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Dolphins have advantages over the Jets but passing may not be one of those

When the Jets pass football today I expect the Dolphins to be able to match up well because I don't see a great threat from Mark Sanchez and he's without his security blanket tight end Dustin Keller, who has been ruled out with an injury. When the Jets run the ball I expect the Dolphins to have the advantage because they are outstanding in stopping the run.

But despite all those important matchups, I still see this game resting on the shoulders of Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his ability or inability to overcome the blitz and gets some points throuh the air.

As we know, the Dolphins' formula for winning is run the football, stop the run, avoid turnovers. Well, the Jets' assignment on defense will be to stop the run and force Tannehill to pass. And when Tannehill passes, what the Jets do is attack the passer with exotic blitzes. It's their personality. It's what they do to force mistakes.

I shared with you this week that Tannehill was very good last week -- particularly in the second half -- against the blitz. Truth is so far this season, Tannehill has completed 63 percent of his passes against the blitz. That's better than the 53 percent he's completed when he's not blitzed.

Perhaps the kid is simply better when he doesn't have to think. Perhaps he's better when he going to one target and doing it quickly to get the ball out.

The point is Rex Ryan has been impressed with Tannehill's work so far, as I write in my column today. But does that mean the gamesmanship of the New York coach will be lessened on his blitzes?

I don't think so. And I believe that is where the game will be decided.


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If you blitz an extra one or two guys. That means someone is open quickly. You can pay by putting so much on the blitz.

This is what Rax is worried about. That Tannehill recognizes it and changes play.

This is the Philbin offense. Read the D, change or identify, then hit the open man.

Not sold on Tanehill. I think Sanchez is the better QB today. Jets 24 Dolphins 13.

If Rex blitzes he's taking a chance, Armando. Tannehill is NOT your typical rookie QB and might be able to read any kind of blitz thrown at him. Besides, he's going to be a Doctor and is smart as heck, just like I am.

Everyone, don't forget to take an extra pair of socks to throw at Rex and fist pumper.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw yeah!!!

Less than 3 hours until the beatdown begins. Lane to give Jets a lesson in *pain* brothers.

Fins 34
Jets 9

The weather will be a huge advantage for the Fish but Tannehill may be exposed as Chad Henne 2.0


Canes game was AWESOME!

Pretty amazing that after 2 games (one horrible and one average or slightly better) that people are making him sound like he is a top tier QB. No offense Oscar but after 2 games you have identified he is not your typical rookie QB! I hope you are right an I am wrong, but I need to see more than a game against a bad Raiders team to decide Tannehill is something special. He can change my mind today!!



Fins 38
Jets 9


All you jealous punks can't stop my dunks.

The wco is all about exploiting the defensive team's weaknesses, not strenths. My hats off to Jets, and I hate saying this, because on defense there arent a whole lot of weakness.

So, I believe our greatest ally today will be forcing the Jets into turnovers and winning the the "shortfield game". You're not going to be very successful against the Jets D going 65-80yds to score every possession. We need 3 and outs, a turnover or two, no turnovers from us, and to win the field position game.

When we accomplish all of these things. There's no doubt the Fins will come away with a victory today. I believe we also need to get at least 115yds from our ground game. No less.

Henne > Tannehill

Fighting words:

The Dolphins' DBs were amused to hear Santonio Holmes talking tough the other day, saying, "With our skills and our speed, we should really take advantage of those guys." This is coming from a receiver who quit on his team last time it played in Miami, a receiver who has managed only seven receptions in four games against the Dolphins. Said CB Sean Smith, per the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "'Take advantage,' that's a big word right there. I appreciate comments like that and welcome challenges with (open) arms. Anybody who wants to come down to the beach ... we're not worried about that at all.”

Found this from a LINK that LincolnContinental posted on the LAST blog (page 4).....

The link takes you right to a jets blog (should I be surprised).....


I thought S.Smith's comments show maturity...something he has been lacking.....

maybe this WHOLE team is growing up......

STFU negative people. Let things play out. The kid QB wasn't born learned, like you nay sayers were. Let the kid develop. Rome was not made in one day

IT gives me no pleasure as a life long Fin fan to say that TODAY... IF Tannehill throws to Hartline as he did against the Raiders look for multiple pick 6's. My prediction is 3 picks and the kid is going to get a beating.

We don't have any outlets and the jets DB's are going to have a field day. Bush will be stuffed by the "D" and HOPEFULLY doesn't get hurt and look for the final score;

Jets - 38
Miami -10

fins 38
jets 20

If Tannehill can recognize the blitz packages and schemes. He should find open receivers down field, the field is soggy wet soft. It can play into Reggie game, with cut back moves and receivers also have the advantage because they control where they going on cut backs, The corner has to react and it can slip fall, etc etc. Goes for both teams. Wet field advantage WR RB. IMO. But what I know I'm just a stupid DOLFAN! Let's go PHINS!!

THE. " U " Great game great come back.
But I think FSU is for real though! But I got my canes against FSU! They will give them the first lost!


I know this may sound strange, but this offensive staff actually has a game plane. What you saw last weak was a smart coaching staff taking advantage of a Raider weakness(replacement corner). Beilieve me, they are not game planning to do the "exact same thing" against Revis.

Revis is not a replacement corner. This is Joe Philbin, not Tony Sparano. Sparano wioll be on the opposite side of the field today buddy.

The oline's slowly coming together in the "pass protection" phase of it's development. They did a pretty good job last week vs the Raiders.

Now if the oline's pass protection continues to develop, coupled with what we've seen from the run game. the Fins will be a force to be reconed with on the O-side of the ball this year. It will speed up Tannehill's development too.

NFLN has the FINS on....


Talking Tanne next...

I know this may sound strange too. Joe Philbin has finally brought the Fins offense into the 21st century of offensive nfl football.

Just saying, strange coincidence, Philbin's no longer OC in GB, now Rodgers and the GB offense is struggling slightly. Just saying.

The road to 11-5 continues on the pre-determined course....


It takes us right over the CHEST of the ny jets.....

I think Alabama would beat the lowly Fins.

PHINS D have to shut down Keller Ans homes! Keller sways kill us because our LB can't cover the TE. Today they better cover him, double Homes. We got this victory. The only way our D gets beat is trick plays! TS offense rank like 18 in the league! I might be inaccurate but in some where in that neighborhood! We win 20-17. Close game!

Just read some interesting stats on Miami.I pulled this from NFL.com

.the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are allegedly a pushover matchup, but there's a reason they leaped in the NFL.com Power Rankings this week. Well, at least this team is pretty solid on the defensive side of the ball.

i. Miami leads the NFL in allowing the fewest yards per rush at 2.16 (good luck, Shonn Greene).

ii. No dice inside the 20. Defensive Coordinator Larry Coyer's Dolphins defense is allowing 1.56 yards per play in the red zone.

iii. Opposing Offenses are converting 27.6 percent of third downs against Miami. That's miniscule.

Tannehill is nothing like Henne. He is a better QB in every facet of the game.

Go eat another cheeseburger Fat Hank, you bother me.

ray try reading Keller is out.



Who is Larry Coyer?

still henne talk, unreal guy is one of the worst qbs ever in this league

Don't even try to compare T-Hill to garbage Henne. No comparison in talent. Fins will win if they can pressure Sanchez. Odrick needs to step it up today and help out Wake and Starks, who will be facing double teams. Bush will have another big game. Jets have no playmakers on offense. Holmes is way overrated and will probably have a melt down by halftime. Fins will run a conservative offense to limit possible mistakes by T-Hill. We will win the field position battle with Fields on our side

Kris are you jealous of the way I treat my children and all the fun we have together

would be a good win for Dolphins but, but I dont believe the talent is there. No WRs,,,,well one.

24-10 Jets.


whats up man....

How are the kids??

YG, Philbin created the offensive game plans for the Pack. I agree, they sorely miss him. Glad we got him!The Pack do not look like the same offense

Get ready for a BIG dose of WILDCAT by the Jets... Funny how back in 08' the Jets said they didn't need trick plays to win football games!.... Now watch them throw Timmy Tebow in the mix and use it like 60% of the game. I bet we will be able to sustain it anyway. Expect Tony to use it like he did against the Patriots in 08'.. along with a bunch of FIST PUMPS for field goals.


talk to me.....

your in the inner circle now....the CIRCLE OF TRUST......

No more petty snipes or jabs from me....

what are your thoughts on today's game....



Dolphins, will WIN today guys.

Sybil says,

Dansby better earn his pay check if the Jets throw the wildcat out there. No way our defense should be surprised by it.

I tell you, man, this guy is no "rookie" QB.

Everybody here is fine, Kris. Gonna tailgate from my yard in a little while.

I think Tannehill will benefit from Rex fat Ryans blitz scemes and will surprise the jets by making him pay. i said that already Kris you know that you read it, i wont give a prediction though you know that as well. I hate the jets but i am still going to jab you if necessary. but I do hope we shut the jets up we can atleast be in peace there

I hate to predict Games, Kris. I don't like to lose. All I can say is that the Jets D is not Oakland's.

Hell, I don't hate the Jets(that's childish and I'm 65 y/o going on 66).

Miami 24 Jets 13

Sanchez is a journeyman QB at best. Get in his face, sacks and pressures and he loses accuracy and the ability to find secondary receivers.

I am not expecting a lot of connections to Miami's WR so the TE and RB will have to make some catches out of the backfield. Tannehill has the smarts to take advantage of Jets blitzes. But the key is for our running game to control the field and the clock.

I have food, cigarretes and booze(in that order) and I'm ready for the goddarned Game.

You know, if you ever gonna grill pork chops, you should immerse them in a brine solution the night before cooking them. Otherwise, they might be tough.


Yeah they aren't oakland oscar canosa the Jet's d-line is worse

Not with 8 in the box, Jeffrow.

yeah but that would mean more throwing opportunities for T-Hill, he has proven he knows how to read defenses and can audible out of that.

in other words they can decide how we beat them

If that way, fine with me, Jeffrow.

'but Tannehill may be exposed as Chad Henne 2.0'

I hop3 so. Henne always brought his "A-game" vs. the Jets.

Alright. KELLER is out. Man. That's good needs. Dolphins D dominate the wildcrap and Sanchez and his jalapeno! HAHAHAHA.!
LMAO! That was good

Hopefully Charles Clay does something today. They could use him. Only 4 wr's dressed today.

@RAY no big deal either way .. we could still beat them even if keller was playing

jets d is loaded, thill will look awful today vs them but maybe bush can find some holes. the jets offense is horrible though. i see jets winning a very ugly game, screw the jets!

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