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Dolphins lead Cardinals 13-0 going to third quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are getting great performances from a handful of individuals and the result is they are outplaying the favored Cardinals.

It starts with the quarterback and Ryan Tannehill is throwing the football more accurately than I've seen all season. He has completed 15 of 21 passes for 219 yards and led a shiny 95-yard TD drive just before halftime that put the Dolphins first TD on the board.

Brian Hartline has already had a great game and it's only halftime. He has six catches for 110 yards, including a 57-yard catch on that TD drive.

Davone Bess is also having a fine day with five catches for 86 yards.

Defensively, Cameron Wake has also awoken. He had no sacks the first three games of the season. He has three in the first half today.

Sean Smith also picked off his first pass of the year and has done a good job marking Larry Fitzgerald.

So far so good for the Dolphins. Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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The timeout was Joes biff

Let's see some 'not to lose' playing! Winning is overrated!

Bess and Hartline have played well so far.

I hope that this game does not come down to a Carpenter kick late. His head is so messed up right now that him kicking a last second field goal is the last thing we want.

Going backwards. Total collapse coming!


Our special teams have been the most disappointing unit all year. I really don't count one Punt return for a TD when we were down a whole bunch. They have cost us the most. We cant return kicks past 20 yd line and if we return we get a penalty half the time. It's just ridiculous. The game is OVER.

Oh well....The good news is that Philbin has this team looking legitimate in the first half so far this season which Sparano couldn't do.

The bad news is that we show our warts in the 2nd half.

You called it Dolphins 77.


This should come back as a reversal.


We might get lucky with a little wiggle when it hut the ground

Whoops, rookie mistake. Never looked him off


Thats not a pick, he didnt control the ball, then it hit the ground. Not really a bad play bt Tanne, just a super effort by the db.

Still, this can not be ruled a pick.

Bush is not ready to play
He's hurting the team with negative yards
Play Miller instead

Anyone see the replay? No one here can tell.

Those unlucky 6-7 minutes for us are here again.

Broder, no turnovers, remember?

not getting much rushing the ball. that's gonna put too much pressure on Tannehill

Not game over - wow lots of wusses on this board.


It's UNBELIEVABLE how many zeros quit on this team week in & week out.

Heres your great hennehill in action. It doesn't matter what he does for two quarters. Exact same qbs. Garbage!

Did anyone actually not think Arizona would make this a gm..

Relax, believe, it's gonna be ok. We all knew mistakes would happen... it's gonna be ok

Please, we have no reason to get down on our team, FWIW, 'Zona is 3-0, and played an overall tougher schedule.

Dolphin77 ur a dumazz bro

Agreed. Let Miller play.

MAJOR break for the Dolphins. MAJOR.

Told you guys that wasnt a pick. LOL


T-Hill is to blame but that was a Small window!!

"Going backwards. Total collapse coming!"

Dolphin 77,

Just stop it!!! He didn't even catch it. Cissy motherf#cker.


Let's run the ball and punt. I don't want Tanne throwing on 3 and 14.

right on cue. however he didn't maintain posseession. dont know if its conclusive enough tho

Ha!!! Love it.

Let see if Tannehill uses this a momentum to put the momentum back on Miami's shoulders

Are the announcers against the Dolphins?

Tasker anti dolphin Bill

Boy! Here we go again! Tannehill needs to stop starring down the receivers. He Sherman needs to spread the ball or Tanny is going to get picked. They are keying on both Bess and Hartline

Tasker has a hardon for the phins, biased douche

Regardless of how the play ended, its a good job by Tannehill to audible into a play that exploites the single coverage on Hartline.

Never mind lol. If the pick stood that would've been killer

I really dont feel a collapse is coming. I have faith in Tannehill.

Jay Feely is benching weights on the sidelines.

Good Play.

U guys call shermans Playcalling Bad!!!

The Man Has Bigger Balls than anyone in here!!!

His only real conservative game was against the Texans!!

Keep our heads, do what's been working, keep pass rush going. They're not going to run the ball, pass rush and two deep.

ofcourse they are keying off bess and hartline no one else is stepping up ... time for thr D to make a play get back the momentum

Dolphin 77,

Thanks for your input, bud. We can always count on knowing where your allegiances lye.

The offense at least took some time off the clock. Its gut check time for the d. The defense has have at least 1 or 2 critical stop moments per game. Or all theyve done gets nulled.


beware of patrick peterson here

Alomost a safety on that play!

Dolphins are thankful to Patrick Peterson for flipping the field.

They need a new kicker ASAP! This guy Carpenter SUCKS! Another missed fieldgoal they cannot afford, and then the game changes to Arizona's favor. Are you kidding me??? They cannot let a crappy kicker change the momentum of the game like this. This guy Carpenter can't even kick a touchback!

Fields is MONEY
Carpenter not so.

That was the same thing Doucet did to us on the TD

Nice job by Smith on the coverage.

Dashi I disagree. Sherman is calling a good game Today. but he has not in the past

Sean Smith look like he had a cramp. Limped off.

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