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Dolphins healthy for Texans on Sunday

Jake Long is ready to go and will start at left tackle.

Brian Hartline is ready to go and will play.

Koa Misi is healthy and will start at outside linebacker.

John Jerry is healthy and will start at right guard.

That's the good news as delivered by the Dolphins injury report today. Long (knee), Hartline (calf), Jerry (ankle) and Misi (back) had all been limited in practice earlier in the week. All practiced full, the team reported today.

Miami did list defensive Tony McDaniel (toes/knee) as questionable. He was limited in practice Friday after practicing full the past two days. It is unclear if McDaniel was being rested or he had a setback. Either way, he seems the most banged up Miami player right now.

For the Texans, much has been made of injuries to running back Arian Foster (knee) and outside linebacker Brookes Reed (hip). Neither practiced today. Both are listed as questionable.

But both are expected to play. Foster even told Houston reporters he would play Sunday.


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The more I read the more I become convinced that this Game is not a given for Houston.

Can Matt Schaub throw on the run? He better have cause he's going to run plenty.

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The more I read the more I become convinced that we dont have a chance in hell to win on Sunday. .

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Texans are a tough start. Just hope for positives and no injuries

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The Bills would be a tough start for the Dullfins. LOL

Is there a worse receiver then Hartline in the NFL?

The Dolphins WILL win on Sunday. So just accept it and STFU.

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I just hope T Hill plays well enough to earn some respect and the O-line and secondary are better. I have some faith in Philbin and think he is the long term answer


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