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Dolphins lead Cardinals 13-0 going to third quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are getting great performances from a handful of individuals and the result is they are outplaying the favored Cardinals.

It starts with the quarterback and Ryan Tannehill is throwing the football more accurately than I've seen all season. He has completed 15 of 21 passes for 219 yards and led a shiny 95-yard TD drive just before halftime that put the Dolphins first TD on the board.

Brian Hartline has already had a great game and it's only halftime. He has six catches for 110 yards, including a 57-yard catch on that TD drive.

Davone Bess is also having a fine day with five catches for 86 yards.

Defensively, Cameron Wake has also awoken. He had no sacks the first three games of the season. He has three in the first half today.

Sean Smith also picked off his first pass of the year and has done a good job marking Larry Fitzgerald.

So far so good for the Dolphins. Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Smith was Fitz's blanket. LOL

Armando - Did Smith think it was 4th down??? he is out getting a gatorade...

OUR COACHES SUCK getting the right people on the field and using timeouts wisely. It's minor league. Even Soprano wasn't THIS BAD with timeout wasting and confusion on the field!

3rd Down!!!

Let's get a Stop this DRIVE!!

Gatorade break for Smith. He deserves it since he has made TWO plays in one game!

we have the worst time management skills LOL

The coaching and play calling much better this week, a few key players needed and they will have a solid team.

I can't beleive that we are burning these timeouts. This is a close game and you may need these later.

We really need this stop now so that we can get great field position.

Cramped up; very dry and hot in Arizona.

Conpletely idiotic play there by smith. If u are hurt you don't just walk off the field. You lay down n wait for the trainers!

TANNEHILLS PLAYED OKAY AND yet these dumb@ss commentator thinks becuase he's racking up yards...hes great...!!!!

damn two timeouts burned in the 3rd qtr. If this game stays close, it can come back 2 haunt us later on

good stop


Great job Jones.


Dashi, not so much conservative as inconsistent. Just like wrong plays at the wrong times. Fir suyre, his Red Zone calls are totally no inventive.

Thigpen making stupid decisions

Thigpen is sucking tiday

Carpenter needs to go and I am from Montana and a U of M fan. I would cut him even if he was from my high school. Dolphins first baby!

Thigpen's value on this team keeps going down. Make the fair catch or run it back. Don't let it bounce for 10 to 20 yards of lost field position. Special teams for us are NOT special.

I miss the days of fair catch by Bess!!!!

O-line playing great today.

Ryder Cup baby.... Europe all the way!!

Go Fins!

Wow. Daniel Thomas is a stumble bum.

nice open field tackle on third down. and imma need thigpen to move away from a bouncing ball. that almost touched him

Does anybody else notice the snap is always on 48 Go Go?

Daniel "Three Yard" Thomas.

Has Daniel Thomas ever made u smile? Not me.

Hartline falls, int not on Tannehill.

Damn it!!! That's on Hartline.

Not Tanny's fault

They also need another stout running back. Daniel Thomas is yet another one of Ireland's draft busts.

Uncle MO!! don't go!

Sean Smith is back. All hydrated I assume.

Our Run defense is outstanding.

Int was caused by turf monster that grabs Thomas every play

Thomas has stumbled several times. LANE!!!!
uh oh, tipped pass. You can almost see them coming. It's when he lets up on the throw, he drops his arm.
Crap, INT

Smith has been a beast in this game.

Sean Smith has 3 plays!

bad break there. hartline slipped there

Smith is playing very well so far.

Tannehill getting an INT cause of Hartline falling, very unfortunate

Is anybody watching the cincy game? I know this team as well, if we don't keep aj green doubled and watch out for Hawkins we are screwed.

Can't let kolb outa the pocket...

D line has to be better

When guys talk about "QBR", that never tell the story a pick was on the reciever. Thats why at times you have take a "QBR" rating with a grain of salt.

The dolphins are throwing the ball way to much. It is setting up for disaster. We need to control the game on the ground and field position. Who is coaching this team sherman or philibin.

Seen this this melt down before... stick a fork in them, have akicker that can't make kicks outside the 40 and a qb who can stop from throwing ints????

lol uk fin, i am watching the ryder cup too. just seen kaymar sink the putt to retain it.
now focus is fully on this game

looked like pass interference the cb threw hartline down... Obvious call

Double cover Fitsgerald!!!

We need a Larry Fitzgerald. Guy is awesome.

I sense a pick

Another gut check stop moment for our d. Can not give up 7pts here.



Smith has to get with it.

bad play by smith on that 3rd down that fitz caught it!!!! he was marking noone

One of those stupid corners. Are going to give up a big play. We need 94 91 to get sacks! Niw

how is fitzgerald constantly getting wide open?

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