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Dolphins healthy for Texans on Sunday

Jake Long is ready to go and will start at left tackle.

Brian Hartline is ready to go and will play.

Koa Misi is healthy and will start at outside linebacker.

John Jerry is healthy and will start at right guard.

That's the good news as delivered by the Dolphins injury report today. Long (knee), Hartline (calf), Jerry (ankle) and Misi (back) had all been limited in practice earlier in the week. All practiced full, the team reported today.

Miami did list defensive Tony McDaniel (toes/knee) as questionable. He was limited in practice Friday after practicing full the past two days. It is unclear if McDaniel was being rested or he had a setback. Either way, he seems the most banged up Miami player right now.

For the Texans, much has been made of injuries to running back Arian Foster (knee) and outside linebacker Brookes Reed (hip). Neither practiced today. Both are listed as questionable.

But both are expected to play. Foster even told Houston reporters he would play Sunday.


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You retard I told you stop taking my handles.


You a sshole you are sooooo wrong.

starting early laidies?

You stupid f uckface I don't have to pretend anything. Rebecca will be my next wife and she knoiws it.

You on the other hand are a stupid a sshole.

OK here we go into the new season. Let's see who on this blog is an idiot.and...Not being the judge...Lets find out who is the best G.M.


The stuff you HERALD EMPLOYEE's write @ night....impersonations....racist remarks...you guys sound very educated.....sound like a bunch of PHDs and Masters degrees on the herald night shift.....

So tell me one thing herald employee's who work the grave yard shift.....


forced to do the most menial task....@ night.....

what can the pay really be....do they pay you in food...or food stamps Oscar......

How embarrassing for you ALL night last night.....and guess WHAT....

Not your new shift starts in little while....no rest for the wicked....

hey OSCAR....GET TO WORK!!!!!

Kris, Looks like we wont win any games this year.

go finsssssssssssssss

go finsssssssssssssss go to Los Angeles and get OUT OF S FLA!!

could happen, wouldnt bother me if just as long as we got a team back in couple years. start this thing over. i know ross wanted to be in la by 2015, we shall see


All the scrubs are healthy, well thats good news. Jerry, Hartline( best WR) who hasnt played one snap in preseason. Jerry who was "trashed" on hard knocks is now starting RG. Egnew who was also trashed on HKs made the team as the poorest TE in the NFL.
Think Ill skip this game,,,lol,,lol,,lol. Im sorry but when I think of the Miami roster I cant help but laugh,,,out loud. What Jeffery has done to the Dolphins should be a crime or at least investigated by Uncle Rodger and his band of merry men. lol,,lol,,,

3 1/2 pages of racist, sexist, sophomoric garbage that must be sifted through to find a half a page of actual football posts...
And, Mando doesn't care because the Herald only counts how many hits he gets on his blog. Someone needs to clean this up before people start drafting letters to management about it! Just saying...

Miami plays this one close, winning by 3. Shocking to the world!!!



Miami's only gonna score 3

Tracy474, send a letter to Dolphin management to FIRE IRESCUM!


NEXT TIME somebody tells you its raining.....you had better make sure there are clouds in the sky.....

BIG BLOW to the dictator Goddell......now if they can fight some of the "illegal hit" fines ....we might just get our game of football back....

31-0, Texans blow out the dolphins. We have never beat this team,they are on a Super Bowl run. NO WAY WE WIN THIS GAME.0-7 after Sundays game.0-1 to start the season. Fire Ross!

The Dolphins can cover the 12 1/2 point spread against the Texans

this blog shows how p**s-poor the fins are
nuttin to say 'cept hate on anything but football

this blog shows how p**s-poor the fins are
nuttin to say 'cept hate on anything but football


Winning solves everything right? Watching Miami this last few years is like going to a job you hate. You have to go but you hate going.

Last night I wrote "worst blog on the net" multiple times. "WORST POSTERS ON THE NET" was written also. Not offensive by any means, just an opinion based on the garbage that is allowed to infest this blog like a swarm of cockroaches. My posts were mostly deleted, but this is what THE MIAMI HERALD finds acceptable. Here are posts that are allowed to be read by all of their customers.
"I have banged her deep 20 times/month; 240 times/year; 1200 times in last 5 years. She has blown me and swallowed 250 times in same period."
"Mitt Romney is 2nd generation Mexican. He's been eating tortilla's for breakfast since he was born."
"You are in the mood for a b lowjob by an 11 year old followed by c unt sex with a 10 year old.
So you put together a crew of mostly white hands that work for you and you go into the village for the evening.

"Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 08, 2012 at 01:49 AM
"His ancestors have bred whiteness in Texas for at least 200 years.
Did they not also pump Mexican/Indian girls of age 11 and above?
Is there not physical proof?
Has the whole Irish/English/Scots/Welsh Tannehill plan just been exposed?"
"PURE WHITE Tannehill's, and thier crew, have been terrorizing local Mexican/Indian families by pumping those 11 years old and above. Pumping. 11 year old girls of color."
"You a sshole you are sooooo wrong."
"You stupid f uckface I don't have to pretend anything."

Delete this post too if you must but it doesn't matter. I'm sending it to Jackie Kaplan, Jorge Rojas, David Lansberg, Mindy Marques, and Dave Wilson. All of the bosses will get a copy of this along with many other incredibly offensive posts that have been written in the past week.

go canessssss

Hold up buddy, stop using dashi's name to spew ur ignorance. Always over and over again. Damn ur worst than a Nelly song buddy.


with that said all us real bloggers here are getting tired of u ruining prime real estate on the internet. Shame

This use to be the best dolphin blog in SFLA. Dashi actually likes Mando objectivity at times. This clown is just ruining it. There is a difference between being objective and straight up hate.

Dashi has a proposal for all the real bloggers. On Sunday during the live blog just keep posting to Mando to get rid of Mr.1001 and his network of computers.

Believe Dashi this blog will still get a Million Views and 1000's of post without the clown. IT'S DOLPHIN FOOTBALL, EVRYBODY IN SFLA LOVES FOOTBALL AND THE DOLPHINS ACTUALLY HAVE ONE OF THE BIGGEST FAN BASE IN THE NFL.

If u get rid of Mr.1001 they will come, and more will come back. We talking football, Miami dolphin football.

Even the jets and patriots fans love to talk dolphin football, not the other way around. Dashi can tell u of a 1001 jet fan in here!

Yet Dashi bets none of these fin fans go on jet blogs?

Why is that Dashi?

Cause fin fans could Care less about any of those teams except our own. Get the point buddy. U are not going to change a fins fan mind on his team. Give it up.

Be gone by week 6 or else!

If u think ur ignorant u haven't seen nothing yet. Dashi will make sure either u or Mando will get reprimanded. And we both know Mando wants this job. Who do u think he'll pick u or the blog?

Trust me ur popular now, Dashi will make u Famous!!

If you have had enough of the disgusting posts that are allowed to exist in this blog please write or call one of the following people.

1. President/Publisher, David Lansberg
(305) 376-2923

2. Executive Editor, Aminda "Mindy" Marques
(305) 376-3249

3. Managing Editor
Dave Wilson
(305) 376-3504

4. Online Director/Interactive Sales
Jackie Kaplan

5. Sports editor
Jorge Rojas

Dashi the only way to make a difference is to write and call the people I listed. The writer and whomever enforces the blog/paper rules do not care what is said, they think it's funny. I tried to reason with them but they act as if nothing is wrong. I'm in the process of sending a letter to the bosses. If you want to help get this blog back I suggest you and everyone else who cares do the same.

Agreed enough,

Where is the famous Paul? Oscar is always talking about.

Like dashi said week 6 clown.

The Editors will be 2 complains. 1 on the clown ruining the blog and the other on Mando taking 3 day to post 1 post.

Again, would rather have Barry Jackson dropping constant info/knowledge than mando's insight on what he sees?

Sometimes my boy Barry posts over 2 times in a day. But again he doesn't have the prime real estate of the dolphin blog.

Schucks even Cote updates his blog more than Mando.

If this team gets blown out of the water I really can't see how you diehard Ireland fans still trust this man.

I've been a dolpins fan for a few decades or so. This is a first for me.

I hope we get blown out of the water and into space.

That will be the wake up call you folks need. It will be time to take off your GM Jersey.

Enough, can u please re post this tomorrow before the game? The editors #

Dashi is on his tablet now, can't really cut and paste it for tomorrow right now.

Will do when Dashi gets home but the clown might have it all erased by that time.

The tortilla comment was Dashi, sorry if it offended u. Dashi eats tortilla for breakfast. I was just explaining to him that there is no such thing as pure white.

Dashi saw a documentary on National geographic that explains we come from 2 tribes in Africa. We all have 1 of these 2 common genes. Look it up. So that's just ignorant about pure white, pure black.

In Dashi Republic there is no such thing as pure white or pure black. We are all slightly mixed.

Never got the theory of sticking to ur race? Think about it somehow ur banging ur own family when u bang somebody ur own race? Just a couple generations remove but add it up.

In a rural town in the USA u have about 1001 people. How long will it take before everyone has the same genes if they are all the same race? Give it 3-4 generations tops. Or 200 yrs for everyone in that little town to be inbred.

Could explain all the ignorant hate. Buddy must come from pahokee or another everglades swamp town

Last I checked we are tied for first place. Why all the negativity? We have just as good a chance to get to the playoffs as any other team.

Writing the head shed does no good. I tried that a few years ago. Didn't work. So I played fire against fire.

Got rid of Beowulf.

PS...the Paul that folks talk about is Paul Warfield. Even he gave up on this new Miami Dolphins team.

Dashi I will repost it as many times as you need me too. Just remind me when you need it.

I have sent a letter to all of the people on the list and I would really appreciate some support from the good fans and contributors we have here. This garbage has gone on far too long.

Enough, The new Police of the blog.

BOOKen Dano.

Texans vs Dolphins 2012: "There's Hope"

Game 2 Sept 2011, after the game 1 Brady thrashing, Dolphins hung tough thru 3qtrs and past the midway point of the 4th qtr. Texans held a 16-13 lead.

Then, a "communication error" in the backend of the defense allowed Andre Johnson to get behind Chris Clemmons for a game clinching 29yd td. Hence that game was very close and wasnt decided until the last 5 minutes of the game.

If this game plays out anything like game 2 2011 vs Texans, dolfans there is hope, Im just saying. LOL

2011 game 2 final: Texan 23 Fins 13

Sorry to blowup the 2012 vs Texans blowout theories. This game could be closer than many of you think.

Jack I wrote them all and I am now getting together letters to send to every advertiser I see in the paper. I will be interested to see their responses. I am sure they don't know their company name is showing up right next to these comments.It looks as if they support racism and child molestation, that's not going to go over big with Raymour and Flanigan, Chrysler, and the Miami Dolphins Shop which are three advertisers on this page alone. That doesn't count the multiple other advertisers in this paper.

I've had enough, I'm doing something about this.

Make sure you add Odinstank to your "MOST WANTED" List.



If you guys dont like what you see here doesnt it just make more sense to not come here at all?

Have you considered Armando's blog may have only about 10 true followers maximum, with about 2 of those followers using 1001 different aliases?

Why dont you send "60 Minutes" a copy of what's going on here too. After they find out there maybe about an audience of 10 people max, they will laugh your letter out of the building before filing it in file garbage.

Stop embarrassing yourselves with the stupid letters. These people are laughing at you. Its much easier and far smarter not to come here at all if it disturbs you so badly.

There is no most wanted list. The only posts being singled out and sent to all of these people are the posts that are filled with hate and only serve to hurt people. Children come into this site and shouldn't be allowed too because of the filth. If it were an adult site only maybe you could justify some of the racier language but it is not. This blog used to be a great place for Dolphins fans to discuss their team. It has turned into a cess pool a lot of us are tired of it. This blog the day before a game two years ago would have 20 pages on it by now. People are leaving in droves.


It isnt even a slam dunk that "you aliases" that complain about the content of this blog arent thje same aliases under different names committing these stupid acts. Just saying.

If you are, we have a "keyboard psycho" of the most delusional order wreaking disorder around here. What happened to the good ole days when people like you just purchased blow up dolls and made them your wives?

Agree Enough,
Your 100% Correct about what went on last night,But I wouldnt waste my time or energy about those posts, Do As I do, Just browse through the idiot posts.

YG why do you protest so heavily? I care because I have been coming to this blog since it was created.

You're suggesting I not come here anymore because a couple of people have taken it over in the past year?

So you are either one of the people who writes these posts or you are a spineless jellyfish who is too scared to make a change.

I would expect 60 minutes to laugh at the letter, it has nothing to do with them idiot. Why would I send it there?

No, it's been sent to every boss at the paper and I am now getting the addresses of their advertisers to ask them why they support child molestation and racism. It's nice that you support those things too, I'll make sure never to talk to you again fool.

Embarrassing ourselves to who? You don't even know me or anyone else in here for that matter. No one knows anyone in here so why in the he&& would anyone be embarrassed? The guy talking about having sex with 11 year olds is okay but I SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED for trying to put an end to it?

Hey Yesterdays Gone, the Vatican could use a good soldier like you. Maybe you should look into a career in the wonderful world of child rape support.

As George Bush once said "Your either with us, or against us.."
And then there's this one"There's a old saying, A poster that said "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE"

And of course this one "Saddam Has weapons of mass destuction"

Which is worst, the sinner or the self-righteous? Neither, both are the exact same turned inside out.

The truly righteous man is annointed Godly wisdom. He knows he's not here to save the world. He's only here to help save souls.

Hitler is prime example of self-righteouness going very wrong. He rteally thought Jews and other minorities were the scorge of the earth and the world would be a much better place without them. Hitler believe he was doing the world a favor.

Self righteous can become far the more dangerous than of all the sins on earth. The self-righteous man always believes he's doing us all a favor. In the end, he's leading us all into a deep dark grave.

Wow U.M looking terrible...

I'm not contributing anymore today to this blog. No more hits from me. I'm going to keep writing to the right people until something is done. I will do this every day, if they shut the blog down everyone who didn't help support this cause has only themselves to blame. Good luck haters.

Only some of you went to school. Simply read what you write.You know who you are. Demented B-sterds.

Yes I'm Hitler because I don't want my kids reading about 11 year old's being raped by adults.

You are about as dumb as a person could be. Have a nice day.


Unless youre some kind of powerful mover and shaker, youre just wasting your time bud. You'll have far more success finding a nice quiet comfortable corner and wanking off. LOL


If you guys dont like what you see here doesnt it just make more sense to not come here at all?

Have you considered Armando's blog may have only about 10 true followers maximum, with about 2 of those followers using 1001 different aliases?

Why dont you send "60 Minutes" a copy of what's going on here too. After they find out there maybe about an audience of 10 people max, they will laugh your letter out of the building before filing it in file garbage.

Stop embarrassing yourselves with the stupid letters. These people are laughing at you. Its much easier and far smarter not to come here at all if it disturbs you so badly.

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 08, 2012 at 12:51 PM


The guy who SWORE he would NEVER post here last year and then went to Ohio's blog in an attempt to ruin that one....when that didn't work...YG SWORE to never post there either.....LOL....

You BURY YOUR head in the SAND YG....thats how most COWARDS handle situations anyway.....

Enough and others will do what THEY feel is right....and not give a DAM about what you think.....

YG...YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM...you and the rest of your night shift loonies.....attacking poster's for having differing opinions...talking about people's mom without provocation...just OVER ALL being an @ss.....

Why don't you let Armando and the Herald worry about what ENOUGH and others do concerning this site...and you YG...you mind your own business....how about that....if it offends you so much...just ignore enough...TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE....



You will say if you don't want your children reading this stuff don't let them come in here! what kind of parent lets their children read this"?!

To which I say what are we supposed to do lock our children in cages because there is filth out there like you who are so classless they use public forums to spew their hate?

If someone wanted to go to the Zoo and yell and scream about how much he likes child rape would the people running the zoo tell him it's perfectly fine and that the people with kids should leave? Or would they immediately tackle the crazy person and kick him out to protect everyone else around the area?

You can't reason with the incredibly stupid,,,,buh-bye.

It's gonna get bad now.


Come on 3:30!

The ONLY person that could POSSIBLY take offense to someone cleaning up this place...is someone trashing this place....


pretty simple.

Just as I expected, now the guyKris/Enough/1001 aliases) writing letters to "sponsors" attacks under one his many aliases after being scolded.

The "TRUTH" always comes to the light. Evil's so stupid it exposes its self. LOL

Enough, Your village is looking for you, go home child.

Enough Already!

Dude, why dont you change your screen name to "Enough Aliases" already. LOL

Wow, Its getting ugly in Kansas.

Ohio's blog - isn't that an oxymoron?

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