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GM Jeff Ireland has 'regret' over unpleasant exchange

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and one Dolphins fan had an uncomfortable exchange at halftime of Sunday's game between the Dolphins and Raiders and the organization is trying to figure out what to do about the issue even as fans are calling a local radio station to report the matter.

According to multiple eyewitnesses who called local station The Ticket and a highly placed club source who confirmed the exchange to The Herald, the Dolphins general manager was walking through the Sun Life Stadium concourse at halftime when the incident occurred.

After visiting his wife and family in his suite, Ireland exchanged pleasantries with a couple of fans, signed autographs and took pictures with at least two other fans as he headed back to his seat where he watches the game. Before he got there another fan called him over and Ireland, believing he was about to exchange more pleasantries, found himself listening to the fan complaining about his work.

That fan complained to Ireland about what he said was his poor management of the team. And at one point that fan said to Ireland, "We need you to fire yourself."

According to everyone I've talked to including team officials, Ireland responded by using the term "a--hole" either directed at the fan or loud enough for the fan to hear as he walked away.

The Dolphins contend there was no argument between Ireland and the fan. The fan, going by the name Sean, called The Ticket and confirmed there wasn't an argument. But the fan did say,  "The sum and substance of what I suggested is that he should fire himself."

Sean told The Ticket's Eric Reid Show that Ireland patted him on the shoulder, said, "Good one," called him the epithet, and walked away.

"I don't begrude the guy for not appreciating what I had to say," Sean told the station. "I can't tell you I wouldn't respond any differently if someone said I should fire myself. By the same token, I'm not the general manager of a professional football team.

"I feel like I expressed an opinion he probably needed to hear."

A Dolphins source has a different version of the events. The team's version is that Ireland simply walked away and that as he was walking away he said "kind of out loud" the word "a--hole."

The Dolphins are expected to meet in the coming hours to decide what course of action or response the uncovering of this incident will get, the source said.

Update: Jeff Ireland just called me. The Dolphins did indeed discuss the matter internally. He told me he regrets the incident.

"It did happen at halftime and I was going back to my booth after seeing my wife and I did talk to several fans that were very nice. But as I'm walking back this guy introduces himself to me and says I should fire myself," Ireland said.

"It caught me off guard. I just turned and walked away but I did say the word. I regret I used the word I used. I thought I was using it under my breath. I guess I kind of said it loud enough that he could hear it. I literally said it under my breath. At the time I felt I handled the situation pretty good. Probably muttered it a little too loud. I regret that I said anything."

The Dolphins are planning to use Ireland's quote to me as their official statement on the matter.


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A 'witch hunt' is what comes to mind....

The only ref I'm going to miss, Kris, is that Negro guy that to my eyes has never made the wrong call and always kept the Game under control. You know, hmm... help me out in here...

Oscar, with all due respect you have GOT to be kidding!

The networks (and most of the announcers) are NOTORIOUS shills for the NFL because of the immense amount of money involved.

Watch the reaction from the other ESPN guys when Young is launching into the owners---they look uncomfortable as hell.

I respect you, buddy, but on this one you couldn't be more wrong.

Why do you have to come across as the almighty blog man when you post? We all post our opinions but yours has to sound the most self-centered. We dont hang on your every word by the way we actually like it when we all feel like equals. Stop acting like such a god please, kay, thanks LOL


Isn't that what you do? Geez man, maybe you need to stop critique everybody else's comments and actually go back and take a look at some of your won comments. Maybe take the advice you to hand out to others and actually stop and think how you come across to others.

But I'm sure you won't take the time to do that. I already know what you're about.

How did Ireland get us Tannehill when Sherman was his coach? The only reason why we even have Reggie Bush is because he was the only RB on the trading block and we were desperate.
Lamar Miller was a no brainer when you are trying to win over fans from the "U".
Smart people know the Raiders secondary has been awful for,years. Gates is a bust and so is injury prone Daniel Thomas. And we traded up for those guys.
Fire Ireland, give someone else a shot.
And Sherman is responsible for Lane, not Ireland.

Most of This years picks are more credited to the new coaching staff than Ireland choice, Tannehill Matin is Sherman Philbin picks Vernon Miller also new staff picks. JI would have never picked players from the U. Tannehill Martin sherman coach against Martin in college... in 4 years Let's say 28 picks including free agents that Ireland was part of or directly involved with, 6 or 7 impact players or even started, give or take ball park figure, that's pretty awful that just don't cut it in this league, that's why this team is a couple of years to compete for a division title. And the jury us still out on most of the players he pick this year and last. Now that's all the players Oscar that you can come up with? Now you know why JI sucks balls.

If Ross let all fans with a ticket give Ireland a golden shower the place woild sell out!


'Only running back on the market'? I guess you must have forgotten about McGhaee and Sproles. He could also have hung onto Brown and Williams. Guy makes a great ADD and this fanbase can't even give him credit for that. Is there ANYTHING you would give him credit for? Seriously? Anything?

If Ross let all fans with a ticket give Ireland a golden shower the place woild sell out!

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | September 18, 2012 at 08:03 PM




So if I understand you correctly, the picks that look good shouldn't be credited to Ireland but the ones that don't look so good should be on Ireland. Yeah that makes sense. Probably picks Parcells made were Ireland's fault too, right? So he's the GM but only gets credited with the bad picks? Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

Craig, why dont you and Irescum get a room, fool.

I'm shocked Ireland hasn't been heckled more.The fans are to polite down here.

I just found out from my friend Julito what bath salts are all about. Epsom salts +.

Craig M
C'MON MAN!! You really think JI picked Tannehill or Martin even the UM guys? Really? Or you think it's more Philbin and Sherman choices! That makes more sense.
Are you on Ireland payroll or something dam you apologize for him more than anyone on here dude! That's funny how 80%. Of the fans will disagree with you.

That guy that ate the other guy's face here in Miami was some kind of religious fanatic Haitian probably high on salts.


There are stupid people everywhere, the sad part is that most of the time they don't even know that they are stupid, now in your case I have no doubt you are the stupidest blogger here, so congrats.

to recap what you just posted, Ireland doesn't get any credit when he makes a good move but gets blame for all his bad moves...yup, you are stupid, there is no other explanation.

for the record, Ireland is in charge of ALL personnel decisions and has been for the last two years and two years only, Philbin is the coach, Philbin doesn't have the time to scout since he is busy coaching the team, alright?


So because 80 per cent of the people feel that way, as you say, that must make it true, right? You'd probably be in that group that thought the world was flat or that it would be impossible to put a man on the moon. Geez man, can't you think for yourself? Do you have to FOLLOW the masses?

I believe Ireland made those picks in conjunction with Philbin and Sherman. Be dumb not to let those guys have input on who they want to coach, no?

The majority of the people wanted Bush for President not once but twice, Ray. How'd that one turn out? Just because the majority feels one way, doesn't mean it's right.

It is the amphetamines and meta-amphetamines that do the most harm, People.

Craig M,

I'm here to lend you a hand with these 10 year olds, honestly man I don't know where you get the patience.

all these Ireland hater's really have a hard time understanding that Parcells made all personnel decisions for 2008,2009 and 2010, they keep blaming Ireland for everything under the sun, they are so clueless on everything from the draft to free agency, I could mention all the good moves the guy has done but it really wouldn't matter anyways since they will just simply ignore it and keep on bashing the guy.

So right now the majority wants Obama back in office you forgot to mention that one..
Even former players from the 72 season that 99% of the fans respect and know what they talking about agree with us fans, so what you think about there opinion I would think they know what they talking about, they got more inside info than we do.


I think we're fighting a losing battle. It's like talking to wall. People will believe what they want to believe. So be it.

ray, how old are you?..just curious.

Nahh, Craig, ray is being grea$ed also.


What do I think about the 72 team's opinion? I think most of them are old and senile by now and have taken too many hits to the head. I don't think they are authorities on anything any more, other than how often they should consume prunes. What they feel about Ireland means NOTHING to me. They don't have any more insight into things than you or me.

It is also very well understood that the Perfect Team will do anything to remain "Perfect".

Well 80% of the dolfans. Former players former coaches are all Dumba s s es, don't know what they talking about except Craig M FZB Oscar. And the rest of Ireland supports know. We will see who is the dumb a s s at the end of all this. Thanks for calling the majority of the dolfans stupid don't know nothing about how good your boy JI is.

That's just the way most People are, ray. You just have to accept them for what they are...

most people don't have common sense, they also make their own belief's based on what they hear through the media (which is not always the truth) or what other fans say or simply forget what happened before.

since Parcells is no longer here then naturally all the blame HAS to go to Ireland, if they could just use their brains then they would realize that Parcells was in total control, you wanna know how I know, well you don't pay anyone 5 mil per year to have him sit around with a thumb up his ass, Ireland was Parcells assistant but the Tuna ruled everything, there is another point I want to make.

Ross is not stupid, he left Ireland in charge because he knew that Parcells was the reason for our problems, if he would have thought that Ireland was incompetent the guy would have been fired a long time ago.

You don't pay more than a billion dollars for a business and hire incompetent people, you Ireland haters have no clue..

ray, you still didn't answer my question, how old are you?

How many times? Ireland did pretty good for himself last year(Pouncey, Thomas, Clay, Wilson). This year he has major input from major Coaches, No, Jeff, I can't work with that WR. And Ireland will Shine.

I won't bother you trolls anymore Tonight. I need to read.

Clay Wilson. They done even start! Old enough to be your daddy!

ALL WE WANT as fans is for PEOPLE TO DO THEIR JOBS properly. He has had 4 eyars to get it right. Time is UP for IRELAND.
IT's also karma back at Ireland.....when you ask people if their mother is a prositute you can expect something to come back to you.

TRUTH HURTS, huh Jeff?!

If I had access to your resources I believe "I" could do a better job running this club than you have. (Or, at least, not any worse.)

That being said, and true, I wasn't there when the incident took place. If he was yelling at you and making a scene, then the 'word' was justified under your breath.

If he was just stating an opinion, that you MUST know is held by AT LEAST 80% of fans, then YOU are the jerk that seems to have trouble "working and playing well with others".

First you embarrass us publicly with the Dez Bryant interview and NOW our GM can't take criticism from a fan?!

Brandon Marshall wins the MVP of the All-Pro game and gets traded. Ireland calls an innocent fan an eh hole and will face no discipline. Unfair

if a player say that word he out the door, so jeff should just fire him self, no 1 is bigger then the next when u trying to make a point, from the front office down to the bench players. so YES FIRE YO SELF JEFF

I wouldn't say this is a non-issue. This is another example, of many, that shows Ireland is NOT READY for a GM job in the NFL.

When is Jeff Ross going to get a clue and FIRE THIS CLOWN? With all the blown drafts, misses in free agency, & the Dez Bryant issue, this should be the final nail in his coffin!

I wonder what Fireland would have called me if he heard my suggestion to go kill himself?


he cheats
he lies
he over chargeS.......like a PLUMBER....

Had Ireland not asked Dez Bryant if his mom is a prostitute, I'd say this was a non-story. It seems like the GM is held to a lower standard than the players.

Who are these guys that think they just KNOW Parcells made every call before he jumped ship? Ireland was his boy... your theory is that he was nothing but a yes-boy, even when he was scouting? And so then he must have been hiding his genious, from his mentor... makes sense lol.

well after reading most of the comments in here .. it looks like most fans agree that this is a non issue and that the fan got the explanation he deserved even though Jeff Ireland said it while he was walking away. and it looks like most fans are seeing the light and are seeing that his draft picks are looking really good and all the right decision that he has made, and all the right calls he has made by not taking some players and good calls on trading or not picking up certain players.. the facts speak for themselves.. all his decision are looking good ...I'm glad he got rid of B.M . he is proving to not being a reliable receiver, Chowder was washed up, great choice on not taking Flynn he isn't even a starter in the league,V/ davis is really not panning out great choice in trading him and getting almost equal value for Bill's bad pick.. almost all of his draft picks that are on the team have good upside and are looking like they are going to be future stars in the NFL. we just have a few TROLLS that hate the fins and will do anything to sabotage this team. I guarantee you that if Jeff Ireland was fired today some team would hire him the next day.. More than likely The jets would.. they seem to see that we have good talent evaluators on this team. Time to move forward and quit feeding the TROLLS Armando! maybe we need new media people and some new fans , cause some of them just SUCK. people need to understand we are starting a new TRADITION HERE! were we support our team through thick and thin, until we change the fan culture and start supporting our team things are always going to remain the same. Of course we are going to hit a rough patch here and there even the dynasty teams do that , but their fans don't quit on them. They stick up for the organization and the player. I believe in this team and see great things to come ...

Vontae Davis ?? Yeaaaah is to bad he's wearing blue these days, and Marshalls would help out with the underneath passes, since our TE's are no threat in the passing game .. So yes I do think Ireland should fired himself , why wait for someone else ? Is always best to walk away on your own..

That Sean dude is my hero. Someone had to say that FIRELAND sucks at his job.
Sean needs a statue next to Shula.

In America we are all entitled to our opinions...the fan thought Ireland should fire himself...he thought the fan was an aswhole. So be it. Let's move on ...nothing to see or read here...

The fan was right that Ireland is doing a horrible job, and who cares what Ireland said in response. Talk about a non-story. I sure hope they didn't kill too many trees printing this example of total media over-reaction.


Good post....I agree. I've always felt that Ireland was never getting any due for the positive things he has done. And as your post reflects, he has indeed. Sure, he has made mistakes but is it fair to say that after all, he is a "rookie" GM? And when I say rookie, this is only the second year he has had full reign. I believe, when you look at the overall picture and compare him to other GM's around the leauge, he is doing a average job. It looks like he is setting the table for the immeadiate future...next year he has positioned the team to draft at multiple spots at the top of the draft, and will have a significant amout of cap space to sign "major" immeadiate impact players. And, he may have possibly solved the long-time QB problem. All good things.

millions of qualified, hard working people out there and yet this unqualified buffoon still has his job.

So some of you guys point is that Ireland doesnt deserve credit for the picks when he let his head coach and OC give their input. So Jeff had faith in the guy they hired to coach their team and thats a bad thing. So youd rather have a czar GM that picks whomever he thinks is good for the football team no matter what the stakes or how they get along with the coaches etc? Like Bill Parcells? Hmm interesting..

While I am not happy with the way things Mr. Ireland is running things, I really can't blame the guy for calling him an a-hole. I would and I can bet 90 percent of people with a backbone would do the same thing. Jeff hasnt done as bad of a job as we think, i think he has done a better job then the angry mob of fans would have. Certainly he has missed but if the fans picked this team, we would still be trying to get BRady quinn or kyle orton to rtun this team, with brandon marshall dropping 75 percent of hi td passes. Do we need a new GM, yes, he makes the right call about 35 percent of the time. Do we need to tell him he sucks and picket to fire him, no. I think the few fans that have gone overboard need to relax, and wait it out because voicing your opinion to the extreme is unprofessional if not more then Mr. Ireland calling you an a-hole under his breath.

While I don't approve of confronting him, I continue to be astonished at how anyone supports this moron. He clearly has no idea at all what he's doing. Do you all not realize that it is genuinely ok to complain when people perform poorly???

Why not confront him, I don't think what the guy said to him was disrespectful, it was honest. He spoke his mind, so did Ireland, end of story!

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