At the end of the season Ross has a right to make a change. Contrary to what some fans may think (this is not the Packers where fans can buy shares) it's his team so he can do whatever he likes.

Personally, I'm excited about watching our coaches develop Tannehill & the other young players. I believe we finally hired the right coach & I also believe we finally found a QB.

Jake Long had a brutal game Sunday. Unfortunately, it's not his first as of late. He's also injury prone. He should be a candidate for trade as the team continues to build for the future. This new coaching staff has got to be laying into him after reviewing the game film.

Sure, quality LT's are hard to find; but the alternative is an injured starting quarterback......

Lets see what Ireland's made of regarding this situation!


Big deal. The man was an a hole to do that. You would do the same if someone approached you and said the same thing to you. I know I would. How many times is that word uttered in Miami as we drive? Ireland does it and now it's a big deal. Please!!!

Eat Me

Not to defend Jeff Ireland, because he is an incompetent nincompoop buffoon, but he was correct in calling this person an a-hole. Anyone who spends money to support this sham of an organization is an a-hole. Therefore...

"LMAO! Who wrote that Smith is a young Nnamdi? That's crazy talk. Smith has gotten better and a tad tougher but he needs to show up in a contract year or that's all she wrote for his career as a Dolphin. He has been starting since a rookie and Nnamdi didn't start until year 2 but I see no comparison in their games. Nnamdi is physical, bum and run all day. Smith is 5 yard cushion, man coverage who always needs safety help, period."


Someone that uses a period for a name....Hilarious right???

Smith plays the softest coverage that I've ever seen a Dolphin CB play. Sure we've had CB's that have gotten burned over the years but I've never seen a CB play for the Dolphins who was less physical than he is. This is why he hardly ever forces a turnover. He's not good enough to be starter & I believe he's at best a 3rd CB. Same goes for Richard Marshall as well which I was I'd be SHOCKED if we kept Smith after shelling out a nice amount of money to Marshall.

We Have RB's,

Same thing man.

Tannehill has shown me a lot. It's not homer faith it's what I am seeing. He will make great strides once he gets a few more players to work with.

Young players - love the young athletic line. Pass rush may bite us in a** a few time before years end but run blocking is a strength and note to NFL and followers the 49ers are showing you can still dominate that way. Lamar Miller looked great in week 2.

Philbin and Sherman - I called them out last week here saying that it was an unfair position he put Tannehill in vs Houston and needed to rely on the run game to protect him. Well they did that and more in week 2. Great coaching adjustment. The Raiders front 7 including in the box safety Tyvon Branch are much better against the run then the pass so it would have been easy to take the bait but Miami's game plan was clear to run the ball. Again, great, great adjustment! I love how Tannehill was the game manager. An athletic rookie QB thrives in game manager situations (Big Ben, even Vince Young) when the running game is working.

Good stuff

That fan is an A#$hole. What was done was done. What were the fans motives for calling the radio station? I'm not sure that there is another general manager that catches as much crap as Ireland.

"Smith has been a starter since rookie season. He has made strides. Nobody thought much of Nahmdi til his fourth year either. Same size and has great ball skills. Just waiting for a breakout year. So far he has looked solid. A Johnson does what he did to 100% of the other DBs out there right now"

Great ball skills??? Are you talking about the same player???

BTW--Nnamdi was a FS in college so it took him time to adjust to playing CB. I wouldn't wait too long on that BREAKOUT year from Smith.


The Niners are lights out on defense. With that interior with guys like Justin Smith & guys on the outside like Aldon Smith. And then Willis & Bowman @ ILB...Just dominating.

We'll see them up close & personal later in the season. The good news is that Tannehill will have some games under his belt by then & hopefully know to just get rid of the football.

GM Jeff Ireland has 'regret' over unpleasant exchange


I have 'REGRET' over this whole article.

I've been one of the most adamant about pushing forward the #Fireland moniker... but he's done a great job since we let Brandon Marshall go; I regret my snap judgment then. All I can say is, he hit gold with Ryan Tannehill. If that's all he ever does, then I still am OK with the dude.

We Have RB's,

Im not comparing Miami to SF by any means. They are far from that. I was saying that pass, pass, pass, punt. The 49ers are playing power football and bucking the trend around the league. Harbaugh is great! Hopefully Philbin decides he see's something in this theme vs Oakland and the fearsome front of Long, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry and Martin, crush and destroy like they did Sunday.

Fins 38
Jets 9

Bank it, biatches.

Big win to hit 500......... Big rival game coming up at home, Reggie could be AFC player of the week.........

And we are talking about gossip magazine type material in here.


Agree Ohio. Let's talk Jets. I say:

Fins 38
Jets 9

Fins up.

big rival game with our fired former head coach as Jets' OC with Tebow on the team.

good stuff

Fins 20 / Jets 17

yeah my serious prediction is:

Fins 17
Jets 16

So many apologist for Jeff a s s hole Ireland
The fan had every right he has done more harm than good for this team, what happen to freedom of speech! If he can't handle the criticism get out of here! Which I hope he is gone at the end of the year!


if your point is based on freedom of speech, your argument works for Jeff as well.

Irescums an embarrassment to the franchise.

How does Irescum still have his job?

Lol my post got deleted .

I wonder what our reaction to that fan would be if we lost that Raiders game 35-13

Ok. Somebody yelled at Jeff and he call him an As-shole.

How doesn't that make u like Jeff. What U want him not to have a spine like david sampson.

Unless the Guy Slapped Him or Jeff Has the Guy Arrested it doesn't matter. It just Shows U We are the Most HAteful People in the USA. Miami Fans. Yep, We Boo U even when we are Winning.

Mando go ask Incognito about Jake Long and See if As$Hole is not the nicest word he will use. Ireland acted like a Man. he should've checked him. But he did the Right thing.

The Guy who insulted Ireland said Ireland did the right Thing. So if Ireland got that guys respecet. Give Ireland a Chance.

Good point MiamiD20.........many reactions would be different for sure. Only those of us who are level headed would have still formed the same opinion.

He could be dubbed the worst GM in NFL history and my opinion still would stand, his reaction to the fan wasn't a big deal.

Ireland clearly has no class. This behavior doesnt surprise me.

maybe teh guy was a Raiders fan

I'm ok with that. no worries about AH

Non Story....just wish Ireland called the guy an Acorn. Given Ireland's success rate with Acorns that would have been much worse than calling him an A--Hole.

Yep...calling him an Acorn would have been newsworthy and down right funny!

What a non story. Who cares what he said to some fan. Belichick would of told the fan to, GO FU#k yourself, or Suck my d##k. Nobody would bat an eyelash about it.

hey why are people so mad...Jeff was just talking to himself...


Jeff's reaction to the fan is not the problem. Jeff's evaluation of talent is a major problem. Can Ross outsource the decision on who to draft with so many picks for the 2013 draft? A rhetorical question but really I just hope Philbin has more say in the WR's and tight ends that need to be drafted in the first two rounds.

Smith has only played CB for 5 years now... He played QB and WR before

Clearly, most think Ireland was in his right to call an a-hole an a-hole. I'm sure this Sean punk was not as nice as he now tells his side of the story.These "so called fan experts" make me sick.

Worst media in sports.... whiney reporter. BTW- jets suck!

Well Mr Ireland you have got yourself mentioned in the press again but for the wrong reasons.Depending how the Phins do before the bye week,I think this event could expedite banner flying this season.I am sure Ross wasnt happy with this report or maybe the fans call him names also.

So when did he say he was going to fire himself? That's the only important part of this story.


Mad Ball skills!

Sounds like a funny scene actually, unless the fan actually came off as threatening. Barring that, seems to me like Ireland needs to get out a little more.

hey why are people so mad...Jeff was just talking to himself...
Posted by: andyk | September 18, 2012 at 04:15 PM


jpao, Jeff Ireland would never call a fan an acorn. An acorn is a term that denotes great respect. An acorn is a hidden treasure, discernable only by persons with an outstanding gift for spotting talent. That term is reserved for outstanding players that fall into the lap of the Dolphins. Marc Colombo is an example of an acorn. What I am surprised about is that Jeff Ireland didn't call the fan an elbow.

So the best Irefiend could do when confronted was call the fan an @sshole thinking he was muttering it to himself...

I dont have any problem with the fan being displeased with the lack of product on the field put on by irefiend and company...

I think he'll find most of south florida in that same position as well or have the empty seats gone un-noticed??*lol*.....

Beating a bad team on sunday still does not the change bad results in the last four years there GM irefiend, maybe if you had a clue on how to bring stability and talent to a team that is in desperate need of some rather then wasting away picks on guys who may not be around after 1-2 years..Just maybe some fans might actually think you knew what you were doing after all but then again I can see the rebuttle in your comment to the fan that you sir are just as immature a person as he might've been....

@Yesterdays Gone..... why aren't you gone yet? Don't need your crying here.

Hey dudes have you noticed our next game is vs. rival Jets with Tony Sparano as OC?

Ohio dolfan
Yes sir. Your are correct it goes both ways. I posted yesterday that JI is the most hated person in miami more so than Fidel Castro. There has been comments by ex-players, F/A. That has come here for a work out or interview that has said that JI has a bad nasty attitude, you see guys JI is a loser
And always will be.


By ex-players are you talking about guys Ireland got rid of because they were over paid and couldn't do the job any more? Are you talking about Channing Crowder and Joey Porter? Yeah, they're very credible guys....for sure.


What? IrelaNd called him an A sshole?

The guys lucky it was Ireland and not Me-LOL!

I keep the Pimp Hand Strong!

Once again Jeffy lets me down. He should of just drilled the snot out of the little Be-atch!

Class? Pssssssssfpt!

The Stadium on a Sunday afternoon is NO place for Class!

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