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Dolphins healthy for Texans on Sunday

Jake Long is ready to go and will start at left tackle.

Brian Hartline is ready to go and will play.

Koa Misi is healthy and will start at outside linebacker.

John Jerry is healthy and will start at right guard.

That's the good news as delivered by the Dolphins injury report today. Long (knee), Hartline (calf), Jerry (ankle) and Misi (back) had all been limited in practice earlier in the week. All practiced full, the team reported today.

Miami did list defensive Tony McDaniel (toes/knee) as questionable. He was limited in practice Friday after practicing full the past two days. It is unclear if McDaniel was being rested or he had a setback. Either way, he seems the most banged up Miami player right now.

For the Texans, much has been made of injuries to running back Arian Foster (knee) and outside linebacker Brookes Reed (hip). Neither practiced today. Both are listed as questionable.

But both are expected to play. Foster even told Houston reporters he would play Sunday.


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Sounds good.

TEX 17

GO FINS!!!!!!!

Glad Hartline is healthy after taking the preseason off, now let's see if he, Misi, and *gasp* John Jerry can actually produce.

Dashi thought Long was going to be out a Month?

What Happen?

Let's go Fins !!!

Can't wait til Sunday. 24-17 Sounds Good.

Let's see how 4 quarters of T-Hill will look like? Some Rollouts? Some Scrambles?

Maybe Armstrong plays and gets Deep? Maybe The Secret Weapon Finally plays and we see what he was Hiding all offseason? Maybe Naanee and Fasano catch the Ball this week.

Yeah, yeah, YEAH!

It's a good day to be a Dolphins Fan!

School starts tommorrow, so I'm taking my 15 year old out for some last minute target shooting.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!

Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!


Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

I thought Id reposts this Post from the drug/alcohol/flea infested Hippie named Odin.
Happy anniversary Hippie.

Posted by: Odins Blotted liver | September 05, 2012 at 08:55 PM

fpfg, You can almost bet your bottom dollar that Odinstank will be passed out before pregame starts.
And may I add you too will more then likely by passed out before pregame,
I wish you hippies would all disappear.

34-13 Texans. That's being kind too.


I post something along the lines of this on the last blog....

"there is @ least one more of you out there (trolls)....LOL


I'd say that about about confirms my suspicions.....thanks herald staff....

RBs, Ouch, I'am gonna say 20 to 10 Texans, only cause it's the first game of the season and Johnson and Foster are injured.
I'll take bets the fins cover the 12 point spread.

Home, I Love you xoxoxoxox!

Oh Home, they're even impostering me too.
Let's run away to deserted island and screw all night.

I just hope this is Tannehill's coming out party. Im sure he'll be pumped playing in front his home state(Texas) fans. Im sure they'll also be rooting for him to have some success but not to much(a win) over the home town team.

Im optimistic Tannehilll does well because is almost like an extra "home game" for him during the season.Im not so optimistic the scoreboard will reflect in our favor, but I do look for Tannehill to pass for better average numbers.

Hopefully, this game becomes reminiscent of 1985, Marino against the vaunted Bears. Almost forgot, we dont quite have Duper and Clayton either. LOL

me too Home. So my girlfriend Lauren can join us :) ;)

Dashi does not know how to add! 2 to 3 weeks is not a month!!

Formula For Victory:

Bush breaks long d run. Bush takes short pass for Long score.

Armstrong catches long td.

D Thomas rund for 80yds or more with at least 1 td rushing.

Get at least 1 td catch from the te position.

At least 1 fg made

A kickoff or punt return for a td.

Probably not even half of these things will happen, but, if miracuosly they all do. Notch a "W" in the win olumn and grade Tannehill's coming out Texas tea party a snashing success.

I for one will remember it as the "Texas T Party", the "T" is for Tannehill.

If we somehow win against the Texans Sunday. This victory will rank right alongside the 85 Bears victory.

We can always remember as the Texas "T" Party. "T" for Tannehill. LOL

Odin, Your thoughts on sundays game?, I put myself at 68% drunk by ganes end, Your % of being drunk by games end?

Posted by: FP4FGs. | September 07, 2012 at 03:48 PM

The Game? I believe that we can hang/keep it close **IF** we play smart and don't turn the ball over. If you keep it close into the 4th quarter, anything can happen.

On the other hand, with the youth and inexperience an implosion wouldn't be surprising. In that case, I see The Texans laying one on us.

% of being drunk? I can state unequivocally, with all the confidence of a Joe Namath Super Bowl prediction: Odin will be ABSOLUTELY "Hammered By Halftime".

That's my new "Catch Phrase" BTW! I'm still working out some small details though. I have a Big Bottle of Dark Barcadi and Jack Daniels.

Barcardi is my old "Standard", but considering the upcoming prospect, I'm leaning towards Jack!

Either way, the one thing you can count on: Odin will be "Hammered By Halftime".

PS: I just hope Tannehill and Dolphins aren't ;)

YG Dont forget game #3 in "08" where the fins not only beat New England but crushed them....In New England

LOL Odin, That's why I put myself at 68% drunk by games end.

Dolphins win in a shocking upset!!!! Legadu Nannee (or however you spell it) actually hangs onto the ball and makes some nice catches. Hartline makes some patented sideline catches (still no YAC but you take what you can get) and Armstrong catches a deeeep ball or two. Bess, well... he does what he does and it usually results in a... "First Down"! The J-Train rumbles and plows through DB's like a train! Reggie is Reggie and has a couple really nice runs with a bunch of 1-3 yarders up the gut and a couple catches out of the back field. Ditto for Thomas, he might even throw in a leap over a defender. Lamar Miller... limited action but plays well returning kicks. The big surprise... Charles Clay playing TE makes a bunch of seam, slant and underneath catches and gives the Texans fits (ala Gronk or Hernandez). The Defense will play solid and pressures the QB, getting 2 sacks and causing a turnover. And they stuff Foster holding him to 65 yds rushing and a 100 total combined yards. The Pass Defense still gives up one BIG PLAY.

OR they could just suck and get blown out. But it will be fun to watch.. Go Fins!!!!!

Either way, the one thing you can count on: Odin will be "Hammered By Halftime".

PS: I just hope Tannehill and Dolphins aren't ;)

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 07, 2012 at 04:53 PM

OdinStanks Motto
"When the going gets tough, The drunks get drunk"..
Great Parenting Odinstank, I Hope HRS is looking at your computer postings.


Your suspicions are unfounded because your comments weren't deleted. As usual, YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: HAHAHAHAHAHA | September 07, 2012 at 04:29 PM

You're right HERALD EMPLOYEE....my poat DID magically reappear .....but the problem is this....

I originally posted on PAGE 2....NOT PAGE 3......


So I will stick with my original assertion which you PROVED beyond a SHADOW of a doubt.....

I meant Page 3...Not Page 2.....


Bottom Line....

I got your attention.....

I hope McDaniels can play when needed and play at a high level. We need to keep the front 4 as fresh as possible. I'm expecting a strong **AND SMART** rotation.

Which reminds me, Rookie DT, Kheeston Randle made the squad! This kid played like a Man-Beast during the pre season. Albeit against 2nd and 3rds. The good thing though, in those situations he CLEARLY looked like one of the best out there. I love this Kids potential.

Rookie DE Derrick Shelby also made the team..........even though he was INJURED! For me, that makes it a little more impressive. Usually Rookies in that situation get the Axe!

Shelby, when healthy is also CLEARLY better than Vernon right now......TODAY. I don't know yet exactly how much thats saying, but it's all good. He has better size and pass rushing skills than Vernon.

I'm not knocking Vernon, I like him alot as a situational Pass Rusher. But Shelby's got him at every level, he's more of the every down player as well. He reminds me of a Young Bruce Smith. Similar Size and skillset.

PS: Comparing him to a Hall of Famer aside, if Shelby can learn to dip and lower the inside shoulder like Smith, it's a wrap!

PSS: I hated Smith because he was a Bill! But NOBODY did it better(Ok, MAYBE Reggie White, but thats it!). Smith could run at full speed with his inside shoulder about two feet off the turf! It was AMAZING just watching that guy play!

Smith was AWSOME on Madden 93 or 94......

I think he was the ONLY player that could block PATs......

Have you been in Odins "WORLD"
Your posting gibberish like odin after consuming a fifth of Vodka along with some morphine.
You Odin And Fistful should be ashamed with your selves.

Kris, don't talk to Monkey Boy today. He's been being totaaly ignored and it's driving him Bat Shyt Bonkers - lol.

He's made his rounds attacking everyone and..........NOTHING - LOL.

Monkey Boy has "Jumped The Shark: - ROTFLMAO and it is driving him Bonkers ;)

Just ignore the Fool!

Love how Soliai finally "manned up" and earned himself a big pay day. However, switching to the 4-3 defense, you need dt's that can also get after the qb.

To remain in Miami, Soliai will have to prove he's capable of putting pressure on the qb, if not he's just a overpayed situational player. If not, he could end up being placed on the trading blocks(3-4 D team) or become a 2013 cap caualty all together.

He's now being paid far too much money to be a dt instead of ng in a 4-3 defensive system.

"2 down player"

Mid Season Form Baby!

Mid Season Form!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Guess Im out, you guys are in full blown troll mode again. LOL

Drive Home careful All!

It's FRIDAY! All the Nutcakes are in a hurry to get the Week End started!

It's a Freaking Mad House Baby!


Odin, Did you go "Morphine" Hunting with your kid this labor day like last year?

Drive Home careful All!

It's FRIDAY! All the Nutcakes are in a hurry to get the Week End started!

It's a Freaking Mad House Baby!


Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 07, 2012 at 05:23 PM

Odinstank, What do you know about "FRIDAY"?
Your a drug infested Hippie, Everyday is friday to you.
Go back to OHIO'S blog with you and your 5 Idiot circle jerkers.

Blotted, Leave me out of your posts.


Seems most, if not all of the Bloggers here are in "Mid-Season" Forms.

Those being "Completely Ignored"............not so much ;)

-Odin- ;)

(Snickety, snicker, snick!)


And may I add you too will more then likely by passed out before pregame,
I wish you hippies would all disappear.

Posted by: Odins Blotted liver | September 07, 2012 at 04:13 PM

He's either drunk, illiterate or both.

As he comments on other peoples sobriety lol.

What a Dip Wad.

I hope the PHINS win on Sunday so next week comments be positive, starting with me, but JI still sucks always will!! Let's. Go dolphins!!

He's either drunk, illiterate or both.

As he comments on other peoples sobriety lol.

What a Dip Wad.

Posted by: Pot Confirming The Kettle is Black | September 07, 2012 at 06:34 PM


Some experts believe in Tanne, nice story here:


I got a Late Date Tonight with my Favorite Hottie!

I hate to admit, I'm getting antsy having to wait.

I think I'm going to go back and start over watching all of Devlin's Pre Season Snaps to burn the time. For me, Devlin was one of the Biggest Surprises. Given the chance, I think he'll develop into a Very Good NFL Quarterback.

I wonder why the Dolphins haven't tried to work any of the TE's out there that were recently released. Cooley and Winslow might be more consistent receivers than what we have...even though they are not as good as they were previous to their injuries.

LOL OdinStank And one of his "HOTTIES", He'll be back in 45 minutes to contnue his non-stop drunken gibberish.., I'll check Ohio's blog, and I'am sure he'll be posting, Then again OdinStank has been known to post as others..(AKA people, He's a troll)

Dolphins healthy for game..wont be so healthy after game...just sayin!!!!

Phins 13

Texeco Boys 30

Let the 2nd guessing begin....

Kris, you are paranoid delusional if you:

A. Think Im Oscar or

B. Think I work for the Herald

You are paranoid. What is with you clowns? LMAO

What will the narrative be on Monday morning if the Texans blow us out of the water?

Who do we blame?

If its close I'm sure the homers will celebrate victory even in defeat.


Apparently, we are not even rebuilding and are a playoff caliber team.

So, what if its a blow out?

So, what if its a blow out?

Posted by: JackSparrow | September 07, 2012 at 07:16 PM

Then it will be business like usual as it always has been....hasnt been any differnet since miami went to the playoffs..one more blowout will just be met with more optimism from some, and pessimism from others...same old story, same old team!!!!

This team is a farce. Houston 34-6.

Tannehill hasnt been impressive yet.

Lets face it,theres no talent on this team.

I'm now in on the boycott. I've had enough of this trash management.

Dont think Philbin is better then Cameron was but no one else would work with Ireland.

Dashi will be naked for the game Sunday.

So Dashi doesnt barf on his clothes.

Tanny will throw a pick 6 in the 1st quarter. And in the 3rd quarter too.

I keep trying to have a bad feeling about this game like everyone else but I also keep getting a feeling that something unexpected may happen. Game will either be really close or the biggest upset of the weekend.

How is this team going to score a TD?




Here's a positive story about Tanne:







Wi, wi cry baby oscar, dashi and Odin the vaha deep throat man. We will win! Screw those cheating refs. Ill never forget that game.

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