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Dolphins lead Cardinals 13-0 going to third quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are getting great performances from a handful of individuals and the result is they are outplaying the favored Cardinals.

It starts with the quarterback and Ryan Tannehill is throwing the football more accurately than I've seen all season. He has completed 15 of 21 passes for 219 yards and led a shiny 95-yard TD drive just before halftime that put the Dolphins first TD on the board.

Brian Hartline has already had a great game and it's only halftime. He has six catches for 110 yards, including a 57-yard catch on that TD drive.

Davone Bess is also having a fine day with five catches for 86 yards.

Defensively, Cameron Wake has also awoken. He had no sacks the first three games of the season. He has three in the first half today.

Sean Smith also picked off his first pass of the year and has done a good job marking Larry Fitzgerald.

So far so good for the Dolphins. Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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How does Starks not get that sack?

Unbelievable...Carpenter was our by far the offensive MVP under Sparano. The only guy who could produce points is f#cking us this year!!!

He was mad about the timeout.

Tell me why these morons didn't get rid of the suck bag carpenter? It's all about to fall apart right in front of your eyes!

How did he get away ??

I think the Cardinals have discovered Nolan Carroll.

pass rush great!
But wow, we get THAT sack...
Those misses can be game changers.

Carroll, wow.

Nolan Carroll is lost out there.

That missed sack by starks killed us on this drive.

Jay Feely = tough guy.

That's what happens when you miss a 53 yard field goal, you give up great position and momentum

Kolb is terrible. Might be worse than Sanchez.

Now that was crappy Nolan. Should call him No-LAND.

Yes. Starks has to wrap him up.

why do our db's not look for the ball??

When the FG kicking coach leaves, is the FG kicker far behind?

Nolan Carroll is a PUNK!

Cards are going to pass on every down watch. Our corners will be tested from here on!

Easy pick

That Carpenter miss cost us 7pt.

We're lucky Kolb has been playing like...Kolb.
praying here

It's not going to be easy, men.

That's too easy....

As a defgense you gotta know Fityz is a primary target. Inexcusable.

This is all on Carpenter

NEdd a sack WAKE.

Oh no. Those 2 TDs would have been nice. Or 3

marshall should've picked that off

Thanks carpenter, u fukin mule!

We are in trouble now. We need to change the momentum again. This crowd is going to get loud. This is going to be a real test for the rookie.

Blatant pick play.

Going for that Field Goal was first mistake.

Second mistake was assuming Nolan Carroll can play CB in this league....he is a Special Teamer at best.

Got to give it to the Card's OC that TD was a well designed play.

Did u see Sean Smith daydreaming on the TD catch? What a waste.

Lets hope we don't get out-coached in the second half

They only have 1 good receiver, #11. Double cover him and you'll win.

85 was a pick.

carpenter=momentum for other team....*lol* seriously they need to look at bringing mare back to miami....


We have to put points on the board this drive or Im sensing a HUGE momentum swing. Not a good time to get overly conservative, Far too much time left to play.

everyone has been calling out the Secondary and this is why. They fold....every time!

Game is over now unless we can establish the run or get back momentum. Philbin and coaches still suck with time management and playcalling when we get inside opponent's 35yd line. I'm not expecting the win now :(

Mando jinxed them!

Reverse on the kickoff would be cool.

If we can't answer with points here, game over folks

philbin you got rid of alot of players for b.s. im lookin to see if carpenter gets the boot this week. i hope that missed fg dont haunt us.

Wow; Hey let's not cover Fitzgerald. It's not like he's good or anything?

Philbin/Sherman don't screw with the game plan - its working.

Had Carpenter not missed and given them the ball at midfield, they would not have scored.

I hope they get cocky and start to throw the rest of the game. This is Kolb not Brady.


Feely is at it again!

That missed field goal have them the ball at mid field basically. ST cost us 3 points and a TD

No the PHINS need to tighten up that D. Offense now needs to score on this drive.

Good thing we didn't draft vontaze burfict. Just starting and making plays for cincy.

Agree with YG, though I still think we could rip them up with a does of Lane, if he has a 2 yard head start on the LOS.
Field position on this kickoff will be HUGE.

Need a good drive here


Sparano wore Carpenter's leg out. He can still hit from medium and dhort range, but the long range kicks seem to be gone. Blame on the fistpumper.

Reverse on the kickoff? Mando are u high?

If we lose this game by 3 or less points I cut carpenter in a second. He cost at game and we should have a 2 possession lead now. Sure it was from 51 yards out but ive seen professionals from other games this and last week make 51 yard FGs down the middle. If we do lose by 3 or less points it looks like it's on Carpenter's shoulders AGAIN

be careful of a miami turnover here...always seems to happen at this stage when other team gets excited....

poor coverage on that td pass, we have done really well up until that play in all fairness. my only complaints are we need to get our hands up at the line whilst we are pressurising the qb and the cb's need to look for the ball more when the pass is coming their way

Not game over - wow lots of wusses on this board.

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