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Dolphins healthy for Texans on Sunday

Jake Long is ready to go and will start at left tackle.

Brian Hartline is ready to go and will play.

Koa Misi is healthy and will start at outside linebacker.

John Jerry is healthy and will start at right guard.

That's the good news as delivered by the Dolphins injury report today. Long (knee), Hartline (calf), Jerry (ankle) and Misi (back) had all been limited in practice earlier in the week. All practiced full, the team reported today.

Miami did list defensive Tony McDaniel (toes/knee) as questionable. He was limited in practice Friday after practicing full the past two days. It is unclear if McDaniel was being rested or he had a setback. Either way, he seems the most banged up Miami player right now.

For the Texans, much has been made of injuries to running back Arian Foster (knee) and outside linebacker Brookes Reed (hip). Neither practiced today. Both are listed as questionable.

But both are expected to play. Foster even told Houston reporters he would play Sunday.


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Just as I expected, now the guyKris/Enough/1001 aliases) writing letters to "sponsors" attacks under one his many aliases after being scolded.

The "TRUTH" always comes to the light. Evil's so stupid it exposes its self. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 08, 2012 at 01:18 PM


just as you thought....your deductive powers have no limits....

your such a fool....defending child rape...upset because a poster wants to DO something about it....and then you write the ABOVE...

I had always wondered if you were part of the problem...NOW I KNOW....and so does EVERYONE else...

Nice! What play was that?

I think it was supposed to be the ole "23 Skiddoo"!

I meant it was going to get ugly for Miami.

But Kansas can't get much uglier than that!

and here comes YG's TROLL names....right on cue...back him into a corner....and MAGICALLY....15 names show up with ONE LINERS to mock those who call him out...15 NEW NAMES BTW....

The Boycott is here, lets talk Dolphins! The Irish Dolphin fan.

Thats Me.



That's why we are complaining. We could've had 10+ pages of real discussion here.

Not 2 deleted pages, 4 pages of the blog monster , and 1 page of people saying we are tired.

Nobody is going anywhere else. We want to talk dolphin football!!

That's what this blog was made for!!


Enough thanks for showing The Dashi a way to get rid of the troll by week 6.

Notice how Oscar was all rowdy this morning and he's quieted out. Don't worry fool Dashi is going to write letters to the editors.

Hey, if it cost u or Mando his job so be it. Act like adults, or else we will get rid of u like adults do. Buy bye fool.

Ur not going to change this blog like u did the sun sentinel. Yeah Dashi is going to write that too. How u are a habitual offender. Constantly assaulting the sfla football blogs.

YG...and whatever other screen name you choose for the rest of the day....

I have no desire to go back and forth with you.....you have EXPOSED yourself for the piece of crap you are....

those poster's with brains will recognize...those that are your aliases will continue to be immature dopes...

but the PICTURE is clear....

Former Gator and current Ohio St hc, Urban Meyer has ruiined more qb's than the good ole days of the wishbone attack.

To date, the most overhyped ever Tebow, high hopes low production fool's gold ever. Now Meyer is ruining the qb program(Braxton Miller) at Ohio St. Today's nfl is looking for presicion pinpoint guided missle throwers. Not land wherever it may, javelin launchers.

As a high school qb signi9ng with Urban Meyer, youre pretty guaranteeing yourself to be a nfl qb bust.


I'm watching Auburn and Miss. St. and Miami vs. Kansas simultaneously. I roll out a 2nd TV in my living room(lol).

I getting another up on my Lap Top in a sec.

Mine weren't "One Liners". I was just hoping someone might see a real poster here(Me)trying to Live Blog and change up the subject matter.

PS: Did you see the trolling last night? It looked pretty obvious that they were just getting a quota on blog hits. Not really being super offensive, just post after post of dribble. The guy had to be averaging at least a post a minute for about 4 hours.

-Odin- ;)


I went back and read lastnight's blog. Didnt see not 1 reference to child rape. Give me a time stamp on that.

If not, you're full of shyte and the worst problem of all for making such an outlandish accusation thats totally untrue.

Dashi, You really dont believe the troll is employed by armando.
Do you??

What's up losers?


I saw your stuff....I figured you were trying to change the subject....I say YG and others like him be seen for what they are.....

However....i'm not gonna go back in forth....his own writing should have left him plenty of rope.....

BTW-Monkey Boy, you should have seen my Honey last night night. She's a Hottie, a little on the smallish side, but smoking Hot nonetheless.

The best thing about it, I don't wake up with Razor Burn or a sore Bum ;)

We slept in till Noon!

Sucks to be YOU!

Can someone please tell me if Kevin Nogle of the the Phinsider is on our side? If you read this article, I think he is just giddy with being interviewed and is sharing some knowledge that may not be known by the Texans coaching staff. I mean, did Nogle wet his pants when this reporter called him and said "please spill your guts"? Check out the interview below:


Ohio State Buckeyes could Easly beat our Miami Dolphins. We are truly that terrible right now.


Produce the "child rape" popst you said exists. If it doesnt exist you should be banned for making such a gross false statement. That's nothing to play with.

Ifr a poster were making post like this Im sure the Herald would trace the IP address and have the cops knocking on his door within a few days. A poster would be really foolish to do this. The proper authorities have zero tolorence for that kind of sick garbage.

The more I watch Urban Meyer qb's, the more I become convinced his qb's are mere rb's that happen to be able to throw the football on a limited basis. Just like Tim Tebow.

He could reach is quota if he let other people post about football.

Also, advertisers look at how many different users look at the page not how many hits u get per page. Sort of how online polls work. U can only vote just once.

Advertisers want to know how many different people visit ur page not how many times the same people view it everyday. So if ur doing this for more ad money. Read the contracts. U guys are actually losing money with the clown, not the other way around.

Dashi might post something about football today if Mando does his job and posts a new post for the day.

Really how hard can it be? It's not rocket scientist. Look at the last few post.

J.long will be injured a month, d.Thomas sucks, Philbin is a clown.

Really no imagination. Philbin had a press interview yesterday and a practice. Yet no post on what Philbin said yesterday. And not just 1 quote out the whole interview. The transcripts. Or if ur going to only post 1 quote out of philbins interview say the rest will be in Barry's blog

LOL @ YG.....

I will assume you have removed it by now...

but the FAKE OUTRAGE...bravo....bravo....

Like ALWAYS....the poster's write a BOOK....and the TROLL looks for one sentence to take exception with....one BTW that he detelted....

BTW-Monkey Boy, you should have seen my Honey last night night. She's a Hottie, a little on the smallish side, but smoking Hot nonetheless.

The best thing about it, I don't wake up with Razor Burn or a sore Bum ;)

We slept in till Noon!

Sucks to be YOU!

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 08, 2012 at 01:36 PM

This is part of the problem here.

Looks like kris runs his mouth and makes outlandishly gross accusations and has yet to pull up the "child rape" post.

Hopefully no one made a sick post like thatg. But if kris falsely claims someone did it and it never happened. Then kris is the sickest wacko of the entire blog.

Kris, vindicate yourself. Im still waiting........

Dashi, You really dont believe the troll is employed by armando.
Do you??

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver | September 08, 2012 at 01:32 PM

Hey, wait a second. You fool, you just exposed yourself again. Kris posted you were a **Herald** employee, as did Dashi!

You made the delination of being employed by Armando. Nice work fool.

I was the first here to figure out you were employed by Armando. I think he employs you for "Certain Other" Jobs as well, but that's ANOTHER story isn't it ;)

Kris and Dahsi were on the right track and noticed theirs(and my) posts exposing you would mysteriously dissapear-ROTFLMAO! But not yours, even when the content was literally putrid.

A little Fruedian Slip there and YEP! You busted yourself-Yet Again!

I just love it when your dumb as s does this kind of shyt! BUSTED!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

PS: Kris and Dashi, I'm pretty sure this guy isn't a Herald Employee. He's Armando's "Good Thang" on the side. He has Mando's pass words so he can blow up the blog while Armando's busy with other things. Gigs Up!

Urban Meyer, A Great Coach,and good person.So glad he left The Florida Gators.

LOL @ YG.....
I will assume you have removed it by now...

Posted by: Kris | September 08, 2012 at 01:42 PM

kris, you're really sick man. You know that once posted we cant remove our own posts. Youre really sick man. I mean it.

BTW-Monkey Boy, you should have seen my Honey last night night. She's a Hottie, a little on the smallish side, but smoking Hot nonetheless.

The best thing about it, I don't wake up with Razor Burn or a sore Bum ;)

We slept in till Noon!

Sucks to be YOU!

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 08, 2012 at 01:36 PM

Dashi Is Non Other then Odin.
It's true.
I see all IP addresses, You sir have been exposed.


Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and someone really made such a post. Whomever did it, The Herald probaly not only removed it, the traced the IP and alerted the proper authorities.

If true, you best believe whomever made such a post, will have police knocking at thier door within a few days.


Fast forward 17 years. Would you be pleased if your daughter brought home an odin, or deeply, deeply disappointed in her?

Be honest.

Posted by: QM | August 24, 2012 at 11:58 PM

QM.....not gonna answer that one....

Posted by: Kris | August 25, 2012 at 12:00 AM

kris, you're really sick man. You know that once posted we cant remove our own posts. Youre really sick man. I mean it.

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 08, 2012 at 01:47 PM

Who is this WE you speak of....SOUNDS LIKE OSCAR SPEAK to me....

and what is this"man" vernacular you have just adopted.....another OSCAR colloquieisim....

I guess its hard to keep the CHARACTERSh separate when I am forcing you to think on the RUN.....

It took you 15 minutes to think of that....

This is part of the problem here.
Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver | September 08, 2012 at 01:44 PM

No, you are the problem and your sign in proves this simple fact. Again, your stupidity constantly tells on you.

For the record, YOUR IMPOSTORING above brought up the subject of my "Hottie". So again, your stupidity proves you are the problem.

It must suck for you. You try to dominate the blog and toy with the posters. But ignorance and stupidity prevents you from do so.

Not even a: Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

AGain YG/Oscar.....

you are still playing SMALL BALL....while I am showing the blog..and yourself the WHOLE picture.....

but you keep focusing on ONE sentence....that you had deleted.....


I think its time for some of you to go outside and play. You don't want your MOM and Dad to read what YOU write do you ?

I see all IP addresses, You sir have been exposed.

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver | September 08, 2012 at 01:50 PM

And right on CUE, there's your PROOF ladies and gentleman! He himself admits to it.

See my post above Dummy, I already told everyone. Ha Ha.

And quit lying Be-atch. You do see all the IP addresses so you KNOW dashi and I are two seperaste people.

You just pissed because were on to you. If Kris keeps it up, you'll be harrassing him soon to............

HEY! Wait a minute...........Kris, you aren't getting harrased are you?

Yep, just by looking at the posters you attack the most, it reveals what REALLY gets to you.

Simpleton-Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

And another Kansas TD! Uggggggggggggggggggh!!!!

Ok Girls, Lets move on to football.
K-State making the canes look bad, Its 31 to 6.
Bad time to be a So.Fla football fan

and THERE it is....AGAIN....


I agree with you lad, you can read they are closet people here. They choose this site to to reveal there self. Only a few real Dolphin fans here now.

Hope the Fins dont resemble the canes tommorrow.

Why does Odin always write as if there are all these people nodding in agreement with him?

Dude, buy or rent a freaking clue. NOBODY is more despised on this blog than YOU. NOBODY is seen as more of a drunken, loser oaf than YOU. NOBODY is missed less than YOU in the 12-minutes every day you aren't posting here.

Delusional nitwit.

Posted by: Reply With Your Usual Homoerotic Drivel | September 08, 2012 at 02:07 PM

Dolphins 24 Texans 23

SunSentinel Question, Who has the edge, Dolphins or Texans, What a stupid question. The Dolphins have NO Chance to win this game. NO WAY.

odinseye Says:
September 7, 2012 at 3:33 am
Phins 78 @ 10:05,

I don’t think it’s a plausible.

I think it’s the absolute “Fact Of The Matter”!!!!

Odinstanks been none stop posting for hours.
Odin I thought you had a "HOTTIE" Last night.
Please leave this blog and go back to Ohio's cirle je rk.
Thanks for coming by though.

Should I go to MackDonalds and get 2 Mackdoubles and 1 Mackchicken for a total of $3.27?

Or Sheetz for a 6 inch tuna sub with double meat? It's like 8 scoops of tuna for $4.50.

Ha Ha!

You wouldn't even let that post go through huh?

He's armando's good thang on the side.

He armando's employee, and I suspect he gst paid for ":Certain Other" jobs too.


It's going to be a long day for Tannehill, i just hope he makes it through the day. Have we ever been this terrible ?

Alright I have a plan: Sheetz for the 6 inch tuna sub with double meat and an 18 pack of Miller High Life cans total cost < $15.

Odin, already 2 sheets to the wind.
He'll be passed out with-in a hour, then we can go back to posting football related info.

I'm trying not to buy any liquor because last weekend I spent Saturday night drinking a fifth of Evan Williams black label and then at 6am went and bought a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada Extra IPA and then at 1pm went and bought a 750ml Evan Williams black so I was drunk for like 36 hours straight.
Rebecca was really pissed , she doesn't drink.

Agreed Odin.

If the Fool sees All IP's. He would see that Dashi and Odin are 2 Different People!! Plus some of us Use more than 1 Computer in our lives.

Anyone that knows dashi or Odin knows we are 2 different people.

Odin= Valhalla (relates to Odin, if u know a little Mythology) http://www.onlinecollegemoms.com/wp-content/uploads/Valhalla-300x201.jpg-

Valhalla= Heaven

Dashi= Dashi (U know Mr. 3rd Person himself, The Poster who only goes by one name everywhere)

Also, Dashi gets Enlightened and Odin is a Spirits Connoisseur. 2 different people.

Don't get Dashi wrong? Dashi will drink about 6-8 Beers (Bud Lite Platinum and Presidente Light) tomorrow. MAybe 1 or 2 shots but nothing major. Leave the Heavy Drinking to the Pro's in Dashi's family. Already took out the Blue Cooler for Tomorrow. Can't Wait, Let's start the Season right! Go Fins!!

That's ok. I believe my post hit home and the reality of it sunk in.

That's ok. My post made its point.

Jeez. When does UM go head coach shopping?

Here's a thought...

Why don't we talk about Football?

Especially, the Miami Dolphins?

Wow! What a concept...

There should be a Blog where you can go and do that, huh?

Wonder where you could find such a Blog?

A Blog that takes their love for the game, and the Dolphins, seriously...

A place where others are treated with respect...

Cause it sure ain't here anymore...

I've never known of a white person to take the proceeds of a robbery to lift a s hitty car but then not have enough for a set of new tires and so they buy mismatched used tires.
Those are not the actions of a white person.

Whenever I meet a person for the first time I only have to look at the color of thier skin to immediately know the quality of the person.


Good Post.

I can tell you a person's credit score simply by looking at the color of thier skin and the fat content of thier body.

Kris and Dashi state that they think the troll is a Herald Employee.

The troll comes back and asks, Do you really think I'm employed by Armando?

Fruedian Slip! Yes, thanks for coreecting them. You are probably Mando's "Good Thang" on the side. Yes you work for him drumming up blog hits. And YES, you probably perform "Certain Other" jobs along the way.

And if I'm not hitting the nail on the head, just look at how the venomous replies picked up after having pointed you out, YET AGAIN ;)

Kris and Dashi are on the right track. Soon many more will be too.

Monkey Boy, I do think my WORK here is nearing Completion! You Sir have been exposed-YET AGAIN-LOL!

Have a Nice Smiley Day and ah, Thanks For Stopping By!

-Odin- ;)

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